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  1. Cordy Glenn to Seattle Trade Rumor

    I definitely think we should be only doing it for good value. He's a big addition to our offensive line and honestly I don't really know how much we need to create cap space if we get rid of Dareus. I definitely don't think a handful of good games from Dawkins should have us shipping him out. I'm not super thrilled on having to replace him with someone else off roster and seems like it's kind of a pointless move. That said, Beane and McDermott have probed their eye for talent so far.
  2. Star Wars Battlefront II

    I was referring to Mass Effect Andromeda where you could only unlock and power up weapons and characters by opening packs. I don't really see how this is different and I don't think buying extra crates gifts you a massive advantage, certainly not long term. You can still open crates based by completing games and challenges. I'm just not getting the major uproar over this, I don't want to spend any extra money and so I won't. I don't see how this is something game breaking or a deal breaker. I don't like the concept myself but I don't feel like this is anywhere near pay to win territory.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront II

    I'm so tired of hearing this. It's the same thing they did with Mass Effect and really isn't a major advantage. This isn't a crazy new system and you can absolutely play the game without needing to buy crates. They've made some changes to the system and it really doesn't seem like a big issue.
  4. What do you think we should do?

    Dareus is basically impossible to trade until next season. I think we just stay with what we've got and pick up some free agents. I think it's probably the right move, I don't think our team is good enough to really challenge. As for Dominque Rodgers Cromartie, he's 31 and I don't think we're going to trade for a player that old.
  5. Charles Clay Knee Injury

    Yup. It's hard to see our offense being even remotely successful. If we are going to we we're going to need Shady to find his 2016 form real fast.
  6. GDT Week 5: Bills (3-1) @ Bengals (1-3)

    That's a truly telling stat. You could win games consistently with that.
  7. 2017 FF Soccer Draft Vote R1: roy vs lee/tex

    Man, Tex and I have a lot of people to ban now.
  8. Charles Clay Knee Injury

    Wow. That's pretty crazy.
  9. Charles Clay Knee Injury

    As most of us have heard Charles Clay is going to be out multiple weeks with a knee injury that a "source confirmed to ESPN's Adam Schefter that Clay had a torn meniscus and MCL sprain". That sounds like it could end up being a season ending injury and best case is likely to miss multiple games. I think this could be where the season starts to unravel a little bit. Clay has been the most effective receiver this season and our anemic pass attack is now missing Clay and Jordan Matthews. Zay Jones has yet to flash the promise that we all felt he had at the start of the season. One positive is that Nick O'Leary had the most promising game of his career with the Bills. Does this mean an increased chance for Logan Thomas or does the team try and bring in some outside help at WR and/or TE.
  10. TARFT: New Forum, New Thread

    Honestly I feel like I've got to create a turnover in midfield to have much chance of stopping the computer. It's so hard to control defenders around the box because they feel like they are trying to run on ice and you are constantly playing catch up with the attackers which, predictably, is the exact opposite of how it feels on attack. No matter what you do or how many steps ahead of a defender you are they constantly are one step ahead of you and ready to defend anything you do. Like you said they somehow combined the worst parts of the past two games and now it's incredibly frustrating no matter if you're defending or attacking and frankly it feels like you're playing against complete b.s. in every aspect of the game. Like you said in defending even if you can miraculously make a tackle or actually be in the right spot to intercept a pass the ball magically goes under your foot or your player just sits exactly where he is or the ball miraculously bounces back to the computer. This game, in it's current being, is simply not fun and is somehow even worse than 17 which was the low point for me. I had one whole week where I was actually excited to play FIFA and enjoyed playing the matches even if the tougher defending lead to conceding a few extra goals than usual sometimes. No it's back to spamming 1-2 passes and hoping your through ball gets through so you can get a 1 on 1 with keeper because the ability to score from long shots and even create anything down the wings has been completely removed from the game. So frustrating, if this doesn't get fixed I'm done with FIFA. I don't know how they can release a demo, which convinced me to get the game, and then change everything about the game, that's basically false advertisement.
  11. USMNT Thread: 2017 Gold Cup Edition

    Well Gulati can't go until he is up for reelection next year unless he resigns. Arena was only contracted through to the WC so he'll be gone and will almost certainly resign. I can't see any way anyone in any sort of power keeps there spot. This is absolutely disastrous for US Soccer as a whole, no WC money, no exposure from the WC for it's own fans and they have a superstar to build around for once and can't even get him to the World Cup. This is an embarrassment for the entire organization and I can't see how anyone gets out of this.
  12. USMNT Thread: 2017 Gold Cup Edition

    Honestly no one who has even remotely been following the team will be saying anything like this. It's despicable that we couldn't be the top four in CONCACAF and we absolutely deserve to be watching the WC from home.
  13. USMNT Thread: 2017 Gold Cup Edition

    I definitely agree. They've needed a shake up for a while now and it will certainly happen now. There is a zero percent chance Gulati is back when he is up for reelection next year.
  14. USMNT Thread: 2017 Gold Cup Edition

    Yup. Michael Bradley used to be my favorite player for the national team but his play the last four years has been just absolutely appalling.The only thing worse than the level of his play is his complete lack of effort. The fact we've basically been relying on the same core of players for a decade and making no effort to really replace or make any future plans has cost us. We should have given youth some genuine chances earlier in the cycle but we didn't and Jurgen definitely deserves blame for that.
  15. USMNT Thread: 2017 Gold Cup Edition

    Absolutely agree. Shocking from a side that likes to think that it can challenge the top countries in the near term. People might try and blame Jurgen and some will blame Bruce and some will blame Gulati but they absolutely all deserve the blame. There is no way that there aren't going to be major changes though.