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  1. If Eric Dickerson and Earl Campbell were combined, it would be Derrick Henry.
  2. Allen extends plays, so difficult to stop when the offense has 5 or 6 seconds to do something.
  3. Announcer said 'and he couldn't get it there.' When actually, he got it there. But receiver was butterfingers.
  4. No need to get excited....Dolphins don't have their 1st-rd pick for the 2022 draft. You forgot about the Eagles trade? Philly has Miami's 1st-rd pick.
  5. Weird that Miami plays the same o-line for the first time in consecutive games, get a bit of chemistry going to allow no sacks which seems like a miracle. Yet, Fins still lose. Defense is just horrendous this year, can't stop anybody. Bad vs the run, bad vs the pass. So many takeaways last season, very few this season.
  6. Back in '95 when Pete Carroll was only 71 yrs old?
  7. To be fair, you had a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly
  8. 'The LAMB Lies Down on Broadway' great play Dallas. Well yes, I do like old 1970's Genesis when Peter Gabriel was lead singer before Phil Collins.
  9. That's a negative outlook. A positive outlook would be "RB Justin Herbert leads Chargers with 12 yards rushing."
  10. Just need to point out that technically, every snap is a direct snap.
  11. Just saw the stats, Prescott and Jones are combined 13 for 13...who will blink first with incomplete pass?
  12. Crap. Now the Jags have the tiebreaker for the wildcard playoff final spot.
  13. Ok Tua. Defense bailed out your dumb throw, don't waste your chance for redemption.
  14. Sweet move to avoid the free rusher, Lawrence is agile.
  15. Whooo nice touch on that pass from Tua. LB in coverage jumped but the ball was lofted perfect.
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