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  1. Our Punter is our best tackler and player.
  2. I hope we hit on some IOL in the draft. Getting punished up the middle.
  3. Who here doesn't give Crowder credit? He's the only one who actually does something every week.
  4. I hate being reminded that all we do is draft interior DL and not weapons. In a league where passing and pass rushing dominates. WHY
  5. Sam hasn't been great but I think Flacco has looked like garbage.
  6. Ha, CBS broadcast with the "It's Magic." Got a laugh from me.
  7. Love how MacDougald gets blocked by Fitz. GREAT PICKUP
  8. Interior OL is rough. Wow shots down field every throw now LOL
  9. I'm too lazy...what rookies are playing/suited up?
  10. I think there are going to be 6 picks between the 2 QBs. Maybe 2 TDs.
  11. I love taking shots but Perriman looks way off out there.
  12. I watched Face/Off last week...no idea why Hollywood never cashed in on more Cage vs. Travolta movies.
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