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  1. The whole bucs forum want a offensive tackle.
  2. 3-rounder.

    Jesus Christ did I like this Vikings draft. You have a talent. I would be very happy to see something like this happen draft day.
  3. How has your team done in FA?

    The Vikings did well and dropped the ball a few times. They got rid of a bunch of over priced players. But didn't do a good enough job retaining more affordable talent and depth. The places where we needed help we ended up losing depth. All in all we had great depth on our defense and I guess with so many picks in the draft we just really Need to hit on half of those picks and sign one or two more guys. I give it a C
  4. 2020 Draft Talk

    I'm all in with the top guard prospect at 22 if he's there and worth it.
  5. 2020 Draft Talk

    All of the top guards are projected mid rounds so we can get a Corner first round and two of the top guard prospects with our top 5 picks. What we really should be trying to figure out is which Corner is Zimmer going to be trying to take based on his history.
  6. Vikings extend QB Kirk Cousins (Two years)

    I have a question. Could anybody List a few quarterbacks the Viking could realistically get that would be an upgrade from cousins next year? I've been thinking about it and there's not a ton of guys I feel confident with. Somebody like Teddy would have been interesting but money aside who are a couple of guys you would rather see that would be realistically available.
  7. 2020 Draft Talk

    Second this motion
  8. How many WR1's are in the NFL? And how important is it?

    Adam Theilen is our Number 1 better than Diggs.
  9. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Exactly I liked those two. Feel like so many players shouldn't be jumping ship voluntarily and those two I Feel like were good players for us that were so cheap. Even as depth guys they had so much value.
  10. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Why did we let all of our cheap good players walk...??
  11. Vikings trade WR Stefon Diggs and pick to Bills for 4 picks

    Diggs dropped the ball this year a bit. You're admitting Theilen has had more catches and targets the last 3 years. He's absolutely kirk Cousins favorite target. Theilen is the number one always has been you're agreeing he's always had more targets when healthy. The only thing you've said is Diggs gets double teamed more and faces the number 1 corner. When he plays well sometimes teams will double him and put there top corner on him. Saying he's been our top receiver sounds delusional. All of the facts, stats, and even by your account saying Theilens targeted more. Theilen is our top guy. Your pride won't let you admit you're wrong. I can see you trying to use some facts that look misleading while Theilen was injured to make it seem like Diggs is better. And if you can't see the facts there's no reason to discuss. We all thought they should have gotten Diggs more involved. We just didn't have room for him with the more solid Theilen when you ideally want to pass 10-25 times a game. That's why he wanted out. And its exactly a 1A and 1B with Theilen 1AA1.
  12. Browns sign Safety Andrew Sendejo

    Solid depth guy I really wanted us to bring him back as a quality starter if we needed him. Hes not fast flashy doesnt get picks amd he'll run into his own team. I never liked him until Zim got here and he proved he could he a solid piece of the cog.
  13. Vikings trade WR Stefon Diggs and pick to Bills for 4 picks

    Okay you don't have any facts to back that up. Here's a fact. Theilen has had more targets and catches every year they've been in the league how about that, and I don't even have to look up any stats yo know that. When we need a big play we have 1 guy who never drops the ball. As much as I miss my boy Diggs he's never been our go to guy.
  14. Bengals sign Mackensie Alexander (1-year/$4 million)

    This is Horrible for the Vikings our 3 top corners gone. I didn't like Rhodes or Waynes but this one hurts especially for the price.