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  1. Red zone should always be 4 down territory for this team. FG’s aren’t going to win this game.
  2. I’d like to see some up tempo. I think Carr is actually a better QB when in up tempo.
  3. The Ruggs pick was a headscratcher, but screams Gruden to me, not Mayock. Anyway, imo, Ruggs was playing like a 1st round pick when Carr threw to him. But instead, he murders a chick and her dog which makes the pick worse than what it was.
  4. Anyone else get chills? That's a cool video.
  5. How about MD hires this forum to draft for the Raiders.
  6. I want Georgia. I ******* hate Alabama.
  7. MD should hire our forum as a group GM, OC and DC.
  8. I get it. But a well designed blitz would be nice to see occasionally. Even against elite QB’s.
  9. Now if he could only turn some of those pressures into sacks.
  10. Hoping the Raiders aren't emotionally drained for the Bengals game after last night's crazy game.
  11. Top strengths: 1) Daniel Carlson 2) Maxx Crosby 3) Daniel Carlson Top weaknesses: 1) Vegas 2) night 3) life
  12. Yep. Vegas can ruin your life in an instant. I should know, I got married there.
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