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  1. A package deal: Rodgers and Adams for Carr, Waller and two first round picks.
  2. Thanks for your service. I'm a Navy Veteran.
  3. That OL was the greatest, if not one of the greatest, of all time. The boys were big and bad and controlled games from the first snap. They should be in the hall of fame as a unit.
  4. 30 years. Last 20 years the Raiders have sucked. Don't let the door hit ya.
  5. Seriously, who cares? Last time I checked, team presidents don't run, throw, catch, tackle, block or kick. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  6. I agree with the first sentence. No way Gruden gets fired though.
  7. I bet those were signings by Gruden. Mark worships the ground he walks on, so he wouldn't object.
  8. Forget about signing him. Mark Davis won't sign a domestic batterer. What a punk *** ***** Sherman is.
  9. I've always been 50/50 on Carr. However, he's played on some very bad teams with a garbage defense and middling offensive weapons. If the Raiders can upgrade by signing or drafting a better option then Carr, then I'm all for it. But, he's been the best QB the Raiders have had since Gannon, which I can live with. Carr isn't great, but he doesn't suck either. Until there's an upgrade, which truly is a better upgrade, I'm ok with Carr being the Raider's QB until that happens. He's the Raiders QB for now and that's why he should be supported by all Raider fans whichever side your on. Just my opini
  10. Show one post where you did this. If you can, I'll eat crow.
  11. Devil's advocate. His highlight reel is amazing. But my concern is why did he last until the third round?
  12. MD is pricing out the little guy. The prices are freaking outrageous. If the Raiders become SB contenders, or playoff contenders, every year the ticket prices would become astronomically high. Sucks really. Living in Illinois, I'll never be able to afford to go to a game.
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