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  1. If Sterling Sharpe is as dominate as he was at almost any other position he's likely in the hall of fame.
  2. Definitely Antonio Cromartie even if he was allergic to tackling
  3. He was elite in 2017 so that means he's owed being the starter for the next 2 seasons.
  4. Eagles just need him to play average. Not the worse QB in the league.
  5. Defense been playing borderline great the whole game and this is the offense they get stuck with
  6. a dumb play. ball was uncatchable bruh
  7. He throwing Joe Flacco passes now.
  8. naw. his hands still aren't good enough to be in that conversation.
  9. Can't wait to hear all the passes Wentz is going to get for struggling against a bottom 5 defense (with the worst pass defense) when their own defense has played pretty lights out for 3 quarters.
  10. That was a good recovery by Wentz
  11. QB protection for non-running QBs.
  12. What why switch them in and out?
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