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  1. Good call man.. that's an AWFUL group 😂
  2. Yeah.. this is gonna be a stressful game 😅😂
  3. This feels like the type of bet that most of the public plays and then it doesn’t hir.. but what am I missing with that spread in the Brooklyn game? -1.5? Can someone tell me why I wouldn’t bet that?
  4. Without thinking too hard about it.. I literally think this is the worst group of WRs the Browns have had since I've been a fan. I was born in 93, so the earliest groups I remember had Northcutt, Andre Davis, Quincy Morgan, Kevin Johnson, etc. Those guys at least had athleticism and movement skills lol.
  5. Yeah, Juice plays his role kinda well, but his inability to separate has honestly always bothered me. He's good at what he's good at and I love him, but all three of the Baltimore guys would help us out immensely (unfortunately, not really trying to sing their praise, more trying to point out our WRs are scary bad). DPJ is a #4. A solid #4, but a #4.
  6. Baker makes our offensive line look worse than it is, I won't argue that. But our offensive line is overrated, both in the running game and the passing game (at least when you factor in how injuries have affected the lineup/play this year).
  7. You think the Browns and Ravens WRs are pretty comparable? I don't know.. I don't lol. Especially in terms of their ability to create separation.
  8. Thank you!! I kinda couldn't believe no one mentioned that anywhere lol. It was a BAD play. Not that he's rated very highly in the first place, but I feel like Moss is overrated. He's just not good lol.
  9. Also, I don't feel like digging through this thread to see if anyone else saw what I saw on that last drive with the gme on the line. 1st and goal Zach Moss missed an EASY touchdown if he bounced it outside and I haven't heard a peep about it anywhere.. Am I crazy? Did anyone else see that?
  10. I feel like the Bills would've won if they treated this game like a normal football game. Allen made some plays when they were in need of them. Repeatedly trying to establish the run for so long killed them. Let your franchise QB with a freakin' rocket for an arm (and awesome improvisation skills) show us that he can do it even in conditions like these. That deep dime to Diggs that he couldn't track was absurd. The Patriots literally played to not turn the ball over. It didn't even look like their goal on offense was to score, it was just to avoid turnovers. You can't let a team beat you like
  11. Has anyone seen news on Zack Moss yet?
  12. I thought Allen's rushing line seemed low, so I did a little digging. Just something I thought was worth sharing.. Allen hit the under on that number in both games against the Patriots last year. I still like the bet, but I was hoping last years numbers would support it more.
  13. I thought it was because he started pulling back before the ball was snapped, not the arms.
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