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  1. Very fair point. You even plainly stated "his 9 seasons".. my bad lol.
  2. Honestly, Harrison might not be CLEARLY better than Julio either. I would have loved to see a young Peyton Manning throwing to Julio Jones.. Dear lord.
  3. You're not taking Julio over Reggie Wayne? Seriously? I honestly think you're being a little biased towards guys of the past. Just speaking on guys that I have seen play that I think he is unquestionably better than.. Holt, Bruce, Steve Smith. Guy's who are on a similar level.. Fitz and Andre. I'd definitely take Moss, Owens, Calvin and Harrison over him though.
  4. Dan Marino vs Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning

    Yes. And he said "pretty easily".. not just that he might have a shot at cracking one of the two.. He would PRETTY EASILY have the most absurd stats the NFL has ever seen by a wide margin. What a bad, bad post.

    Yeah.. I still think that Danny Green - Avery Bradley - Lebron James - Kyle Kuzma - Anthony Davis can be a highly effective lineup in the playoffs. And then primarily use Dwight, KCP and Caruso depending on matchup to finish off the rotation. I don't necessarily think they're favorites, but they're definitely far from a longshot to win. If they can add Collison I think that would be really big.
  6. Mahomes vs Wilson

    2 years of playing at an outrageously high level. Has played great in the playoffs. He has essentially never faltered. I understand you were just taking a stab at his logic, not necessarily stating your own. But, @SteelKing728 stated that Russell is currently better. I want to know what makes him currently a better player.
  7. Mahomes vs Wilson

    What does Pat have to improve upon for you to consider him better than WIlson? Cut down on turnovers? Make more big throws? Throw more touchdowns? Become more consistent?

    I should've hammered the F out of that game I did not make nearly enough money tonight lol

    Why are the Jazz 9 point favorites over the Nuggets tonight? Am I missing something? I know they're on a back to back, but 9 seems like a lot.
  10. Appreciate it man, thank you.
  11. I like it all other than the absolutely putrid front 7 you leave us with. If this is your plan, keep Vernon for another year and then cut him.. Cap space won't quite be an issue yet next year, even with those big FA signings. I'd also hang onto Kirksey for the exact same reasons.

    I agree. But no one can check a lot of NBA players when they're feeling it. When Lebron's feeling it nobody can guard him. When KD is feeling it no one can stop him. Any physically dominant player whose jumper is falling can pretty much be called unguardable at the time. I mean.. of course nobody can guard a Jokic turn around fader lol.
  13. Yeah.. I'm not worried about his physique at the moment. I think he did come into camp a little out of shape (or maybe purposely gained weight, idk) and it detracted from his scrambling ability slightly. But, I think that problem was mostly solved by season's end honestly.
  14. So I realize this, but I'm not afraid of paying guys on short term deals. This is the time. Baker and Myles are going to get MEGA deals. I want us to be aggressive in adding talent to the team in the short term. Paying a guy like JPP on a 2yr deal is exactly what I mean. I'm not trying to add any FAs to 5yr mega deals, but I do want to add a couple vets to shore up some positions of weakness.
  15. So am I understanding this correctly? We can cut Vernon at no cost to us, saving the entire $15mil? I've been pro Vernon compared to most of the rest of the forum, but if that's the case I'd like to cut him. Like I said, I'm a fan of JPP. I'd for sure rather pay JPP $10mil and a run stopping D lineman $5mil. If we could cut him and get JPP and Danny Shelton for the same price, sign me the F up.