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  1. Aaron Jones is playing really well right now against the LA Rams. What is everyone's take on offering him a contract?
  2. Additionally, I believe Indy went 0-4 against the AFC North and they lost to the Jags. They're in the driver's seat for a playoff spot. They're definitely not better than us.
  3. Today aside, I think we are certainly better than Cleveland, Baltimore and Indy. Maybe as good as Tennessee, maybe even Pittsburgh the way they looked at the end of this season. IMO the NFC East broke the NFL. The AFC North and the NFC West could end up sending 3 teams to the postseason. They both had the NFC East in their schedule. The NFC East combined for two wins against those six teams contending for playoff spots (WFT over the Steelers, Giants over Seattle). AFC North also had the AFC South, so they go Jacksonville and Houston on their schedules. I personally think their records ar
  4. We have leaned so hard on our defense all year. This is the game where they need bailed out by the offense for once. But I agree Gailey called a horrendous first half. Now we are trying to force passes that aren't there and dropping ones that are.
  5. Browns beating up on the Steelers #2 team. Jacksonville's only win is against Indy, but I cannot see them winning there again. I think our best hope is with Deshaun Watson and a fired up JJ Watt leading the Texans to upset the Titans.
  6. I feel like the media has done an excellent job spinning this very narrative to give them something to discuss on talk shows. Fitz was .500 as a starter (3-3). He came into the game for Tua twice (@ Denver and @ Las Vegas). He threw an interception in the end zone against Denver to end that game. We all know about the Fitz-magic he pulled against the Raiders of course. But when you took a look at this whole picture, how does it correlate to "The Dolphins can't win without Fitzpatrick"?
  7. We are seeing right now against Buffalo what a group of speedy WRs can do for your offense.
  8. I think this is more Chan Gailey today than anything. A lot of ineffective screens and shallow cross plays. We have big body guys like Gesicki and DVP. We've attempted two down field throws. That's it. We've seen Tua light it up against KC and Arizona. Why all of the sudden do we only throw the ball 1-3 yards down field? We're playing for our football lives here and Coach Gailey seems very content to get 3-4 yards a drive and punt. What message are we sending to Tua and the team when the call comes in and it's all screens and crossers when we DESPERATELY need points in the most significant re
  9. Van Ginkel literally tackled to the ground from behind on that PR for a TD. No flag 🙄 Still bad coverage.
  10. Chan Gailey really wants us to punt a lot today.
  11. Do you think Coach Gailey calls the game for Tua in a way that handcuffs him? I hated that 3 and long screen call to LBJ. Very Adam Gase like.
  12. I agree that Etienne will be an amazing talent. He's a great ball carrier and a threat to catch out of the backfield. We will have to grab him late round 1 or early round 2 based on the mocks I've seen (still too early to tell how accurate those would be). I personally wouldn't be mad if we took him with our 2nd rounder from Houston. Question obviously is do we invest that kind of draft capital in a RB? If we trade back from a spot like 3rd overall and end up with additional picks in that range where Etienne or Harris would be , that could be an easier answer. I feel like we could wait a
  13. It's good that Tua isn't going to be quarantined. I would hate to see us in a Denver Broncos situation. Rough for Fitzpatrick. Hopefully he gets the all clear soon. He's not been on a playoff roster before, am I right? Even if he's the backup, he deserves to be dressed on sideline for a playoff game. He's been in the league so long.
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