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  1. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Would it be far fetched to say Mayock has had more impact on this team than Gruden?
  2. Around The League V.2

    Pass rushers are hard to find
  3. This team is too stupid to try a hard count
  4. I’d rather have 2 dropped pick 6’s than giving up 2 td’s
  5. A find? It’s not like he played at a D2 school.
  6. Around The League V.2

    Brady looks old
  7. This could be the Raiders best draft class in a long time/ever
  8. You can afford it with all of that cash you’ve been stacking
  9. Around The League V.2

    He wasn't kneeling at any fallen soldier's graves though.
  10. Around The League V.2

    I was in the military and was willingly to die for the flag. So, he was disrespecting the flag and veterans imo. Not just him, but anyone who takes a knee are pukes.
  11. If you keep predicting that, you'll get it right eventually.
  12. Week 12 Packers-49ers game flexed to Sunday Night Football

    At least it's not the Patriots or Cowboys
  13. The Jon Gruden Thread, Man

    Reading comprehension biting me in the azz