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  1. I've seen those range 5% throughout the day depending on hydration and glycogen.
  2. Around the League 2020

    Isn't it a % of the cap or was that just speculation?
  3. How did they test it?
  4. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Go on Twitter/IG and follow Paul Saladino he's a doctor and I love his take on the virus and how we should move forward.
  5. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    I saw Armstead plus a pick for JA. Or was it Solomon Thomas. Can't remember but I think that was on the board here.
  6. If anyone needs new Tank Tops for the gym I'm doing a flash sale for the 4th of July. $4 off all tank tops, no limit. Enter promo code NORETREAT at checkout www.kropptops.com thank you enjoy your 4th!
  7. It's going to be hard to gain good weight at 25% body fat. Better off getting leaner first.
  8. @Outpost31 is the goal to gain weight?
  9. 1950s Drama - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    12 Angry Men Cat on a Hot Tin Roof...haven't seen but nominating Paul Newman lol I need to rewatch On the Waterfront and Streetcar Named Desire. I saw those ~10 years ago and don't remember much.
  10. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Just a thought....what if these guys are banking on the NFL not having a season this year and are saying they will sit out with the chance there isn't a season to begin with. They may think it's a good tactic to see if they can get extra money without actually having to sit out the season.
  11. Supplemental Draft

    Yes but I wonder if some guys would rather just get paid immediately (if eligible) instead of risking a year without CFB.
  12. Last month I launched a t-shirt business I would love for you guys to check it out and give feedback! It's going to mostly be gym shirts. www.kropptops.com IG- kropptops It's a play on my last name
  13. That's good it's a learning experience...but I would never advocate someone who has serious weight loss goals to have a cheat DAY. It needs to stick to cheat meal.
  14. @naptownskinsfan being active is great and anything will help, but don't look at exercise as a way to burn calories. The really important thing is to nail nutrition, especially during a pandemic. You'll never be able to out run/walk/stretch/BW workout your diet. What caused the giant burger and fries and half a pizza?
  15. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Being serious...COVID and the media has f****** with a lot of people's minds. That could be contributing to his loose screw and now he's working out in a gym maybe he's feeling a little more sense of normalcy. This quarantine is going to go down as one of the biggest mistakes ever.