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  1. Not gunna lie Stafford in a 49er's uniform would look pretty good..plus its my second favorite team.
  2. I have a feeling we are going to see if Stafford really wants to still be a Detroit Lion or not in the next 5 games...Anyone else?
  3. Josh McDaniels FOR HC BABY! LETS GO!
  4. I all most fell out of my chair! THANK THE LORD!
  5. wow just wow this is just trash! first time on thanksgiving i just had to turn it off!
  6. I have a feeling that someone will take over this team next year and be successful and change the scheme add a couple players at some positions and draft for a LB DE or trade/Fa one..
  7. ^^ I believe this is why Patricia is even here Owner's are not liking what the have seen in the past with maybe a care free attitude so then the pressure was on Quin to fix this issue.. His best idea was to change attitude/Culture of the team, Fire the HC and make this team more demanding.. Patriot way.. add in that Patricia was a first time HC and watched under Bill which from my understanding was/is hard on players as well didn't sit well...So anyone that didn't went out the door! This still begs the question why isn't this fixing the problem and that's why Pat/Quin got a mandate to make the playoffs this year our both are most likely FIRED!
  8. like how the **** is the defense this terrible like HOW? WR are just WIDE OPEN?
  9. This team is just lost in every position..
  10. Plus could you see Stafford in a Kyle 49er's offense or Kliff's?
  11. Who do you think will be the next GM and HC for the Lions this coming up year.. Please no out of ordinary College Team coach...I want a winner or at least a winner on Offence.. Someone like Kyle 49er or kliff kingsbury
  12. This GM and HC are Trash.. I totally think They Both Need To Be Fired! Who's the next best option?
  13. this team just plan sucks period!
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