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  1. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Bears:41 Lions:3
  2. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    Take the Detroit Lions! they are free but you have to take the owners as well ;-)
  3. Week 9: Lions @ Vikings

    I love the Lions but man have they become one sorry *** team this year...how the hell are you going to fire a HC and say.. "we got a guy who can make us win NOW"! total BS!!! all across the board on that FO move....starting to agree with skip on this one ....What really makes Matty a HC...in the end yeah Ok Defensive coach for the Pats who seem to keep winnning without him.....do i really need to say more..what a laughing stock of the nfl.
  4. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    I totally agree this season has turned into a laughing joke..now to watch the thanksgiving game and say goodbye and see you at the draft!
  5. Lions fire ST coordinator Joe Marciano

    Now can we have JBC walk with him hand in hand plz! or at least kick him out after the season!
  6. Week 9: Lions @ Vikings

    Oh and like i said in the first two game's of this year Quin is slow as **** and tabor should never see the field...can even look back on it! 5-11 at best!
  7. Week 9: Lions @ Vikings

    This Team is a joke this year...cya when draft day hits..hopefully get a to 10 pick
  8. Bye Bye Tate

    I cant agree more! Sounds like to "ME" the FO said OK this isn't our year after the loss to the Seahawks and it doesn't look like we can really change much to make this year any better so lets get some picks for the draft and think next year and with a year under everyone's belt in Detroit everything hopefully will run smoother. I really want a defensive draft bad! not this best player unless its a defensive player....Another thing I'm really not totally down with keeping JBC
  9. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    2018 Lions Playoffs or Bust!! This game will tell it all!!!
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Just sounds funny to me that a team with only three wins are talking about playoffs...like come on!
  11. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    So if anyone has an idea of checking out the SeaHawks game day thread...Don't be surprised if you see them talking about playoffs and wildcards for there team this year..they are apparently going straight there after they beat the lions
  12. Seattle Seahawks (3-3) @ Detroit Lions (3-3)

    Lets have a no Injury game! Should be a great game to watch!
  13. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    You know what sounds cringy? Saying Kerryon Johnson & Ameer Abdullah in the same sentence.
  14. Giants trade Harrison to Lions

    As a Lions Fan..All I can hope is this guy will bring in a mentality to not be the worst run defense in the league Period! Then and only then will the lions pull there head out from there own ***'s and win against teams like the Vikings, Rams, Carolina and ect..
  15. Trade!

    I hope Snacks can bring in a mentality like warren sapp did with Tampa and say this last in the league run Defense **** ends today! haha