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  1. Not sure if anyone posted this... In the first half I was thinking Carr was just missing people but he didn't have many options...
  2. I'm fully on board with giving him a chance but it was still another bad showing (albeit against good competition)... I think if the team wants to draft a player based on their potential, they shouldn't force them to be a day 1 starter and put the game/Carr at risk. Fingers crossed it is another Miller story though!
  3. *Excluding the secondary and WRs as I can't see them on the screen <.< ... might as well exclude the obvious as well such as Carr, Gus etc. Good I thought Hankins and Thomas looked lackluster against the Ravens but both were much more disruptive this week. The stunts worked a dream on the line - in particular on the 4th&4 in the second quarter I thought the o-line did a decent job overall and allowed Carr to make plays Bad Still want starters off Special Teams! Simpson (<- Mainly) and Eluemunor both lock onto a guy which causes them to swit
  4. Looks like I was wrong on Littleton abandoning his lane...
  5. 100% agree on Littleton... he seems so intent on avoiding physical contact that I can't see how having anyone else on the field would be a negative. I think Kwit seems to be underrated these days but would settle for Deablo being thrown to the wolves or Gillespie in a 3 safety set... might just have to count the days until White is back and then pray...
  6. Nooo I thought this thread had successfully been buried... Happy to be wrong on Crosby here! Looks like we have a good variety of players and Bradley should be able to get creative as you said. I thought the weakest link on the line was Hankins who has been Mr Reliable in the past... Saw him losing ground over and over in single blocks. Wouldn't mind seeing Thomas steal some of his reps and see what he has, but that's because I'm a sucker for a reclamation project and just finished watching the below two vids... 49ers Playbook: Solomon Thomas pt 1 of 2, pass rush breakdown - YouTube
  7. The 4th down stuff (3/4 3:25) - 4th and 1 and James is supposed to single block Campbell out of the way? I think he was meant to have some initial help from a guard... hell I don't think Simpson even touched anyone and Jacobs might of gotten it if he followed the Moreau lead block. The 3rd and 1 (4/4 10:35) - Yeah he gets pushed back by Brandon Williams but the lane is still there for a yard. 72 was meant to kick forward and block 26 but instead 26 fills the gap and Jacobs bounces it
  8. Just rewatched the game play by play 😵 O-line The worst olineman was Leatherwood who was beat on speed rushes and inside moves... did well if they ran straight into him though! The guards (mainly Simpson) didn't recognise stunts or blitzes and allowed free runners (does this fall on James?) People need to rewatch the game on Andre James, I'd only really question his ability to call stunts and blitzes as said above.. His pass protection was solid and he did great getting to the next level on run plays The snap play was a bit of a weird one with the WR co
  9. The Good The defense overall - With Crosby, Ngakoue, and Nassib standing out! Cole and Carlson being amazing The running backs picking up blocks The o-line held up pretty well considering... The offense recovered after the terrible start The Bad The hold on Crosby on the early Jackson passing TD Renfrow is too valuable to be on special teams! The inexperience showed on the O-line and The Ugly The amount of whinging in the gameday thread The thread I created doubting Crosby Cory Littleton in the run game always missing hi
  10. *If any of this is wrong please correct me! Previous implementations of Gus Bradley's defense used a bigger 2-gap player at strong-side DE with stopping the run being the priority. Red Bryant, Jared Odrick etc. I haven't watched much of the Chargers but assuming Joey Bosa covered this role. Was this a difference in approach by GB or was he still a 2-gap player? If the role remained unchanged then what are we expecting from Maxx Crosby? Not seeing holding the point of attack/playing the run as a strong point... Should this not be a blessing for Clelin Ferrell
  11. But if they miss-time the jump you're a man down until they come back down 🤔
  12. These responses seem a little bitter when combined with the previous response you made... You dismiss his opinion as just a preference but state your opinion as fact? (Nope. They're all relatively similar prospects to other years. This is the case every year. You're likely not finding a starting-caliber QB outside of Day 1. This year is no different. etc.) Stating that flaws increase as you get lower in the draft is common sense (unless you're a Raiders fan) and doesn't remove the possibility of the draft having stronger and weaker position groups on paper...
  13. My worry isn't so much the cap space but more the team not wanting to further increase the spending at the position... As you mentioned for cap space there are plenty of players that haven't had an impact this year/can be released to clear space. +M.Mariota, R.Incognito, J.Richard if need be, and then a few expiring contracts in M.Collins and J.Witten etc. Edit: Although if they have the cap to spare and think longer term then C.Littleton does have the potential out after the second year of his contract... (clears just short of $8mil after the $6mil dead cap)
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