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  1. NFL Pick 'Em - Week Seven

    Chiefs @ Raiders Ravens @ Vikings Saints @ Packers Jets @ Dolphins Panthers @ Bears Cardinals @ Rams Buccaneers @ Bills Jaguars @ Colts Titans @ Browns Cowboys @ 49ers Bengals @ Steelers Seahawks @ Giants Broncos @ Chargers Falcons @ Patriots Redskins @ Eagles
  2. Mr. Robot - Season 3

    Damn, i forgot how good this show is, great start to season 3.
  3. NFL Pick 'Em - Week Seven

    Eagles @ Panthers Bears @ Ravens Packers @ Vikings 49ers @ Redskins Lions @ Saints Dolphins @ Falcons Browns @ Texans Patriots @ Jets Buccaneers @ Cardinals Rams @ Jaguars Chargers @ Raiders Steelers @ Chiefs Giants @ Broncos Colts @ Titans
  4. FIFA 18

    I really enjoyed the my free 10 hours with EA Access, so i bought the game and really enjoyed it, until they released that patch that screwed everything in FUT. I was destroying World Class with ease now i struggle alot agianst it. Like Steel said the speed of the CPU is ridulous, my front 3 of Gnabry, Werner and Pulisic gets beaten for pace by guys like Phil Jones, Mascherano, and Javi Martinez, and online is just as bad. They should have waited on this patch, let people get used to the game before you try to fix it, dissapointed in FUT gameplay so far.
  5. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    A sami zayn heel turn would be a nice surpise addtion to wwe
  6. NFL Pick 'Em - Week Seven

    Patriots @ Buccaneers 49ers @ Colts Jets @ Browns Jaguars @ Steelers Chargers @ Giants Bills @ Bengals Panthers @ Lions Titans @ Dolphins Cardinals @ Eagles Ravens @ Raiders Seahawks @ Rams Packers @ Cowboys Chiefs @ Texans Vikings @ Bears
  7. NFL Pick 'Em - Week Seven

    Saints @ Dolphins Panthers @ Patriots Jaguars @ Jets Titans @ Texans Steelers @ Ravens Bengals @ Browns Lions @ Vikings Rams @ Cowboys Bills @ Falcons Eagles @ Chargers 49ers @ Cardinals Giants @ Buccaneers Raiders @ Broncos Colts @ Seahawks Redskins @ Chiefs
  8. 2017 FF Soccer Draft Rosters

    Formation: 4-3-3 LW: Marco Reus ST:Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang RW:Bernardo Silva CAM:Henrikh Mkhtaryan CM:Luka Modric CM:N'golo Kante LB:Danny Rose CB:Virgil Van Dijk CB:Sokratis RB:Lukasz Pizczek GK: Gianluigi Donnarumma http://bit.ly/2ftpe8f
  9. 2017 FF Soccer Draft Picks

    Bernardo Silva RW
  10. 2017 FF Soccer Draft Picks

    Gianluigi Donnarumma GK
  11. Should be PI, the viking totally pushed Djax off his route,
  12. Maybe once we get healthy we might play better
  13. These refs have been screwing us over, Cook fumble, the Ward "Hold", and how many time rhodes and waynes have held our players but zero calls. Terrible Reffing
  14. 2017 FF Soccer Draft Picks

    Danny Rose LB
  15. 2017 FF Soccer Draft Picks

    Łukasz Piszczek