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  1. Didn't realize I should have written "Richard" instead if ****.
  2. Enjoying the debate, but could you both be right? Take both defenses and transplant them into the other's year...would they be as successful in that year's context...rules...styles of play etc. I think about how frightening a backfield of Lott and Night Train Lane would be, but they would be severely limited by today's protective rules. Fun watch of **** "Night Train" Lane
  3. "NFL owners approved a proposal that will reward teams for developing minority coaches and front office executives who go on to become head coaches and general managers for other organizations, Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Tuesday." Washington is interviewing Martin Mayhew for their GM job. If he lands it, I believe it counts for two more third round picks for us. Not a fan of losing so much of our front office...but...
  4. 58% of Fields passes went to just two players accounting for 70% of his yardage. Concerning.
  5. With that slow-mo replay, it's clear Sherman want's nothing to do with hitting today.
  6. Shouldn't Nick get the points from a pick six though?
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