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  1. Hey man, it is what it is. Everything else is good and Central Market is top notch, though.
  2. Italy, France and Mexico are locks. Japan needs to be in the mix, too. I'm not surprised the guy from SA thinks Italian food is a distant second to Mexican. There isn't a decent Italian restaurant within 100 miles of San Antonio. And HEB runs the slowest deli counter I've ever seen. It's not surprising as most just grab their Hill Country cuts from the giant bin of pre-cut meat and cheese. It makes me sad every time I see it. Just rambling over here.
  3. Caldwell would have been a great pairing with Fields.
  4. He's going to do Campbell a solid and become an offensive consultant for the Lions on a one year deal.
  5. I like how the Jags have their own breaking news reporter because they're tired of the disrespect. Reminds me of when Millen's son would post news on a board like this back in the day.
  6. You have it backwards. Jackson and Rose were punished by MLB. I don't think they could receive any votes as they were never allowed to be on the ballot. The exception has already been made for Bonds and co as they're being punished despite never having a positive test or been suspended by MLB.
  7. Stafford v Mahomes so it can be non-stop arm angle talk.
  8. That 91% win percentage argument works 64% of the time. Sounds about right.
  9. Those saying Allen deserved a chance, maybe next time they can put him on defense. Couldn't be any worse than they handled that 13 second, 44 yard drive. Doesn't the advantage still stay with the team winning the toss as they'd just defer if both teams are guaranteed one possession?
  10. Yeah, but the Bills made this one so easy he didn't even have to change direction; 10 yards upfield, turns his head around and there is no one within 5 yards. Just a colossal failure.
  11. Well, damn, I guess they made this brilliant strategy illegal a few years back. 15 yards and a reset of the game clock. But that only applies to multiple intentional fouls. I'm tackling one of them and doubling the other.
  12. I still don't understand why they didn't grab/hold Hill and Kelce at the snap. Trading 5 yards for 4-5 seconds sounds like a plan to me.
  13. 9 TDs from your QB in 2 playoff games and you're going home. Fire every defensive coach and intern in a 100 mile radius of Orchard Park.
  14. How did Kelce have that much space? Tim Boyle could have made that throw.
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