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  1. dammit I forgot to mute you earlier
  2. Pretend we traded up with ATL. Who are you taking at #4
  3. Just to clear this up, you’re under the impression that Randall is a professional violent criminal?
  4. If we keep taking L’s in the NFCCG, I’d think about it
  5. Believe it or not professional athletes wear their alma maters merch pretty frequently. There’s no chance JJ is winking at you by wearing it.
  6. if I’m IC isn’t the trade off of having an arthritic flare up better than getting COVID?
  7. Idk but I’ve witnessed plenty of mouth breathers in TAST discussions to know that anything within the realm of politics is asking to get **** locked up
  8. gonna channel an over-used and unnecessary phrase (outside of FF) but we should maybe stick to football
  9. Gotcha. Yeah I think he’s on the Covid list or other positions had more pressing depth issues.
  10. Plenty of stuff to ***** about but we played so sloppy with turnovers and only lost by 3 in OT to a pretty good defense. I didn’t think we’d win during the week so I’m inspired a bit by both sides of the ball.
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