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  1. Rams new logo unveiled

    Consensus seems to be that the ram is better than the LA. But, if you look at the nose/face area of the ram, it's hard not to notice the "fallacy" in thinking it's a good logo. Hate to be "that guy", but that's what it looks like. Someone pointed it out to me, and I can't un-see it... Not a Rams fan, but I hope they change it...
  2. Rams new logo unveiled

    In 1991, the 49ers changed their logo from the classic "SF" to a new, very 90's looking, "49ers" logo. It was white, with black outline, and red shading. The backlash from the fans was so overwhelming that they switched it back a week or so later. So, for people who are saying the fans shouldn't complain, well, maybe they should. Fans will be able to get a "better" logo, and the franchise will sell more merch. Honestly, if I am a kid in the LA area trying to pick a team to rep, I'd be drawn to the chargers logo before the Rams logo, and would get chargers gear before I'd buy Rams gear. I'm sure the Rams ownership doesn't want that to be the case. Personally, I am underwhelmed by the new designs here. The Ram head is alright. The LA one is awful. But, it's not better than the old logo. I don't see why they don't just update that logo with the new color scheme.
  3. Dolphins Madden Ratings

    I know these don't mean much of anything as far as on field performance goes for the team. But, I figured this would be a good discussion topic during a time when there is a lull in off-season talk. Dolphins Madden 20 Ratings I feel that Madden loses credibility basically every year for a myriad of reasons. Player ratings contribute to that, although I think Madden has other major flaws (but that is another discussion). The glaring issue is X being rated an 83. He's rated as the 28th CB in the game. The other issue I have is the order in which the Dolphins players are ranked by overall. But, I want to hear what you all think first. Are you ok with the ratings? What do you disagree with? What do you hope to see updated? Do you maybe think anyone is overrated? Interested to hear your thoughts!
  4. Free agents 2019

    James just signed a deal with Denver...RT just became a major hole to fill. Sad to see him go. Sad that we couldn't retain a recent first round draft selection in James. Edit: he's expecting to sign a deal with Denver making him the highest paid RT in the league.
  5. Week 7: Miami Dolphins (7-8) @ Buffalo Bills (5-10)

    Also Jesse Davis is still the worst. I wonder why we would not dress some new guys in place of those we already know who are mediocre at best.
  6. Week 7: Miami Dolphins (7-8) @ Buffalo Bills (5-10)

    I know he's a team captain but Bobby McCain is just terrible. Idk what his contract looks like but he doesn't need to be rostered next season.
  7. Week 7: Miami Dolphins (7-8) @ Buffalo Bills (5-10)

    McTyer is lucky he's alive. Holy cow. That's why we keep our head on a swivel, kids.
  8. Week 16: Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10) @ Miami Dolphins (7-7)

    Anyone else notice that Hull is on the field for Kiko? Is Kiko hurt too?
  9. Week 16: Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10) @ Miami Dolphins (7-7)

    X and TJ McDonald out with injuries. McDonald may not be a great coverage safety, but he will be missed against a run heavy Jags team.
  10. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (7-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1)

    You have to wonder what is Tannehill doing at the LOS though too. For instance, we had a 3rd down, five wide set, Vikes are showing cover zero (5 guys in man-to-man, 6 guys blitzing). Tanny has 5 in pass protection, meaning the sixth blitzer is "his guy". So essentially he needs to get the ball out before the sixth guy hits him. So, you need to go one step drop quick route (slant, fade hitch, etc.) But he consistently went 3-5 step drop looking down field when he should have known he would have zero chance to complete his drop back let alone complete a throw. Gase needs to step in if Tanny is not seeing things and call a slip screen or one of his beloved tunnel/rocket screens. It common sense in my opinion but it never happened and as a result Tanny became a meal for the Purple People Eaters.
  11. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (7-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1)

    I said it earlier this year, I'm curious to see what happens with our strength and conditioning staff. We had a lot of non-contact injuries. Their job is to prevent those. Obviously, we had an insane amount of injuries. I think those injuries are the big argument for Gase keeping his job, as of today. One could argue that the fact we were in the picture with the litany of injuries we had is a testimony to Gase's ability. But, we have seen enough to know that he sometimes makes terrible play calls, struggles to score on opening drives, struggles to get a lead, loses on the road, struggles with 3rd downs, and basically needs a second HC as DC because he's strictly an offensive coach on game day. As of today, I think next season is "do or die" for Gase and co. However, I still have high hopes for Gase. I have to imagine that if our interior OL stays healthy and our speedy WRs stay healthy, we see an incredibly more explosive offense. I'm also curious to see what happens with Burke. It's apparent that he's not the answer. The defense has been a huge letdown allllll season. Again, yes the interior DL was depleted by injuries, BUT our defense has lost us a few games this year (Indy and Houston come to mind immediately). And heck, defense almost lost us the home Bills game IMO. Maybe he survives this game, but I cannot see Burke surviving this season. I wonder if rumors of Ross forcing Gase to internally hire a DC are true. If they are, Ross would continue to climb my 🤬 list. If they're not true, I hope this isn't an instance where Gase remains fiercely loyal to someone who is clearly underperforming. Like I said before, we essentially need an established, experienced DC who can reliably run the show without much aid from the HC. Burke isn't that guy. Maybe he will become that kind of DC in the future, but if Gase values his job and our playoff hopes, he'll find someone better for next year. Burke needs to grow as DC, but I don't have the patience to allow him to grow and learn at my favorite team's expense.
  12. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (7-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1)

    Why are we not throwing quick routes or screens against these third down blitzes??? Use their aggressive defense AGAINST them! I was very displeased with Burke at the start of this game. Now I'm getting upset with Gase, Tannehill, and this offense. We finally get into strinking distance on the scoreboard, and our offense has become completely anemic. Now we absolutely need a 3 and out or an early turnover
  13. How can we fix our Defense for 2019???

    Harris stepped up today. Too bad it was on the wrong side of the neutral zone...
  14. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (7-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1)

    Liking him even more now! Haha
  15. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (7-6) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6-1)

    Liking Ballage so far!