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  1. I've seen seasons 1 and 2 of The Wire and then only a few eps of season 3 a long time ago. Can I get right back into the beginning of S3 or do I need to rewatch?
  2. Mario is such a huge name they can do whatever they want and get away with it. It's like Disney movies, they never go on sale they are always $20-25 because parents will always buy them for the kids. Plus for kids I'm sure they'll play over and over without a problem.
  3. @AkronsWitnesspretty much sounds like most of the Mario games which is why I never buy them. Switch needs a Mario gamepass so people can play whenever in the mood or whenever getting together with friends.
  4. Needs full range of motion lifting and structural balance. Not powerlifting and Olympic lifting that many NFL strength coaches shove down players throats. Example...one of my mentors trained an offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns. Every season he had shoulder injuries. Guy could bench press 400 lbs. His overhead press was an embarrassing 95 lbs. Massive discrepancy. He made the OL stop benching and got his overhead press stronger. No more shoulder injuries afterwards and his bench press went up too.
  5. I wonder how Douglas and Fat Rex would have faired together.
  6. WRs too. I know there are still question marks but gigantic difference compared to before.
  7. Thoughts on Aliens: Fireteam? Looks similar to L4D which I love. Not something I want to buy but would like to play with friends one night.
  8. They get bigger, stronger, faster, without taking care of their bodies or getting the important muscles (your brake system) stronger. EDIT- on my IG account I did a whole video on why NFL athletes were getting injured at an alarming rate last year and pulled up videos of how they train. For example guys will put 500 lbs on the bar and squat 1/4 depth and do ZERO hamstring work. Recipe for injury. Saquon strong as an ox, but does box squats and questionable Clean form.
  9. I'd love to find numbers but "non-contact, nagging injuries" are super high in the league and all preventable. Despite what we think, most athletes take poor care of themselves. No sleep, stay up all night drinking or playing video games, eat fast food. They just happen to be very gifted and get away with it. Then when they get to the NFL it starts to catch up.
  10. Yes so the Jets had a poor training staff, like most NFL teams. Which is (one of the reasons) why injuries are super high every year.
  11. At least The Long Halloween was good.
  12. More to do with training than stretching. Stretching in some cases can increase chance of injury.
  13. Many guys have poor training habits or poor coaches. Some guys are also ALL GAS NO BRAKES (lol couldn't help it) and don't let their bodies recover through sleep, lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation etc. NCAA and NFL strength coaches are too stuck in the powerlifting/Olympic lifting frame of mind.
  14. NY Jets' La'Mical Perine Epic Fail Trying To Shotgun Beer, 'I Almost Threw Up!' (tmz.com) First....I thought why the F is this guy partying, he'll get cut Second....okay it's team bonding for the Isles game that's fine Third....maybe he doesn't party at all which is why he sucks at shotgunning, and is more serious about being a football player
  15. Soft tissue and non contact injuries are 99% on the athlete. Many guys were blowing a tire last season because they were not physically prepared during COVID. Many guys also have poor training habits and would have been injured regardless.
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