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  1. Madden Ratings(Your own)

    Dang I used to make Madden people weep when runnin' with Joey Browner and the Vikes back in the day. It was as if the programmer was chuckling with you during all those pick-6's. So primitive compared to modern Madden though, it's so complicated now. Back then if a team ran a 3-4, you could just hand the ball to the FB or RB for an easy 4-yard gain to control the clock and the game.
  2. Boston Celtics Thread

    When Horford was playing for the Gators, I didn't quite see him as a long-time NBA guy with career earnings of $267 Million. Nope. But here he is.
  3. Who Wins This Year's NBA Title?

    The answer to the question is 'No one from the East.'
  4. Starting watching football around 1973-74ish when the Dolphins were winning Super Bowls. There was no NFL team in my east coast home state then (this was before even the Seahawks or Buccaneers existed, only 26 teams in the league) so with no local team to follow everyone I knew just picked one of the popular teams of that era because they were always on TV. I liked the Dolphins but my neighbor liked the Cowboys, another kid liked the Steelers, another the Redskins. Hmm, now that I think about it, that was basically the only four teams that anyone I knew rooted for back then: Dolphins, Cowboys, Steelers, Redskins.
  5. Team Needs

    Can't say til we see the new-look offense and defense in action under the new coaching staff. The guys that were ineffective in the old schemes might be ballers in these new schemes. Even last year's atrocious offensive line could be better. Who knows.
  6. For 16 games that guy is He Hate Me. For the final 2 games he's in the lineup as Rod Smart.
  7. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    2nd time in a week I wake up to shocking NBA news. Good times.
  8. And a great coach like Pederson, what a cool dude.
  9. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Kinda laughing that you think a team scoring 30 pts a game is a downward trend lol.
  10. NBA News & Notes

    Still can't understand how Syracuse won anything with that ball hog Me First guy. Boggles the mind.
  11. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Chiefs gave up 421 pts last year and still won 12 games. Giants gave up 412 pts and won a meager 5 games. Can you imagine a Chiefs team with Mahomes and just a LITTLE bit of defensive help?
  12. NBA News & Notes

    That's how the Bucks felt about Alcindor til he said he wanted out.
  13. Houston Texans will not have a GM in 2019

    How is this possible when Adam Gase is available?
  14. I did that a few years ago, makes enjoying the NFL much easier. F all that researching every player crap only for them to go on IR right when my FF playoffs begin lol
  15. Any non-homer NFL fan would give respect to what Pederson has done in Philly. I like watching the Eagles play, it's 100% effort which to me signifies great coaching.