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  1. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Sounds like Jaelen Strong was released
  2. And Myles hasn't played since the first series
  3. Building the Browns (Season 2)

  4. Building the Browns (Season 2)

  5. Just This Year - Joe Thomas vs Phil Dawson

    Tough question, pretty much a toss-up as far as I'm concerned. I would also add Eric Turner and ST ace Josh Cribbs to the discussion, and frankly I'd take any of them in their prime to put this team over the top
  6. MiniCamp 5/3-5/5

    I find it interesting that both of the specialists in rookie minicamp both kicked and punted in college. Would provide good versatility and adaptability to injury should they go that direction.
  7. Building the Browns (Season 2)

    Kind of a slow episode: Baker goes to the barber, footage of voluntary minicamp, and coverage of the Greedy and Takitaki selections
  8. Building the Browns (Season 2)

    Player arrivals, OBJ, strength and conditioning, Myles' puppy meetup, Freddie at Bama
  9. Steve Wilks scheme

  10. New uniforms in 2020

  11. Dorsey a genius????