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  1. Just built my first PC build 5700 XT i5 10400 10th gen 16 ddr4 3200 ram Z490 Gigabyte motherboard 500 GB ssd samsug 860 evo 1TB hard drive spent around 1k on it what yall think?? No RGB, or fancy case just 50 for a full size basic case
  2. Flex position DeVante Parker Austin Eckler Kendall Hinton or Cole Beasley
  3. Correct me if im wrong but when Fournette and mcCoy went down he played pretty well we better use him some next game
  4. wow, if brady plays like this even against a poor chiefs defense we are gonna get carved up terrible game by brady man
  5. atleast we have 3 timeouts which can be big
  6. im done man this team stresses me out too much i cant do this anymore my god its bad
  7. Brady went from throwing dimes to scotty miller to throw duds like this
  8. Brown isnt as good as he once was, but he is still damn good
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