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  1. Fun article to read! I totally agree about Love. The front office knew what they were getting when selecting Love. He is dynamic and only needs to get healthy after a big injury. After that we have a lot of young unproven playmakers. In the season of hope it’s great to see the potential. A healthy Foster will be great for this D. All at once only the CB’s look like a weak link then.
  2. Who’s Your Favorite “Question Mark“ Redskin?

    I have to choose between a position player Gibson or a break-out player in Anderson. I’m going for Ryan Anderson. He showed promise in the last games last year. I’ve him playing SAM and running behind this front 4 will help him a lot! He will be free from engaging with big OL straight away but can run free behind the 4 big boys. He can kill it now.
  3. Quinton Dunbar has warrant out for arrest

    I sure hope so! It would be great to just have a decent team with a high floor and sometimes a good high. I see Rivera being a coach like that.
  4. Quinton Dunbar has warrant out for arrest

    Luck is on our side here!
  5. Saahdiq Charles has 3rd best footwork in the draft

    Thanks! Great article. Just shows me again we love a sport which is crazy 😉
  6. I see it happening! Anderson played quite well in the end. Hope he had turned the corner. I see him as a SLB in the new system.
  7. Should Redskins trade for Leonard fournette

    How many RB’s do we need? I would never trade for Leonard. Why not: 1.he never lived up to his potential in college 2. We have enough RB’s 3. Guice, Love, Peterson and Gibson don’t make it a position of need. I do have faith in them
  8. Rivera said he didn’t consider Tua at #2

    I read it yesterday in the Post. I did read the article with an other tone. Circumstances are broadly stated: for example when 2 of our QB’s go down, if Haskins sucks and we can get Cam in for a health check. If all happens it’s good to have a healthy veteran who knows the system.
  9. Rivera said he didn’t consider Tua at #2

    Young nr 1, Burrow nr 2, Okubah nr 3 and A OT nr 4 (Thomas or Becton)
  10. I saw some film on him and starting to like the pick more and more! It’s not a high draft pick so even if he doesn’t pan out- no worries
  11. Yes I made the top 10!!! 😉 @Thaiphoonthanks for organizing! @bigdog44 congrats!!!
  12. Thanks for a great draft weekend

    Thanks for the support!! Great job and was a fun event this way!!!
  13. Hot Take- Guice wont make the 53 man roster.

    I still like the guy. There is a lot of potential, but he has to stay healthy. The game is still played on the field and we can’t keep having a roster spot just for potential.
  14. How do you grade the Redskins 2020 NFL Draft?

    Draft week is the best week in the off-season. Great to read about the potential and hope everybody is half the guy the experts say they are. I grade it a B. It was a lot of drafting for need (except Young and the center) and not BPA in my opinion. Drafting bpa gets the best draft classes in the long run. Grades per round: 1 Pick 2: Chase Young, DE - A - fantastic player and best drafted player since 2000 Round 3 Pick 66: Antonio Gibson, RB/WR - A- What I saw after drafting him is fantastic! Round 4 Pick 108: Saahdiq Charles - B-. Great value in 4th round. Round 4 Pick 142: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR - C. Looks a lot like Harmon to me. The one is taller, the other one has great hands. Round 5 Pick 156: Keith Ismael, C/G - D. Don’t see him make the roster. We already drafted C the last couple of years. Round 5 Pick 162: Khaleke Hudson, OLB/S - B. Good special teamer on small contract Round 7 Pick 216 Kamren Curl, S - D- don’t see him make the roster. Which is also fine for a 7th rounder Round 7 Pick 229 James Smith-Williams, DE - D- don’t see him make the roster. Which is also fine for a 7th rounder