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  1. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    Definitely around 20 less. I expect them to run more this season to sustain longer drives for clock manage purposes.
  2. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    Jeter meant a lot to the Yankees too. They weren't waiting around to get him to retire though. Eli Manning has not had high quality QB play since 2011. That's going to be 8 seasons ago at this point, but because the Maras love him he's been allowed to play as long as he wants.
  3. Naw Herm got my Jets to 3 playoff appearances and won a couple too. I have fond memories of him
  4. Teams need to be willing to let average or slightly above average QBs go. If there was a universally accepted WAR stat for football a lot of football contracts would crater.
  5. I remember seeing a lot of my fellow Jets fans arguing in favor of his....talents.
  6. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    I honestly can't think of any sport where you learn better by watching instead of doing. Learning the actual feel of real action is like 90% of the battle.
  7. Fitzpatrick (2015), O'Brian (1985), and Vinny (1998) were all close.
  8. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    He has nothing left. I honestly don't think any of the 31 other teams would pick him as their starter. That's not to say he's the worst starter in the league, but he doesn't have any benefit for any non-Giants team.
  9. What if Mike Vick never got arrested?

    Probably flames out. He never took studying the playbook seriously until he got under Andy Reid. We would definitely have more highlight plays though.
  10. Do you view Alex Smith to be a bust?

    He's not a bust, but I do think a lot of NFL QBs could have had similar success to him if they were given the same amount of time and patience.
  11. Statistics

    It's hard to do in football because the sample sizes are compatible so small in comparison to every other sport really and no other team sport is an interdependent on each other as football. Outside of the absolute best and the absolute worst players it's hard to really gather trustworthy statistical information. Football is still in a place where people see things and then try to base stats around that rather than using statistical data to create a better understanding of the game.
  12. As a starter with the Patriots he is currently 207-60. If he literally spent the next 9 years going 0-16 he would still have an above .500 record by 3 games. This randomly came to mind when I was thinking about how Eli may finish his career below .500 and might even end his career with twice as many losses. Obviously neither has anywhere near full control of their wins and losses. It just blew my mind to think about.
  13. Pick Early AFC Division Winners

    Pats Ravens Chiefs Texans. I'm shocked people are passing over the team that actually won the division in the North last season in favor of the Browns.
  14. I can't think of an athlete that is less like their city than McNabb is to Philadelphia. Anyway I think of him in the same tier as like Matt Hasselbeck. A dude who was pretty good for a half dozen seasons with a good team before he essentially become a journeyman caliber player. Him being garbage is way over-the-top when you have someone like Kerry Collins who was starting during the same era.
  15. What Should The Cowboys Do?

    You obviously sign Dak. In two years his contract won't even be considered bad. Resign Zeke if you think you can get another 4 years out of him.