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  1. I still feel our biggest weakness is our O-line.
  2. Cam Newton might be available for trade

    He'd likely be to expensive, I wouldn't mind him as a back-up it seems every other team has depth at QB.
  3. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Its the scheme they are moving him around with the play to buy him more time to throw so he's not a sitting duck. They've drawn up quite a bit of roll-outs and screens so far.
  4. Week 8: Washington (1-6) at VIKINGS (5-2)

    Rhodes had a few bad plays don't over react he's still our guy this year.
  5. Trade Help

    Should I Trade: James Conner, Deandre Hopkins, and Brandin Cooks or DJ Chark for Christian Mccaffery It's a one person keeper league and i have AJ Green coming back soon, I've never started DJ Chark even though i should have, and Conner hasn't done anything for me same with Hopkins.
  6. Trade Help

    It's very close it seems like you don't need the trade, see if you can get a little more out of it because Barkley is a top 5 pick anyway you look at it.
  7. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    He's got a ton of potential he looked like a Mini Stephon Diggs at one point but he just wasn't picking up the offense and being as solid as Olabisi. But if he gets it together we might have a nice young receiver on our hands.
  8. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    There's a ton of local podcasts and and rumors that people are pushing this. A lot of people feel like Rhodes isn't the same player and we're crazy for not offering him not while he has value and a 1st which most likely will not be early and could be a bust for the best corner in football whose 24 years old. I personally like Rhodes and don't know enough about Jaylen Ramsey to make an educated decision. But I will say another thing that they were saying is that they would trade Rhodes and a 1st but not Trae Waynes and a first. Very weird and interesting situation for me and I feel like there's so much interest that somebody will pay a boatload.
  9. Trade Help

    Should I consider trading for Sammy Watkins and Sony Michel for Devonta freeman and Josh Gordon? It's an interesting situation.
  10. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    I inherited the first team so i only drafted the rookies.
  11. Draft Finished: Which Teams are Best

    5 and 11 killed it easily has to be those two they are stacked. Voted for team 5 they are to good at every position, not as much depth but that's fine.
  12. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    I have two teams both 10 team ppr League One QB: Drew Brees, Kyler Murrey RB: Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Chris Carson, Lamar Miller, Royce Freeman WR: Brandin Cook, AJ Green, Devin Funchess, Parris Campbell, Geronimo Allison TE: Kyle Rudolph, Matt Lacosse, Jimmy Graham Second League QB: Rothlisberger RB: James Conner, Devonta Freeman, Peyton Barber, Miles Sanders, Jordan Howard WR: Brandin Cook, AJ Green, Deandre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Josh Gordon, James Washington, Geronimo Allison** TE: Kyle Rudolph, Matt Lacosse** Dropped Allison for Matt Lacosse might switch back
  13. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football (DRAFT THREAD)

    @squire12 Page 6 im on my phone
  14. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football (DRAFT THREAD)

  15. He played very well for us in MN. He just was set to make to much money. We shelled out a little bit more for who we felt was one of the best quarterback available around the league.