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  1. might wanna sit this one out.
  2. Not confirmed but I would be legit shocked if they both suited up lol especially Ja
  3. 2 of the 3 people you mentioned aren’t going to play
  4. Yep, so I can play 3 QB if I want to. Gambled on Deshaun with my last pick because Trey Lance was taken the pick before unfortunately.
  5. Got asked to join my gfs family’s league. 8 teams / Standard scoring with some usage bonuses. Here’s the roster breakdown: Starting lineup is Qb Qb Rb Rb Rb Wr Wr Wr Te Flex Flex Super flex K Dst DP 1.8 Davante Adams 2.9 Tyreek Hill 3.24 Najee Harris 4.25 Josh Allen 5.40 Terry McLaurin 6.41 David Montgomery 7.56 Josh Jacobs 8.57 Darell Henderson 9.72 Baker Mayfield 10.73 Chase Claypool 11.88 Jerry Jeudy 12.89 Raheem Mostert 13.104 Michael Carter 14.105 Deebo Samuel 15.1
  6. yooo PM them to me please when you have time
  7. You gotta get em from seedy Chinese websites and they become less difficult to get rid of when the time comes 😉
  8. Think we’re getting caught up on the “blame” word here. I re-read and agree with your sentiment.
  9. Well I used the word blame in the original post. He responded with why so I took that as “why can’t I blame her for this” Can assure you there is no outrage over here my man. And I agree with your third sentence.
  10. Were you blaming Olivia when he was playing like dogsh*t? I have to think he has a convo with his romantic interests and says “ya know I have to live in WI half the year because of my high paying job.” but if y’all wanna be weird and do the mental gymnastics to justify this then go for it.
  11. Actual players on the team are calling this 🧢 🧢 🧢
  12. dammit I forgot to mute you earlier
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