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  1. Stafford has played well and beaten many a mediocre team. Weeks 3-5 are his first test, IMO.
  2. That's not good and pretty much ends the hope that he can turn into any semblance of a top flight CB.
  3. The Bears never threatened past the sticks. Even down 20 Dalton wasn't pushing the ball down the field. I'd have a hard time watching this offense on a weekly basis.
  4. Hey man, Lions are technically in 1st place and I'll take it.
  5. I believe this is the first time Stafford has had a passer rating over 150.
  6. Bears have only attempted one pass over 10 yards.
  7. Wasn't it played up as a lack of trust in Goff? This just feels like a game where a forced throw from Stafford totally flips the game.
  8. Meh, that's awfully conservative.
  9. Ramsey has already put in work for a full game.
  10. I wonder if the Lions would trade Decker to the Bears.
  11. This new narrative that Stafford didn't play with any good players or on any decent teams is already nauseating.
  12. If anything slows down Stafford this season, then it'll be the nagging injuries he's going to play through.
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