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  1. Raiders Defense

    Littleton in free agency and Simmons in the draft please.
  2. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Where are all the Carr truthers that we’re saying he’s a top 5 QB and better than Mahomes 2 weeks ago?
  3. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    If Tu’a is on the board with our second pick, I could see Mayock pulling the trigger. Give him a year to get healthy, give Carr one last year to prove himself, and see what happens. The difference between an average QB and a very good to elite one is HUGE.
  4. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Recent Raiders QB’s in KC: • Rich Gannon: 3-1 • Carson Palmer: 2-0 • Jamarcus Russell: 2-0 • Jason Campbell: 1-1 • Derek Carr: 0-6
  5. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Derek Carr is now 2-9 in cold weather games and 4-25 against playoff teams. #TopFlightQB #BetterThanMahomes
  6. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Derek Carr is 4-25 against playoff teams.
  7. 2019/2020 trade rumors or suggestion thread.

    He has an expiring $27M contract though.
  8. Raiders Defense

    Pay him what he needs to be paid and draft Simmons. With those two guys in the mix we'd solve a ton of problems that have plagued our defense for years.
  9. Raiders Defense

    My plan to fix the defense. Someone forward this to Mayock. Free Agency • Sign Marcus Peters (3 yr/$33M) • Sign Cory Littleton (4 yr/$40M) Draft • 10th - Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson • 78th - Brandon Jones, S, Texas • 81st - Darrell Taylor, Edge, Tennessee • 92nd - Troy Dye, LB, Oregon DE - Crosby 3T - Hurst NT - Hankins DE - Ferrell OLB - Simmons MLB - Littleton OLB - Dye CB - Mullen CB - Peters S - Abram S - Jones
  10. Week 12 GDT Raiders(6-4) Jets(3-7)

    That's the dream scenario. If it was up to me I'd look to revamp the entire LB group. • Sign Cory Littleton (Rams likely won't be able to afford him with Ramsey's deal) • Draft Isaiah Simmons in the 1st (Hybrid S/LB that will clean up our TE/Flat coverage issues) • Draft Charles Snowden in the 3rd (Former basketball player that led LB's in pass break ups, good coverage backer)
  11. Week 12 GDT Raiders(6-4) Jets(3-7)

    Next week will make or break our season. Win and we're tied with the Chiefs at the top of the division at 7-5. Lose and we're likely headed for a losing record. It is okay to worry about next week though considering what Mahomes did to us the last time we played and how Sam Darnold looked like the second coming of Dan Marino against our defense today.
  12. Week 12 GDT Raiders(6-4) Jets(3-7)

    Williams is fine as the #2 WR going forward, Renfrow is a good slot guy, and we should be able to fill out the bottom of our group with Jones, Doss, and Davis next year. But #1 WR is one of our biggest needs going into the offseason. Our offense would've been next level with AB on the field this year. Hopefully, we can add someone like Ruggs or Lamb in the draft, a true #1 with game-breaking ability is all that our offense is missing right now.
  13. Week 12 GDT Raiders(6-4) Jets(3-7)

    Williams isn't explosive? He was literally one of the best deep threats in the league throughout his career with the Chargers. He's just not good enough in other areas to be a #1 WR.
  14. Week 12 GDT Raiders(6-4) Jets(3-7)

    We can win them but they're not gimme's by any means. Carr has always struggled playing in Denver and he struggles playing in cold-weather games. We've also seen the last two weeks that this team is prone to mentally checking out of games.
  15. Week 12 GDT Raiders(6-4) Jets(3-7)

    Jones was Buffalo's leading WR last season with like 700 receiving yards. Tyrell Williams was one of the best deep threats in the league with the Chargers. Waller is arguably the best TE in the NFL.