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  1. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    I would be thrilled with this draft right here 1st, Fitzpatrick 2nd Michel/Chubb 3rd Lorenzo Carter I hate putting so many UGA players, but those guys can play.
  2. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    On Season 4 of Dexter right now, Really enjoying it, can't believe i waited so long to watch it.
  3. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Why is no one talking about how bad asuka missed on the final elmination of nikki, she barely even touched her.
  4. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Culture II by Migos. Dissapointing to say the least
  5. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    I have to defend my title so i will pick 23 again this year

    Really wish i could do this, but got a full work and college schedule right now, will drop in now and then
  7. most anticipated films and TV for 2018?

    TV Westworld Season 2 Atlanta Season 2 Arrested Development Season 5 Its Always Sunny in Philly Season 13 Ozark Season 2?
  8. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Rusev better be in the main event scene next year, he has been fantastic ever since he started the whole rusev day thing. And that double accolade was a thing of beauty
  9. Bottom 5 starters for your team, last 10 years

    LT Anthony Collins RT Gosder Cherilus P Michael Koenen DT Brian Price OG Oniel Cousins
  10. NFL Pick 'Em - xlfrosti wins!!

    Redskins @ Cowboys Chiefs @ Jets Patriots @ Bills Broncos @ Dolphins 49ers @ Bears Lions @ Ravens Vikings @ Falcons Buccaneers @ Packers Texans @ Titans Colts @ Jaguars Browns @ Chargers Rams @ Cardinals Giants @ Raiders Panthers @ Saints Eagles @ Seahawks Steelers @ Bengals
  11. The Florida Gators thread

    i dont know how to feel, i think he will get us 7-8 wins for a couple years and then we will be right back where we started. He will help out the offense a ton but i feel like shannon will be kept as DC and our defense will struggle quite a bit in big games. I also don't know who will be our QB next year, it should not be franks, Corral is probably decommiting but i would not be surpised if Fitzgerald followed mullen and transfered over. EDIT: It looks like Corral is not decommiting, maybe he could be a good fit in Mullens offense.
  12. NFL Pick 'Em - xlfrosti wins!!

    Vikings @ Lions Chargers @ Cowboys Giants @ Redskins Browns @ Bengals Panthers @ Jets Titans @ Colts Buccaneers @ Falcons Dolphins @ Patriots Bears @ Eagles Bills @ Chiefs Seahawks @ 49ers Broncos @ Raiders Saints @ Rams Jaguars @ Cardinals Packers @ Steelers Texans @ Ravens
  13. Mr. Robot - Season 3

    One of the best shows on tv right now, another fantastic episode last night.
  14. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    The only way he will get cheers with the uni championship is if he is still with the shield imo
  15. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    Wow, that main event was weird and kinda bad. Glad NXT saved this weekend