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  1. I accept your disdain for the film and was speaking in terms of "the royal you". Jason Reitman isn't an amateur. He hasn't had the contribution to cinema that his father Ivan Reitman has, but he is a successful Hollywood director. It has hammed up performances by design, and was probably shot with cell phone cameras in a single day for each performance. If loving Paul Rudd is wrong I don't want to be right.
  2. No "Only mostly dead" gif? You guys should check out the Home Movie Princess Bride made during the pandemic with an all star cast performing their parts from home then all edited together.
  3. Looks like the Bengals actually have about 21.3m in cap space, with rollover from last year. That's 10m we have this year or never. There aren't any free agents to bring in that will cost that much cheese. So make use of that asset to lock down quality. No other impending free agents to burn it on. No one worth a chunk of change anyway. No reason to not get it done unless they want to cause locker room problems and lose a key player when the team would otherwise hopefully become a force.
  4. I feel like during the review there may have been another angle to view from, but this is all I see today. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/did-dalvin-cook-fumble-review-vikings-ot-loss-bengals/1my7ll4t9qolb14ztnunvigadi
  5. Exactly how I felt. If they overturned the call I would have had no problem with it. Shots looked like the ball might have begun to slip before he hit the ground, but nothing I saw was strong either way. Just one of those calls that are going to stand however it was called initially.
  6. Do I have anyone on my team who has played soccer? My concern is about the holder. Sure many guys would have the ability to do that, if they practiced it. But there's a lot going on there. Catching the snap, placing the ball, orientating the ball, and doing all of that quickly. If it were so easy that anyone could do it the backup quarterback would always do it to be out there if/when they pass instead. I feel like an experienced holder and some guy with some experience kicking a ball could be a better unit than some guy who hasn't held in who knows how long and a capable leg. A
  7. Does mean they have poor skills in every aspect of the job, or just some parts of it? There are two classifications of long snapper. Those who are practically invisible and anonymous because they are competent, and guys who shouldn't have the job. So not them. Kind of the same situation with the holder. Bad coverage would be expected to give up huge chunks of field position or touchdowns. Nada. How does my kicker suck? On kickoffs or the ability to put it through the uprights? Does my bad punter still clear the los but just can't coffin kick or keep it out of the end z
  8. The world would have been deprived of this moment. And we would have been worse off for it. https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/17279721
  9. Absolutely. The only thing wrong with Andy Dalton is that he hasn't been one of the best quarterbacks of his era. Sure generally speaking the teams that win Superb Owls have such a quarterback. And many feel there are the haves, the have nots who by virtue of sucking are in position to draft a stud, and teams that are stuck in purgatory by having competent quarterback play. Andy Dalton was "purgatory". He isn't a quarterback who can will his team to victory. But he was far from one who was merely not losing the game for the team. For a minute it looked like he might sneak into being
  10. There is a non-hypothetical market as well. Palmer hadn't come close to playing out his rookie contract and the Bengals made him the highest paid player in the history of football. Dalton was re-signed in his last year to a contract that paid him less than any quarterback who wasn't on their rookie contract or wasn't named Tom. That's a vastly different valuation. The Bengals didn't feel he was in Palmer's class. Neither did Dalton or his agent.
  11. But the open market hypothetically supports my position. There was always a market for Carson Palmer. Even after severe injuries. He was 31 when he left Cincinnati and the Cardinals were happy to throw buckets of money at him a few times. I speculate that if 32 +/- year old Carson Palmer had been available last year or this year he wouldn't have trouble finding work. Perhaps the Saints or Colts this year. Maybe even the Steelers at a discount just to be petty. But the world isn't beating a path to Andy Dalton's door. Last year the market had settled before he was available. But
  12. How many of you would consider Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer remotely close to the same level of NFL quarterback? Dalton has a better winning percentage. Does that tell us anything meaningful about their skill levels? Even if we try and normalize that statistics and compare their records playing for the same organization Dalton still edges him out (if I did the math in my head correctly). Palmer was a superior quarterback in every possible way aside from scrambling and taking the free play on a defensive offsides. Team wins in a comparison of those two players would tell a story that
  13. January 14th 1990 at 1:30pm EST.
  14. The Washington Bullets has a strong connotation of violence and crime. A less threatening name would be The Bullets.
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