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  1. Are there any players that have opted out for the year or are unable to play this year due to their universities opting out that may slide in the draft that you would target as bargains?
  2. Week 1: Pats Week 2: Niners Week 3: Colts Week 4: Rams Week 5: Ravens Week 6: Dolphins Week 7: Bills
  3. Moons over My Hammy. Jets are brutal.
  4. Just saw this. Sad. Huge trade for us back in '81, and he's one of those old school guys with speed and bend who could absolutely play in the league today. Jesus, love the tape jobs on hands back then. RIP Mr. Dean.
  5. My kids just lost their business over that TD. Christmas Jerseys?
  6. I just want to really hit a QB and take the penalty. I think everyone on our D is take weird last second angle to avoid ticky tack fouls. Maybe because of the early season penalties, and they are paying for it with awkward misses.
  7. Week 1: Pats Week 2: Niners Week 3: Colts Week 4: Rams
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