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  1. Ken Anderson looks over 10 years older than me there. I don't know how old he was but I'm older than he was the day he retired by more than a hair. Something something football was harder on you physically back then.
  2. What's your scouting report on Tate going forward?
  3. I was thinking about that too. Could be an unprecedented supplemental draft.
  4. Would the draft order the following year be the same as that of the last played season? Would there be some kind of lottery? Is there any kind of historical precedent for this?
  5. Will they be using archive footage of Jets fans being upset with their pick, or have some surrogate performing dismay live?
  6. It would be hilarious if on some live stream they did a PBS style pledge drive, but for things related to the current situation. Hosted by JJ Watt with iconic figures taking the calls. Fans excited about a pick or trade their team just made calling in to donate money in the name of their team, but also being on the record for their support the people getting shout-outs at the end of YouTube videos. Or fans pledging when a rival makes a perceived mistake. Reward the top givers with memorabilia donated by players, with specific limits to be set in order to receive the historic item that meant a lot to the player but they'll part with it for a ridiculous donation. All pledges above x level get a football phone, above y get idk because I shot my load with football phone. Teams themselves could honor their top fans in their own ways. On a banner in the concourse, getting to watch the game from a box with some team legend. Celebrated on the 50 before the game or at halftime. Getting to watch from the sideline. Getting a free program (do sporting events still sell programs?). Idk Make it a competition for how giving each fan base is. By total pledged, but also in measured ways like relative to size of fan base, number of picks(maybe weighted by total value of pick slots), or stuff. It would be funny, and productive, if quarterbacks called in to pledge money because they were excited about the pick being a lineman or receiver. Or calling in to pledge enough to get their memorabilia back. Guilt teams into matching the contribution made by their fan base. The idea started as an absolute joke, but something like that could raise an outrageous amount of money. Bills Mafia gave nearly half a million to Dalton's charity for backing into the playoffs.
  7. But playing games at a neutral field will often essentially be a ninth home game. Like in all of the examples above those fans are very likely to favor the regional team, giving them an advantage in crowd noise, crowd silence, and energy of the stadium. I'd think that in most neutral locations in the USA the Steelers would have the advantage. I think it could be good for growing the audience if say there were four international cities the 17th game (this game needs a nickname, I vote for "The Jimmy Game") that rotated yearly through a teams schedule like the divisions they face do. So it would be Mexico City, Toronto, London, and??? (But Toronto would be a home game for the Bills...) Teams no longer lose a home game to London and you could make the whole division play in that city in a year. Are there any rumors about how that 17th opponent would be determined? At first I thought maybe first in the AFC plays first in the NFC, second in the AFC plays... But that would make it so sometimes a team would play a non conference opponent twice the same year. I'd also thought home field would alternate each year with NFC teams having 9 home games in odd years, and the AFC having 9 home games in even years. That way the conference you were competing for playoff spots all had the same advantage or disadvantage. Or I thought that 17th opponent could be determined with a formula like schedules already are. In 2021 the AFC North plays the NFC North. So the 17th game would be against the team in the opposite division (north-south and east-west) that had the same division rank the previous year. AFC North 1 plays NFC South 1, AFC North 2 plays NFC South 2, etc. Idk, just thoughts I had about how to keep a 17 game schedule as balanced and fair as possible based off how the 16 game schedule does it.
  8. Makes them easier to wash and sanitize.
  9. For those of you acting like the idea of trading Al Michael's is absurd, that is literally how he got his current job. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/12750497/how-espn-traded-al-michaels-oswald-rabbit
  10. I can think of one marginal benefit to doing it and one huge benefit, so that one is probably off the table. The Bengals are on the clock, but when are they really on the clock? They signed Carson Palmer the day before the draft. I thought I was having a Berenstain Bears moment when I couldn't find any information about that until eventually Wikipedia. I'd thought that the Rams should have signed Goff early if they were sold on him. It would have been marketing move trying to sell a bad team back to the fan base. The Bengals could use some selling to this fan base, I offer posts from this very forum as proof. It would create goodwill, positive interest, drive sales... It would be nice to know officially he wasn't refusing the Bengals. The impossible benefit... How early can the first pick be signed? Free agency begins a month before the draft. If we had Burrow signed, sealed, and delivered we are more attractive than we would be otherwise, and it could also give us an advantage over other teams. That's why it can't be a thing. But I can't find anything specifying the ability of the 1st pick to be used ahead of the draft.
  11. Oh I totally agree. Just saying that a one year contract offers no security regardless of its value. Then it becomes a bet on whether or not his health and production in that year help or hurt his market value.
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