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  1. Totally agree, but the road where he was hit is marked with a wide bicycle lane. I've rode that exact spot but didn't like it because the fast traffic gave me the creeps with 50 mph speed limit signs. So of course everyone is going 60. RIP coach and fellow bicyclist.
  2. That weird dealio where it's great for the player seeking more money, and great for the team seeking compensation. Howard's season was incredible in 2020. Pay the man, or trade the man. You just can't undersell double-digit INT's, it's like instant Win Now for any contender.
  3. Texans season ticket holders should get a free bucket of chicken this season. Gonna be a rough ride.
  4. When a CB says they hope to get the help they need, they're usually talking about a safety. This one is different.
  5. Fins used to hold a yearly clinic called 'How to Screw Up Your 1st Rd Draft Pick.' Glad times have changed.
  6. Dude is averaging 200 yards per season as a WR. Definitely front page material.
  7. 6 in the morning, police at my door. Fresh Adidas squeak across the bathroom floor.
  8. I've always wondered if there was some way to calculate sacks from back in the day. Like, did the official scorekeeper write "tackled QB for a loss" in the stat sheet so decades later in the future (now) we can say 'wait, that's a sack.' And then add it all up. Kinda annoys me that I don't remember Detroit's Al Baker with the incredible sack stats even though every family Turkey Day get-together we did in the 1970's had us watching a Detroit Lions football game at some point because hey all we had was 3 channels on the TV to choose from. So I must've watch that guy dropping some QB's but
  9. Assistant: "Coach, WR Harry wants a trade." BB: "Who?"
  10. Bob Griese, the Thinking Man's Quarterback, was *such* a baller. Yet in glasses he had that mild-mannered look so you wouldn't think he was such an incredible sports assassin. At Purdue he was 12-1 as a baseball pitcher on year, played Guard for the basketball team with such awesome smothering defense that eventual NBA All-Star Cazzie Russell said of all the college dudes he faced Griese played the best defense, and Heisman runner-up as QB but WAIT THERE'S MORE...he was also Purdue's punter and place-kicker. When I was in 4th grade after an eye test I got the horrible news it was ti
  11. Can't think of a better example. A journeyman QB like Chris Chandler who for some random reason got Into The Zone that year and made so many great plays. The team was 14-2 with a good defense and still underdogs vs Minnesota who were 15-1 with the 'just throw it long for Moss' offense. That Falcons team had some serious mojo going on that season, the ball just kept bouncing right for them. Vikings twice had big leads in the game and still lost, you gotta love the Falcons' never-give-up mentality. Still bothers me how Atlanta's Jamal Anderson and Denver's Terrell Davis (aka the stud
  12. Same concept for every position really. Dudes are gonna make some bank.
  13. Chris Paul is officially a landlord after evicting both the Clippers and Lakers from Staples.
  14. "Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein." -- Joe Theismann
  15. Those that don't remember when Miami had aqua-colored facemasks...how is your 401k doing?
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