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  1. Two games vs the Ravens and Steelers this year and also a trip to Washington coming up for Burrow...ouch. Trial by fire
  2. Aikman as a rookie had Mark Tuinei (Pro Bowl), Nate Newton (Pro Bowl), Tom Rafferty, Crawford Ker, and Kevin Gogan (Pro Bowl) as his o-line. Big difference compared to this Bengals o-line
  3. Tony Dorsett is watching the upcoming play closely...
  4. Yes but the QB has to execute that spin move better
  5. Great swim move by the RG to get past the DT. Wait that's backwards
  6. Baker gonna wear the plastic armband with plays that say "give the ball to Chubb."
  7. It's like the same dang team as last week...tough defense and a dual-threat QB. So the Fins will be ready this week. Just think of last week as practice.
  8. Dolphins: #1 passing defense in yards allowed Dolphins: last place rushing defense in yards allowed Hmmm. Are these events connected?
  9. Being I'm "old enough to remember when Walter Payton got ejected for touching a ref" years old this guy Collins had to go bye-bye.
  10. Injury followed by injury, unfortunately
  11. Wowwwww Bears. Missed most of the TD play tho after RedZone showed the Chargers pants and my eyes were trying to recover
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