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  1. Trade Deadline Thread

    Yeah, if Amari is worth a 2nd, then PP is worth two 1's I imagine.
  2. Narcos Mexico S4

    Looks dope. Gonna miss Andrea Londo though.
  3. Dak Prescott's ceiling McNabb/Hasselbeck?

    Nah, McNabb was good. Dak isn't. It's pretty simple.
  4. Fun Bye Week Game

    Aaron Rouse. He had some sort of quote being drafted about "having a chip on his shoulder that was shaped like a piece of cheese."
  5. Nick Bosa Won't Return from Injury to Prepare for NFL Draft

    oh, I was being sarcastic lol. people getting mad about a young man choosing to make a lot of money is silly.
  6. Pettine and the Run D

    Yeah it kind of seemed like we were trying to take the passing game out of the equation for Beathard, which is...kind of odd.
  7. Nick Bosa Won't Return from Injury to Prepare for NFL Draft

    smh he must not care what it means to put on scarlet and gray
  8. Who Wins the NFC North?

    Weird flex, but ok.
  9. Also - we won despite being put in absolutely dreadful 3rd down situations for most of the game. Our average was 3rd and over 10 yards. Not gonna convert a lot of those in the NFL regardless of who you play.
  10. It should also be noted that SF's front 4 are all freaks around 6' 4" and 295+. SF has invested a lot of draft capital into that front 7.
  11. Looked like SF had a QB spy on most of the PA/bootlegs we ran in the second quarter. Went to the well one to many times in that regard.
  12. Potential Trade Block Players

    Is Haason Redick bad or something?
  13. Mike Pettine Defense

    Ah, so hes Clay Matthews Jr Jr Thanks for the input, BayRaider.