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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I'm definitely getting it. I used to play on my Gameboy as a kid and I don't ever remember getting far. So this will be like a brand new game for me lol.
  2. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I was on the Josh Allen bandwagon from day 1. I will love Q but still think we needed Allen way more given our team and history. Ever since we traded Abraham we have been rolling with guys like Victor Hobson, Bryan Thomas, Vernon Gholston, Calvin Pace.
  3. Copeland Suspended 4 Games

    Copeland is a very smart guy. He teaches college classes on how to manage money. Most likely an error on the supplement company doesn't sound like something he would do.
  4. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Man the memories. Rex and Mark were good. Just wish they knew how to build and run a team long term.
  5. I use Fruits and Greens powders all the time. Love doing a chocolate one at night to make it seem like I'm having some sort of dessert/shake.
  6. Training Camp

    I think with our talent up front and some creative blitzing we will at least get some TOs.
  7. LB Avery Williamson out with torn ACL

    Depends if contact or non contact. It's possible the blow was forceful enough to tear it. I assume his foot was planted. I'm upset but not too worried because I love Hewitt and want to see CASH
  8. I asked to be taken off the list and I'm still getting tagged...
  9. DC Movie Universe

    C'mon Interstellar!
  10. The most effective way to do abs is alternating between cardio and abs. Get bloodflow to the abs by doing your leg raises or whatever so you can release the fat then the cardio can burn it off. I'm really not a fan of abs unless you are lean and they are showing. Modified Strongman training is great bc those will all rock your core, get your heart rate up and improve your lifts. Put a 300+ lb Yoke on your back and you will feel your stomach.
  11. Mark Bell and Christian Thibaudeau are big on this. On your off day fast or go low protein so you get huge mTOR stimulus when you increase your protein on a lifting day.
  12. What does everyone do for a living?

    Personal Trainer and Strength Coach
  13. Zombieland 2

    Not expecting much but really excited! I was dying at the end with Luke Wilson and the guy from Silicon Valley. I hope that's more than a cameo.
  14. The Lion King - (2019)

    Broderick is horrible as a lion's voice but I don't think that bothered anyone.
  15. Official New York Rangers Thread

    Best offseason ever!