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  1. I hope they run a lot more than they did against ravens and if they have little success that should open up pass game
  2. Anyone else see Trent brown get hurt already
  3. That explains the phone call during mm interview
  4. Well does Mayock get any credit now that we beat the chiefs (agahlor) and others draft picks and free agents this is the nfl up and down week by week
  5. The way I look at it is keep people who we know is average to above average , so there is less holes to fill on the team after 3-4 years then we can try to start out thinking the cap situation and players downward spin
  6. I hope for #4 Jonah williams #24. Edge #26-28 safety next pick wr
  7. Bet we go with three defenders and a right tackle if they don’t resign penn with our first four picks
  8. Mack is all for the raiders . Not worried one bit , no way is he traded
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