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  1. Beginning to think you wanted us to draft a wr
  2. nope if we lose we are without a doubt the worst 4-2 team in the history of pro sports through 6 games
  3. I mean it isn't a huge leap to think that jenkins could play center (for us) when he played center in college (for mississippi st) Think cwood was just pointing that much out.
  4. lol pretty sure us simpletons understood your question
  5. they won the nba championship 10 months after KOBE BRYANT died what are you even talking about lol
  6. because we went from scoring 40 something ppg to 30 something ppg?
  7. a rb averaging under 4 ypc for his career is better than allen robinson?
  8. I *think* that since Howard is the last receiver on the line then he's eligible. He isn't covered up by Brate who is a step or so behind him making both eligible to catch a pass.
  9. well, that part wasn't the joke. pretty sure you can infer which part of it was though. anyways, you mentioned that Remdesivir wasn't what you were referencing. I've got nothin' on Regeneron. $2,300+ is a lot for treatment though, is it not?
  10. think you can grab bleach pretty much anywhere EDIT: If you're talking about Remdesivir, it's like $2,300 per treatment, so if you're rich then you can afford to live.
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