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  1. Oh I know. That was more for Bay Raider and Frankie.
  2. This tells me he isn't very smart. Just for fun. Tua had the lowest wonderlic score of all QB's in the draft that year (13).
  3. So this. Carr looked very comfortable in the pocket this year and had a good year. I hope they don't mess with the OL too much.
  4. I love Etienne and think he's a stud, but if the Raiders draft him in the 1st round, I'll break things. This team needs defense.
  5. If he continues having seasons like he did this year, I don't care about his blocking skills
  6. Should have been this way all season. Give the kids targets so they can make plays.
  7. That's too much draft capital to trade away for a QB imo. Those picks could be used to upgrade an atrocious defense.
  8. Chicken. It’s a simple yes or no question.
  9. Would you trade Carr for a nasty defense?
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