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  1. This isn't Madden. There are ramifications for letting go of a guy like Landry. I'm not necessarily saying we're a lock to keep him in Cleveland for the next 5+ years, but I think the front office can plainly see (just like everyone else can) that Jarvis is a very important piece of this team in terms of his locker room/leadership type roles.
  2. Yeah, the laziness/off the field factor is something I knew would come up but I didn't exactly know how to address it in my original post. But, he didn't suck lol. I mean he was nowhere near a great passer, but he he was a playmaker, he finished with a quarterback rating of over 80 for his career, 7ypa, a winning record for his career, an NFC Championship appearance, and he was arguably the most prolific running QB of all time (really it's not even arguable IMO). So yes, he still would've been lazy, but he was THAT talented. He had success in his career.
  3. Hey guys.. I wouldn't be surprised if this topic has been discussed already in NFL Gen, but I haven't really ventured in here too much in awhile. My question is pretty simple.. how would Mike Vick fair in today's NFL vs. the one he was drafted into in 2001? Seeing the way QBs with similar skillset to his have been used in the NFL since he has left the league really makes me feel he could've had a special career with the right coach. I mean we got a glimpse of what Mike Vick can do with a coach who tailors to his skillset at all in Andy Reid. He set the NFL on fire in his first year with R
  4. I'm praying Marc Gasol sits tonight, and I also fully expect him to. Same game parlay opportunities in this Lakers/Pelicans game are going to be beautiful. Obviously Lakers without AD and Bron are at risk of getting blown out in any game, but I think this is going to turn into a fast paced, high scoring shootout. Will be parlaying accordingly. I think the smart/safe hedge is going Pelicans -6.5 and the under parlayed, in case the Lakers get blown out and the game is over before the 4th quarter even starts.
  5. I don’t have time to catch up.. any rumors with legit legs picking up steam?
  6. Love it! I was in love with Stefanski for COTY at +2000 last year and I didn't end up getting any money on it, I was disgusted lol.
  7. Game I'm most intrigued by for SGP's tonight is definitely the Nuggets/Blazers game. Concentrated production from both teams, obvious plays to target on DEN side of the ball based on POR's deficiencies. Hoping Dame comes out with a fire under his butt after the embarrassing loss to PHX. Will likely post more about this later, as long as I have time.
  8. Same man. And Fanduel Same Game Parlays make things VERY interesting.. I think there is significant money to be made and I'm gonna try to make some of it lol. I genuinely believe they will nerf the odds eventually.. but maybe I'm wrong about that.
  9. Was he just overpaid or is he washed?
  10. Insanity man. He was one of my coaches my senior year of high school. He was the defensive line coach of a "normal" high school (just saying it's not like it was some power house) in 2012 and he became an NFL coach getting praise from some national media outlets for his awesome work in under a decade. He was definitely awesome, never would've expected he'd be in the NFL in a few years though lol. Crazy jump.
  11. Thank you lol. I didn't feel like doing the research. In @WideRight 's defense, you could speculate that all the way back to the 2010 Mallet pick, the Pats were actually prepping for post Brady life and thought those guys may be eventual starters. No one expected Tom to play well into his 40s. But overall, the point stands. Teams absolutely invest relatively high draft picks into QBs they don't necessarily expect to take over the franchise one day.
  12. No, I don't think they believe their long term ceiling is backup. They just sometimes realize they may be drafting said player to be a backup for them for 4 years. The Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins early in the 4th round in the same year they drafted RGIII at #2 overall. I know we were talking about 3rd rounders, but that's just an example I thought of off the top of my head of a team using a draft pick that they definitely value on a player they expect to exclusively be a backup.
  13. 2nd no. But 3rd, I think teams take backup QBs in the 3rd round sometimes.
  14. I'm alllll over Tom Brady's over of 0.5 rushing yards. Am I crazy lol
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