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  1. Raiders sign OG Richie Incognito

    Ahaha! You’re killing me! Old guys in their 30’s that can compete at any level. This guy is priceless. Not sure what’s going up stairs
  2. Raiders sign OG Richie Incognito

    What the ....
  3. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    He has been disappointed too many times to be optimistic about it
  4. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    This indeed! I hope you guys make a run this season. It’s sad to see Rodgers last years dwindle. You guys should be on the right track this season and hope Rodgers gets another ring
  5. Cardinals corner Patrick Peterson suspended 6 games

    It’s all they know
  6. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    You cursed us!!!!! joking. I only have my old jerseys Jackson Allen Brown and Kaufman. I’m going to probably buy a Howie Long. Too risky now days. If I believed in my Quarterback to be here long term I would probably get one but that’s up in the air now
  7. Random Raider Stuff

    We are passed this with cable. He better do better than his entirety of his career. I absolutely detest this guy he is terrible at his job and should not be employed.
  8. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    That was nice. I love stuff like that. Thank you Jerry
  9. Las Vegas Stadium News

  10. TE Lee Smith released

    Lee smith just didn’t seem like the same guy after his injury
  11. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    Damn you Arizona!!!!!!
  12. Day 3 Targets

    Not getting that at all from the games
  13. Day 3 Targets

    BPA and that is Butler i hope we address LB soon
  14. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    That would be beautiful
  15. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    I can’t believe Butler is still out there! Definitely a wild card boom bust situation but my god that kid has god like potential. i believe mayock will continue the safe football player approach and expect a OL LB and TE