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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Damn I really wanted to get Tennis. I hope to score some BF deals then.
  2. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Did they announce they will add games and boards? Played two rounds with 3 friends and loved it but cannot see myself playing enough to buy it. If they are adding more games and boards then I will definitely get it. Actually how would you guys rank Kart, Tennis and Party for replayability?
  3. I use a three finger grip. Never use the crossarm unless you have an injury that doesn't let you get into the front rack position.
  4. 305 front squat today. Shocked I had that big of a jump.
  5. Carbs are very high for strength training. If you were doing a lot of volume the carbs would be used better. If you aren't switching up your program your body has also gotten used to it. Ask the docs about supplements that you can take to increase fat content. And if you are eating like an animal on the weekends it's likely processed fats not healthy fats. Could be your big issue there.
  6. Unfortunately you won't get there until you change your eating habits. IF ain't gonna do it.
  7. Which is why I hate doing things that aren't sustainable. What's your goal anyway?
  8. So if you aren't hitting those protein numbers you are either getting in a ton of carbs or not eating enough. What I would do is cut out grains/gluten and gradually introduce fat back. Maybe a bunch of glutamine throughout the day. Your body should be ok if you gradually increase healthy fats. Worst case scenario take bile supplements.
  9. I keep forgetting the entire convo doesn't get quoted. The fat question was for @Hunter2_1 who has the gall bladder issue.
  10. Ok but what is your body comp looking like?
  11. Front Squatted 275 for 2 with 4 second eccentrics the other day. Definitely had a couple of lbs in the tank too.
  12. Agreed. Is it the amount of fat or the type of fat you have to be careful with? Two easy tips are drop your carbs (under 100) and stop eating like an animal on the weekends. OR for starters, only get your carbs from veggies 5-6 days of the week and then have a night where you have at it with your cheat meal. What's your training routine look like besides PPL.
  13. Destiny 2

    FInally got Sweet Business, thank you Xur.
  14. https://www.optimumnutrition.com/en-us/product/essential-amino-energy I use this as coffee and pre workout. Super addicted and can't go more than a few days without it. It's really bad how addicted I am.
  15. A true legend in the strength community and someone who has been a mentor to me, Charles Poliquin, has passed away. I know there are many who didn't care for his opinions but he put strength coaching on the map and opened us up to cutting edge principles. I just saw him a few weeks ago too, very sad news.