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  1. Feel like he will have a going out year with all the emotions, but if this is really it, he is by far the greatest QB in NFL, Pats and Bucs History.
  2. Really like this draft if we dont get davis and godwin back, but since its all big name schools and no div 3 2nd or 3rd round pick it wont happen.
  3. Love this show, just very over the top and i love it for that. Danny Mcbride is so funny in just about every scene, recomend watch for everyone.
  4. Yep, that match was fantastic, a great dynamite compared to the last 2 for sure.
  5. What a game, team played great in the 2nd half but we made too many mistakes in the first
  6. Yeah i think he is done now and I ain’t mad at this game, Brady got us a SB and with the way this team is injured and just very inconsistent I didn’t expect the same. Still a good year but wish we could have done better
  7. GG guys, not sure if Brady will go out with this game or not, but either way we need to change something next year
  8. This wouldn’t have happened if we played man just saying
  9. He makes such good plays but then go missing the rest of the times, it’s soo weird
  10. Atleast we won it last year, but yeah I didn’t have a good chance for this game with us missing wires
  11. This game may get out of hand quickly, wells is garbage and Brady can’t get a wide open gronk.
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