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  1. Jones 2 is mehhhh? Guy is a leader and has multiple pass rush moves, always a candidate for a strip sack. What's not to like besides 4.4-4.5 speed?
  2. Juice trains at a facility I used to rent out of. EDIT- so he's already in NY I could see Tartt coming, we need another Safety. But definitely going to see a bunch of SF boys coming.
  3. Bailing to train for NFL I actually kind of like. But to me he seems too similar to Zuniga and moves around the line. I want a pure edge for GD sake.
  4. Jones is my guy!! Love him. What WRs would fit LaFleur's system best?
  5. We have a chance to add a ton of capital both this year and next year. Many successful HCs have brought in their QBs after year 1.
  6. Would love to drop back to 4 and get him. But if he's the guy then I guess just stay at 2.
  7. The way I'm talking myself into is we are giving Sam a better system and much better weapons. If he falters again then they have all season to scout and hand pick a QB who is coming into an improved OL and more weapons. We have 2 firsts next year if we need to trade up. But the issue with that is I don't see anyone who is a big name going into next year. We don't need a one year wonder.
  8. Yes we need a full overhaul on offense, we can get away with spending the majority of our picks on offense. All we really need is some range at LB, a vet corner (do we want all of our CBs to be 2nd year/rookies?) and EDGE. I think speedy LBs, change of scheme and an edge rusher will take care of the "secondary woes." Enter Saleh and switching to a 4 man front. Q can have a huge year.
  9. Damn I have to wait to post my mock because it's too similar. I think this is what happens at the end. My gut says JD wants to accumulate draft picks and have him and Saleh bring in their guys. Still undecided if we take QB3 or WR though.
  10. He doesn't look like a HC, now that I've seen his face I don't want him.
  11. Good to know, I will go with XLE most likely. Thanks.
  12. Reading it's an inverse stock. No idea how this works but I like where it could go lol.
  13. Anyone familiar with GUSH? 4-5 years ago it was $26,800 but probably averaged $15-17k during that span. Last January it was $1300 and plummeted. Now it's back on the rise but only $54. I think gas prices will go up under Biden so was looking into Oil/Gas/Energy.
  14. I'm not doing any deep dives until someone is hired but I like Vrabel and hope he rubbed off on Smith. I like how Tannehill has turned into a big time QB there. I'm a sucker for the running game, but this is becoming a QB dominant league. Someone like Smith can hopefully take a young QB and get the most out of him since we missed out on Lawrence.
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