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  1. Jets Pick at 11

    IDK Lamb looks sure fire super star. Deandre Hopkins.
  2. Jets Pick at 11

    All of a sudden everyone is on Ruggs. Who does he compare to, Hill?
  3. Jets Pick at 11

    Lamb and Tuna Fish
  4. Get to know fellow Jets fans on this forum

    1. 5 days of lifting and one day of strongman training for cardio. Supplements depends on what I want to experiment with. Nutrition I generally go lower on the carbs but I've been doing carb cycling as well. 2. That was from our group haha. However I am pretty much a split of German and Italian. I was told great grandpa from Sicily and great grandparents on another side are from Naples. 3. Never been to Italy but I want to 4. Ugh that's tough to pick! I love training bis and tris, I love my Strongman stuff, I love squatting and deadlifting. As far as program....for strength I LOVE wave loading and for hypertrophy I think my go to is Heavy/Light. 5 sets of 4-6 reps super slow eccentric Front Squat then right into Cyclist Squats for 12-15 reps. Killer on the quads! 5. Again workout song is all on mood. I like a little more punch when I lift heavy or do really hard hypertrophy systems. So Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, my guys Senses Fail for that. 50 Cent and older Kendrick stuff as well. When I am maxing out I like to go calm with Hans Zimmer. Interstellar soundtrack or "Time" from Inception for my PRs.
  5. Get to know fellow Jets fans on this forum

    Oh and BTW guys, just got laid off yesterday so now I am officially allowed to advertise for online coaching. If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me, training, nutrition, home exercises, supps, etc. Free of charge. And then if online coaching was something you or someone you know is interested in just so you have direction we can address that when things get back to normal. Thanks guys!
  6. Sooo without sounding like a scumbag salesman I'm going to throw this out there....just got laid off from my gym (it's a good thing) so once things get back to normal I am going to be looking for online clients while I look for locations to train my clients. And now I can advertise without getting fired. If anyone is looking for help while doing their at home workouts, whether it's programs to follow, variations, nutrition, etc. feel free to message me I have nothing going on and don't mind helping. And then if coaching is something you are interested in when gyms open up then we can figure that out. If you want to check out some before and afters I'm on IG @coach_kropp Stay safe and don't lose the gains
  7. Get to know fellow Jets fans on this forum

    if you have to we can do it in here @xenajets
  8. Get to know Bobby816

    So your wife must be a babe. I was a catcher too, best position! Any pro athletes from your high school?
  9. Get to know @jetsfan4life51

    Just had an amazing trip to the DR and next year I want to do Germany. But my favorite place to go is Colorado. I always love it there. I've taken 4-5 courses in Colorado Springs and I can't get enough. I also go to Huntington Beach 1-2x a year which is always great.
  10. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Which is what McStarbucks (I forget how to spell his name) never did and his BPA strategy didn't pan out. Now Douglas can take pretty much whoever and it's not a bad pick. I prefer Lamb because he'll be huge for Sam. But whatever we pick won't be negative because there isn't a gaping hole anywhere now. We have to remember....Eli had an abysmal line most of his career and he was best when he had his weapons. We pick up JJ or Lamb then each offseason continue to improve the OL all of a sudden Sam takes off year 4,5 and we are Super Bowl contenders.
  11. Get to know @jetsfan4life51

    Any other ?s before our next victim? If you are into fitness give me a follow @coach_kropp on IG
  12. Get to know @jetsfan4life51

    LMAO I miss the sigs I used to make! I think I signed up January 06. 14 years that's nuts.
  13. Get to know @jetsfan4life51

    There are a few answers to this question. I actually couldn't be happier about the quarantine minus the part of it interrupting my planned training. But due to clients traveling and some moving/changing jobs, and other things going on in their lives everything hit at once and I was going to have a REALLY crappy month to begin with. But now with corona I'm not stressing out about a crappy month anymore. We are getting paid minimal and since I rent from family I can push back my rent if needed. I can call Capital One and tell them I'm out of work and see if they work on credit cards, same with student loans. But I have enough saved to get me by anyway so I'm not worried about not affording bills. I'm actually taking this time to sit down and 1) read books I keep putting off 2) sleep and rest since I work 7 days a week and always overdo it 3) I'm making more connections with gym members through social media and trying to grow that platform and 4) I have so much time to work on business ideas and plans that I never had time to before hand that will really help me out so to be honest this has been a blessing. No stress, no pressure, just working on my terms. Then once we hit the other side and things get rolling again it is very likely everyone is going to beg to train with me because they got fat and I was very nice helping them out during the quarantine. So I'm not making the money I was making, but I'm not worried about bills. In the short term it will negatively impact a little but long term this may be the best thing to happen to me business wise. I've also been linking up with other coaches and just getting my name out there.
  14. Get to know @jetsfan4life51

    I missed that one...
  15. Get to know @jetsfan4life51

    Hofstra 2 years, Cortland 3 years