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  1. Nobody knows, I'll throw out some weird ones like Barmore, or Kwity Paye. That's the reason its a surprise first round pick, because nobody expects it.
  2. I'm just curious I feel like you have good insight. Who do you like as a better prospect at 5 than Pitts?
  3. We as fans have been watching terrible interior line play the last couple years. We don't have a lot of faith in our coaching staff to develop young guys but it seems to be the strategy right now for our team. There are a lot of good options in the draft this year, so getting a solid guard or two is far from impossible. I think it's possible to go BPA at 14 and trade up and get somebody great in the early 3rd. or end of the 2nd. I don't think our front office would have treated Riley like this if they didn't think they had options behind him that they watched perform at an equivale
  4. If you guys love Teven Jenkins so much why don't you marry him. There's a ton of good players of course he'll be a 2ndround pick as the 10th best O-line prospect. If we were picking at 45 he would be somebody to consider.
  5. Honestly this draft has so much depth at we better be able to get a decent guard or two in the draft this year even with the third round picks. Package your 2nd third round pick and move up for an early contributor. Use a late round pick and move from 78 to 69 and go for somebody like Wyatt Davis. Be Aggressive.
  6. There might be some special players there at 14. Those top 5 receivers are nasty. A lot of teams desperately need and amazing receiver. We may even be able to draft a special Adrian Peterson Type player because of the QB class this year. 5 qb's could go before 14.
  7. He has the 13th highest cap hit on the team and may be less in our future plans than Harrison Hand or a rookie.
  8. I've been saying this for months. Mac Jones isn't horrible let him sit behind Kirk. Some people have rated him top 3.
  9. O-line! We are desperate as fans.
  10. Yea I think we could trade our second next year for somebody who's a stud.
  11. So you want more pass rushers? I wouldn't mind 2 guards. We have like 1 million left in cap space.
  12. Why? What's wrong with giving Wonnum, Hercules, and draft picks a chance?
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