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  1. USMNT Thread: Wandering in the Wilderness

    It has been 13 months since the US has had a full time manager. That is an embarrassment.
  2. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I actually finished it up and, yeah, I was way wrong. It's really good and ended quite different than how I thought after three episodes haha.
  3. First of all, Michigan Bucks is too confusing with the Milwaukee Bucks being a thing. Second, they should be renamed the Flint Tropics.
  4. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Well Slavisa Jokanovic out and Claudio Raneri in. I'm sad to see Slav go and wish we would have given him a bit more time but we've been absolutely woeful so I can't blame the owner, especially after the investment in the summer. Raneri will certainly solve some of the defensive issues but it's a huge leap from the style of play that brought us so much success. I wonder how the likes of Cairney and Mitro will do. I'm slightly apprehensive but I can't help but think we're bound to improve results under him, frankly our squad is talented enough to be higher up the table and experienced manager can hopefully get the best out of the group. We really just need some consistency in team selection, far too often we changed the side, particularly in midfield and at the back, and Slav didn't seem to have the slightest of who is starting XI should be week in and week out. Maybe not too surprising given the number of changes over the summer. I miss the Championship.
  5. TARFT: New Forum, New Thread

    I just think it's extremely difficult to really do much so much farther down the road. Even if you believe someone is telling the truth, you can't convict someone without any real evidence. It's a shame that there isn't really much else you can do, particularly long after the incident has occurred.
  6. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Josh Allen as a redzone WR? It's crazy enough to work, I like it.
  7. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Awesome, he was great last season. I was shocked we didnt bring him back this season.
  8. Going, going, gone!

    That's really my only complaint. Terrelle Pryor at least somewhat looks like he has the slightest interest in playing football.
  9. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Anyone watch Patriot from Amazon? I absolutely love this show but no one seems to have seen it. I dont really know how to describe it, guess it's a drama and dark comedy. I highly recommend it.
  10. Battlefield V

    The worst map I've experienced this is the Operation in Holland with the bridge that you can only attack from head on. It's the definition of meat grinder and hugely frustrating. At least let us flank. I'd say operations as a whole have taken a step back. I just dont find then as interesting or as well done. BF1 seemed to have a lot more epic moments trying to capture points and I'm not a fan of them forcing other game modes into Operations. I've still enjoyed the trial though.
  11. Nate Peterman Released

    Me too. Good kid who just couldnt cut it when it mattered. I've seen a lot of people absolutely brutal towards him and I just think it's the wrong way to act, hes not any happier about how things turned out than we are. I'll never hate someone for not being good enough as long as they try hard and are a good teammate.
  12. Sean McDermott defense appreciation thread.

    I wouldn't quite go that far but I'm definitely closer to this than calling any game a "should win", just don't think we're there yet.
  13. Sean McDermott defense appreciation thread.

    I find it concerning we get blown the eff out in so many games. Maybe it's simply down to lack of talent but the amount of games we've lost by 20+ and never even been in the game is pretty startling. I definitely think next season is going to be make or break for him. We definitely need to see some major improvements in this team and he will have by far the most talented team he's had in Buffalo to do so next season.
  14. Nate Peterman Released

    Well its finally over. I honestly didnt think we'd do it but I'm glad it's done. I felt bad for the guy at the end and won't hate on him for doing his best, he just simply wasn't an NFL QB and needed to go.
  15. Sean McDermott defense appreciation thread.

    Honestly its been incredible. We still have some games where it seems like just arent prepared for teams, mostly the Colts game springs to mind, but it's been trying it's best to carry this corpse of an offense all season. Milano absolutely should be in the pro bowl this season, what a player. The improved defensive line has really given the LBs a chance to shine. This defensive unit gives me real hope that we can have a quick turnaround next season. If we get competent QB play next season and can hit on most of our acquisitions in FA I dont see any reason we can't be competing for a playoff spot.