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  1. That's why I'm hesitant to buy. Looks like mostly just catching and filling the Pokedex for research.
  2. I'd love two of Ojabo/Lindy/Burks/Hamilton. But doesn't seem like any are worth it at 4. I'm hoping Ojabo has a monster offseason and combine so we would take him at 4.
  3. Idk, we aren’t contending why are we trading for guys? Sure we need vets, but to pay high draft capital for guys in their late 20s or risk losing them after a contract doesn’t make sense to me.
  4. Looking at regular season rankings…turnovers and sacks seem to be more important than total defense. Cincy gets pressure and forced 3 TOs. SF relies on its DL to generate pressure. Chiefs don’t have a great defense but gets TOs. Bills have a great defense and get TOs. Dallas won in the regular season by getting a ton of TOs. We need an edge and LB badly then we need another weapon at WR and need a TE. Should be a simple for us, we’ll see how long it takes though. TE, S in FA, DE, OL, WR, LB with our first 4 picks. Every other pick you bring in your guys to compete (lik
  5. What kind of pick are we looking at for Hunter? He's not old but who knows the future at DE, Lawson has two years left. I still like a Myles Jack for 3rd/4th rounder.
  6. 95% of the mocks I saw this week had Neal at #1. That would be great but still hard to see Houston pass him up. Maybe Ikem and Cross have monster offseasons.
  7. Burks at 10! I would much rather take him at 10 but I also like the hypothetical of getting a future 1st and taking whatever WR is leftover.
  8. That's a terrible argument. First example, Toney was hurt (which is a knock) and on what turned out to be the biggest joke of a team this season. And they have #7 overall to pair with him. But at least you compared two different positions. In 2020, Chaisson wasn't a good prospect to begin with and a poorly graded pick. 2 picks later was Justin Jefferson. It goes both ways and you also compared two different positions. Unless we get Hamilton at 10, there may not be a huge drop off for what positions we would be drafting. I'd imagine the choices are Edge, OL, WR and CB. CB we ca
  9. Burks/Linderbaum/Ojabo?/Cross/Gardner vs WRs/OL/CB (a lot of guys in the same tier, some may fall from 10) PLUS 3rd rounder like iOL depth or RB to pair with Carter AND an outside shot of a top 10 pick next year for even more talent. I think only way we don't do it is if Hamilton is there at 10. I can get on board with having a dynamic Safety after grabbing a top 4 pick.
  10. Kiper has Ojabo going 8 and Karlaftis going 20-whatever to Arizona. Hopefully we stop this Karlaftis talk and start hyping up the Ojabo to Jets train.
  11. We have #4 to grab talent. Only guys at 10 I would have to have are Ojabo and Lindy. Hamilton if he falls.
  12. I thought he was the second worst player on the team then Pinnock showed he was decent at Safety. Only thing Hardee did was commit penalties. I don't know if I saw a positive play from him.
  13. Same that's got Seattle/Chicago written all over it. And I don't think the value from 10 to 20 is a huge drop off. Let's us take any position.
  14. Latest rumor is JD wants to move pick 10. Whether that's for a star player or trading back to grab a 1st next year is not known. If we are targeting WR or OL I have no problem dropping a few picks. Also depends on what we do at 4.
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