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  1. I agree, but they're the only veterans in the middle of the defense besides defensive linemen (and technically everyone is new in Joe Woods Defense besides Sendejo, no?)
  2. I'm not sure we have a 3-down player at LB or S other than potentially Mack Wilson or Grant Delpit, I read an article were Mack said he wouldn't be wearing it, and I can't see them giving it to a rookie. Karl Joseph? Andrew Sendejo? Really not seeing a good option personally.
  3. Anyone have any predictions on who will be wearing the green dot on defense?
  4. Certainly don't take it as gospel, I first heard it mentioned by Michael Lombardi (so we should all be skeptical) on Pat McAfee's show, but then it got me curious and I couldn't disprove it
  5. As far as I know the opt-out agreement was only a verbal agreement so far, the players will have 7 days from when the agreement is formally signed, which hasn't happened yet https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/07/nfl-players-have-until-tuesday-or-later-to-opt-out
  6. (Wishful thinking) Could be a false positive
  7. Which doesn't necessarily mean he has it, only that he had contact with someone who does, correct?
  8. Posting as a "know your opponent" type thing:
  9. Considering his apparent change of heart since march: And he just switched representation to Drew Rosenhaus I think this is simply Drew doing Drew things
  10. He mentioned it in his most recent press conference: https://youtu.be/Rb4hI7QhmeA?t=765
  11. Wasn't sure where to put this, but I thought it was an interesting discussion
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