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  1. guy was the most dominant WR from 2010 till he retired Period...Better then any WR to this day Period! this isn't f*en D.K. M this is Calvin Johnson! the guy that put up 1900+ yard record! If the lions bring him back somehow to work with the WR and DB's man what a plus.. Saying anything that he wouldn't be a benefit is an idiot! and like always this dumb team needs to give back money to the man that gave so much more then any other player for the Lions! Body and mental/brain health.
  2. IDK if its thread worthy But Congrats to Calvin Johnson for making the HOF!!! totally deserves it and a first round as well!
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/chiefs-olb-coach-britt-reid-son-of-hc-andy-reid-involved-in-multi-car-crash SO are they just going to pretend this wasn't a DUI? lol wtf
  5. Just to let some Rams Fans Know The guy is tough as any QB comes and that you'll always have a shot to win with Stafford Period! Guys got some magic I'll tell ya! Literally the only thing that kept the lions relevant.
  6. I really think Goff is going to make us all miss Stafford even more but I think he's a Bridge QB and can't complain about the two 1st round picks.
  7. Man no matter what this is going to hurt for the next 3 years..edit or more!
  8. Love how these Packer are crying about calls....lmao how does it feel Fer's
  9. I do agree with what you are saying..I doubt He has a trade clause seeing the time of his extension..you'll eat 43 to 49 mill and the lions will save around 14 mill if the trade is done. Jimmy isn't the guy for the 49ers but I can for sure seeing Stafford Winning on a 49ers team then anywhere else atm maybe INDY...and if it come down to picks yes i can see one or the other in INDY or SF offering a first and a second ad if not a 3rd with a 2nd or 3rd in the next year draft.
  10. Detroit is only taking calls for Stafford for a 1st round pick.. A Call.. so you'd have to imagine plus a 2nd or a 3rd to go along with the 1st
  11. I'd like to see the 49er pick him up personally but we'll see...SO Begs the Question what do the lions want for Him?
  12. From what I can remember didn't Joe Lombardi not like Stafford saying he could't get the playbook lombardi came to detroit with.
  13. Going to Miss this guy but it's time. Hope only for the best!
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