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  1. Who are the two data points, Myles and Takk? Curtis Weaver didn't have 34" arms or a 10' broad. I'm not sure why those two measurements would be considered any more relevant than any other
  2. Soft might be hyperbolic, I'm just thinking back to Joe playing though high ankle sprains and really more emphasizing how amazing Joe was
  3. Man, were we spoiled by Joe T. Blake Hance did an admirable job filling in after Lamm went down, but how soft is Wills that he couldn't tough out this game? Maybe that's unrealistic, but Joe was really something else
  4. I'd be perfectly fine to not have Nantz/Romo call any Browns game ever
  5. "Best running back duo in the league" and they don't even use them, pathetic. They're gonna end up letting Chubb walk aren't they?
  6. I mean when one team gets away with the same penalties that the Browns get called for, and vice versa, I think there's a legit gripe with the officiating. Just be consistent with the calls
  7. Also, NFL clearly knows who they want to win based on the officiating
  8. Terrible time management anyway, really been poor all year, by far my biggest gripe with Stefanski
  9. They looked more focused last week with no practice. Also, Bitonio is crazy overrated
  10. Not that he's a worldbeater by any means, but they did pick back up Donovan Olumba on the PS who's 6'2"
  11. I concur with everything here, except I think they need to rush Mahomes off the edges on long distance passing downs, for reasons well explained in this video:
  12. Just watched the game again. Man, what a satisfying game to watch without the anxiety of not knowing the outcome.
  13. According to the old site it says you joined 25 Jan 2008 http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=588241&start=0
  14. I heard on redzone they should announce it tonight
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