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  1. It’s been a hard couple of weeks. I really was disgusted by the loss against the Giants, that I couldn’t read anything about the Skins for 1 week. Yesterday was at least fun to watch the first half. My couple of thoughts: Too bad: Jay is a good guy, it just had to happen. He’s had all the patience to build something, it just didn’t work out. I hope Manusky is next. The D can’t stop anything for weeks. Time to move on, let’s start Haskins to show him the speed of the game in live action. After that yard sale and clean the old guys in the off season.

    3 points for B. Scherff 2 points for J. Norman
  3. Just watched the game (time difference: Europe) It looks more like nfl season. My positives: 1. D, looked really good with the first team! Man that line dominates and makes life for the rest easier 2. Positives on offense: Davis: again TD, guy should make the team and more. Running game with AP. All at once we’re moving the sticks Great TD by Haskins 3. Moreland looks good again. He’s a baller 4. Returns by Wilson, good to see some more then just fair catches Negatives: 1. Perine, the drop off from AP is to much 2. All the flages, my god some were terrible (on Norman or the big play of Sims) If this will be the new game, it won’t be fun to watch 3. Drop-off to reserves of offense. First team O looks good, but depth is an issue and the line
  4. Football is back!!! Great to see the boys back on the field (even though it’s for 2 series)
  5. What table are you sitting at?

    I like to sit at table 3. Should be good company
  6. Draft Day Thread - Round 1

    Great first day! Can’t believe we got a QB who was rated the best QB of the class until one month ago and a great Edge rusher on the first day and ‘only’ give up two seconds! In a lot of mocks we had to trade up for Haskins to top 8 (sell the farm, to get it) That luckily didn’t happen
  7. Great pick at 15! Looks like BPA to me. Welcome to the team! Let’s make the Skins great again
  8. Fantastic pick at a position of need! The front 7 is evil with him aboard.
  9. Draft Day Thread - Round 1

    Good pick at 15! Should fit our offence and glad we didn’t sell the house and trade up for him
  10. Landon Collins to Washington

    Good point. If I would be running the team I would tank next year and get a very good qb in next years draft. Rather have one terrible year and a couple of good to great ones after that. But with the years the front office and hc have left on their contracts it won't happen.
  11. Landon Collins to Washington

    Great player, cost a lot, but that's the only way free agents would choose us.
  12. Redskins release D.J. Swearinger

    Just to see it in isolation and not comparing it to others like Foster: The guy had to go! You can't keep blaming the coaches in public, that is not how a team works. I loved his play on the field, but enough is enough. Ideally you trade him, but he is not a easy asset to trade. Who would want a guy who clearly gets cut and has a big mouth during the game (which is great) but also the other 6 days. It takes a lot of negative energy for the coaches. What did scare my is the story about the practices. For the second year in a row we have so many guys on IR, that is starting to become standard, could that be because of the 'lame' practices? I guess so
  13. Week 14: Jints

    My biggest fear is that we trade for Eli in March. McNabb 2.0
  14. Week 14: Jints

    Finally some fun. That was a tough ride so far. (Btw Gif's are fun)
  15. Week 14: Jints

    Question: what's the biggest loss ever?