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  1. Fav Team: KC Chiefs Week 2 Pick: Green Bay Packers
  2. Sorry, forgot to quote my previous post. Week 1 Pick: Carolina Panters
  3. I can't do it..... new pick! Week 1 Pick: Carolina Panthers
  4. Thanks Woz for going through hell to do this again! (although I feel like more Animal House references would make life better)
  5. Favorite Team: Kansas City Week 1 pick: Jacksonville I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  6. To me, 10 years ago the NFL was very QB hungry. Hence why teams were more patient. Right now it seems we are QB saturated. So it is less risky for teams to move on.
  7. There was a rumor of the Packers offering a 1st and 3rd for Larry Johnson just after his 400 carries season. At the time, I wanted this trade even though most of our offense ran through him. Just looked up some more details: It was in 2007 and the rumor is a 1st(#16) and a 4th(#112) for a 28 year old Larry Johnson.
  8. What a horrible game for my heart. Thanks Woz for doing this (yet again)! See y'all next year.
  9. Being a 2020 Jets fan must be hard. I'm rooting for them this game and it's been painful so far.
  10. Guts. Yep! We'll go with too much guts... ... and not too little other stuff. 😄
  11. Lurker [Kansas City] - BUF, CHI, IND Great..... it's a little early in the year to do something stupid in survivor...... *sigh* Week 4 Pick: NY Jets
  12. Lurker [Kansas City] - BUF, CHI Week 3 Pick: IND Colts
  13. Favorite Team: Chiefs Week 1 Pick: Bills I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits" Thanks for doing this every year... definitely a highlight of the nfl season. Good luck everyone!
  14. Well, another fun year. Thanks for hosting this again Woz! Many prayers for your sanity.
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