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  1. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    Cut him? It’s the spring and a three month injury. If he’s going to play like the whole season why in the world would you cut him and and start off in a bad spot taking on dead cap money? And then add on another TE whos hit would be double that. He’s going to stay and get a shot
  2. Now what....

    I'd be surprised. Between drafting Oliver, dishing out money to Star and then having the Phillips' (Jordan & Harrison), I'm not too sure where he'd fit into the rotation
  3. Rookie Numbers Official

    Everyone of our rookies except for Knox signed their contracts today! Especially glad to say Oliver get his done quickly for a first rounder.
  4. Now what....

    Ansah signed with the Seahawks so that option is off the table
  5. Predict the 53

    QB: Allen, Barkley RB: McCoy, Gore, Yeldon, Singletary TE: Kroft, Croom, Fisher, Knox WR1: Brown, D. Williams, Phillips WR Slot: Beasley WR2: Jones, Foster LT: Dawkins, Waddle LG: Long, Teller C: Morse RG: Spain, Feliciano RT: Ford, Nsekhe (25) DE: Hughes, Harold, Yarbrough 3T: Oliver, J. Phillips 1T: Lotulelei, H. Phillips DE: Lawson, Murphy WLB: Milano, Joseph MLB: Edmunds, Stanford SLB: L. Alexander, M. Alexander CB: White, Gaines, T. Johnson, K. Johnson, Wallace FS: Poyer, J. Johnson SS: Hyde, Bush, (24) K: Hauschka P: Bojorquez LS: Reid KR: Roberts (4) * Jake Fisher will be viewed as a TE/OL hybrid **Won't keep 3 QB's active as Tyree will be on the PS
  6. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    I thought this was interesting. Taken directly from the nfl.com draft profile of Ed Oliver.... "If Oliver's frame is maxed out, he might possess the speed, toughness and instincts to transition into an inside linebacker role." Has anyone ever heard of anyone in recent, or even long term, memory making the switch from DT to ILB?? Obviously he's going to be our DT but still found that interesting.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    Getting 91 should be easy for Ed. Looks like its taken by a camp body/PS guy currently.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    3 cone drill is an easy punch but it still says something. A go and deep post are very similar routes. His 3-4 routes he could run are the easiest of the bunch. If he can’t get in and out of breaks, how is he expected to get separation? A lot of teams must’ve felt the same way considering he was viewed as a top 15 pick and fell to the end of the 2nd getting passed on by multiple other players at his position. And to be honest, if it wasn’t for the whole Doug Baldwin situation, Seattle might not even look at the WR position and he falls to the 3rd.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    I don’t think we’ll trade Shady. I think we’ll roll with 4 RB. McCoy only has one year left. Will have a good change of pace at the position with different skill sets plus keep guys fresh if we plan running a lot.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    Ehh idk about that. Outside of running a go route, can he do anything else?? Watching him trying to come out of breaks is like watching a tractor trailer make a 3 point turn. I personally am glad he didn’t come here. Sucks we don’t have a 4th anymore. If Butler fell to us in 5th that would be amazing
  11. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    I definitely do not want Metcalf....let alone trade up for him...Idk what everyone’s fascination is with him. There’s a difference between being a great athlete and great football player
  12. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    It’s Mel Kiper. What do you expect??
  13. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    I am absolutely in love with that pick. So pumped
  14. Free Agency Thread

    I just read a comment from someone about our RB situation on another website that I could see making sense. They said that Bills (Daboll) could be pulling a play out of NE playbook where we carry 3-4 RBs and each has their own specific roll. Short yardage, 3rd down, speed, etc.
  15. 2019 Draft Interest

    Outside of Morse, every other lineman signed was signed to 1-2 year contracts. Maybe they are stop gaps so that we can draft someone for the future. Signing a bunch of guys to compete is great and all but a lot of the people we signed are not proven so we need that competition in here and worst case scenario, we end up with great depth for protecting our franchise QB