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  1. Trying to package Chase Edmonds / Damien Harris for Darrell Henderson. I need a solid RB 2 (I have Mixon) and he needs RB's (he also has CMAC, Gaskin, Jamal Williams, and Mike Davis).
  2. Byes this week are such a headache, I have Diontae Johnson/Diggs on bye plus Toney isn't playing.
  3. Other nuggets from around the league just watching highlights / reading box scores: • Anthony Edwards looks legit had 29 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists on 10/21 FG & 6/12 3FG • The Bulls will likely be a fringe playoff team this year, they lack depth and shooting. • The Magic, Thunder, Rockets, and Raptors are all going to be bad this year and in contention for the #1 pick.
  4. @beekay414 was a huge fan of Duarte in the draft process as well. Dude was huge for the Pacers tonight.
  5. Looking at Russ' career you can make a strong argument that he has probably played alongside more superstars then any other superstar in NBA history. He played alongside Durant/Harden in OKC, George in OKC, Harden in Houston, Beal in Washington, and now LeBron/AD in LA.
  6. As a Damien Harris fantasy owner I really just have no idea what to even make of him at this point. If he has a good game against the Jets I'll probably package him with Chase Edmonds (hopefully shows up this week too) for a better RB. Harris is a non-factor in the Patriots passing game so he's basically a TD or bust player, against Houston he would've had a 2nd TD but fumbled the ball into the end zone which swung his fantasy production from 15.8 points to 8.8 points on a single play. He had a good game last week with 17.8 points and had 13.4 against the Jets earlier in the year. Last w
  7. One player I don't like that everyone else seems to love is D'Ernest Johnson. As a streaming option during the byes this week he's probably fine but as a long-term option I don't think he really gets enough usage to be a factor. Chubb should be back next week as they likely would've placed him on IR if they thought it was a serious issue so they could use the roster spot and will be the Browns every down back. With the uncertainty surrounding Baker's health going forward I also don't really love the Browns offense's potential to score a ton of points/gain a ton of yardage the rest of the seaso
  8. Bought low on Ayiuk on the waiver wire before last week's games. I could see this being the Aiyuk coming out party and him being one of the hottest adds in fantasy next week. The Colts have given up the 4th most points to WR's in fantasy through the first 6 weeks of the season. While the 49ers are coming off of the bye, Jimmy G should be back, and Lynch/Kyle have both publicly discussed the need to get Ayiuk going. At 2-3 a loss this week would be damning for the 49ers playoff hopes and with Kittle on IR it just seems like the perfect week for Aiyuk to get more involved in a must win game.
  9. The ultimate trap game, imo. The team has to come out focused this week. I have Jalen Hurts in fantasy so I've watched every Eagles game this year and one thing about them is that they tend to start slow and then get going towards the end of the game. Which doesn't really bode well for us as we've seen this team let the Dolphins back into the game late when it should've been a blow out. We should definitely win this week but I think this is a tougher matchup then the Broncos. Hurts is extremely mobile, Sanders has been good (with limited usage), and their WR trio of Smith/Reagor/Watkins
  10. The games this week are pretty meh. One game that does stand out for me though is the Bengals at Ravens. Both teams are 3-3 ATS to start the year with Baltimore being +5.1 points ATS and the Bengals being +5.9 points ATS. 6.5 seems like a lot for the Ravens to cover this week. I think there's a ton of recency bias because of their dominant performance against the Chargers last week but one detail no one seems to be mentioning is that Mike Williams hardly played for the Chargers last week and he's their primary deep threat. Without Williams the Chargers didn't really have anyone that could take
  11. Brad Beal averaged 31 ppg last season with Russ. Russ has also played with Paul George in OKC and James Harden in Houston.
  12. Bazemore has worn #6 or #24 throughout his career, couldn't take those numbers so he had to take goat Rondo's #9.
  13. CP3, Shamet, and Bridges all got paid but Ayton can't. Why?
  14. I get that but have some respect for Rondo man. He has never worn 9 in his career, Rondo has always been #9, should've given it up.
  15. I mean Philadelphia has done everything in their power to piss him off. Doc Rivers/Embiid calling him out publicly immediately after they lost the series, the team actively shopping him throughout the off-season, and even the news showing a video of a garbage can floating in a flood saying "Ben Simmons making his exit out of Philly." It was no secret during the off-season that the 76ers were trying to trade Ben and were actively engaged in talks with multiple teams to move him. Their asking price was too high so a deal never happened and now they're surprised that he doesn't want to play
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