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  1. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    Defense Shmefense
  2. MKE Bucks Thread (19-3) | 13 straight

    Yea but larry's a certified a-hole tho
  3. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    SoyBoyBetaCuck checking in: Honestly, at face value the commercial is whatever, but I keep seeing it and noticing: -She doesn't look all that happy and seems like she's only doing the exercise / photojournaling it for her partner. -Her house is enormous and beautifully unrealistic. -She's already fit, so the transformative journey is hard to believe. I get that it's probably meant for Peloton consumers that can afford $2,300 stationary bikes and enjoy an Oxy with their wine every night, but to the common customer it's just weird and cringey lol
  4. Week 14 Games

    I'll agree to all but one. The "IDGAF" Dolphins are pretty fun to watch
  5. NFL News & Notes

    If you're into that sort of thing, there's a really good thread in the Madden/Video Games Forum with @MKnight82 re-building the Bengals. He did exactly what Outpost is talking about and he just won the SB after trading his MVP QB (to the Packers)
  6. NFL News & Notes

    "We're gonna trade the most popular player on the team, keep drafting QBs until one hits (again), then use his 4-year window of his Rookie Deal to splurge on other positions." If you tell the owner of the team you have an idea but there's no set date for "Mission Success", they would have a hard time hiring you / keeping you employed imo
  7. NFL News & Notes

    Watson + Mahomes are going to be the highest paid QBs in the NFL. Lamar is well on his way. The whole strategy is fine if you want to **** around and waste entire seasons for the sake of utilizing assets elsewhere. GM's aren't willing going to do that because they'd be fired for doing so.
  8. Relationship Advice Thread

    Are you looking for friends or a S/O or both?
  9. Future HOF material imo
  10. Christmas is HELLA DOPE, YA'LL!

    Last Christmas really does slap no matter who sings it.
  11. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    ILB isn't a premium position so drafting one really makes no sense until late Round 3. The big board would probably have to be in shambles for me to be fine with it.
  12. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    If i was Blake Martinez I would simply be better in coverage
  13. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    This should be a game where we can rest the Smith Bros with a comfy lead and watch Rashan Gary get hurt every other series.
  14. RB Tyler Ervin

  15. RB Tyler Ervin

    I don't really think its the returner that's the issue. With the way we're blocking the gunners on PR, prime Dante Hall wouldn't fare much better.