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  1. Cool of them to do this retro stuff. Bears didn't start out so great that year, the Buccaneers ran wild on them in game one to drop 28 pts. I was watching the infamous third game that year at a friend's house. My memory thinks it was a MNF game but the Google says it was a Thursday night game. I just remember it was a night game, hanging at a friend's house freaking out when McMahon came in and blew open the game with the pass to Gault and the comeback was on. What a year the Bears had. Starting with that Game 3, they were on fire. Not just winning, but knocking the head off opposing QB's. Every QB except Marino was running scared that season (yeah, that other infamous '85 Bears game heh). I was a fan of Walter Payton back then, and also Gary Fencik. If you tried to arm tackle Walter, he breaks it and gone. If Fencik touched you, it's a tackle. Two greats.
  2. Most overrated individual seasons?

    FG kicker Mark Mosely in '82. Come on man, we all know he was juicing.
  3. Hockey: icing is not good, when in fact the entire rink is ice. Fail. Football: 53 guys on the roster but only the kicker and punter actually touch their foot to the ball. 51 fails. Baseball: only four bases and one ball. Fail. Basketball: only two baskets and one ball. Fail. Soccer: LeBron-level flopping, with cleats. Fail.
  4. Must confess, at first glance the only words visible are "Teams Can No Longer Block" and thought this was a Dolphins documentary covering 2010 - 2019.
  5. Who wins the AFC East?

    Only saw a couple of Allen's games last year and each time I was like "why do all these receivers keep dropping passes?" But then I remembered I'm a Dolphins fan so I'm used to seeing receivers drop passes. Gotta go with Buffalo to take the division title, though they will miss DE Shaq Lawson...
  6. R.I.P. Phyllis George

    Been watching some NFL Today from around 1975 to 1977, thinking about Phyllis. She was like the First Lady of the NFL, as someone said. Now, back to these TV commercials about this "Citizens Band" radio stuff.
  7. Seriously. Only 6 Super Bowl wins? Pffft, loser. Traded for a Player to be Named Later.
  8. But they were so talented they were able to win a Super Bowl even with Barry Switzer coaching.
  9. 2nd year breakouts

    I like Wilkins' chances too but didn't want to jinx him since he plays for my fave team. Hoping the big-body UDFA from Ole Miss will be a nice addition in the middle that frees up Wilkins to make more plays (assuming Benito Jones makes the squad).
  10. 2nd year breakouts

    Beat me to it. A 2nd-year QB settling in, just as two high-talent WR's arrive. The 2nd-year jump is a real thing and has always impressed me (except for the random players that regress or don't improve at all, aka busts)
  11. What other team besides the '98 Bulls had a camera crew following them around everywhere with very unusual behind-the-curtain access? That's kind of important.
  12. Depth Chart after the Draft

    From what I've read, Hunt played RT the past two college years in a zone scheme and can move on his feet nicely. Sounds like he's got a legit shot at starting RT with either Davis or Dieter at RG. That's why I'm curious about forgotten Dieter, it's like the coaches knew that moving him to multiple O-line positions in his rookie year would guarantee he'd struggle, but make him a much better player for year two. Forged by fire. No more Worst O-line in the NFL, what a feeling.
  13. How the heck did Don Hutson catch that many TDs?

    His receptions and TD's are insane for that period, but looking back at the whole box score is also stunning. Example would be: 50-yd TD pass from A QB Guy to Hutson, followed by Hutson with PAT kick. Wait, he kicks too? 1940 NFL interception leader: Don Hutson tied for the lead. Wait, he plays DB too? One Man Army.
  14. ESPN going with new MNF crew

    Dennis Miller had some moments: "“I'm not sure there is such a thing as minor groin surgery. Anybody who has a sharp instrument around my genitalia, I'm thinking it's major.”
  15. Depth Chart after the Draft

    Didn't Dieter do NFL snaps at three or four different O-line positions last year, and underwhelmed at all of them? Curious if that unusual level of being thrown straight into the deep end as a rookie O-lineman could prove very helpful for him as he enters year two.
  16. What’s the difference between RB and HB?

    If the RB and HB have long hair they are called Split Ends.
  17. ESPN going with new MNF crew

    Chris Berman and Tom Jackson in a plot twist
  18. NFL's biggest individual choke job

    What a list, brings back memories. I still can't believe Byner fumbled at the GD goal line like that. He almost took the Browns to the Super Bowl without spicy food.
  19. Fins get the playoff nod, due to 3 weeks of Gang Green research from Nov 9 to Nov 29. Team they play before the bye week: Jets Team they play after the bye week: Jets
  20. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    Still the #1 draft made via boat though
  21. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    As someone who watches almost zero college football, it amazes me how much ya'll have researched hundreds of players.
  22. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    That's why it's fun to read draft evals, and note how they differ wildly. Nobody knows how these players will fare in the future, but it's entertaining to guess. After seeing what Flores did with Continental Basketball Association players last year, it's gonna be quite the ride watching him coach up some actual talent.
  23. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    Saves me the time of reviewing his game tapes, thank you.
  24. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    Three John Deere road graders added to the O-line, crank up that diesel.
  25. Albert Wilson gets restructured, saves $6.5M

    Surprised me, but then again the Fins prolly told him they were going to put the 'cut' in 'pay cut' if he didn't restructure.