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  1. Bottom 5 starters for your team, last 10 years

    LT Anthony Collins RT Gosder Cherilus P Michael Koenen DT Brian Price OG Oniel Cousins
  2. NFL Pick 'Em - Week 15

    Redskins @ Cowboys Chiefs @ Jets Patriots @ Bills Broncos @ Dolphins 49ers @ Bears Lions @ Ravens Vikings @ Falcons Buccaneers @ Packers Texans @ Titans Colts @ Jaguars Browns @ Chargers Rams @ Cardinals Giants @ Raiders Panthers @ Saints Eagles @ Seahawks Steelers @ Bengals
  3. The Florida Gators thread

    i dont know how to feel, i think he will get us 7-8 wins for a couple years and then we will be right back where we started. He will help out the offense a ton but i feel like shannon will be kept as DC and our defense will struggle quite a bit in big games. I also don't know who will be our QB next year, it should not be franks, Corral is probably decommiting but i would not be surpised if Fitzgerald followed mullen and transfered over. EDIT: It looks like Corral is not decommiting, maybe he could be a good fit in Mullens offense.
  4. NFL Pick 'Em - Week 15

    Vikings @ Lions Chargers @ Cowboys Giants @ Redskins Browns @ Bengals Panthers @ Jets Titans @ Colts Buccaneers @ Falcons Dolphins @ Patriots Bears @ Eagles Bills @ Chiefs Seahawks @ 49ers Broncos @ Raiders Saints @ Rams Jaguars @ Cardinals Packers @ Steelers Texans @ Ravens
  5. Mr. Robot - Season 3

    One of the best shows on tv right now, another fantastic episode last night.
  6. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    The only way he will get cheers with the uni championship is if he is still with the shield imo
  7. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Wow, that main event was weird and kinda bad. Glad NXT saved this weekend
  8. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Not sure if the right place for it, but i am looking for a cheapish tv under 150 for my xbox one. Amazon has a 32 inch 720p for 70 for black friday, but i also see a 49 inch 4k tv for 160 which is really tempting, have all seen any good deals online?
  9. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    It's what i expected after they costed Rollins and Ambrose the titles. Speaking of SS, i really hope Zayn and KO get involved someway in the 5 on 5 match
  10. Mr. Robot - Season 3

    Man this season has been great so far, probably the best one yet
  11. NFL Pick 'Em - Week 15

    Seahawks @ Cardinals Jets @ Buccaneers Saints @ Bills Browns @ Lions Bengals @ Titans Packers @ Bears Chargers @ Jaguars Vikings @ Redskins Steelers @ Colts Texans @ Rams Giants @ 49ers Cowboys @ Falcons Patriots @ Broncos Dolphins @ Panthers
  12. Thor: Ragnarok

    I am ranking these movies via enjoyment, i enjoyed antman, GOTGv2 and Thor 3 more than i enjoyed Ironman, all were good movies but i personally enjoyed those movies more than Ironman
  13. Thor: Ragnarok

    Good enjoyable movie, much better than Dark world and slightly better than the first one. I'd rank them like Guardians of the Galaxy Captain America:Winter Soldier Captain America:Civil War Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Ant-Man The Avengers Captain America:First Avenger Avengers:Age of Ultron Spider-Man:Homecoming Thor:Ragnarok Iron Man Doctor Strange Thor Iron Man 2 Incredible Hulk Thor:The Dark World Iron Man 3 1-6 are the top ones for me then there is a small gap until 7, but 7-12 are kinda interchangeable for me, and the final 4 are were just dissapointing to me
  14. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Holy Sh!t, Chris Jericho will face Kenny Omega at wrestle Kingdom 12,
  15. The Florida Gators thread

    Frost, Kelly or Mullen in that order for me, Wouldn't mind Taggert but would rather have those three first