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  1. And now Jesse Davis on the covioid list...Tua is going to have nightmares about being hit the rest of the season.
  2. Yes but Dolphins close with a potential four straight losses to Chiefs, Patriots, Raiders and Bills. Ravens close with Cowboys, Browns, Jags, Giants and Bengals. Looks like another Ravens playoff berth to me.
  3. Jets are gonna beat the Dolphins and Raiders just to mess everything up.
  4. Broncos are top 10 NFL in sacks (7th actually), and feasted on Miami's o-line yesterday. Good learning experience for the 3-rook inexperienced line, thanks for the lesson. RT is a multi-guy spot, started with the journeyman then eventually slid a big rook from a small college into the limelight. With a lefty QB, being nervous about RT is not a good feeling.
  5. Pack you needed like a 1/2 yard, why the long floater pass?
  6. Scary the way his leg got twisted
  7. Manute Bol height with Doug Flutie release point.
  8. My two local televised games are Lions vs Panthers and Jags vs Steelers. So I can't help you.
  9. Kinda heartwarming seeing a deflated Jonathan Allen sitting on the ground upset and cursing as he looked over at the prone Burrow because Allen realized Burrow had been injured.
  10. I'm picking the Steelers over the Jags.
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