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  1. Gotcha, thanks. So bovada let’s your parlay props? Also.. have you had luck withdrawing from Bovada?
  2. Where the F are you able to place parlays like this?!?
  3. So my thoughts on blue.. I don't think a role would be assigned that forces a character to only say rawr for an entire game. Also, as daniel stated, I don't really think someone using their special power (however those are referred to lol) on him to begin day 1 is very plausible either. However, I also feel like this is a really strange way to approach the game and I don't know if I believe he would still be keeping this up after the first night passed (could've made something up about how he only had to do it for the first day or something along those lines).
  4. I haven't played mafia on here in like 10 years, like I said lol. I've never played a game of Mafia without a character list. Are their specific abilities that we can expect to have been assigned in just about any game of mafia?
  5. Starting to think I agree with this, so I'm going to vote blue for now.
  6. I couldn't remember how the "action" got going in these games on the forum.. after reading through, I still don't know. 🤣 I haven't decided if I believe that there are posters who are genuinely not allowed to post anything but "rawr" lol. Also, obv not silenced given that I posted.. That's still a thing right?
  7. Any updates on the weather expected for the game today?
  8. I'm in. Havent participated in a Mafia game on this website in years, but it was always fun back in the day.
  9. I expect a lot of offense in this one.. I'm going to same game parlay the overs for like every player in this game regardless of the numbers they're given 🤣 You can lock Chubb in for 100+ and a TD. You can lock Fuller in for at least one deep ball TD where Sendejo is just 17 steps too slow. You can lock Watson in for at least five 1st down scramble. I expect whoever wins the turnover battle to win the game. Not the boldest prediction, I know.. But I really think that's what this game will come down to.
  10. Jacobs has been "slowed down" since week 1 lol. He averages under 3.5 yards per carry this year and doesn't have a single 100 yard game. I'm worried about the deep shots. Not Josh Jacobs.
  11. He literally looked like he was running with his eyes closed. Absolutely appalling vision lol.
  12. I'd LOVE to trade like Njoku for Thelien somehow.
  13. I really wish trading for John Ross was a possibility, but I doubt they'd move him to a division rival.
  14. He's gonna be missed more than people realize IMO. Our running game was not nearly as effective as it should have been yesterday. I personally believe OBJ's absence and the way the defense adjusted had a lot to do with that. We are lucky we were facing the Bengals defense. We need Teller and Chubb back ASAP, I don't think this currently injured line + Kareem will cut it without the defense needing to respect an weapons on the perimeter.
  15. OBJ >> Keenan Allen and Mike Evans
  16. Sure they do. Jarvis has much more consistent hands than TO had.
  17. Hard to disagree with anything you're saying right here. I still think Chubb is clearly the better runner though.
  18. 100% agreed. The term gets thrown around too much, but Chubb is special as a pure runner. We clearly miss him and he's clearly better than Hunt. The two of them as a combo is also something special and we are missing a fresh Hunt hammering worn down defenses.
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