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  1. Well at least Darnold can hit open targets. Looks like he is much better with the pre snap motion and play action.
  2. Yeah I never played them when I was younger so I'll bite. Then once I beat I'll trade in and preorder Arceus.
  3. Who in preseason was asking for snaps on ST to get more time.
  4. I think we are going to need a ton of Safety help after this season so I'm on board.
  5. BB is a god against rookie QBs, I'll save my panicking until at least a month in.
  6. Damn that TD would have given him some confidence.
  7. It's a shame with these turnovers. We actually have a solid run game today.
  8. He's not slinging, he's floating and praying.
  9. Way too many flags too. Bad offense, REALLY bad QB.
  10. Not getting that TD on that one drive killed some momentum. Going to need a D score.
  11. Defense can only hold up so much. He looks like he's floating it up and hoping for the best.
  12. Don't ask but my second RB is inactive today and my bench guys are Williams from KC (stashing if CEH gets hurt) and then I have both Ty Johnson and Michael Carter. Which one should I start, Ty? I feel like he'll get more snaps but Carter could get a few catches.
  13. I-GOR! I-GOR! I hope to get to a Rangers Islanders game this year, I haven't ponied up for one yet.
  14. I'll be opening up my gym/performance center on Long Island in the next year, we need to bombard him with messages to come see me so I can get him right.
  15. I wonder how much of it also has to do with COVID and not working out or playing. Lots of guys got lazy and maybe lost the drive or the lack of activity lead to injured seasons. Really stinks regardless. But I am very optimistic about Zach and this class. If we have finally landed our QB I am willing to ignore previous drafts and be happy.
  16. For all the talk about trading Crowder I'm surprised he's higher up than Mims.
  17. That's the big thing for me too. Yeah his first draft is looking bad and unlucky with a f*** ton of injuries but his second draft where him, Saleh and the scouts coordinated the type of players he needs for each position is something I have never heard of before. You can see that these rookies fit in so far. This is how you build a team. The real test is next year. Another haul of a draft and the team/coaches get more experience.
  18. IDK why but I am very confident with this matchup. I think Wilson breaks the BB rookie streak. I don't see the Pats as a super talented team. However, I do see their run game going a bit and short passes/dump offs where they keep moving the chains and keep the offense off the field. Wouldn't be surprised if it's another weird and low score like against Carolina.
  19. Agreed but not everything has been his fault. If you get rolled up on by a 300 lb lineman it's tough to come out unscathed.
  20. Seriously? We need RG, C, TE, PASS RUSH, LB, S badly, maybe RT, have an injury prone LT. We have way bigger needs and Carter is someone who could have easily gone in the 2nd or 3rd round. I'm hoping for a Cam Akers like season where once he gets the start late in the season he goes off.
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