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  1. Think we got our answers on Green yesterday. Both injured (chronic groin issue) and has lost his connection to the game. It's time to let him move on... by trade to whatever team is willing to give up a decent pick. Waiting for him to go UFA in 2021 gives us a Comp pick in 2022 (if the UFA signing differential dictates), but what will that be... figure he might get a one-year from someone for $5-6 mil maybe? That's prob a 2022 5th Rd Comp. Better to get a 4th maybe this year and get rid of 12/17ths of his $18 mil cap hit... $12 mil back for cap is a win.. or even half that if we need to p
  2. Sticking with the column, I don't see the need to repeat over and over the many failings of this team. This week I'll go to the top and bottom characteristics of this organization as it stands at present. But first, a couple of notes on the game: * The Bengals played a real team on Sunday and showed what the have: not much. No real strong points, no heart, no strategy. * I'm not too sure anymore if there is light at the end of this tunnel. * What Marv Lewis accomplished in Cincinnati is a miracle. I'm not advocating his gameday skills but am advocating his organization
  3. Hey INdy ..... good to hear from ya. Yes, this is some of the great weather that I remembered from my many years in the Cincy area/region... love early October when you can work outside, not get too hot, and not freeze. Nights are nice and usually not too cold. I have lived mostly in Florida since 1995 (don't let the W TX moniker fool ya.... did stints there and in NW GA for 2-3 years each as well) and am finding it increasingly more difficult to do yard work as I move farther and farther into the Old Fart Zone. I'll hit back at some of your thoughts/comments: * Mixon: we can se
  4. Hey Windy City.... combined your two remarks above for response The total losses in the 1st Round since 2015 have basically capsized a franchise that claims to build by the draft. If you built your house with cement blocks that crumbled way too early, you might imagine a similar situation. Only William Jackson in 2016 has given anything back with Williams and Burrow, of course, trying to reverse that trend this season. Overall, the drafting in all rounds combined for this type of "build through the draft" mantra has been terrible and explains by itself why the franchise has sunk back t
  5. Good thoughts. Have to give some ground to Turner/Hart that he looks/plays better when you remove the turnstile next door. Yet, he’s still lower level average at best, and we need better in the long run. I think of Whit to some degree when I see Williams. Whit’s a bigger guy but similarly was felt to be too slow to play LT in the NFL. Williams is 4 games into his career and, like Burrow, is playing at the highest level of anyone on the O. And I agree on your notes of Redmond and Jordan. From PFF standpoint, Jordan is coming in at average which is good for an unheralded draft pic
  6. Last Sunday's game at PBS demonstrated a few things to us. It was certainly a tale of two halves - the 1st after which the visiting Jags led 13-10; the latter in which the Bengals finally seemed to have some consistent success on O. I like to frame the games in terms of the roster ... what he have, what we need to think about moving forward, what we might expect. This game definitely added more information in these respects. Offense: In general, the O started clicking after halftime as the team finally found the running game. For perspective, it's important to understand that in yards
  7. 1) Difficult to argue against this. For this reason, tho, we should be getting TWilliams snaps right now (and we aren't). One other thing... I usually discuss my ideas around the realm of what the Bengals FO is likely to do. I think they're likely to retain Gio... could be wrong but smells like something Mike Brown would insist upon (because $4.1 mil cap savings will be weighed against his family traditions). 2) Agreed that we need one (probably 2) TEs who are better receivers than Sample. Sample will still be the starter as a guy who can block and hit the shorter routes. I can pro
  8. You do have to keep a few vets to maintain locker room stability, so I don’t advocate dropping Gio yet. Instead of a one-shot spending spree on Henry, I’d like to grab 2-3 guys who can all run well for TE 2-4 to add to Sample’s run-heavy abilities. Then you don’t end up with zilch when Hunter Henry goes down for a few (or more) games. This is what Pitt has done well at TE with Big Ben ... using multiple value, relatively athletic TEs to pressure D’s throughout the passing tree. Since Burrow is so good at moving through his reads, extending plays, and ball placement, it makes sense to open
  9. I think that’s where you draw a lot of enjoyment (re: loyalty and watching “our guys” get better over time). Nothing wrong with that except that loyalists tend to get their souls crushed these days. Of course if the cap is $15 mil more, then you adjust your approach. We have so many fires going tho and just don’t admit and deal with them the way winning franchises do. By the time we got a winning QB, out LBs and lines were depleted. Now the WRs are turning over. I think we need to retain a high level of DB play, allow our LBs to mature, and replace our aging, high dollar DL in the ne
  10. It is when the play caller is 2-16-1 for his career with the Total O in the lower quartile throughout. That's Hue Jackson territory.
  11. INdy, you are a loyal guy. I think Geno/Dunlap go if cap $175 mil because that leaves us about $24 mil right now while prob needed WJax, Lawson, and 1 other vet CB re-signed (while also saving money for FAs during season and rookie contracts.. about $15 mil). We can't do anything with $9 mil. Hart gives back about $6 mil; Price about $1 mil. Geno is $10 mil and Dunlap $12 mil. Drop all four and have $29 mil to spend (which still isn't much but will go farther with a contracting cap). If Geno or Dunlap play well, we might even get a pick for them. But we're not winning with this sq
  12. I think overall that we’re in a 5 game window (re:1st half of season) to see whether Taylor ever figures it out. I personally don’t think he will - he just doesn’t have the leadership chops. I liked one other reader’s idea about grabbing Zimmer.. but he just extended thru 2023, so that’s unlikely. Unfortunately, the Brown family’s rep is so bad that most coaches do not want to come here (as it’s viewed as a bad mark on their resume). Heck, they’re now putting their 20-something grand daughter out there as a decision maker (which, I don’t know about you, but admittedly was a real odd feelin
  13. The telling comment of post game was Taylor’s Eureka moment in saying we need to block better. Took him until now to realize that? Wow!
  14. I like your ideas (as always), but here are the issues: * They’ll never play Finley over a healthy Burrow * Whether Geno plays decently or not, you can’t keep him in 2021 on a restricted cap. They might, but that’s what makes the Bengals who they are (keeping a burnt out DT over an improved OL that protects your franchise QB) * I agree on CBs even tho I see CJ ripping their play. DL has gotten poor rush over the three games and Pass D still #7 in league. Passing YPA, I think, in top 3-4. That’s mostly coverage. Get WJax, Sims, and Alexander all back. Trayvon replaces Shawn
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