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  1. He's also shown to be matched, or overpowered, by a lowly trained girl. He doesn't have enough strength to be the big bad yet, unless the First Orders military might is supposed to equalized that which it has failed to do so far.
  2. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Literally nothing other than how long the game lasted counts to your rank. Kills, assists or objective play doesn't matter to your XP at the end of the game.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront II

    I got a chance to play this recently and after the initial excitement subsided I found myself a little underwhelmed. The visuals are incredible but the gun play is frustrating for me. It takes forever for your shots to actually get to your target and with the roll button it's super easy to dodge fire. It seems weird that laser beams take so long to hit someone. The progression system is also dumb, it literally has no impact how well you perform in the match, only how long the match takes.
  4. Well maybe now that basically everyone is dead. He hasn't proven to be adept at any real role and other than being willing to sacrifice himself at the end I don't really see how he's been a leader. I don't hate Finn and love Boyega but I think that would have been a good death scene for him.
  5. I'm not buying into Rey's parents being nobodies yet, there are too many things that make no sense from the TFA if she is just a rando. I honestly hope she remains a nobody but I don't see it. And yes, I thought it was cool his projection was his academy self and that he was definitely younger in his projection. And your idea for ending the movie at the sunset, that would have been an ICONIC scene.
  6. Agreed. It also didn't make any sense and Luke wouldn't have had to meditate himself in to a force ghost if he took down the cannon thing he would have saved the Resistance. "Saving" him was stupid and selfish, it could have been his flying his F-18 into the laser scene from Independence Day. Especially since Finn seems to be just a side character and no real major impact on the overall stroy.
  7. Hot Take: It was mostly terrible. Poe literally did a your mom joke...
  8. Agreed. I think I'll take that sacrifice that though. I think Star Wars desperately needs a strong character as the villain more than whatever Finn's point is. It is a shame to not have that connection between Ridley and Boyega, especially since the scenes with Finn and Rose are just awful.
  9. Agree that the whole lack of communication creating causing a whole terrible side plot was extremely frustrating. As for the bold, I think it's even weirder since at the end of Rogue One one of the rebel ships just to light speed and goes right into a star destroyer which does absolutely nothing.
  10. It seemed to me like he was using the Jedi as a scapegoat while really it was Luke's fault that he lost Ben. I did love Mark Hammil's acting in this movie though, absolutely top notch.
  11. Exactly, they're too good together to not have as much screen time together. They are far and away the strongest thing this trilogy has.
  12. I think that would feel a bit more forced than if they had done it in this movie. I thought they set it up perfectly and going back after missing the chance would feel odd to me. I don't necessarily want them to go Romeo and Juliet but I would love if they just became a team because they understand each other and have this connection (which might have been just Snoke?), I agree with it likely ending up as a love story though because of Disney/Star Wars which would be a disappointment.
  13. Them running away from both sides and finding their own path, sort of like Kylo said, would have been incredible.
  14. I agree with with you on most of the comments. I love that they actually branched out and didn't just do the Empire Strikes Back V2 and I don't mind another bad force versus a good force although I wish it was a little bit more of a grey area rather than good versus evil. I'm also getting a little tired of a single Jedi appearing and saving the galaxy, I wish there was maybe several more so it didn't feel so much of a fairy tale. The biggest thing that you said is that Kylo's motivations are just completely missing. If anything it was the perfect moment for him to turn and not suddenly fully give into the dark side. Also, he just doesn't do it for me as the "big bad". I loved his conflicted character and thought it was done brilliantly by Driver but him as the Supreme Leader just doesn't feel right at all. I actually kinda liked the fact Snoke just kind of died and had no real impact and that he wasn't some all powerful force user. I'm disappointed Rey and Kylo didn't team up for some side because their chemistry was incredible and I want as much screen time between them as possible. I also think you're given the casino subplot more credit than it deserves, that whole story line with the hacker included was just garbage and a waste of time. Agreed on the visuals and on Luke's departure. I just don't understand why he force ghosted away, the Resistance needs him more than ever and I really wanted to see more of him either in a training way or combat. It sucked that he did the most baller force stuff ever and then just dips out to hang out with Yoda. Speaking of which, Yoda was the MVP. His scene with Luke was amazing and the fact that he was covering for Rey, who stole the texts from the tree, and gave Luke the push he needed was incredible. The guy is like thousands of years old and has been dead for decades and still has to do everything himself haha. Overall, I liked the movie but I didn't love it.
  15. Star Wars episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    I'd say I fall into this category. Certainly didn't hate the movie but don't think I loved it. Some extremely interesting developments happened and they certainly did things that I don't think anyone expected.