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  1. He will have a 6 mil cap hit this year. I would not want him counting 14 mil against the cap in year two as he will for the Patriots. I’m sure incentive will go towards not likely to be earned column
  2. Steelers paid him 15.85 mil last year.
  3. 5 year 82.5 mil buck said on prime time around 35 mil guaranteed. Think nfl network reported it
  4. Buck said on his show from his sources Jonnu had knee problems and fear they won’t hold up and aren’t comfortable giving him a long term deal because of a that so he doesn’t see them resigning him. King for sure isn’t coming back he’s said that for weeks from his sources on his prime time show.
  5. Did anyone catch 104.5 today to see who they played on the midday 180 slot in the transition to them going to outkick?
  6. Walker will be more of an edge setter like Gilbert to play the run. Don’t expect a lot of sacks or pressure from him if he plays in more than a depth back up role. Turron and Coach Mac have said that since he was drafted.
  7. If you watch a lot of what he does is after someone else breaks something then he posts a few minutes after. Seems like a lot is speculation or what he’s seeing on the internet . I don’t think he’s that legit. 3 main things he said that hasn’t happened so far was cam is being released cooks being released and then said clowney and hawks were closing in on a deal yesterday. he’s got some stuff right though: I agree not many ppl posting so it’s interesting to watch. At least he puts who is interested in who but if it’s true who knows.
  8. The Profootball411 everyone has been citing says clowney and Seahawks close to a deal. Idk how to link it.
  9. I don’t see it either I agree with what titansfan4life is saying. Where are you seeing the top 3 finalist at?
  10. Sport trac says 3.583 when you click on his name at the bottom he’s getting 31500 per game roster bonus 500000 total
  11. How does the dead cap work were teams take it over 2 years? We have 11 mil as of now. Can we gain any cap room that or does that depend on when you release a player?
  12. I could tell when you corrected me the other day you know your stuff. I appreciate that because most of the ppl getting paid to do it for a job don’t even know half of what you stated.I don’t post much I’ve just followed for years on here. I don’t get Tannys either. Especially how they structured to pick up the third year next year.
  13. Didn’t say they weren’t targets it’s why I added this post to show he does have some nuggets. Just saying what he hears and can happen depending on circumstances can be different. More so defending the guy than trying to say he is wrong about Brady or these targets.
  14. This is last years from a guy. Missed on these as well but the Indy post he got pretty accurate I’ll share it next.
  15. Didn’t notice it was you who said it. Lol. Thought it was someone random implying it could be less than 9.5 as I scanned over the post which didn’t make sense how it could be less. Only reason I commented should’ve looked closer at the name. Glad you clarified the likely and not likely to be earned. Pk has argued for years it all counted the same year so glad for the clarification.
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