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  1. Was that the same trash OC as the trash OC calling plays now?
  2. Give him a second chance with continued coaching. Sophomore year is always better the the first
  3. Can't believe he dropped that 2nd pick six, it was right to him. The 1st pick six was harder.
  4. The Raiders used to be too reliant on the dink and dunk passing game. Now they’re too reliant on the deep passing game. It’s so tough sometimes to be a fan of this bipolar team.
  5. Carr moved the team to inside the twenty then bogged down. Seems like it happens every game. What's going on?
  6. I watched the game. It aged me 25 years. Anyway, I didn't notice if Leatherwood had any penalties called on him. Is this correct?
  7. Absolutely unacceptable by both teams. Realistically, there could have been 20+ penalties if the refs called all of the holding penalties.
  8. Athletic and nothing between the ears
  9. I'd be pissed if he was traded to the 9ers and any team in the AFC. I wouldn't want karma to come back and bite us with Carr.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Please don't embarrass us on national tv. Good luck and hopefully no injuries. I was really looking forward to going against Cooper. Oh well.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving all. Let's all be nice to each other for one day.
  12. Oh sorry. I'm not a gambler. Good luck. Make that money. BTW. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  13. Carr can seriously be a dumb *** sometimes. I mean, what's going on inside that pointy head.
  14. Crosby isn't very good at the run. That's why he isn't getting respect when compared to Garrett or Bosa.
  15. Weren't you the one pimping Davis? Now you're pimping Hamilton. Who are you going to pimp next?
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