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  1. All year long I was banging the table for Toney and Rondale Moore.
  2. LaFleur is freaking garbage. The first half play calling is always atrocious. Zach is also holding himself back by missing the short throws. Some of them are maddening. He's relying too much on the big play and luck. He missed Davis for a TD. He was short on Moore, but at least it was PI. We need TEs badly. Moore has done NOTHING. LaFleur is awful. The referees and their BS roughing the passer calls may have done us in. Those 3 points were huge and changed the momentum after we should have had a 3 and out.
  3. Rondale Moore >> Elijiah Moore Apparently Trey Smith has been doing well too.
  4. Can’t wait for Zach to start putting up 200 a half instead of 50-100 then 200.
  5. We all need to slow down with Q. He isn't even the best player on our defense. He is a great DT but I don't think he warrants one of the best.
  6. He was perfect for Gregg Williams. Pretty much was able to do whatever he wanted and fly all over the field. Definitely not the same player or usage in Seattle. Big win on that trade and I will also gladly eat crow.
  7. Even if we loaded up with picks and talent by trading down from 2, or heck traded 2 for CMC magically, Sam needed to change his environment. He wouldn't have worked here or at least wouldn't warrant $20 million a year. We would have ended up with a Goff/Rams situation at best.
  8. I can see it now...Jets win Sunday and then everyone says OMG the Seahawks pick will be higher than ours! (typical NY fashion going from trashing the team to loving the team) then Russ comes back and the Seahawks finish one win higher with 7.
  9. Geno siting after Russ dislocated a finger. Maybe he'll be out for a few games.
  10. With Lawson's injury and JFM not a true edge rusher we still need someone off the edge.
  11. Next year I like him and Lawson starting with Huff and 1st rounder backing up. Year after I like Lawson and 1st rounder starting with JFM and Huff backing up.
  12. Mosley had the most complete and consistent game so I have to go with him. LaFleur, GVR and McGovern are holding back this offense.
  13. Jeez that thing was launched.
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