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  1. I'd LOVE to trade like Njoku for Thelien somehow.
  2. I really wish trading for John Ross was a possibility, but I doubt they'd move him to a division rival.
  3. He's gonna be missed more than people realize IMO. Our running game was not nearly as effective as it should have been yesterday. I personally believe OBJ's absence and the way the defense adjusted had a lot to do with that. We are lucky we were facing the Bengals defense. We need Teller and Chubb back ASAP, I don't think this currently injured line + Kareem will cut it without the defense needing to respect an weapons on the perimeter.
  4. OBJ >> Keenan Allen and Mike Evans
  5. Sure they do. Jarvis has much more consistent hands than TO had.
  6. Hard to disagree with anything you're saying right here. I still think Chubb is clearly the better runner though.
  7. 100% agreed. The term gets thrown around too much, but Chubb is special as a pure runner. We clearly miss him and he's clearly better than Hunt. The two of them as a combo is also something special and we are missing a fresh Hunt hammering worn down defenses.
  8. Are there still some people in here who think that Kareem is better than Chubb? (this is not a reaction to the Steelers game specifically.. the line got manhandled, not Kareem's fault)
  9. If you don't think Baker is the future you're crazy.
  10. The problem for Jarvis is the dip his production has seen since becoming a Cleveland Brown. Plus, he's just straight up not a HOF talent. Unless something changes and we start slinging the ball significantly more, he essentially has no shot. Or, like others have mentioned, he has significant postseason success.
  11. OBJ will absolutely make the HOF. Jarvis's chance are very, very slim IMO.
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