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  1. Sure, more speed on the perimeter would be great. But that doesn't mean we dump Williams. He's only in year 2 of his career as a form UDFA. There's some serious potential there with him, and I think he will develop to be a good #2. If you want to argue for using one of our top picks on a WR, go for it. You want to use some of our cap space to lure in another receiving threat, let's hear it. But, I don't think we can honestly advocate for him being jettisoned off the roster.
  2. What? Of all the guys we have, Williams is the "odd man out"? He's #3 in receiving yards right now despite playing in 8 games, and he's tied for first in TD receptions. Keep in mind He busted his foot giving up his body on an outstanding individual effort to score a TD getting flipped over a defender. He leads in average yards per catch at 16.0. Last year, he was 3rd in yards despite only playing again in 8 games. Sure, knock him for being unavailable BUT to say that you'd get rid of our #2 WR, who is on a UDFA rookie contract, and seemed to have the most chemistry with Tua, and keep everyone else would be unwise. I'm fine with adding a weapon to the group for sure. Obviously, we would benefit from an upgrade to the WR group (as we would benefit from an upgrade to any position group). But let's not have a knee-jerk reaction and cut our second best WR in Preston Williams.
  3. Flowers was a total turnstile there in that fumble. Idk how much you blame Breida when you look at the effort Flowers just showed there 🤦‍♂️
  4. That ball was dropped. No way that comes back as complete after the review. Second contested ball DVP has dropped already.
  5. He has not done much. Been inactive for the most part. He played a little wildcat QB in the beginning of the season. Former Navy QB Malcolm Perry seems to have taken over that role when we break that out.
  6. Some positives... -We have had a defensive takeaway in every game this year. Van Ginkel punching the ball out on what could have been a backbreaking TD was clutch. -Xavien Howard continues to rack up INT's -DVP got more involved. I think Tua needs to build chemistry with him and Gesicki if this offense is going to be successful. -Haack punted well and Sanders continues to be steady. He's probably the best kicker in the league right now. (Never great tho when your highlights are your punter and kicker). -That stop on 4th and short was nice. Despite getting gashed all game, we came up big in that moment. -Despite playing like absolute garbage we only lost by one score. We were right there in it until the very end. If I am correct, no one has beaten us by more than one score this year.
  7. Hopefully it's minor. He's walking around on the sideline with no visible limp. Fitz has made some good throws already. He's accustomed to playing with limited protection.
  8. Hey look at that they say him down. Front 5 should be absolutely ashamed
  9. Honestly, I'd take Tua out for his own protection. The front 5 got off the airplane but forgot to bring their game with them...
  10. Tua might as well be playing behind 5 field cones the way the protection has collapsed on quite a few of these plays. Look like Denver watched the Patriots game film just running all over us.
  11. I think I've already seen enough of Jesse Davis in this game. Maybe we see if Robert Hunt can do any better.
  12. If anything, I think all this will do is showcase to a national audience why Madden was trending on social media this fall 😬
  13. That DVP one handers should stand. The shin counts as a "body part" that would count as a catch even if the other foot is not in bounds
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