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  1. Glad Ftn49 is still in it. Luckily I have no idea how to edit posts. Week one: Pats Week two: Niners
  2. Good watch. I am atrocious at picking up the nuanced play of interior linemen, on both sides of the ball, unless it's blatantly obvious. Any favorite analysts of interior play other than Baldinger? Fingers crossed on Kinlaw.
  3. Yikes, that was a week one bludgeoning. These are the remaining teams, I'm pretty sure: Bills - Johnguy2015, Justone2, Melbourne9er, and John232 Pats - Forge, and Dutch Titans - Rudy2 Steelers - 49ers Finest I'm not sure how the Ftn49 posts edit works, as that is clearly above my pay grade. Did I miss anyone?
  4. Yeah, rookie mistake not looking closer at the settings. My WR heavy team better be hoping for a heavy dose of fly sweeps. Fun draft.
  5. Great, now I have to watch Smokey and the Bandit. Maybe even a double header with Cannonball Run.
  6. I feel this is the fairest, most aesthetically crafted draft I have ever seen. Double checking though...I do have the first pick right? Looking forward to the season, but I have no idea what to do with an IDP draft. Let's go football!
  7. I prefer a little advanced notice, but I'm open to whatever.
  8. I know I don't post much, but I've been following the threads for years. I'm in if you need another player.
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