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  1. Initial impressions: Good Carr - Shame about the drops and missed opportunities killing his stats Renfrow as a whole... he needs more targets The run game Moreau looked really good blocking and I hope this means he's finally got his job back! I thought Brandon Parker looked a lot better this week so hopefully there is genuine progress there. Special Teams The defence looked pretty good all around... but Drew Lock and the rest of their offence looked terrible and like they've quit so like every week it's the same and we'll see next week. Morrow looked active and was playing physical Jeff Heath took advantage of the playing time again... Bad Tackling I'm limited by the viewing angle but it didn't look like the WRs were getting any separation... so WRs or play calling here I don't see any reason for Ingold to be playing this week... Ugly Drops/missed opportunities ... these will lead to lost games if they don't clean it up
  2. That's crazy, I didn't realise it was that high 😧
  3. Should Cory Littleton be in this thread? I previously commented on how he doesn't appear to be doing anything and even opened a thread in the Rams forum asking how he was previously used etc. *The thread now sits there as a thread of shame as no one decided to respond but I'm not bitter 😑 After re-watching the Chargers game I posted this: "Littleton - Wasn't actually as bad as I thought he was. He didn't make any plays, and was beat a few times in man coverage... but other than biting on an early fake-handoff rollout and the missed tackle late he did a good job of plugging his gaps, forcing plays inside, and sticking with his man. He is definitively a finesse player and not very physical." I stumbled across the below video today and wondered do we have it wrong, is he actually playing good football but just doesn't have the splash plays to justify the salary?
  4. I can never show my face around here again...
  5. Could you expand on the differences between pre and post Marinelli please? 👼
  6. Some good ol' Charger fan base roasting half way through
  7. I'm not sure if I'm just paying more attention than previous years, but the whole "he who plays better, starts" approach that is used pretty much everywhere has been a major issue and the coaches are either seeing something we're not or are just ridiculously stubborn... We all see how Erik Harris offers nothing and how Joyner might do a better job, we all see how Collins offers nothing but Hurst and Vickers flash. It's even the same on offense with Witten who I see over and over whiff on pull blocks and he just might be the slowest player I've ever seen on the field... I'm pretty confident Hankins is faster... but still no signs of any change...
  8. I don't know what to think/expect from Irving but less Collins must be a win right?! Not sure if we've seen it but I think Hurst and Vickers together could be quite disruptive... (I feel like I'm promoting them with all the vid shares but they have the best breakdowns 👀)
  9. I've re-watched the game mainly focusing on the defence and Brandon Parker: Brandon Parker - imo is a huge liability in pass coverage and was beat multiple times until the Raiders starting sending chips his way. Still happy he got the experience though... Littleton - Wasn't actually as bad as I thought he was. He didn't make any plays, and was beat a few times in man coverage... but other than biting on an early fake-handoff rollout and the missed tackle late he did a good job of plugging his gaps, forcing plays inside, and sticking with his man. He is definitively a finesse player and not very physical. *I've never actually watched him play outside of the Raiders so can't really say how he was used with the Rams to make impact plays... Joyner - Didn't look bad out there... was pretty good at recognising the play and the times where he appeared beat was gaps in the zone and releasing a target to pickup another. Ferrell - Really did have a great game, always controls his gap, got multiple pressures and came close to a few sacks. I counted 8 plays where he kicked inside and Crosby took his place and a few of them he collapsed the pocket. Most came on the last drive and I guess it's just they think they're putting the best rush line out there Crosby - Should be a rotation piece at this point. A bit of a liability in the run game not controlling his gap. Vickers - Didn't really see much in the run game but does a really good job shooting a gap and using rip moves... should easily be above Collins at this point. DLine as a whole - Other than Crosby and Collins they're actually really disciplined... adding consistent interior pressure would do so much... They look really awkward on stunts and the only one that can do a decent spin move is Ferrell... Safeties - Erik Harris is a ghost and doesn't do anything or help anyone. Abram, love him and is without a doubt the tone setter on the defence, but I'm pretty sure he blew a few coverages that resulted in TDs + add in the play he could have swatted... PG - I'm not sure how much blame I can put on PG for the poor performance defensively as it looked like big plays came from blown assignments and poor gap control. I guess allowing them to march down the field with easy completions underneath is on him, but then there were a few missed tackles by the players... I blame him for how the defence never seems ready for 3 WRs lined up on one side though. It's guaranteed the Raiders are confused on who is covering who. The really need to adopt a coverage where the outside man covers the first out and the inside man covers first inside instead of just manning up and running into each other. Other stuff Every time we blitzed multiple LBs they picked it up with ease Ferrell comes out on 3 man rushes Morrow was in instead of Kwit on the last drive which I guess is purely because of speed... Kwit actually does alright in coverage and tackles for short gains imo Qs: For the 4th & 1 pitch to the right TD they scored in the 2nd quarter, who was to blame / what should have been called? Looked like a perfect call and execution by them... For their second TD, is that a blown coverage by Abram? 4th quarter TD, who's to blame on that? Was it Morrow abandoning his side, blaming Ferrell for falling would seem a bit much...
