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  1. Nick Foles and a 6th for Gardner Minshew.
  2. Lets just packege a mid round pick and Foles for Minshew.
  3. No way!...... WE LANDED ON THE MOON!
  4. I think your alittle out to lunch on good old Cutler. He only got weapons with a dud Tressmen head couch and a garbage defense. Before that he litterly never had a offensive line infront of him and had who at WR? Williams in the Martz O? I would not even call him garbage in Denver either, he was still only a 3rd year QB. But yes the whole situation scresms the same as trading for Watson IMO.
  5. Matt Stafford to the Bears! I know in dreaming but i see it more feesable then Watson
  6. ... Donovan McNabb ............ Bears better inquire about this. I love Stafford
  7. Bears need to jump on this. Stupid intral division traders don't happen.... cough.... Donovan McNabb to Washington.... cough
  8. This game shows that all coaches need to be let go and Trubisky better not be brought back. With that being said Pace as a GM does not belong ether. Clean house now!
  9. 4 and 4 with the saints having the lead..... you know god damn well there doing what they did but lets have the FS jump off sides.... im so frustrated
  10. I knew that was goimg to happen on a 4th down.... and im stilll ******* mad
  11. The refs pay for that first half sould be minimal at best
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