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  1. This is the main discussion that should be coming out of the Coronavirus experience. How do we get healthier? I live in the UK not the US but the problems are pretty much the same. Diabetes, metabolic condition, obesity, insulin resistance, auto-immune disease, inflammation - these are what the topics of conversation should be. Correcting these issues will be be the best protection against Coronavirus and upcoming viruses, not the vaccines and drugs that Big Pharma will make $/£billions from. We need to work out how we can make the time to cook properly. To make whole foods cheaper to buy. To get outside and get sunlight. To put the devices down! We can't keep leading these horribly unhealthy lives and assume that there won't be any come back.
  2. In fact that main takeaway we should take from the Coronavirus is how unhealthy the Western world is. Did you know only 12% of the US population is actually classified as metabolically healthy - https://www.healthline.com/health-news/what-does-it-mean-to-be-metabolically-healthy Give up the processed food. Get outside. Get more sunshine. Drink less alcohol. These are the messages that the media and government should be pushing for how we can protect ourselves against Coronavirus and future viruses that will undoubtedly come. What have we had instead? Messages encouraging comfort eating. Dunkin Donuts making donations to hospitals. Pepsi thanking all the healthcare workers. You couldn't make it up!
  3. The information has been out there for weeks. Here are the extrapolated results of antibody testing that was done in Spain over a month ago. Coronavirus is very bad for people in certain age demographics underlying health conditions. However for the vast majority of people Coronavirus is nothing to worry about. Every step and precaution should have been taken to protect those people likely to be worse affected by the virus, however for everyone else life should have gone on as normal. There's been something very strange about the whole Coronavirus experience. I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but the constant fear-mongering, click-baiting, finger pointing from the media has been a real eye opener. The Coronavirus has been a god send in terms of clicks for the various media outlets. The likes of Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Google have also benefitted enormously. Fear, division etc equal views and clicks. Coronavirus sells. Even the headlines which accompanied that Spanish study above were almost wholly negative, eg. 'Study shows that only 7% of population have contracted corona - 93% are still to get it!'.
  4. So 1 in every 305 people (0.33%) of people under the age of 40 developed critical symptoms. Even extending this to all people under 60 the % is 0.599%. This is what we shut down the whole of society for!?! Untold economic damage, mass unemployment, large increase in domestic abuse, child abuse, mental health issues and an increasingly intolerant and angry population? Absolute madness.
  5. It really is. It's entirely conceivable that without changing a single thing Tom Brady did in all 9 of his Super Bowl appearances that he could have a 1-8 record. Alternatively he could have a 9-0 record.
  6. If we get 15 year of Patrick Mahomes then it will be him. Brady has the rings and all the stats, clearly the greatest resume of all time.... but he isn't that athletic freak type player. You don't get that wow factor from watching him. He's never been close to being the best athlete on the field. Of course you don't have to be when playing QB, but with Mahomes (or even Rodgers) you get that type of feeling that you're watching something special.
  7. Maybe part of that was because they tried to ship him off to the Lions before the season started. Right after 2 touchdowns in the Super Bowl. I haven't seen this video before, it looks as though it was only released yesterday although it must have been filmed months ago: The bit between 0:55 and 1:05 is very interesting. Refused to talk to the Pats after the Super Bowl loss to the Eagles and 'everybody had a little sour grapes going'. Makes you wonder how deep the Butler benching ramifications were on some relationships in that locker room.
  8. Why isn't there a first and second team like there was with all the previous decades?
  9. I don't like it, but I don't hate it. 14/32 teams is too many making the playoffs, but I always thought the difference between the 2# and the 3# seed was too big in the previous format.
  10. Felling pretty smug. But also pretty sad. The fairy tale ending was Brady finishing his career with the Pats, perhaps with a Super Bowl win. But how realistic was that really with the two personalities involved? I actually think this works out pretty well for both sides. In terms of how it could have finished (Brady benched, Kraft interfering, etc), this is just about as good as it could have been.
  11. There's a parallel universe somewhere where Kansas City's left tackle misses his block and Mahomes takes a sack on that 3rd and 15 play. KC punt and the next time Mahomes gets the ball is with 3 minutes left and his team trailing 27-10. KC lose and Mahomes is seen as choking in the biggest game of his career. Such are the fine lines that sport is played on...
  12. No doubt. If it weren't for Kraft i think Brady would be gone and the Pats would be rolling with Jimmy G at quarterback by now. But it seems pretty clear that these stories aren't just clickbait. If Bill had wanted to give Brady a decent extension he'd have done it last year. Instead he gave him a one year rental which guaranteed Brady would become a free agent. And I can't image anything Bill has seen in the last year from Brady makes it more likely that he'd offer that deal now.
  13. Whilst all of that is true, from the outside looking in two things seem clear: 1. Brady wants a reasonable length contract (2-3 years) which pays him good money 2. The Patriots don't want to give it to him. So it's really up to Brady. He might take whatever the Pats offer, or if he gets offered crazy money he might go elsewhere. Or he might choose to retire. My gut feel is that Belichick has made the decision to move on and is low-balling Brady knowing that either he gets Brady back on the cheap or he can go ahead work with a new QB. Who do you think is leaking these kind of stories to the media - https://eu.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2020/01/09/peter-king-sees-andy-dalton-patriots-candidate-replace-tom-brady/4425745002/
  14. Off the top of my head the teams in the market for a starting QB are potentially: Dolphins Bengals Colts Titans Raiders Chargers Broncos Bears Bucs Panthers So that's a lot of options. Whilst he is 42 and showing decline it's hard to believe that at least one of those teams doesn't look to make Brady a short term offer better than what the Patriots are willing to give him. I think Brady desperately wants to finish his career in New England but has grown resentful of taking less than his market worth and he'll be gone. I reckon to the...... Bucs.
  15. I'm increasingly coming round to the idea that Brady is leaving the Pats. Sounds as though Brady wants a bigger, better contract and Bill isn't inclined to give it to him.
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