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  1. I was reading that NYC was such a big issue because of 9/11. So many people ended up with respiratory illnesses after the world trade center collapsed that it made them more vulnerable to getting sick.Add on top of that NYC being a traveling hub for flights everywhere. This year sucks.
  2. Anyone see how crazy Sammy Watkins is and apparently was since the day he got drafted??? Jesus christ.
  3. I'll go with Delanie Walker. Was still productive when he wasn't injured. Could be a good mentor for Knox for a year.
  4. I'm going to go with a bit of a surprise here. I don't really expect anyone on her to make a significant jump from where they are currently performing. Still performing great but not a significant increase. With that being said, I think an eye can be kept on Corey Thompson. He's our top reserve LB and is versatile in knowing all three spots. If one of our top 3 were to go down with injury or even if Klein doesn't perform like we expect, and Thompson gets to take a share of snaps it's possible could see him step into a spotlight with the other talent he has around him to open things up for him. (And he's going into his 3rd year so he qualifies )
  5. I know these don't really matter too much but we were ranked with the 8th (tied) hardest schedule for this upcoming season. One prediction I seen had us winning the division at 8-8 and getting into the playoffs as the 4th seed. I mean, if we're in we're in but I personally am aiming for more of a 10-6 or 11-5 season.
  6. I'm guessing Davis goes to 13 after camp
  7. I actually 100% agree with this roster man. Don't forget we get 55 now so have two more spots available. I'll throw in these two: OT Trey Adams - UDFA, if he stays healthy through camp I can see him making it as a depth OL with an injury prone Nseke and Williams RB TJ Yeldon - If not Yeldon, then any other veteran RB. Jones i sthere for ST but need another verteran presence behind Singletary and Moss
  8. If we only give Allen half of a season to come full circle before people start yelling for Fromm (or any other QB) this franchise is just doomed to be what it always has been for the last 20+ years. Kid hasn’t even played two full seasons. The desire for immediate results is going to kill his potential. So many great QBs took time to develop and become great but let’s give JA 2 years or he’s out. Dumb af.
  9. People are calling this guy the steal of draft. Contested catches and doesn’t drop anything. Would’ve been coveted if he came out next year
  10. Moss, Dantzler or Biadasz
  11. 10 Man Big Board going into Rd. 2: (not in order) AJ Epenesa Denzel Mims Yetur Gross-Matos Antoine Winfield Jr Tee Higgins Tyler Biadasz Jonathan Taylor Trevon Diggs Josh Jones Jonah Jackson
  12. Yea I’d be surprised too if we didn’t take a WR either especially since every WR we have other than Diggs only has 1-2 years left on their contracts which will give a rookie time to develop into a WR 2/3
  13. McKenzie was resigned today
  14. Stay strong bud. This will all pass wihtin time and we will all rebound from it. My fiance and I are lucky enough to have the ability to work from home so we don't have to deal with a shut down. And our wedding is actually in October so that should be enough time in between to not be affected.
  15. Stevie Johnson used to run some killer routes when he was with the Bills.He was consistently beating Revis when Revis was in his prime.
  16. I would have something fairly similar with a few changes: 1.) Murphy gone and adding a veteran depth LB in FA 2.) Bojorquez over Vedvik 3.) Replace Webb with a veteran FA OL 4.) Yeldon & Croom possibly gone being replaced by FA **Side note, I would also like to see us bring someone in to compete with Barkley for the #2**
  17. I may be in this thought solo, but, if Winston is going to end up signing somewhere as a backup.....why not??? Honestly I feel like we could upgrade over Barkley. He's a great guy but we could do better. Give Jameis top backup QB money and make it incentive based in the event he were to play.
  18. Here’s another way to look at it too: Diggs & 7th for 1st, 4th, Wyatt Teller & Russell Bodine. Love it more now that it’s seen that way
  19. Word is that the Bills still looking for another TE to add. Not exactly sure who we could be targeting that would be available
  20. via Joe Buscalgia: ”Bills have $6M in dead cap if they move on after 2020 (Remaining prorated signing bonuses ($4M and $2M injury guarantee for 2021 base salary). $2M in dead cap if released after 2021. Looks like a two-year commitment with a cap savings of $7+ million after 2021.“
  21. $30.45m for Addison. Roughly the same as Lawson 🧐 His guaranteed money is about $15m though compared to Shaq getting $21m guaranteed
  22. Jordan Phillips also leaving. Heading to AZ for 3 years. Their team is starting to stack up...
  23. Also was just reading that he has been #1 in the league for contested catches for the past three seasons
  24. Isn’t that what you would want though? Guys to help each other grow off of their weaknesses to become better all around?? We took ourselves out of the running for a few rookie WR isn’t a big deal. What have they proven at the NFL level? Would we have been able to even get them? They could both potentially bust out and become nothing. Besides, rookie WR generally don’t develop or come on strong until years 2-3 in the league. Atleast with Diggs you know what you have right now instead of the gamble of the draft.
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