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  1. I popped in for a bit until someone hit a utility pole and killed my Internet for 3 hours. Thanks again @AlexGreen#20
  2. Fl0nkerton


    august is a bop.
  3. gotcha, fair enough. I'm not versed in UK's position on masks but over here we have psychos that think their risks are being infringed upon for being asked to wear one, but let's steer the discussion elsewhere. What's the protocol for being on the list? Just quarantine for 2 weeks? Jace can't seem to catch a break lol.
  4. lollllllllllll plz plz plz don't be a "sheeple" person in here
  5. betcha everyone in here LOVES Ricky Gervais when he hosts award shows
  6. Someone PM me with the news articles for why he's an awful human. Genuinely curious. I thought he was a good dude for the most part
  7. Sweet double-down.
  8. Following. When am I able to create-a-guy
  9. lol I was trying to go with a deep cut but Graceland is one of my favorites for sure. I had tickets to see her in Milwaukee in May and now I'm sad they cancelled
  10. Same here. Got rid of Twitter too. FF is my one vice but sometimes I can't tell the difference between the Packers forum and Facebook so I try to avoid it.
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