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  1. Harrison signs one year extension

    Great News!
  2. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    Yup pretty ugly atm...
  3. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    From what I've read and watched it looks like the Patriot way is installed and that thing are going great as far as the first and second round picks go. Jahlani is looking great and so is Hockenson. Both have made splashes that they can compete at the NFL level.
  4. Lions sign Former Packer DT Mike Daniels

    titletown LMAO..more like getting closer to getting to 10 years with no title...
  5. Lions sign Former Packer DT Mike Daniels

    and we got TJ probably a year or two late...The Guy DID MAKE THE PRO BOWL FOR THE LIONS...
  6. Lions sign Former Packer DT Mike Daniels

    All these viking fans that are scratching there heads thinking he was going to them for a superbowl contender lmao maybe in year 20?? The man even got a Raise from Detroit and the didn't even pay snacks or Slay yet..Daniels is going to be a beast in the middle of that Dline!
  7. Detroit Lions sign DT Mike Daniels

    Wow just wow I really didn't think he'd end up with us but by all means lets get this f'n Tank rolling!!!
  8. JPP fractures neck; potentially out for the season

    Isn't there a saying about Florida drivers?

    Kinda a 50/50 philosophy don't you think?

    Can I get on this Train? all around like this!
  11. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I'm being Lazy but I'm at work for the next 14hrs...Long shot here but can anyone make a Roster Depths chart by Position and highlight the players you think will start?
  12. 2nd day big board

    lions super bowl or BUST
  13. 2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I mean Quinn and Patrica are literally picking there own guys that are left...not best value or talent.
  14. 2nd day big board

    Tabor teez 2.0
  15. 2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    REACH by FAR!