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  1. Giannis just averaged 29.5 ppg on .553 FG | .304 3FG | .633 FT in 30.4 minutes per game and isn't a number 1 option?
  2. Giannis is going to have to be that guy that can get you a bucket down the stretch, he's a top 3 player and a back-to-back MVP, who has only improved every year in the league. Jrue is a great fit because he's a great defender and a legit 20 ppg/7 apg that can create his own offense as well as run the offense when Giannis isn't on the floor. He doesn't have to just be a spot up shooter, they have other guys that can shoot now. Plus Jrue is coming off of his best year shooting from deep with 2 made 3's per game at a 35% clip, not great but definitely solid.
  3. Ruggs has 14 catches for 256 yards (18.3 ypc) and 1 TD through his first 8 NFL games, plus he was hurt the 2nd half against Carolina and hurt against the Saints. Hill had 22 catches for 234 yards (10.6 ypc) and 4 TD through his first 8 NFL games. It's not about competition for targets, we have a balanced attack, as a I said earlier we basically have 11 guys that have 10+ targets through the first 10 weeks. Carr spreads the ball around and we haven't really leaned on one player a ton. Not to mention Ruggs has had some injury issues and we're playing in the weirdest NFL season in history due to COVID, no OTAs, no preseason, and a limited training camp. Ruggs lit the Chiefs up the last time we played them so coming into this week they were definitely keyed in on limiting his impact and we still moved the ball up and down the field at will and put up 31 points. I think it'll just take some time for him to build chemistry with Carr. I'm not going to complain when our offense is averaging 29 ppg. We saw it with Amari Cooper, when Carr had chemistry with him and trusted him he looked like a top 10 WR. When he didn't, Cooper struggled to produce for us, then went to Dallas and has been a top 10 WR. So again, I'm not worried. I'm more concerned about winning games then individual stats.
  4. He hasn't had a ton of production but he has also dealt with injuries and we've had a balanced passing attack. We have 10 guys with 10+ targets and one guy with 9 targets (Edwards) and that doesn't include Foster Moreau. We definitely need to do a better job of getting him involved but we've also started to lean on the running game more, plus we're 6-4 and averaging almost 30 points per game. Hill was a day 3 pick because he had character concerns, he would've been a first round pick without them. Still a ways to go and we could still see Ruggs numbers jump up.
  5. They just added another legit All-Star 20 ppg scorer in Holiday and already had Middleton who is also a legit All-Star 20 ppg scorer in Middleton.
  6. You guys had a great offseason. You added a third All-Star level player despite having minimal trade assets in Holiday who fits perfectly with Giannis/Middleton.
  7. Without a doubt it's Giannis. He's the only one of the 4 that hasn't led a team to a title yet. Plus they just added a 3rd All-Star level player to a team that was already the best in the Eastern Conference last season and fell apart in the playoffs. Not to mention his performance and how their season goes probably dictates whether he stays with the Bucks or looks to sign elsewhere next offseason. Followed by Kawhi Leonard, he choked big time but he has already been the man on two different championship teams. I think them falling short and losing some pieces takes some pressure off of him because they're not the favorites coming into this year like they were last season. But if they do fall short and there's drama again this season, IIRC he can opt out so there's definitely going to be high expectations for him. There's pressure on Curry but he already has 3 championships and they just lost Klay so I wouldn't say it's monumental, not getting a title doesn't kill his legacy or have an impact on where he'll be playing after this year. Durant definitely has some pressure to perform as well but he's also coming off of a serious injury with a new team and already has multiple rings, plus he's another guy who will be in Brooklyn after this year regardless of what happens this season.
  8. Yeah, that was a nice move. As you said very low risk/very high reward situation.
  9. Yeah, Porzingis health will be huge for them. He finally looked to be himself again during the bubble though, in the 9 games he played he averaged 25 and 9.
  10. If I was betting I'd definitely bet on the Lakers repeating. The finals matchup is hard to predict right now because I think there are a few teams that could come out of the East but if I had to bet I'd put my money on it I'd take Milwaukee finally getting over the hump and making it out of the East. As far as the team that knocks the Lakers out if it does happen, I'd say either the Clippers or Mavericks.
  11. Brandin Cooks only had 550 yards on 10.5 ypc as a rookie and then became a 1,000+ WR in year two. Tyreek Hill only had 593 yards on 9.7 ypc as a rookie and then became a 1,000+ yard WR in year two. Still way, way too early to call Ruggs a bust or a disappointment.
  12. I strongly disagree with this one. We've had a pretty balanced passing attack and Carr has always favored throwing to guys once he has some trust in them. I agree that we need to get him more involved but I definitely wouldn't say it's a really disappointing pick so far.
  13. LaMarcus Joyner gets a ton of hate as well but he has been decent this year. Our defense wasn't even able to practice for most of the week and we still could've and should've won last night.
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