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  1. That's a massive overpay that everyone would laugh at if the player and picks were reversed.
  2. It's amazing to me that fans that dog guys like Matt Ryan have no problem with Frank Gore getting the nod.
  3. Probably not, but he made it much, much worse engaging them on Twitter.
  4. And Patricia adjusted after that first HC year and Slay himself just said he was a good coach? Oh, the drama.
  5. I think this is pretty overblown, but do people really think guys like Parcells and BB waited to be complete ***** until after they won a SB(s)?
  6. . There's no context and that type of comment can be ready several ways, but Patricia acknowledged he made many mistakes his first year, many of which didn't carry over. I don't believe Slay when he says he was done before Diggs was traded. IIRC, his agents were working with Detroit on an extension as late as a month ago. Honestly, IMO, this is just piling on because it's easy to pile on a team like Detroit.
  7. Yeah, yeah. Most are irritated because Slay is such a fun, likeable guy with some juice left. All in all, that's a pretty good get for an older CB with one year left on his contract, though.
  8. With anyone that paid him top dollar, you know, like the guy said himself. You can't accept what isn't offered, or is that friction, too?
  9. Tough to say, as he did look tighter last year. Plus, wasn't he dealing with hamstring issues for the bulk of last season? Still very good, but I don't think he comes anywhere near playing a full season for the Eagles.
  10. Not really as the checks will still come, but I just think he should show more than he does. Effort or mentality, like being perpetually pissed at the media, but he's got the game to be better.
  11. Always about effort with A'Shawn. In that, he rarely gives it.
  12. I don't know, 29 year old CB under contract wants a top 3 CB money extension. I think it has more to do with asset allocation than backtalk.
  13. Diggs doesn't really have any relevance to Slay. Slay wants a raise and has been pretty transparent that he'll play for anyone that gives it to him, including the Lions.
  14. Of course. Slay doesn't really have leverage anymore, hence the Twitter desperation.
  15. It's not real though. Detroit offers a fat multi-year contract extension and there's no doubt dude is signing.
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