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  1. Just finished and while it was decent, it was just kinda meh, Castillo wasn't on my screen enough for me to care about actually wanting to free yara, and the last two side bosses were so lame and easy. Not worth 60 bucks at all, just get 3, 4, 5, on sale next time way more fun.
  2. He's a cool dude, remember when him and his wife gave half of the team covid, fun times. But honestly he's got to go, but knowing us we not gonna let him go after this season and we gonna finish outside of the top 35 next year for recruiting.
  3. We all saw last night, the saints offense is kamara catching passes and making plays that way, if we shut/slow down kamara we win the game, thats their offense it seems like.
  4. Yeah i probably pick it up cause even with all the bugs and the lag of the avengers game i still enjoyed the story, wasnt worth the 60 bucks but still a fun time for a 10-15 hours i played it for. Might wait til black friday to get it tho when its 45 or less.
  5. Defense look great against a terrible OL, so glad we did well there, if we can establish the run itll open up our PA Pass which will really help Brady out. Overall great win we got a big one vs the Saints Next week.
  6. Just by taking a look at the rest of their schedule will 9-8 to 10-7 be enough for a wild card spot W Vs Giants: (Should be Win, but who knows) L vs Packers: (Packers will chew the clock and really start strong and should win, chiefs would need mahomes magic) W/L vs Raiders: (3 Weeks ago i would say easy loss for them but the raiders look strong without gruden this could go either way) L vs Cowboys (Again this needs mahomes magic for this one against a strong Boys' team) W vs Broncos (Broncos look bad recently and the injury to von doesnt help things) W/L vs Rai
  7. Johnson could be a top 10 RB if he was with another team, he is really impressive
  8. Mullen has lost his team, He hasnt even be that good of a recruiter since he got here, not a surprise we lost that recruit. i have no idea who we would try to get as a HC.
  9. Ive been VERY harsh to bowles and some of it is warranted, like the odd blitzing White and Lavonte and bringing Shaq and JPP out for coverage, or the one time he brought Vea out into coverage. But i will give credit where credit is due, we have 1 loss this season even with a banged up secondary that has 4 pieces currently missing, sure we had some close games but that's still a great feat. If bowles can stick with the normal stuff and not get too cute some times ill be much more happy with him.
  10. I remember going to a event at the place right next to their stadium and was very confused why they had banners up with Josh Lambo on them, guess at the time he was one of their best players.
  11. Ill just say now its a good game but i have not got sucked into the game like i did with 3 and 5. Theres a lot to do but the story is lacking so far. I find myself after playing for 45 mins to a hour and just get bored with it, Far Cry 5 i loved and could not wait to hop back on and play it the very next day, with 6 so far i feel like i have a obligation since i paid 60 dollars, but like i said its a good game with lots to do, but i am not invested in the characters so far, and while i will finish the game i think its better than primal, and new dawn to an extent 4 but doesnt hold a candl
  12. 1.Vita Vea and Winfield 2.Two great WRs (if we extend godwin) 3.Great young pieces on OL and DL (aka Wirfs, Marpet Shaq and Tyron) 4.Jason Licht 5.Tom Brady for the next 10 years
  13. Watt is worth every single cent, he is ridiculous.
  14. He’s also a freshman, he made 2 mistakes today sure they were huge but this game was not his fault. Grantham and this defense let 300+ happen on the ground that’s inexcusable
  15. Just u wait til the first drive vs UGA when jones walks out on the field cause richardson isnt "ready"
  16. AR still needs some work but man did he look alot better after the taunting call by LSU, its his team now emory should have ran out of chances now.
  17. If Mike Williams dont play should i go: Claypool vs Sea Woods vs NYG or Thielen vs CAR,
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