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  1. Trading Stafford

    He's not going anywhere period! so BYE Fake News
  2. Tua's family says no to Detroit

    But why is this even a conversation we don't need tua period!
  3. Very Sad! Prayers for the Jones Family

    So very Sad to hear.. only love and support from My family to the Jones and the Lions Fans!

  5. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    Looks like we got MP and BQ for another season. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001089135/article/matt-patricia-mum-on-future-i-like-to-keep-that-private
  6. Lions place 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson on IR

    Finally someone that doesn't just look at PFF..thank god!
  7. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    I had a bad feeling about this season after this **** hole of a GM picked a TE in the first round! Hock better be a HOF next your or BUST!
  8. Lions vs Redskins Takeaways

    Do you still have the same opinion after to days **** Show?
  9. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    LETS FIRE THIS FAT F ...complete trash a$$ team!!!
  10. Bears at Lions Thanksgiving Turkey.

    We'll i'll be the broken record here and say WOW THE LIONS SUCK A$$!
  11. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    Well from last week I thought I believed in this HC now have no faith in him...FIRE him! I'd make a Full Commitment to hire Jim Harbaugh and offer and something can't refuse!
  12. Redskins v Lions GDT

    even if we win we don't deserve it what a joke of a team
  13. Redskins v Lions GDT

    This team is just so lost in there own heads like holy **** these guys are playing like trash F TRASH!
  14. Redskins v Lions GDT

    wow this team sucks *** even against a ****ty team! Fire the HC and DC and keep Bevell!
  15. Confidence Poll

    For GM or Head Coach?