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  1. Where in the Midwest? I'll see if there are any good practitioners around.
  2. Where do you live? Tell him to check your scalenes, subclavius, coracobrachialis and pec minor. You need to work on rotator cuff, face pulls, trap 3 raises and posterior delt. And get soft tissue work on your upper traps, levator scap and the aforementioned muscles. If you live in NY or near any of my buddies I'll have you fixed.
  3. I wasn't saying anything poorly about you, I was giving you my experience, no need to get offended. But when it comes to someone's health/life you should be qualified. There's a lot more than 3 sets of 10 and burpees until you puke.
  4. Agreed, not saying pollino won't provide a good service but anyone who has told me they want the cheapest/easiest cert ends up doing this for a very short period of time or very poorly. @pollino14 where do you have access to train people? if you are going to someone's house that's one thing (but would need some kind of waiver, that may not even cover everything) but if you are training at a gym you need a cert. I rent space on Mondays from a physical therapist and I had to buy my own insurance, $150 for the year in NY, and my clients have to sign his waivers.
  5. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    I make it work
  6. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    That Godzilla trailer looks amazing! IDC if the plot sucks that looks like great action and CGI. Def seeing 3D.
  7. Aquaman (December 2018)- Trailer Saturday

    Actually looks pretty good, just not looking forward to some of the cheesy one liners.
  8. MDs also make money prescribing drugs. My uncle who is a doctor is illiterate when it comes to diet and exercise, he just gets people to take a **** ton of pills and continues his research for drug companies.
  9. NVM, @cddolphin took care of it. But again they don't look at lifestyle either or the carbs/manmade fats/processed foods they are intaking. Supplement with magnesium and call it a day lol I really get enraged when it comes to the AHA, or anyone, completely butchering analysis of a study or funding a study to make themselves look good.
  10. Garbage article. Of course the AHA is going to make protein sound bad. Now they can push their grains on people and cause more heart/health issues. Just read the study and there are some flaws, plus I'm pretty sure it says it's still to be determined if there is a risk. They had men track their nutrition 20 years ago then track again now and retest? If that's my understanding we have no clue how they ate during the 20 years or if the tracking was even accurate. The article goes on to show that calcium may be the issue and they admit that it's PROCESSED red meat that's bad. Of course you eat ****ty quality meat you're going to have health issues. AND the plant sources caused higher risk. Garbage article.
  11. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

  12. NY Sports thread

    Is that true about trading him at the deadline? I thought that was the dumbest thing in keeping him.
  13. @LETSGOBROWNIES 4 hours is long enough for me lol I eat dinner as late as 930-10 some nights and I still wake up hungry at 630. EDIT- I'm also very prone to binging when going too long without food
  14. Yeah and for me that's not worth it. I'd much rather eat and not risk a binge. Never said for others not to do it or it not having benefits but 36 hours is a freaking long time without food.
  15. If that is correct that definitely ain't worth the 36 hour fast. And it's easy to gain back if you aren't watching what you do after.