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  1. Raiders trade 2021 5th to Bills for WR Zay Jones

    I think you need to go back and check out their stat lines. Hogan and Woods are very similar to their production while in Buffalo minus Woods one season like I mentioned. Goodwin also had one good season for SF but that’s because he was rolling as their WR1 for a full season whereas he was more of like a WR4 in Buffalo.
  2. Raiders trade 2021 5th to Bills for WR Zay Jones

    Goodwin is arguable. He’s been occasional deep threat for SF which is what he was for us. Statistically Chris Hogan has been the same here as anywhere else. Sammy was better here. Robert Woods has ONE better season and it was the year LA lost Kupp for season so he saw a lot more targets. Rest of his time he was same. Getting more recognized because you’re on a team note popular nationally than Buffalo doesn’t mean that they have become statistically better
  3. Raiders trade 2021 5th to Bills for WR Zay Jones

    Please tell me exactly what WR has left Buffalo and found better success elsewhere??
  4. We won't make a move for Diggs, Vikings won't trade him. They've told multiple teams. And Dalvin Cook said that Diggs acts like this pretty often and that it was just glorified in the media this past week because of Cousins struggling. I think its AJ Green or nothing, if we make any kind of push.
  5. Week 4 GDT: Patriots @ Bills - "The Test"

    Josh Allen did not look good today at all. Even with just an average performance we could've pulled this game off and won. Very disheartening. With that being said.... It's an absolute joke to sit here and read some of you give off the tone of already being done with him as our QB. Dude hasn't even played a seasons worth of games and is already about to be crucified in the eyes of some. Was today's game terrible offensively? Yes. But if you expect your QB, especially a young inexperienced one, to never have a bad day you are going to be in for a rude awakening. Sick of seeing people wanting turnover at a position so quickly these days. Guess thats what happens when we live in a "needs instant results" type society these days...
  6. Week 4 GDT: Patriots @ Bills - "The Test"

    I’ve been around here and there. I’ve actually been on this site for a while. Was under a different name and then had login issues so setup a new account!
  7. Last 6 games: 2018: Patriots 26 @ Bills 6 2018: Bills 12 @ Patriots 24 2017: Patriots 23 @ Bills 3 2017: Bills 16 @ Patriots 37 2016: Patriots 41 @ Bills 25 2016: Bills 16 @ Patriots 0 Patriots have won 5 of the last 6 games.Patriots lead all time series 73-43-1 Same Faces, new places: FORMER PATRIOTS Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll worked on the Patriots coaching staff for 11 seasons and won five rings in New England. In his first stint with the team from 2000-06, he worked as a defensive assistant (2000-01) and wide receivers coach (2002-06). He also coached tight ends for the Patriots from 2013-16. Bills T Conor McDermott was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He spent the offseason and training camp at New England before being waived during roster cut downs. Buffalo P Corey Bojorquez signed with the Patriots as an undrafted free agent and spent the 2018 preseason with the team. Bills CB Ryan Lewis spent the 2017 season on the Patriots practice squad and played for the team in the 2018 preseason before being released in final roster cuts. FORMER BILLS Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore was drafted by the Bills in the first round (10th overall) of the 2012 NFL Draft. Patriots OT Marshall Newhouse spent 3 games with the Bills in 2018. The Bills stats: Record: 3-0 Offense Yards/game: 8th Offense Rush yards/game: 5th Offense Pass yards/game: 19th Offense PPG: 17th Defense Yards/game: 5th Defense Rush yards/game: 8th Defense Pass yards/game: 9th Defense PPG: 5th The Patriots stats: Record: 3-0 Offense Yards/game: 6th Offense Rush yards/game: 20th Offense Pass yards/game: 2nd Offense PPG: 2nd Defense Yards/game: 1st Defense Rush yards/game: 1st Defense Pass yards/game: 1st Defense PPG: 1st Analysis: To be straight to the point, New England has just dominated Buffalo for the better part of 18+ years now. Patriots QB Tom Brady holds a ridiculous 30-3 record against the Bills in his career. With that being said, all of that is a thing of the past. The Bills aren't showing signs of being the team(s) they once were. The team finally has a young franchise QB of the future with low-key name offensive weapons along with the support of a Top 5 defense. Are there areas of improvement? Absolutely. The Bills will need to come out sharp right out of the gate as New England has put together the top defense through the first three weeks of the season. Some of that may attribute to facing a pretty horrible Dolphins team, a Jets team without its franchise QB and a Steelers team that is adjusting to losing two of best playmakers from the past 5 seasons. Both teams are in for a great battle as a true test to see if a team other than New England finally has a chance to sit atop the AFC East and the Bills are looking to state their case. The Bills defense will look the capitalize on a New England offense that is facing a series of injuries along their offensive line paired with a struggling Sony Michel who has only averaged 2.4 YPC through the first three weeks of the season. With Bills RB Devin Singletary still nursing a hamstring injury and questionable to play, the Bills will once again lean on veteran RB Frank Gore to carry the load after having a productive outing last weekend against the Bengals. This year is the year that the Bills finally have a chance to be a true test for the Patriots and give them a real run amongst the top of the division. OC Brian Daboll will have his hands full with the Patriots defense but should be looking to attack them aggressively to wear down his former team. If Josh Allen can eliminate his couple of young QB mistakes, the Bills have a real shot here to squeeze out a win in what should be a very close game against the defending champs. Bills 21 Patriots 17 (p.s. hope @Trentwannabe doesnt mind I stole the GDT duties, getting very pumped for this matchup!)
  8. Week 2 GDT: Bills return to New Jersey

