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  1. Offseason Thread

    If you live in close to TN Hulu has regional games and has the games the next day from whatever your tv plays on cbs fox and espn. Just sign up for a free week the week of the season and check to see. It’s how I watched the Miami game when I went on vacation last year. It could have been live I remember watching it on my phone on the beach but i don’t remember if it was the day of or the day after.
  2. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    Sport trac doesn’t have the cap rollover figured in yet. That’s why we have so much each year. J rob doesn’t use all the money he could use and rolls it to the next year to have cap flexibility.
  3. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    You do realize we are going to have at least 55 to 60 mil in cap space next year? Plus we can cut around 30 mil in salary off if we want f too. We are going to roll over at least 20-25 mil of the remaining cap to next year barring another huge signing like Ansah or Suh which I don’t see happening plus it’s going to rise another 10 mil or more. We will never be in a bind as long as we roll over cap space like we are now. it’s so easy to clear cap space cut and restructure to make deals work in today’s nfl. The cap really isn’t an issue anymore like it used to be. If we resign them it’s gonna be because Jrob deems they are worth it. We can afford all of them plus more because they can just play with the numbers to make it work out how they want or need.
  4. Offseason Thread

    Looks like before the wake signing and Vaccaro numbers added we had 34 mil in cap space. Humphries counted 5 mil against the cap this year 10 next year and Roger S is like 6.75 this year 12.3 next year .
  5. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    Can’t be worse than the rak Morgan duo. We basically played with OLB who got zero pressure.
  6. Offseason Thread

    I agree with everything your saying. You nailed it with both posts in my eyes.Rap said we were out early. Philly and the raiders were in it at the end on tv just now. Saying that it’s nice we showed interest but I look forward to the draft and free agency more than the season almost. We’ve rebuilt from a bottom feeder to middle of the pack but it’s so frustrating how let down I get every year when we sign middling players. I get it I do but I’d love to have a big name signing or trade. It’s why AB was a pipe dream in a way. I just feel let down every year after free agency. I get what JRob is trying to do and I support it but it gets old after a while just because how they try to sell it a lot. I feel like nfl teams value 3-7 round picks more then what they are. It’s nice to hit on them and every team will at times but most are Depth or special team additions. Most are players who don’t contribute a lot for a while. When most of the time you can get someone proven via trade for them. How good does trading a 1 for cooks look right now a few years ago when we got Davis and he still is unproven in a lot of ways.
  7. Offseason Thread

    I think Mack adds more value than AB. He took a good defense to almost great last year. When you word it like that honestly that’s pretty good for them player and draft Capitol wise. I just think they are more of a rebuild. I’d been ecstatic giving that for AB. I wanted him in the back of my mind but I knew realistically it wasn’t the best thing for the titans. It would be awesome to have a dominant big name player here. Especially with the money the free agent receivers are gong to get this offseason for mediocre receivers. None of those are gong to drastically change this offense.
  8. Offseason Thread

    I don’t really get them wanting him. I don’t think it’s a bad trade if your willing to pay 20 mil a year for a receiver. I thought the whole point of Mack Amari traded and Carr’s name keep getting brought up was to dump salary and rebuild so what does he do for a team who isn’t going to contend for at least two years being already 31.
  9. Offseason Thread

    AB to the raiders for a 3 and 5. They are making him the highest paid receiver in nfl.
  10. Offseason Thread

    It is almost midnight but it’s all over nfl network.
  11. Offseason Thread

    Bill receiver just posted false alarm on instagram as well regarding the trade. Idk how to copy the picure.
  12. Offseason Thread

    AB to the bills.
  13. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    I didn’t read through all your thread but I did some. Big titans fan here. The only reason any of us are sad about losing him is because giving Marcus continuity and now he has to learn another system. I personally don’t think he’s ready to be a head coach. He wasn’t that great this year for us. After losing Delanie and having scrub receivers I think he could do well with a thriving offense but I wasn’t sold on him as OC and personally I’m glad he’s gone. He was very green this year for a oc had a lot of up and downs. He relied to much on the run when we had no running game this first 3 quarters of the season. He would throw in some new stuff we didn’t see with mularkeys crap offense but all in all we didn’t improve much under him. I wish you guys well but everything you guys are praising from his past I read we did as well last year and we didn’t see much of any improvement. He wouldve gotten a job next year because of the oc trend and finding the next McVay so I don’t think it’s a reach hire but at the same time I don’t see him as a leader that a coach should be. Just my two cents from a loyal titan fan.
  14. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    If you take away his running ability he’s average at best As a qb. I really think the main reason Jones is so highly thought of by the coaches and is still playing is because he makes all the line calls marcus doesn’t. Marcus doesn’t read things well either for a fourth year qb. I like him as a player and person but this is what they have played for all season and he is inactive. I just think it’s inexcusable and personally don’t think he’s that great. Im sure switching systems hurt but everything has to go right and he has to be able to make plays with his legs or the threat of it for him to have good games.
  15. Sunday GDT

    I agree. I thought 10 mil was more than fair for him. He’s never been a top guy but at the same time he always silently produced everywhere he’s been.