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  1. I’m happy with the signings. We got better with everyone. We really needed a wr2 and got it here! Same for William Jackson. I liked Darby. Only problem in his career is durability. Which only will be bigger issue once getting older. We got better and I was happy with going to the playoffs. You’re getting a winning culture with winning, not via draft in picking 10th. Tanking and getting Lawrence is a different story.
  2. Good signing! He’s been reliable and 10th average paid center is reasonable. In two years he’s at the 15-20 paid range
  3. Earlier in the season I was a tanking supporter. A lost season didn’t matter with a first or second pick. Then we started winning and our draft got killed. With this I changed teams and now I just want as much football as possible. A title (nfl east) and play off game will be good for the young guys and makes them hungry for more. So let them win and set a winning culture, even without Smith the D should set the pace at games. I’m for it!
  4. Too bad it didn’t work out. Loss of a first rounder can be tough, but definitely the good call. It came one week to late! Culture wise it would be way stronger to cut him straight after last week incident.
  5. Good; 1. Holcomb!!! Great game and his sack (totally crushed Elliot on the way) 2. Edge rusher: Young is playing as expected, Sweat keeps on adding sacks and Kerrigan again a sack 3. McLaurin, great WR 4. Whole D 5. Gibson, great game with over his first 100 yards rushing Could be better 1. Hopkins missed again. This shouldn’t stay for long. His short kick-off without airtime also cost us 2. Us winning, this kills the draft pick 3. Audience will be back, then the away team will be in the stands again 😂 4. Second half O, should have play
  6. Don’t understand it at all. Momentum at Washington’s side. Guess we really like to lose. Let Haskins play then
  7. Mine is: Chris Samuels. Fantastic left tackle who made sure Clinton could do his thing. Extremely durable and a sad ending of his career.
  8. Fun article to read! I totally agree about Love. The front office knew what they were getting when selecting Love. He is dynamic and only needs to get healthy after a big injury. After that we have a lot of young unproven playmakers. In the season of hope it’s great to see the potential. A healthy Foster will be great for this D. All at once only the CB’s look like a weak link then.
  9. I have to choose between a position player Gibson or a break-out player in Anderson. I’m going for Ryan Anderson. He showed promise in the last games last year. I’ve him playing SAM and running behind this front 4 will help him a lot! He will be free from engaging with big OL straight away but can run free behind the 4 big boys. He can kill it now.
  10. I sure hope so! It would be great to just have a decent team with a high floor and sometimes a good high. I see Rivera being a coach like that.
  11. Thanks! Great article. Just shows me again we love a sport which is crazy 😉
  12. I see it happening! Anderson played quite well in the end. Hope he had turned the corner. I see him as a SLB in the new system.
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