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  1. Double post

    I've never thought about it like that before. I think it deserves serious consideration though.
  2. Is that to say that he wasn't calling them when they were picked? Or that he didn't call them during the portions of the draft days the draft wasn't on the clock, or even the days after the draft was complete? If it was at each draft selection... Yes that would have been nice for the players. But I don't see anything wrong with giving your full attention to the draft you are still very much involved in. Sending out feelers, entertaining contingencies for moves to make or not make, etc... People can always call later when they aren't [beautiful metaphor here]. If it was that he never made any attempt to reach them after the draft was complete, then I think that would be terrible. It's good to feel a valued addition to a team.
  3. Day 3 draft talk

    Sounds like a good investment.
  4. I too would like a JJ Watt.
  5. Jaguars sign OT Cedric Ogbuehi

    Thoughts and prayers.
  6. Bengals resign Eifert

    Either this or re-signing our back up tight end is the best move that we've made in free agency. By a WIDE margin. Who Dey...
  7. Free Agency

    You think the Bengals would play an inferior lineman while a better option is wasted on the bench? Let's think about happier times, and a stupid mistake we made way back then... Who do we think is more to blame for the Evan Mathis situation, Marvin Lewis or Paul Alexander? It wasn't like Mathis was buried behind a good veteran or lost playing time to a promising player. We favored Nate Livings, though whenever Mathis could get on the field he looked better. Significantly in my opinion. Then after we let him go he is arguably the best left guard in football for the Eagles. Again it's not like he was buried and we had no idea what we had. Nor was it that he blossomed because of a different scheme or culture. And Philly didn't pry him away like an Andrews brother. I can't find contract details but he signed a one year contract, probably low value just looking for a home. Then he signed an extension for big money. We should have had the best guard in football. And we probably could have had a discount, if we had extended him for multiple years when his market price was low and it seemed there wasn't much competition for his services. He'd demonstrated enough value here to deserve a multi-year contract (I'll concede I didn't expect him to become what he did, but at the minimum a competent starter). Livings played here one more year. His whole career, showed he was who I thought he was. So who's to blame for this? Was Mathis toxic or otherwise a cancer in ways that I didn't know? Or was he simply improperly used? Should Marvin have trusted his line coach about who to play? Or eventually should he have stepped in and asked for an explanation? Back when we were competitive for a while. This week the Bengals were officially eliminated from the playoffs. Someone asked recently why we follow this team. It gives us character. Think of those poor folks in Boston who have won some championship in the four major sports at least once every year for the past 20 years. Or the Ravens and Steelers fans who aside from a bad stretch occasionally have world class organizations. And the poor Browns fans who are about to have a long period of success. Character, that's my argument...
  8. Free Agency

    My hope...
  9. Raiders closing on deal with Le'Veon Bell

    He's Schrödinger's running back. Until it's officially announced, he's signing with all 32 teams. The Bengals are finally making moves in free agency!
  10. Free Agency

    I was just trying to look up Hart's new contract. Hoping it was structured so the bulk of the pay was in year three, like in case we still had no one else then so he'd take more, but that he was very cheap and cuttable next year or even this... I see he's 24 which was a little surprising. It feels like he's squeezed three or four years of mediocrity into his time here.
  11. Free Agency

    And what team does he really want to sign for while he uses a visit with us to drive up his price?
  12. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie un-retires

    The next time he quits will he be re-retiring?
  13. What is Rosen worth and to who?

    While not a first round pick, he had had a lot of first round buzz, Taylor Mays was taken at 49 and was traded for a 7th before his second season.
  14. Colts Re-sign Margus Hunt DT

    Congratulations for the kid. Things didn't work out here but that's probably hardly his fault. So how is he doing in Indy, other than good enough to re-sign. Success blocking or otherwise interfering with kicks? Is he just a DT? What's the scouting report on what he does for Indy?
  15. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I love it, in theory, and I don't even know who he is!* You're a sharp guy and seem to think he has potential to play at an adequate to high level at either position. I like having a player at a single position to grow and improve at, as well as for continuity of the unit. But versatility is still preferred for depth and contingencies. I'm neither sold on not willing to write Price off at center. Options are nice. *I haven't looked into prospects yet like I have in years past. So currently one of my biggest influences of how I feel about a prospect is how cool their name sounds.