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  1. Soon as the news broke I checked Over The Cap and they had already removed Van Noy's contract lol. Now the top two highest-paid players on the team are the two starting CB's. Hey the modern NFL is a passing game. It's AVG time of course, with KVN gone. BTW, did rookie Jason Strowbridge get any snaps at LB in 2020? He could be a surprise option in year two, like Gaskin was in his year two.
  2. We are in the early March Dead Zone of NFL News, where an old LB and old TE from Minnesota are top news stories.
  3. Who? Oh that QB with the 4-12 record? NO THANKS
  4. Van Ginkel and Van Noy were fighting over the "Van" name, Highlander-style. There can be only one...
  5. The thoughts were he'd be dumped after 2 years; turns out it's only 1? Bit of a surprise really.
  6. Incredible, like the "if you combine the ages of these 3 guys you get 200" kind of incredible?
  7. But this is the Internet, it's never about actually winning. More about passing statistics and stuff.
  8. Irv was great. Irv, Phyllis, Jimmy the Greek, and Brent Musburger put on a quite a show back in the 1970's. Great memories of Sunday afternoon childhood, watchin' football and slammin' Pop Rocks.
  9. But then the Saints would need a receiver that takes 3 steps and catches a slant.
  10. Lol you made me curious so I had to look it up...that incident happened during training camp while at a college party trying to avoid contact with police. His knees are thankful he didn't do it.
  11. Don't see it. The Dolphins are being built in the Belichick way. Giving up all the assets for one guy goes against that ethos.
  12. Wasn't aware of this guy's back story but the first vid I looked up from his draft night selection at #29 had a puzzled talking head who said the consensus among O-line gurus was a 4th-rd grade on a guy drafted in the 1st. The draft is a guessing game, as always, throwing darts at a board. Other people had him rated higher than 4th rd I'm sure. Somebody mentor this young'un while there's still time.
  13. Dang, Vinatieri...1996 was so long ago. You can almost hear that 28.8 modem sound as it connects to the internet.
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