    One thing I noticed greatly in this game that we always see in Buffalo sports (Bills or Sabres) is that once we get a lead, we like to just coast. First half was great and then the 3rd Q came and there was like nothing. It took the Giants coming within one score for us to fire it back up again and separate ourselves. I get you may want to eliminate the chance of making mistakes shifting momentum, but c'mon, being way to conservative. We were only up by 2 scores. That can flip real fast. Not saying we have to be like NE and you know, keep throwing the ball with 3 mins left in the game while up 40-0 but at least go for the more comfortable lead than just two scores.
  9. Week 2 GDT: Giants vs. Bills @ 1:00pm EST

    That has nothing to do with this game at all. Do you honestly think that in this point in his career Eli is that much better than Darnold?? He's one bad game away from taking a seat to his successor. And that could very well be this game.
  10. Week 2 GDT: Bills return to New Jersey

    I'm not saying stack the box every play, but, our secondary is good enough to cover Shepard and Engram. Contain Barkley and get lots of pressure on Eli. Send a variety of blitzes, even go with 5 down lineman at times. Rattle him and his mistakes will start to come. I see Oliver getting his first career sack this week.
  11. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    How about that Patriot Way....
  12. Predict the 53/ Updated with Cuts**

    Disagree with this. I believe everything he said at the time it was said was true. He even said in his statement after they released him that this decision was made at the last minute. But after seeing what they had in the position outside of Shady, I’m sure they felt they could go younger and get the same or better production without him.
  13. He’s not really making $20m per year though. Never understood that part of reports when they come out. Have to factor in his current contract which has 1 year $1.6m left on it, so in reality that average per year is more like $17m.
  14. Pick Two Keepers

    The following are my keeper options, I have pretty much an idea of who I'm rolling with but wanted to see some opinions. Players listed along with the corresponding draft pick I'd be losing by keeping. Martavis Bryant - 14 Austin Ekeler - 15 Quincy Enuwa - 15 Jared Goff - 14 TY Hilton - 2 Lamar Jackson - 18 David Johnson - 3 Tyler Lockett - 9 Adam Thielen - 5 Ty Williams - 17 Pretty set on rolling with Thielen & Johnson but Lockett is also pretty interesting as well.
  15. Team Needs

    A legit #1 WR does not have to be considered a "superstar" in my opinion. Last 10 SB winners: NE (x3): Edelmen, all three SB. Sure he had Brady, but he was still consistent #1 Eagles: Alshon Jeffrey? (this is prob the only one I'd say no) Broncos: Demariyus Thomas AND Emmanual Sanders (possibly a 1A & 1B, at worst, legit 1 & 2) Seahawks: Baldwin (consistent #1)(also had Tate that season) Ravens: Anquan Boldin (at the end of his career but still a legit #1 for them) Giants: Victor Cruz (legit) Packers: Greg Jennings was a legit #1 (also had that year Jordy Nelson, James Jones & Donald Driver) Saints: Marques Colston (was a legit #1 for a few seasons) Even if you went back a little further, Colts had Harrison & Wayne, Steelers had Hines Ward, Giants had Plaxico etc...