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  1. First-pick.com mock

    Now that's a draft!
  2. Jags with the 7-pt lead entering the 4th quarter, Pats with zero running game, Bortles with more passing yards than Brady. That was quite the entertaining scenario for us NFL fans to enjoy that day. Wild and crazy. Kinda think the Eagles were hyped for the Pats, but would've been low-key vs the Jags. Just have to bow to the Dougie factor, he was on fire as a coach that season. Starter goes down, bring in the sub and keep on rocking. Eagles on top.
  3. Finally, Dolphins gonna get some January games.
  4. tampa resigned Suh

    Lol. Zing.
  5. Need to revisit these standings after Brady has one season throwing to the Tampa guys.
  6. My Comeback Player of the Year Candidates

    I was also thinking Foles, if he even gets the starting job.
  7. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    How much money will a QB that can't throw get? Those team visit tryouts will be interesting.
  8. It will be nice to see the draft in a small room

    If it were really the old days, it would be "in the 17th round the 442nd pick of the draft is..."
  9. Same reason the Buccaneers coaches need to be on Brady like white on rice during training camp. Yeah yeah, six rings yawn. Now follow the game plan, and lead this team to victory.
  10. Emmanuel Sanders Signs with Saints

    Saints cookin' with hot spicy gumbo, Sanders is a great addition.
  11. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 5 - Dolphins

    I went with 1. Herbert 2. Simmons 3. Thomas (Thinking Tua will be gone by #5)
  12. RB Drake re-signs with Cards

    Monster production for a team and still they only give you a 1-yr deal? That's quite mean, Arizona. What does a fella have to do to earn some job security around here?
  13. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Woooo, $50M guaranteed is a lot of beans, congrats Brady
  14. Falcons sign Gurley 1 year deal

    Offensive line for Gurley to run behind (unlike the Rams). Julio factor. Hurst will surprise everyone, as he's far from an unknown. Gurley gonna have space to work.
  15. Falcons sign Gurley 1 year deal

    New TE, new RB. The Atlanta offense will score points.