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  1. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    It's The Pro Football Hall of Fame, not the National Football League Hall of Fame.
  2. I don't think so. Over nearly 40 years the difference between the, currently, 2nd and 10th teams is 38 points. The only team to enter the top ten ranking sense is 31 points higher than 2nd place. That year was a perfect storm of greatness of the Patriots, low quality of their opponents, and the hate priapism Belichick had for the league.
  3. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    For the Bengals; Greg Cook, Odell Thurman, and Chris Henry.
  4. I have no problem with it. The Bengals are at a serious disadvantage bringing in players and coaches. We don't have as good climate, history, or total income opportunity as other teams. We either have to settle for who is willing to settle for us, overpay, or be a little less conventional.
  5. I was born in Cincinnati, lived over state lines in the metropolitan area, then moved to Cincinnati this past summer; am I from Cincinnati? I neitherconfirm nor deny being famous. It was the summer of his meltdown after he had been sent down, but was still hanging around Northern Kentucky. The only other person on the patio and he had A LOT of empties on his table. About a half our after getting there, "I can't believe you don't recognize me!" ... "Don't tell anyone who I am." Why are you telling me who you are? Lol He was in a bad place and my super power is that strangers feel they can approach me and share with me.
  6. It sounds like a good idea to have Batman on your team until you have to deal with injuries and lack of development. JJ Hoover wanted to meet me one night. He wasn't trying to pick me up or anything but he interrupted my date to introduce himself to me. It was an interesting experience.
  7. I have red hair. Depending on who you ask. When I was young my mustache didn't connect to the rest. We have to be patient... Skimming over the career of Jemal Singleton... Wherever he goes a mediocre rushing attack follows. He's like the antithesis of Lorenzo Neal. After the remains of Frank Gore got away from him his average went up a full yard. (I know Indy sucked, just run with it) He should shave his beard and give it to Andy Dalton.
  8. Tis true. That's why I feel I wouldn't really be disrupting anything here. I can talk Reds, but I don't know as much as Beck and Duke. I read your thread to give me insight on things. I'm glad we didn't get Realmuto. If we're going to trade that kind of talent I'd rather be in the market for a pitcher. Barnhart, go Hoosiers, played reasonably well and is cheap for the foreseeable future. What's going on with the outfielders? Is Kemp going to get regular playing time based on matchups, or is he merely a backup. Seems like a waste of an asset. When Senzel makes the club it gets even more crowded. I want to talk about free agents we'll never sign... Or a coach we'll never sign. I wanted to re-sign Whitworth for how skill and leadership. But also thought it would be good for the Bengals if he transitioned to coaching, if he had any interest in that. But now I doubt he feels much of a connection to the club. Andy should grow a beard, that would help him take the next step. (I'm not a hipster)
  9. (this doesn't belong here but I need help...) TL;DR If I drive screws into dimples on my front bumper, will they stay in permanently? I'm from Indiana and have never had to deal with a front plate before. There are factory dimples in the appropriate spots. But not actual holes. I didn't know if just screwing in will do it, either with simple physics or there is a mechanism in there, or if I should put nuts back there somehow. I would crawl under to look but I walk with a stick and it's hard enough to get back up off the ground when it's dry. The vehicle is a 2008 Jeep Patriot. I looked online for answers but couldn't find what I was looking for. Most of you are buckeyes and might have similar experience, I think J is an engineer; so I figured someone here would know what I need to do. Thanks in advance.
  10. So did most Southern California Rams stop following them when they left? Did the ones who did pick another team? Are they fans again? Is that St. Louis Super Bowl something that they take pride in now, or is like your girl coming back to you after having someone else's baby?
  11. It is the best Star Wars movie...
  12. Kind of a tangent here but... If something did happen to damage the bottom line enough that profit was lower than the year before would that lower the salary cap or would it remain flat?
  13. 2019 Offseason Plan

    I lurk but it wasn't me.