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  1. Exactly, I'm a huge Zimmer Fan, but he clearly doesn't care about Offense. We need somebody who can develop a rookie Quarterback. Even his defense is out of date we have the personnel to run a 3 man front with Hunter and Wonnum or Bar outside. Everything about him is to old school.
  2. This game was embarrassing I agree with a few people Zimmer has to go.
  3. Hey the Chiefs have a great defense, and I agree with Dantzler, but the key is he hasn't stayed healthy. He has potential to be the best corner on the team if his career isn't derailed.
  4. That's the point we always struggle against their defense and we all thought that last year when they did better than us. Obviously not as worried about them as the Packers but if we all finished with similar records I wouldn't be surprised.
  5. Hill looks the part this year for sure. I'm personally fine with him starting the first few games. I was just saying down the road if Darrisaw didn't work out, do we have a starting quality LT on the roster we're not thinking about. I definitely don't want to move him this year.
  6. Rashod Hill looks like a beast. I don't know if I'd be super upset if we start him the first few games. the whole line looks a lot bigger which is a good sign even though its the position group that I think can really destroy our season.
  7. If he was good enough to start for the super bowl winners he should be a set it and forget it across from Pat P. Or do you guys think Dantzler has a chance?
  8. The Bears may be an underrated threat this year.
  9. What do we think about Ezra at left tackle if Christian Darrisaw and Rashod Hill don't work out. 2nd round pick is nothing to forget about.
  10. We all love Zimmer and think he's a good coach. But there is one thing I heard today that really stuck with me. He doesn't put enough emphasis on exploiting the defenses weaknesses. A good coach can utilize their personnel to optimize their offense. Purple daily even made the point if we drafted Lamar Jackson instead of Mike Hughs would we even have changed our scheme enough for him to be the same player he is.
  11. As a Vikins fan he's good. If we had the money to keep him we would have. I think he had over 100 tackles as a fill in. He really blew out our expectations and a fill in.
  12. Nobody knows, I'll throw out some weird ones like Barmore, or Kwity Paye. That's the reason its a surprise first round pick, because nobody expects it.
  13. I'm just curious I feel like you have good insight. Who do you like as a better prospect at 5 than Pitts?
  14. We as fans have been watching terrible interior line play the last couple years. We don't have a lot of faith in our coaching staff to develop young guys but it seems to be the strategy right now for our team. There are a lot of good options in the draft this year, so getting a solid guard or two is far from impossible. I think it's possible to go BPA at 14 and trade up and get somebody great in the early 3rd. or end of the 2nd. I don't think our front office would have treated Riley like this if they didn't think they had options behind him that they watched perform at an equivale
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