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  1. Damn his hands looks tiny in these pictures. He should carry around ice packs to get ready to hold a cold, hard football. 🧊🧊
  2. Having a winning record, making the playoffs and no state income tax will hopefully be attractive to FA's now.
  3. Yeah, I know. I'm just happy Leatherwood played penalty free (I think).
  4. I think the Raiders were settling for the tie until the Chargers called timed out and it pissed off RB. So he went for the knockout punch. The Chargers HC should have been fired after the game for that and going for it on 4th down on their own 18 yard line (or whatever it was).
  5. I'm not sure about more, but I only saw one blitz. The DL had a great game, but damn Gus, throw in some blitzes, especially on those 4th downs.
  6. Abrasive character is better than a yes man imo
  7. Calling it now. The Raiders get a pick 6.
  8. Don’t the Raiders get in with a win? They don’t need help if they just take care of business, right? Need the OL and D to show up. It’ll be disgusting if it’s there for the taking and they beat themselves.
  9. Did Luck really need to be developed though? Wasn’t he pretty much college ready the day he stepped on campus? Please correct me if I’m wrong.
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