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  1. My kids don't understand why I was on edge. Big deep breath now.
  2. Why is there any talk of smokescreens? Like are the Jags and Jets are so impressed by Shanny's offensive IQ that they both draft Jones and we snag Lawrence? Lawrence goes one. You can not sacrifice that much draft capital to "hope" with smokescreens and parlor tricks that your guy is there at three. We either know the Jet's plan or are perfectly happy with two other QB's. Nothing else logically resonates.
  3. Sorry Rudy. I'm a teacher, so colors are my jam to get ideas across quickly. To make it up to you, I'll teach my culinary class the fine intricacies of the squeekiest of poutine. Gourmand gravy!!!
  4. Some perspective about drafting a QB in the first round, and mind you, I love Kyle taking his shot at what he sees as his QB. I'm hoping for the best, but also crossing my fingers as I spend way too much time pondering who the pick is and why it will effect the next ten years of our program when in the last ten years across the NFL, it's kind of a crapshoot... 32 Total QB's drafted in the first round, of them... 8 Out of the league/free agent 11 Backups 5 Starter caliber 6 Starter/Potential Franchise, and the potential is also linked to them being drafted in the last
  5. Unless as a Scout team QB, he was supposed to emulate a short to intermediate passer to get the defense ready for the next game. Throwing bombs would be a **** move.
  6. I get that he's an absolute Swiss army knife, and can so many things traditional fullbacks can't. Deep wheel route!!! It seems that his blocking has tapered off, and maybe it's because Kittle wasn't around, but can't we scout and find our own Juice to craft into exactly what he is best at? Doesn't seem like the rest of the league is in the market for that.
  7. If he really wants out, he should drop his no trade clause. Sucks for him to lose that leverage, but it would allow the Texans to get their best haul. Or find something else he is really passionate about for the year and force their hand next year after sitting it out. I know Le'Veon Bell had more wear on his body and it's a different situation, but I wonder if his struggles after sitting will frighten, or caution teams.
  8. My brother in law was working for Nextel or Motorola when they were sponsors for the Niners back in the day, and he scored my pops and I tickets to the Niners draft party. It was the 2005 Alex Smith draft. Got to meet Alley-oop Owens and YA Tittle. YA wore a leather helmet in a picture with my dad - awesome. Anyway, had lunch with Tony Parrish, and by god, he was a mountain of a man. Absolutely cool guy, but a neck that seemed bigger than his head.
  9. I have traveled your kindred land, and have not heard of such yeasty mooses...moose. Even took in an A's game in Moosejaw. Pray tell Rudy.
  10. Smarterest is best for being in talent takeover systems...that are smart. That was a tough listen. Makes me love Shanny even more.
  11. Didn't realize I should have written "Richard" instead if ****.
  12. Enjoying the debate, but could you both be right? Take both defenses and transplant them into the other's year...would they be as successful in that year's context...rules...styles of play etc. I think about how frightening a backfield of Lott and Night Train Lane would be, but they would be severely limited by today's protective rules. Fun watch of **** "Night Train" Lane
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