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  1. Seventeen dollars and a nice watch?
  2. Draft Talk 2020

    I can think of one marginal benefit to doing it and one huge benefit, so that one is probably off the table. The Bengals are on the clock, but when are they really on the clock? They signed Carson Palmer the day before the draft. I thought I was having a Berenstain Bears moment when I couldn't find any information about that until eventually Wikipedia. I'd thought that the Rams should have signed Goff early if they were sold on him. It would have been marketing move trying to sell a bad team back to the fan base. The Bengals could use some selling to this fan base, I offer posts from this very forum as proof. It would create goodwill, positive interest, drive sales... It would be nice to know officially he wasn't refusing the Bengals. The impossible benefit... How early can the first pick be signed? Free agency begins a month before the draft. If we had Burrow signed, sealed, and delivered we are more attractive than we would be otherwise, and it could also give us an advantage over other teams. That's why it can't be a thing. But I can't find anything specifying the ability of the 1st pick to be used ahead of the draft.
  3. Oh I totally agree. Just saying that a one year contract offers no security regardless of its value. Then it becomes a bet on whether or not his health and production in that year help or hurt his market value.
  4. I can't imagine a one year contract is plan A to 32 year old wide receiver with a significant injury history.
  5. They said holding happens on every play. If some improvement were made so that it was known and called every time, would that make the game better or worse? The argument for it being an improvement needs no explanation. But what if it crippled a unit? How often is being a good lineman having strength, technique, athleticism, etc; and how often is it knowing how and/or when to get away with it?
  6. I was just coming back to make an argument for Brady, but on contracts alone.
  7. Draft Talk 2020

    There is an argument to be made that no it wasn't tracked tightly in the locker room. I can't see monitoring that type of thing being a responsibility of anyone on the coaching staff. But Andy Dalton knew. I doubt he walked around dropping hints like someone about their birthday, or that he had a poster of footballs that he marked off until the record. But it may have come up conversationally. Players could have known if they had read press clippings about the Bengals from the previous year. Above the coaching staff level I'd be surprised if there wasn't a person who tracked everything like that. Or had an Excel sheet that did it. Color commentators are on top of that. It's important to know these types of things. For moral and organizational culture people like to be recognized for their contributions. At the corporate level broken records and record pursuits are good for marketing and promotion. It's not like it was some conditional accomplishment where we have to set the right parameters for it to be a thing. He set the all time mark for the team. He broke the record of a player who was a bounce away from the Hall of Fame, and has an argument anyway. We live in the age of information. I expect a professional organization to know these things. But this is the Bengals we're talking about...
  8. Draft Talk 2020

    I don't know that they would have a problem with doing Andy dirty. When they benched him he was tied for most touchdowns by a Bengal all time. If things had gone how they had wanted they would have denied him setting the record, which he deserved. Respect for him doesn't seem to be a priority. I don't see there be a trade market though. If the Bengals could restructure his contract into bonus so he'd be cheaper for a team that would help. But only a team that thinks they are a manager away from contention would trade for one year of Andy. I still think everyone but Trubisky would have won if we traded him to Chicago this season. If Brady or Rivers retire do either team feel they are only a competent vet away still? He served us well. I hope we cut him and he finds a nice situation and success.
  9. Draft Talk 2020

    Trent Williams has one year left on his contract. He'll probably want to be the highest paid lineman. There will probably be a line of teams willing to give him that contract. Even if the Bengals are willing to do that I feel they are at a disadvantage unless the overpay by an unreasonable amount. They could tag him but I don't think that would work out either. I think that we could very likely be trading X assets for a one year rental and potentially a 3rd round compensatory pick two years from now, and X assets would have to be a lot in the first place.
  10. Would you rather...?

    The Chicago Bears? Granted I haven't seen much of the Bears but if Trubinsky is as underwhelming as the internet would have me believe and they don't think he's going to improve... Unless they expect Chase Daniel to become a better quarterback... Andy Dalton is an upgrade for them. They are definitely in win now mode. His contract is good value for his talent level. All they need is a good enough quarterback. He'd fit under their cap. I don't know what kind of value we could get back. If could be contingent on how deep they went this year, next year, and if they resigned him. But I think that could be a great trade for both teams.
  11. Would you rather...?

    Is Dalton going to get a $20M+ contract though? It's not like he's a top 10 quarterback hitting free agency. He's already on the wrong side of 30. Nick Foles' new contract averages $22M. Last year after very good to great year Case Keenum signed a two year contract averaging $18M. They are a few months to about a year younger than Andy. Fitzpatrick just signed at $5.5M to be the presumptive starter. He's five years older and has had a more up and down career but... I don't know a proper comparison for Andy. It would be interesting to see historically what percent of the cap quarterbacks that were allowed to his free agency made by age. But he's just a good enough quarterback though. I say that as a fan of his who think he has been a great value for his draft pick and contract. I don't really see a market for him at his age forcing anyone to pay him decent starter money. He'd be a bridge or a backup. It might be best for all involved if he signed such a contract here. Structured so for the first year or two he'd get $20M+ per year with the following years being more in line with what a backup should be paid, with incentives that would pay him more if he ended up remaining the starter. Assuming Taylor values him as a player or what he brings to the quarterback room. And that Dalton doesn't value himself more than that, or wouldn't rather be a backup in a different location or with a different organization. That would give us flexibility about looking for the next starter, and insurance as a good backup. Granted I put a lot of value in the position of backup quarterback. A few years ago Care had the Raiders playing well but then went down for the playoffs, and they were dead in the water. TL;DR I can see Dalton not commanding a $20M+ contract and worth re-signing as lower salary starter, or decently paid backup/bridge.
  12. Double post

    I've never thought about it like that before. I think it deserves serious consideration though.
  13. Is that to say that he wasn't calling them when they were picked? Or that he didn't call them during the portions of the draft days the draft wasn't on the clock, or even the days after the draft was complete? If it was at each draft selection... Yes that would have been nice for the players. But I don't see anything wrong with giving your full attention to the draft you are still very much involved in. Sending out feelers, entertaining contingencies for moves to make or not make, etc... People can always call later when they aren't [beautiful metaphor here]. If it was that he never made any attempt to reach them after the draft was complete, then I think that would be terrible. It's good to feel a valued addition to a team.
  14. Day 3 draft talk

    Sounds like a good investment.