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  1. Atleast Barstool Sports didn't end up getting the bid for the naming rights like they had tried to. Could you imagine being called Stool Stadium??
  2. I could get down with grabbing him at 30. Have him sub in for Klein on 2nd and 3rd downs. Him and Milano alternate taking turns covering the TE while the other either drops into zone or blitzes off of the edge. Woukld be a nice hybrid player kind of like Simmons/Chinn from this past draft or even a Telvin Smith.
  3. Would not want to trade out of 30. If we were picking in the 20s I'd be open to trading back to the end of the 1st but since we are already there I would rather stay. Having that 5th year option for guys is pretty big.
  4. While it does kinda suck about the salary cap being lowered this offseason, I believe a resigning like this is a good benefit to gain from it. Limited cap space so McKenzie prob realizes hes better off waiting another year to try and cash in and would rather stay with a contender and a team he already knows. And while he may have limited reps at WR, going for the main return specialist could also help him increase his value for next offseason if he decides to leave.
  5. We actually weren't too bad when it came to the YAC last season, ranking 13th. Adding Sanders might help take more looks off of Davis and even Diggs to open them up a little more. Not a knock on John Brown, but Sanders is more established in his career plus he came at a cheaper price. http://hosted.stats.com/fb/tmleaders.asp?year=&type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=231
  6. Might be nothing, but Ertz "liked" the tweet about Lee Smith being traded.
  7. I don't think it's bad, but would've liked this a lot better about 4/5 years ago
  8. Matakevich (prob spelled wrong) got a 1 year extension. I'm sure to help move some cap money out. Core special teams guy though which is great Jets also signed Corey Davis, prob giving him a chance to be a #1 there.
  9. Lions just released Jesse James. If Lee Smith gets cut/retires, I wouldn't mind taking a look at James. Would take on a similar role to Lee (maybe a little more involved in passing game) and would be a big target in the redzone for us.
  10. After the cuts/restructures up until now, it looks like we have about $20m available in cap space just as a point of reference.
  11. Dak just got paid. I personally feel Josh is better than him. You think Josh aims for more or goes more team friendly??
  12. "Free agent punter Michael Palardy is visiting the Bills on Friday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports." First official former Panther to visit us this offseason. What's the over/under for how many we bring in? I'll go with 5. Lol
  13. Wouldn't really be giving up on him. They more less compliment each other. Lots of teams run 2 TE. Give Rudolph 2 years that way him and Knox contracts expire at same time and can evaluate after that if hes the future of the position. Rudolph would bring to the table what we thought Kroft could do.
  14. Kyle Rudolph was just released. I wouldn't mind taking a flier on him at the right price. Knox isn't a TE1 and he can bring that veteran presence and production to the position if used the right way.
  15. I could see like a 2-3 year incentive based deal. Not individual performance based though. Team based. X bonus for afc championship win, X bonus for SB appearance, etc.
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