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  1. You can find veteran depth cheap in free agency like we did with Nelson Agholor. Based on this logic we should draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round as well. It's a much more important position and what if Carr gets hurt?
  2. I also can't see how if the passing game struggles because we had two rookie WR's starting, Gruden/Mayock would think the solution is to draft another rookie WR to come in and contribute, lol.
  3. Herbert has as many 300+ yard games against the Chiefs as Derek Carr now.
  4. He has played a few games at RT but the only season he was a starter before he got here he played RG. I'm okay with moving on from Brown after this season if he can't stay healthy. But I don't think that Good is the long term answer for us at RT. Hell he wouldn't even be starting their this week if Sam Young was healthy but he's dealing with a groin injury. Once Good came in at RT we literally abandoned our entire offensive game plan and looked to get the ball out of Carr's hands as quickly as possible. And that was with Good going up against a rookie defensive end. We'll see how he holds up against one of the elite edge players in the league this week in Cam Jordan.
  5. I think it was @jimkelly02 that said he wishes we would've signed the defensive free agents that the Cowboys did. LMAO.
  6. It's week two, lets not overreact just yet. According to reports he was actually injured and had an MRI following the game. $14M is a lot of money for a RT but Brown has played at a borderline All-Pro level when he has been on the field. And Grudock has made it clear that the identity they're trying to build with our team is a smash mouth, run first type of offense. I'd also pump the breaks on Good holding down the spot long term. He's a guard that stepped in because of an emergency situation. He didn't get abused but he was also going up against a rookie defensive end. And even then Jacobs averaged less than 4 ypc for only the 4th game in his career and our passing game shifted to almost entirely short passes so Carr could get the ball out quick and Good wouldn't have to hold up for long in pass protection.
  7. Look at the Cowboys who had Cooper and Gallup but wanted to be "stacked" at WR so they took Lamb. Looking real good today allowing 40 points and Gallup isn't getting the targets he should because there are only so many passes to go around for everyone. But I agree a first round WR is a possibility if Ruggs and/or Edwards look like busts. But then again, if you took 2 WR's with premium picks and they both suck, or one sucks, are you going to spend another premium pick on one? Or just cut Tyrell Williams and pursue one of the proven veteran WR's on the free agent market?
  8. Possibly. But LaMelo Ball would also do the same thing and would cost them like 1/10th the cap space while also allowing them to keep their draft capital and young core intact. Not to mention this upcoming season is actually a pretty good year to have a bad team because the 2021 draft is shaping up to be one of the better classes we've seen in a while. And the chance to potentially land a guy like Cade Cunningham is worth staying bad for an extra year.
  9. I totally spaced on including Bey in my top 25. I'd put him in around #20 and slide everyone else down a spot. Bey's a little limited athletically but he should definitely be a solid role player in the league as a 3&D guy that can guard multiple positions.
  10. Building around skill position players is one of the best ways to remain mediocre. We just spent two premium picks on WR's in the 2020 draft. If those guys don't play well this year do you take a chance on another guy with a premium pick and pray he's better? Or just sign a veteran that has already proven he can produce at a high level? I think you have to go with the latter. We were able to sign Tyrell Williams for $11M per year and Michael Crabtree for $3M. We've seen in recent free agency cycles guys like Allen Robinson, John Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, Robby Anderson, and Golden Tate all sign for $12M per year or less. In comparison if you're going to target a starting level edge/defensive tackle, you're going to have to pay $16M+ now. Which is why you build through the trenches because if you can find high quality starters and keep them around for 5 years on a rookie deal, you can spend money elsewhere and actually build a good team.
  11. Brown is injury prone but unless we're going to cut him, which is definitely a possibility, then OT really isn't a need. One of the main reasons we sucked so bad with Al Davis at the helm is because we always draft skill position players early instead of building in the trenches first. We've spent so much draft capital on the WR room since Gruden got here, we've spent like 9 draft picks on WR's either by drafting guys or making trades. I think the only reason you realistically take a WR in the 1st or 2nd round this year is if you're pretty confident that Ruggs and/or Edwards is a bust. With Waller in the mix we already have a guy that's going to get 100+ targets every year and is essentially our #1 WR. Plus we have three young 1st/2nd year WR's that they're excited about, not to mention Jacobs is going to get a targets too. If you spend an early pick on another WR, especially in a run first offense, you're going to have an odd man out because there are only so many targets to go around for everyone. And when you look at the teams that are actually good and have been good like the 49ers, Chiefs, etc. none of those teams have went heavy on investing into their WR rooms. They've found good weapons and then built their teams up in the trenches. That's why they're Super Bowl contending teams and why we always have one of the worst pass rushes and defenses in the league, and have had one winning season in like 3 decades.
  12. If we draft another WR in the first round I will lose my mind. If you look at the best teams in the league, the ones that have sustained success, they almost always spend their first round picks on getting better in the trenches. In the last ten drafts the 49ers, Chiefs, Patriots, Seahawks, and Saints have combined to take like 2 WR's in the 1st round.
  13. Top 3 needs include RT when we still have Trent Brown under contract? And WR when a ton of draft capital on the position group the past two draft cycles and have 3 young WR's that the staff is really excited about? Meh. I can't really see us spending another early pick on a WR after we just drafted Ruggs in the 1st and Edwards in the 3rd in the 2020 draft. If those two along with Renfrow don't play well I'd bet money that we use the money we save from cutting Tyrell Williams to bring in a veteran. DT is a much bigger need, Collins/Hankins are both free agents after this year and our interior pass rush looked abysmal again in week one.
  14. He's like 380 pounds and hasn't been able to stay healthy throughout his NFL career. I think that he's actually dealing with a calf injury and the main reason he hasn't been able to recover is because he's overweight. I'm sure that we'll see him on the field again some time soon but I don't think he'll be back next season.
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