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  1. What about Harris at 23 if there then trade back up for Jenkins, if he's there.
  2. Been mocking Stevens to us since the fall
  3. Zach Wilson Teven Jenkins Rondale Moore Anthony Schwartz Jacoby Stevens James Empey Garrett Wallow Ifeatu Melifonwu Elijah Molden Jared Patterson
  4. If that's all we have to give up to grab Slater count me in. Just don't think I'd go RB that high but won't complain. Would like a speedy WR too.
  5. Jacoby Stevens was a visit? He'd be great converting to OLB in this scheme but also be a guy you move all over the field.
  6. Whatever the case is I have full confidence LaFleur makes sure Wilson succeeds in the offense. Now we just need to make sure JD gives him weapons and protection.
  7. Depends on what we give up, but I would not be mad at trading up for Slater.
  8. Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One - Official Exclusive Trailer (2021) Jensen Ackles, Naya Rivera - YouTube Part 1 this summer, Part 2 this fall. YES Didn't know if there was an animated DC thread.
  9. If I'm JD, depending on the board, I go Wilson, OL, WR, OL/RB, BPA Def, OL/RB. Don't care about defense since our DL should be much improved.
  10. Agreed and TBH whether we draft a CB in the 1st or the 3rd/4th we won't notice a difference.
  11. I know his name I just like calling him Coach Taylor.
  12. Liked it more than King of the Monsters even though I disliked the human element of this one. And how did Coach Taylor make it to Hong Kong? lol Great battles and action though!
  13. The Largest Facebook Group of Jets Fans is insufferable at times.
  14. GMs know Kimberly Martin will report this so it's easy to drive down the price. JD will get fair/decent value if Darnold is moved. Whatever happens I want an extra pick, I don't want to use Darnold to trade up unless we are trading up from 23 to somehow grab Slater/Pitts/Chase. We need more bodies. If it's say Darnold and a late round pick to squeeze out a top 3rd round or a 2nd round pick then that I like.
  15. Beginning of offseason he was 2nd-3rd round value A month or so ago they were reporting teams said 1st round value Now he's 3rd-4th round value Reports will always fluctuate.
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