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  1. If that's true he might not make it past the first cut in training camp. Fins have drafted three DB's in the past 12 months (one CB, two Safeties) so McCourty faces an uphill climb against young guys.
  2. Other than throw thousands of great passes, what his this Rodgers guy really done?
  3. It's been pretty much 30 years of "I wonder who is #2 behind Jordan?" It's 2021 and nothing has changed. I wonder who is #2 behind Jordan?
  4. Robinson for Allen Hurns. Going once, going twice...
  5. Etienne has been performing at a high level so long for Clemson, you almost expect the guy to show up to his rookie training camp with grey in his beard. Those wheels have a lot of mileage.
  6. I'm with you. Great guy, just not a good fit with that salary. Kinda an average-performing player that earned an above-average salary due to stars aligning with good timing for him. Hope he finds another team and continues his career. Wasn't it the Vikings game where he'd just signed the big salary then got slaughtered by Minnesota's receivers? That memory could be faulty though, I forget things.
  7. True. Also just wait until a rook TE with more receptions than Kyle Pitts gets out there...
  8. And Fuller only on a one-year deal. Haha, we already thinking about the 2022 draft. LB, WR, Center?
  9. Pretty stoked to see a receiver picked first, and Waddle is good. Didn't really care if it was Pitts/Chase/Waddle/Smith, just wanted a highly touted receiver. If they had taken o-line at #6 I would have vomited. This low-scoring offense desperately needed playmakers. Started laughing when the next two picks were defense. This guy Flores loves defense. Yet another secondary guy, Flores loves secondary. O-line got some love eventually. This is good. Hunter Long totally shocked me. I was like "TE?!? Didn't Miami just used a 2nd AND a 4th picking two different TE's in the same dr
  10. No O-line drafted in Rd 1, whew. So happy. Really like Najee but Edge is a definite need. Welcome to Miami, edge Miami guy.
  11. Raiders up next. If it's typical Raiders 1st-rd pick, you just hope this Punter is also a good tackler.
  12. Bill used a body much older than 45 to make this pick.
  13. Haha. They showed a Jets taking Mac Jones graphic. The empty L-shaped couch in Kennesaw just wasn't enough, they had to get crazier.
  14. Needs to work on his pad level though, said Christian Wilkins.
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