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  1. Break the bank and get him to Vegas
  2. Can’t argue that. But they could hand him the ball and let him make plays that way though.
  3. I mean get the man the ball anyway possible
  4. A couple of years ago, the Raiders had back to back games in Florida and they stayed there for the week between games. So it's possible I guess. As I remember the Raiders won both games.
  5. OMG. Jesus Christ. Just shut the **** up. I like Carr, and will be the first to acknolwedge when he's kicking *** at the same time acknowlegding when he's sucking ***. Your incessant droning on about other posters not understanding football is getting ******* old. Be the bigger person, get down off your high horse and enjoy Carr's success this season without being an *******.
  6. The Raider's are going to get rocked even if they didn't drive around Arrowhead. Giving Reid a bye week with revenge is a recipe for an *** whooping. This might get ugly very fast.
  7. This post is just so wrong on so many levels. Reread the post.
  8. Raiders always playing to their level of their competition. They have zero killer instinct.
  9. What happened to the Brown's vaunted run defense?
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