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  1. Arrest warrant issued for Antonio Brown; turns himself in (page 7)

    AB is the new Winston Cave.
  2. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Should add Cohen could take plus yards but thinks he can just run around everyone and takes the loss.
  3. NFL Playoffs

    Lets go McCown.!!!
  4. GDT: Chiefs @ Bears, 12/22, Primetime

    I only listen to quality music so had no idea what you were getting at. Lol i thought you were refuring to Marshall Matters. Over my head. Haha
  5. GDT: Chiefs @ Bears, 12/22, Primetime

    Im deffently puting the tv on mute for this one. Im sure the anouncers will beat to death the "Bears could have drafted Mahomes or Watson" angle as soon as Trubisky strugles. Even if Tru plays deacent that horse will be beat to death. I think I'll put some Rage Against the Machine on for this one. 34 - 14 KC
  6. Coverage or Pass Rush?

    If you build a pass rush, the coverage will come.
  7. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Oh no
  8. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Hicks is in his happy place
  9. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Can that be challenged?
  10. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Lol. That was a horrible call for 3rd down
  11. Cardinals release Terrell Suggs; claimed by Chiefs

    Saints should grab Suggs
  12. Ron Rivera to Detroit?

    This statment gives me flash backs of John Fox in Chicago. But Chicago didn't have any talent on offence besides Howard at running back.
  13. Cowboys @ Bears, 12/5, 7:20 GDT

    WTF was that. Not even a white jersy close to that. Like wow
  14. Who is the most underrated player of the decade?

    Peanut and Megatron had some epic matchups.