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  1. I think he does. Who else is going to run the goal line jet sweep?
  2. Not trying to cause any problem, but aren't you a convicted felon?
  3. I was stoked after being bummed about missing out on McGlinchey. I'm old school and love the big uglies.
  4. Everyone looks good in shorts, t shirts and no rush. Didn't see any deep throws.
  5. The Chargers and Chiefs have the same schedule.
  6. I trust Mayock. If he was ok with these picks, then I'm ok with the picks.
  7. Rodgers 36 (how many years does he have left?) (Hall of Famer, Super Bowl winner) Carr 30 (when season starts) (below average to average QB that has had mostly trash receivers to work with) Damn that's a good question. Gruden would do it. Me, I just don't know.
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