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  1. Week 2 GDT: Bills return to New Jersey

    One thing I noticed greatly in this game that we always see in Buffalo sports (Bills or Sabres) is that once we get a lead, we like to just coast. First half was great and then the 3rd Q came and there was like nothing. It took the Giants coming within one score for us to fire it back up again and separate ourselves. I get you may want to eliminate the chance of making mistakes shifting momentum, but c'mon, being way to conservative. We were only up by 2 scores. That can flip real fast. Not saying we have to be like NE and you know, keep throwing the ball with 3 mins left in the game while up 40-0 but at least go for the more comfortable lead than just two scores.
  2. Week 2 GDT: Giants vs. Bills @ 1:00pm EST

    That has nothing to do with this game at all. Do you honestly think that in this point in his career Eli is that much better than Darnold?? He's one bad game away from taking a seat to his successor. And that could very well be this game.
  3. Week 2 GDT: Bills return to New Jersey

    I'm not saying stack the box every play, but, our secondary is good enough to cover Shepard and Engram. Contain Barkley and get lots of pressure on Eli. Send a variety of blitzes, even go with 5 down lineman at times. Rattle him and his mistakes will start to come. I see Oliver getting his first career sack this week.
  4. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    How about that Patriot Way....
  5. Predict the 53/ Updated with Cuts**

    Disagree with this. I believe everything he said at the time it was said was true. He even said in his statement after they released him that this decision was made at the last minute. But after seeing what they had in the position outside of Shady, I’m sure they felt they could go younger and get the same or better production without him.
  6. He’s not really making $20m per year though. Never understood that part of reports when they come out. Have to factor in his current contract which has 1 year $1.6m left on it, so in reality that average per year is more like $17m.
  7. Pick Two Keepers

    The following are my keeper options, I have pretty much an idea of who I'm rolling with but wanted to see some opinions. Players listed along with the corresponding draft pick I'd be losing by keeping. Martavis Bryant - 14 Austin Ekeler - 15 Quincy Enuwa - 15 Jared Goff - 14 TY Hilton - 2 Lamar Jackson - 18 David Johnson - 3 Tyler Lockett - 9 Adam Thielen - 5 Ty Williams - 17 Pretty set on rolling with Thielen & Johnson but Lockett is also pretty interesting as well.
  8. Team Needs

    A legit #1 WR does not have to be considered a "superstar" in my opinion. Last 10 SB winners: NE (x3): Edelmen, all three SB. Sure he had Brady, but he was still consistent #1 Eagles: Alshon Jeffrey? (this is prob the only one I'd say no) Broncos: Demariyus Thomas AND Emmanual Sanders (possibly a 1A & 1B, at worst, legit 1 & 2) Seahawks: Baldwin (consistent #1)(also had Tate that season) Ravens: Anquan Boldin (at the end of his career but still a legit #1 for them) Giants: Victor Cruz (legit) Packers: Greg Jennings was a legit #1 (also had that year Jordy Nelson, James Jones & Donald Driver) Saints: Marques Colston (was a legit #1 for a few seasons) Even if you went back a little further, Colts had Harrison & Wayne, Steelers had Hines Ward, Giants had Plaxico etc...
  9. Team Needs

    I disagree with your disagreement. If you actually look at past years super bowl champs, outside of like the Eagles, just about every team has had a legit #1 WR and even in some cases a legit #1 and #2.
  10. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    Rudolph signed an extension with the Vikings today
  11. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    My projected TE situation: Jason Croom - Main Roster Dawson Knox - Main Roster Lee Smith - Main Roster Tyler Kroft - PUP Tommy Sweeney - Practice Squad When Kroft is healthy, I wouldn't be surprised to see us carry 4 TE
  12. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    Even if it’s false? How would you feel if you were falsely accused of something and your job decided to just fire you even though you did nothing wrong?
  13. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    Cut him? It’s the spring and a three month injury. If he’s going to play like the whole season why in the world would you cut him and and start off in a bad spot taking on dead cap money? And then add on another TE whos hit would be double that. He’s going to stay and get a shot
  14. Now what....

    I'd be surprised. Between drafting Oliver, dishing out money to Star and then having the Phillips' (Jordan & Harrison), I'm not too sure where he'd fit into the rotation
  15. Rookie Numbers Official

    Everyone of our rookies except for Knox signed their contracts today! Especially glad to say Oliver get his done quickly for a first rounder.