  10. Hello, if this is a garbo thread feel free to lock it down and kick me out 👀 So the Raiders signed Littleton and as far as I could tell everyone was praising the move including Rams fans. Unfortunately the Raiders have a DC who doesn't seem to know how best to use players and is having issues pretty much everywhere... I understand that he's gone from having Donald etc. to a much worse supporting cast, but he is struggling in coverage and tackling which I was led to believe were his strengths! https://twitter.com/PFF/status/1239954040970231810 https://twitter.com/JoshDubowAP/status/1239954897103011842?ref_src=twsrc^tfw etc. Could you please educate me on things like: What was his role with the Rams How was he used, what were his strengths and weaknesses What was the overall scheme for the defence at the time Many thanks!
  11. Good Carr - Made a few iffy decisions but overall made the plays needed to get the win + love seeing him have fun out there Run blocking and the backs - big holes and great effort all around Ferrell and Nassib - Ferrell in particular had a great day IMO. I just want to see what he can do on the strong-side! Carlson - Thinks he deserves some credit Kwiatkoski - another strong outing Bad Offensive play calling - some very questionable calls Ugly Sam Young pass blocking Defensive coaching and scheming... the wide-open short passes for masses of YAC was just ridiculous Why do they refuse to reduce Collins's snap counts... Littleton - I'm not seeing any strengths ... not knocking Herbert 5 yards back on the first down run killed me Not managing to get Ruggs involved again (apparently he had 3 targets but I can't remember the two outside of the deep pass) Witten should not be starting over Moreau at this point... Unknown/to Review Ferrell's rotating out, unless it's to keep him fresh I think Crosby should be rotated with Nassib instead Brandon Parker pass blocking - From what I saw he was murdered by inside moves but did reasonably well handing outside and bull-rushes I'm seeing a few people saying he was good so I need to go back and re-watch... The CB's - I have no idea...
  12. I thought he did good at RT but maybe that was just compared to others and I need to go back and re-watch! I think the main thing it boils down to is people not having faith in Young and Parker while assuming our G depth must be better... but I agree that the right course of action is to at least give Parker a shot at RT this week and allow Good to hopefully continue his success 🙏 We should no doubt have a better idea of this after the Chargers game!
  13. *Unfortunately they seem to have had some audio issues but still a good watch...
  14. Agree with this depending on two things: The coaches actually scheming this in... I haven't noticed any additional help going to Young or Parker so far... if anything I feel it's more Carr is just forced to get rid of the ball quicker and I don't want to lose the new patient version Keeping a RB/FB in to block or having a TE chip/assist doesn't negatively influence the success of the passing game I feel like timing and decoys have been a huge factor and don't want to risk its success + I think securing RT would help in introducing more play-action (not that I've heard anything about this being increased but one can hope...)
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