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  1. October 15, 2017 Cardinals vs Bucs Bucs Down 31 with 10 mins to go into the 3rd, we cut the defect to 5 with a score of 33 to 38, could have had a chance to win if we got the onside kick.
  2. Yeah the yankees started in 1996 in tampa and the rays werent a team til 1998, its weird, but its always a place i can boo at when i drive past it lol.
  3. Yankees do their spring training and play their spring games down here in tampa, its kinda weird but alot of teams up north do that. But i do love Tampa, live bout 4 hours from Tampa and i love the city ever time i go down there, its got a lot of old communities in the cities around it but in general its a nice city, always been a fan of the vikings because i loved AP when i first started watching football, so vikings are a team i root for unless we playing them.
  4. As a bucs fan for most of the season other than the playoffs and the packers regular season game, alot of Bowles defensive schemes were terrible, and what didnt work in the season he didnt use for the playoffs, and he had a great gameplan for each playoff game and was a big reason we won the SB. But Bruce Arians deserves way more credit, how he was able to handle fournettes pouting during the regular season and then turned him into a monster for the playoffs, as well as handing AB without causing any in locker room drama is incredible. Lets be real tho, when u add winners into your
  5. Nice little show tonight, some really good matches, also some really confusing matches/finishes, but overall a really fun show. Both world title matches were very good while both being completely different, the zombies stuff was terrible and a joke. While both finishes of the womens matches were underwhelming, but i enjoyed just about everything else.
  6. I like the draft tbh, the only thing that has me worried is the depth on the DL, but #InLichtWeTrust they must like Khaill davis and Co.
  7. Now if we can get Marvin Wilson with mr irrelevant that’ll be awesome
  8. Rather have Moses but they must like the potential of him since he has only played 14 games in his career
  9. I hate to say it but the panthers have knocked this draft out of the park
  10. Not sure why they thought this guy wasnt gonna be there at our next pick but ok
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