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  1. My worry isn't so much the cap space but more the team not wanting to further increase the spending at the position... As you mentioned for cap space there are plenty of players that haven't had an impact this year/can be released to clear space. +M.Mariota, R.Incognito, J.Richard if need be, and then a few expiring contracts in M.Collins and J.Witten etc. Edit: Although if they have the cap to spare and think longer term then C.Littleton does have the potential out after the second year of his contract... (clears just short of $8mil after the $6mil dead cap)
  2. If he keeps this up he might price his way out of LV considering the current investments... If only the Littleton contract had a potential out in year 2... whether he's used wrongly or not he isn't physical enough imo
  3. This has been killing me all year watching the snaps go to Witten... I'm not sure if I've built him up in my head but I thought he showed great ability to go up and get the ball last year to say his strength is meant to be blocking...
  4. Could you expand on what makes you think the defence didn't have a good day? Stating the score without context doesn't show anything I was under the impression the Falcons offence was above average and they still had 3/4 of their top targets out there? I've re-watched the game and stand by the defence had a good day at eye-level and statistically, even the drive results back this up: FIRST HALF DRIVES Punt - 3 plays,11 yards, 01:15 time, start ATL 25 FG - 7 plays, 25 yards, 03:01 time, 02:18 time off field, start LV 45 FG - 4 plays, 0 yards,
  5. GOOD Renfrow - can't blame him for the two that he didn't catch. Morrow - Had the biggest impact out of the LBs and was involved with everything. Jeff Heath -Started over Harris and was disciplined reliable Nassib and Hankins - I thought both had a good day overall, good gap discipline and awareness. EDIT: Mullen looked to have a good day overall The defence overall! Watching them showed they had a much better game than the score suggested. They were the victim of: Being on the field as the offence failed over and over Field position ^^
  6. From extensive research (a couple of YouTube highlight vids) Takk didn't show anything other than speed to beat you off the edge, Beasley offers some nice shiftiness though so I'm more excited for him. I've seen mentions about how Kwiat and Littleton have had previous success on the blitz but all I see is them run into a blocker and that's the blitz finished... *Going to go on a hunt today to find out more about this reported laziness on Beasley etc. Either way 100% worth taking a chance on these!
  7. Initial impressions: Good Carr - Shame about the drops and missed opportunities killing his stats Renfrow as a whole... he needs more targets The run game Moreau looked really good blocking and I hope this means he's finally got his job back! I thought Brandon Parker looked a lot better this week so hopefully there is genuine progress there. Special Teams The defence looked pretty good all around... but Drew Lock and the rest of their offence looked terrible and like they've quit so like every week it's the same and we'll see next week. Mor
  8. That's crazy, I didn't realise it was that high 😧
  9. Should Cory Littleton be in this thread? I previously commented on how he doesn't appear to be doing anything and even opened a thread in the Rams forum asking how he was previously used etc. *The thread now sits there as a thread of shame as no one decided to respond but I'm not bitter 😑 After re-watching the Chargers game I posted this: "Littleton - Wasn't actually as bad as I thought he was. He didn't make any plays, and was beat a few times in man coverage... but other than biting on an early fake-handoff rollout and the missed tackle late he did a good job of plugging his gaps,
  10. I can never show my face around here again...
  11. Could you expand on the differences between pre and post Marinelli please? 👼
  12. Some good ol' Charger fan base roasting half way through
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