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  1. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    If LA can somehow trade for Beal and then land a FA like Jimmy Butler or Kemba Walker that would be sooo sweet. I would LOVE to see them sign one of the elite FAs, but I'm trying to be realistic. Although, I do truly believe there's a solid chance Kyrie ends up reuniting with Lebron.
  2. Biggest talent wasted on a team.

    Yep, I was coming in here to say the same thing. No need to over complicate things.. this is the simple answer.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks that Kyrie played pretty well last night...? He was setting up WIDE OPEN shooters all night and they just missed everything. Dude had 10 assists, could've been 20. His shot wouldn't fall, sometimes you have that kind of day.. He realized his shot wasn't falling and would go into distributor mode, his teammates would miss a couple "should be assists" in a row and then he would try to get another shot or two up. Was it his best game ever? No chance lol. But, "terrible"?! No way. He also didn't come out for a single minute in the second half if I recall correctly.. Dude was just gassed by the end (I know many superstars have had to do things like that before, not really an excuse, just more of a statement). The biggest problem I had with him all night was not trying to take advantage by attacking the rim more when the Cs were in the bonus a couple times.
  4. Biggest Freak of all time?

    David Boston is NOT a bigger freak than Randy Moss (neither is Calvin, but there's at least an argument to be made there).
  5. Just This Year - Joe Thomas vs Phil Dawson

    This is about the guys in their primes, not in their current shape. I'm also picking Joe Thomas, to be clear.. but it was a very tough choice for me. Which is why I posed the question in the first place, just wondered if anyone else would find it to be a tough choice, or even actually pick Steely Phil. Apparently I'm alone in even thinking this is close.
  6. Biggest Freak of all time?

    Moss. No one has ever consistently looked as freaky on the field as him IMO.
  7. A thread (and a couple answers by some of our guys in this forum) in NFL Gen has me wondering what you guys think about this.. If you could add one of these two players to our team for this year only, which would it be? When the question was posed in NFL Gen they just asked "which former player would you add to your team for this year?" I immediately thought of Joe Thomas and quite frankly didn't expect anyone to change my mind.. I considered maybe going DB or LB, but Joe Thomas is just clearly better than Clay Matthews and there isn't a DB in our history that is on Joe's level (maybe some older fans could school me on this lol). But, the upgrade at K may be too much to pass up on. We probably would've been in the playoffs last year if Phil was our K lol. So what do you guys think?
  8. I actually think he might be bigger for us than Joe Thomas.. I was wondering if I would see an answer in here that made me second guess Thomas as my pick and you came up with one.
  9. The Hampton Five Lineup Is The Best Since...

    Best ever. And no, it wouldn't even be interesting to see them go against the Celtics squad you mentioned. They would likely sweep them. Kyrie/JR/Lebron/Love/Tristan is better than that Celtics squad. So is Chalmers/Wade/Lebron/Battier/Bosh.
  10. I'm curious.. Say Boston bottles up Giannis and they lose the series and he struggles like he did in game 1 (unlikely scenario overall), does that do anything to change your feelings on Giannis>Lebron?
  11. Cmon man.. this can’t be real can it?
  12. I'll say this.. watching the playoffs this year so far just reinforces the fact to me that it's Lebron, KD and Steph and then the rest of the league. Lebron is still a step above Giannis and Harden (as are the others.. but everyone wants to knock Lebron saying he's "washed" and it disturbs me).
  13. Duke Johnson trade imminent. *updates to come*

    Is there actually McCoy rumors or were you guys just floating that out there?
  14. Who Is Better Right Now, Kyrie Or Dame?

    Yep, not even close. Dame and Kyrie blow WB out of the water.. And that's not just me thinking with recency bias. WB's game is not conducive to winning. I've always said the only shot WB has at winning a championship is playing alongeside Lebron or going to the Warriors, and neither of those are ever going to happen.