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  1. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    If a dynamic rusher falls to us either linebacker or Dline I think that’s the move but if not I’m hoping we draft OLine in the first even if we trade back a bit. It’s true we have never been good at developing receivers and in this new run heavy offense they will have less opportunity. If you build a beastly OLine that protects our QB helps the run game and helps the passing game because ppl can’t cover forever and the combination of a good oline and Lamar feet buying time the WR will have time to get open
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I would resign RG3 and Urban assuming neither want a crazy contract. I think Golden Tate would be a good vet WR signing for us.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Adrian Amos to the packers upsets me I’m actually curious who we are going to sign I’m still dreaming of earl thomas but I think they sign mark ingram and call it a day which doesn’t make me feel great
  4. This was a tough one to see. While I agree that in the end it’s most likely for the best it’s an end of an era. It’s never easy seeing a player that completely embodies a team leave. Ed Reed and Suggs should have retired Ravens but it’s the business I get it but just sucks. The last of the Mohicans is gone. It’s a whole new ball game lets build the next legacy of players that 16-20 years from now will be saying it’s an end of an era. Hopefully Humphrey can be that for us.
  5. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Sign Tyrann Matheiu Sign Cordell Patterson Resign Brent Urban to “reasonable” deal Resign RG3 Target Oline early in the draft with WR and RB in the mid rounds lets get this super bowl
  6. Ravens release Eric Weddle

    Ravens release Weddle wow didn’t think they would do it I guess that means they will sign Suggs and Mosley
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I 100% believe we would have beaten the Patriots in New England if we had the chance but I can’t breaks be mad the chargers whopped are butts and that’s on us. I have high hopes for the future this team is going to do special things for sure
  8. Offseason Trades

    Flacco and our 4th for their 2 3rd round picks. They have the 71st and the rams 3rd round I can see this as a possible trade
  9. Baltimore Ravens 2018-19 Roster Tracker

    I agree with all of this I also think changing the secondary a lot would just not make sense. Honestly I think just getting rid of Jefferson and HOPEFULLY getting Earl Thomas would make this unit nickname good. I would keep jimmy smith, Carr Humphrey, Young, Averett, and SJB or Canady great depth let’s dominate with this secondary next season. As for the rest of the unrestricted free agents I would resign Suggs,RG3, Brown if he comes to a decent deal and that’s it I also would consider getting rid of Crabtree and signing Fitzgerald
  10. Baltimore Ravens 2018-19 Roster Tracker

    How comfortable would everyone be going into training camp with Peanut, Young, Bradley, Board, and Thomas at ILB? Potentially another undrafted free agent as well?
  11. I guess it really depends on how the draft board falls if WR is best player available then sure but I’m also in the belief that it’s really not a huge priority. With Tight ends and Running backs being so heavily used I think trying to resign brown and having Snead, Moore, Lasley and whomever else should work pretty well. We need to shore up the Oline to me that’s either a beast C or G whichever is there and Safety a down at the line safety like a Derwin James or a ball hawk either would be great. Also Pass Rush is big for me maybe low key the biggest need. With Smith leaving, Suggs declining, Judon being up and down, Bowser and Williams being hidden in some dungeon somewhere we need pass rush
  12. So much negativity. While I agree the chargers are on fire and traveling to the west coast and playing them might be the worst scenario for us I believe in this team we have played bad sure but against the “good” teams we have stepped up. The Saints, chiefs, Steelers the first time we performed and since the Jackson change idk what had changed in the teams mentality but I see a different team. I hope it continues but if we falter I at least have high hopes for the future and that’s a nice change from the last couple of years.
  13. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    That’s harsh he won us a Super Bowl and I do mean won us with out his playoff run we weren’t getting a ring. Sure it didn’t end on the highest note but there should be appreciation
  14. What a game exciting to the end. Sucks that we couldn’t get it done but I am 100% more confident in this team if we make the playoffs. Before I wasent sure that we would really make noise but I see it now. I love Flacco but this is Jackson’s team now. I’m not saying Jackson is better but this team is just clicking no reason to change the QB and starting a controversy. Let Flacc get healthy so we can trade him I truly believe some desperate team will give us a second. Jaguars and Broncos are most likely candidates. We got this Steelers dropping the game against the Raiders might just be the lucky break we need screw the wildcard I want the division.
  15. Joe Flacco Hip Injury

    Jackson to me is the obvious choice to start in my opinion. We are in a 3 win game streak with him why change what ain’t broken. Everyone will say but those wins come against horrible run defense ok the chiefs have a horrible defense let the kid play against a “contender” let’s see what happens