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  1. He should have stayed home with his wife then. Mariota could have started.
  2. If possible, I’d go BPA all on defense unless another OL is the BPA.
  3. Put me on his bandwagon at 17. Bookend OT's with Miller. I love the big uglies.
  4. You'd be pissed if that happened when the Raiders lose games 38-35 because the defense is still trash.
  5. No problem. I wanted an OT though
  6. just saw he went 16th. I will now vote for Oklahoma State LT Teven Jenkins
  7. I vote Virginia Tech LT Christian Darrisaw
  8. And you call yourself a Raiders fan
  9. He’s a special kind of stupid
  10. FWIW https://twitter.com/TheRaidersWire/status/1374345156497960964?s=20
  11. FWIW https://twitter.com/TheRaidersWire/status/1374345156497960964?s=20
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