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  1. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Miller a starter not so sure about that boss. If Nelson needs to start ohhh my goodness we are not doing well.
  2. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Cardinals need OL help! Call 911! Raiders have no LBer’s and the secondary is awfully worrying injuries and jail and some that need a walker to get on the field.
  3. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    Yes low snap barley bounces to him omg u need a better backup center that is terrifying.
  4. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    Bouncing back n forth. I am glad the cardinals are keeping Rosen in for the experience and get him acclimated to the NFL. Also those cardinal commentators are awesome.
  5. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    I’m loving seeing pj hall but preseason think Cook is going to beat out EJ though. we will see
  6. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    Parker has been absent a lot from camp and did not look stellar
  7. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    It’s like a different universe without norton and company coaching defense. We are almost normal now.
  8. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Then cursed with a oh **** screen automatic first down
  9. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Nelson with the play!
  10. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    And those were the crappy years lol.
  11. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Would like to see what he can do against first team defense this season pre-season sorry phone autocorrect
  12. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    I am too we seem to bandaid the LB position and splurge on cb FA’s that don’t work out. I completely agree I didn’t even know we had Wilbur till the what the hell did I just watch.
  13. The Welcome Thread!

    Sorry for jumping in quick. Been a raider fan my entire life. Grandfather roped me in as I grew up watching them in SoCal before the jay era. Was a poster here before in 07 but things happen and life takes turns Haha.
  14. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Hope the next game we will see more hurst and see key play. Kinda worried about the corner position.
  15. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    I loving it as well. It’s sad to move on from Sebastian but we have a new good tandem now. As you said I want to see Bryant catch a bomb.