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  1. Fl0nk's Mock 2020.1

    The plan: Go overboard on some of the warts that doomed this team against the 49ers. To accomplish this plan, we're going to spend our Free Agency money on beefing up that DL, increasing speed at ILB, and drafting enough offense to put up the points needed to where you can confidently place your life savings on the over for every single game. Trim the Fat: Jimmy Graham - See ya, thanks for beating the Seahawks. Will miss you running like a newborn deer and not being able to keep your balance after the catch. Lane Taylor - Congrats on getting paid. Go get paid elsewhere. Free Agents: (I have limited knowledge on how much these guys are worth so the numbers could be way way way off.) ILB Cory Littleton - 4 / 20 / 5 Plays fast, creates turnovers, can cover. The anti-Blake Martinez DT Jordan Phillips- 3 / 20 / 7 Can rush the passer a bit, had a great season, so might command much more money. Loves Thanksgiving DT Adam Butler - 3 / 12 / 5 This is our chance to get NE back for Lawrence Guy. Played sparingly as a Patriot and still nabbed 6 Sacks in 2019. Almost as fast as QB1 OL Joe Haeg - 2 / 3.5 / 1.75 Can fill in at G or Tackle. Started 35 games in Indy. Re-Signings: OT Bryan Bulaga - 4/ 44 / 8 Duh. K Mason Crosby - 3 / 10 /3 Big time players make big time plays in big time situations. TE Marcedes Lewis - 2 / 4 / 1 Big Dawg. OT Jared Veldeer - 2/ 4 / 1 Might be paying him solely off of one or two performances but he did not look awful. How much they just cut you a check for? A milli' Lets Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaft! Round 1 Pick 30: Jalen Reagor, WR - TCU Might lose some of y'all with this pick at 30, but he's got elite speed, and can make tons of plays. Will need to work on his route tree and looking the ball in, but he's got a good guy to learn from with Davante. Inconsistent productions was due to poor QB play, IMO. Round 2 Pick 62: Zach Baun, ILB- WIsconsin We're gonna get a little crazy and kick him inside, however he can play both. Great football player with a skyrocketing draft stock, so he might not be here in the late 2nd. Great leader, great motor and can rush the QB when you ask him to. Plus I have a soft spot for Brown Deer, WI. Round 3, Pick 94: Jared Pinkney, TE - Vandy The TE position is set with this pick. He's not gonna blow anyone away with speed but hes got the size and is a willing blocker. Adequate hands but he's not gonna stretch the field by any means. Him and Sternberger make a nice receiving TE duo. Round 4, Pick 126: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR - Liberty Falls in line with our WR's with ginormous names. AGG is a beast. Some questions about the competition he's played against but dude's got great hands and size with the catch radius of a two car garage. The last WR we had named Antonio worked out, so let's run it back. Round 5, Pick 157 Davon Hamilton, DL - Ohio State This guy looked pretty good at the Senior Bowl. Specializes in stuffing the run so his numbers don't pop in the stat sheet but he'd be a rotational IDL. Round 6, Pick 172: Lavonta Taylor, CB - Florida State Kind of small for a DB, sitting at 5'10" BUT we need a new slot CB and this guy will fill in tremendously. Switched to Safety this year, had a tough few years at FSU because teams picked on his size but I think he'd excel in the slot. Round 6, Pick 193: Terence Steel, OT - Texas Tech SUPER physical OL that played in an offense that passed 90% of the time. Extremely high-cut which is a concern, but he'd need a year or two in the weight room to develop. Round 7, Pick 201: JJ Taylor, RB - Arizona This guy has juice and the ability to run both inside and outside. Very elusive and can pass protect. Obviously not a three down back, but we could use a package for him like we did with Swervin' Ervin. Can catch a little bit out of the backfield as well. Pretty good candidate in the return game. Round 7, Pick 219: Naquan Jones, DL - Michigan State We'll throw a flyer on this guy in the 7th. Might be overkill on the D-Line, but we could PS him if needed. Has a ton of tools to succeed but has motor questions. Depth Chart: QB- Rodgers, Boyle RB - Jones, J.Williams, D. Williams, Taylor TE - Sternerger, Pinkney, Lewis, Tonyan WR - Adams, Lazard, Reagor, Antonio Gandy-Golden, MVS, EQ, Kumerow OT - Bakhtiari, Bulaga, Veldeer. Steele OG - Jenkins, Turner, Haeg C- Linsley, Patrick DL - Clark, Phillips, Butler, Lowry, Keke, Adams, Hamilton, Jones OLB - Z, Preston, Gary, Roberts, Baun ILB - Littleton, Baun, Burks, Summers CB - Alexander, King, Taylor, Hollman, Sullivan, Jackson SS - Amos, Jackson FS - Savage, Greene K/P/LS - Croz, Scott, Bradley Championship.
  2. Pro Bowl Mock Offseason v1

    p sure chase lucas is staying in tempe for his senior year
  3. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    oh god yeah that's a good point. completely forgot about that little detail
  4. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    & it's not like a broken collarbone is a season-ender when it happened in Week 1.
  5. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    that's the reason LT is overrated
  6. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    not related, but it came up when I was looking at FA WR's, but holy hell Chris Ballard gave Devin Funchess $10 million dollars and he only played 36 snaps He'd have a website clamoring to fire him if we had him in GB lol
  7. Pettine's Back Mock

    never heard of Bertie Boatsman I take it?
  8. bears fans are just the coolest.
  9. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    San Francisco's Hottest game is: The NFC Championship FF's Packers forum is doing their best to meme Danny Devito to victory while also begging the question, "Do you stand when you wipe?" This game has everything... Hot young coaches, jacked Fullbacks, grown men in colorful spandex, Hemianopsia. Hemianopsia? It's that thing of when Aaron Rodgers completely ignores half of the field because of Richard Sherman.
  10. ***Spoilers*** Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    yea I was never mad about rose, but the internetz consensus is that she was a waste of oxygen
  11. boys will be boys, locker room talk, etc etc
  12. ***Spoilers*** Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    lol at people acting like they wouldn't have thrown a hissy about Rose again 😴