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  1. I mean, it's a perfectly reasonable question. I bet that thumb is a lot worse and impacting him a lot more than he is making out. Brady has a bit of a history of underplaying injuries during the season. Just look at last year.
  2. Unfortunately lockdowns have been terrible for people gaining weight, particularly children. It's a disaster because being overweight/obese and metabolically unhealthy is pretty much the number one risk factor for complications with the disease. Its a very difficult subject to talk about though, there's a lot of blame and stigma attached to being overweight. The last 30 years have also made it pretty clear that telling people to eat less and move more doesn't work as an effective strategy for weight loss.
  3. If anything the Brady being 44 thing isn't getting enough attention. The guy is playing like a top 3 QB and the ball is zipping out of his hand better than it ever has. Meanwhile his peers a few years younger than him seem to be hitting the usual late 30s wall. He has more completions over 20+ yards than any other QB (27) and according to PFF hasn't had a single turnover worthy play through 5 games. Also according to NGS he has the longest throw of the year (65 yards) and the highest velocity throw as well.
  4. https://www.politics.co.uk/news-in-brief/mps-speech-criticising-vaccine-passports-removed-by-youtube-for-misinformation/ Covid can be a nasty disease, but boy, this is the stuff I find far more terrifying. An MP from here in the UK who is pro-vaccine but anti-vaccine passport has been censored by YouTube for spreading 'medical misinformation'. I understand the need for social media companies to censor genuine medical misinformation, but the level of overreach in the last 18 months has been kinda terrifying. You're basically not allowed to question/discuss any part of the mainstr
  5. Yup, that's their thing. Every play of every game is treated the same. It's not great (as all plays are obviously not created equal), but realistically it's the only way of doing this type of thing.
  6. I'm an unashamedly big fan of PFF. Love listening to their podcasts, really interesting takes. Changed a lot of how I look at the game. As for their grades... well, you can take them or leave them. Yes they're subjective, but then so are you!
  7. Is this really the thread to be mocking and denigrating someone based upon their name/appearance? 🙄
  8. Remind me who have the NFL have hired to play the Super Bowl half time show this year? 😂
  9. As that Hail Mary from Mahomes was flying through the air I'm sure the Chargers fans were wishing they'd just kicked the field goal (as they hid under the sofa).
  10. Yes definitely. It's just about working out the odds/probabilities and going from there. Sayings like 'you've gotta trust your defence' blah blah are stupid and ignore the realities of the game. The other team gets paid too. I would say that with 37 seconds left, no timeouts and a field goal needed, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers win the game from that position about 25/30% of the time. If Juszczyk goes down at the one and the 49ers let the play clock go down to 20 seconds, I think they probably punch it in from there 80% of the time. Regardless of what down it gets scored on, the cha
  11. I've also rewatched that Super Bowl a couple of times and apart from one terrible sack he doesn't even play badly in that 3rd/4th quarter. The Falcons got gassed, other players made some critical errors and the Gods shined on the Patriots down the stretch.
  12. I think if the Falcons win that Super Bowl he would be an absolute lock. Huge bulk stats, MVP, Super Bowl MVP, top 10 QB all his career. But without that Super Bowl win I think he struggles to get in. Which is of course ridiculous as it means his entire career boils down to a few plays in a single game, but perception is everything for these types of thing.
  13. Is this overblown? I suspect Brady would have played sooner rather than later anyway.
  14. It was the other way round, Brady let Bill go....
  15. It'll be tough to get in at that position in the current NFL. Is Adrian Peterson the only likely HoF running back from this century? (I'm not putting Frank Gore in). Marshawn Lynch is the only other one who might have a shot, but again I wouldn't put him in personally.
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