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  1. Eddie George made 1st team all pro being 3.7ypc. That will never happen again in the history of the nfl. Granted the Titans were 13-3 that year; but like Edge, Mike Anderson, and Fred Taylor (had almost 100 less yards on 100 less carries) all had better seasons.
  2. Jets hire Eagles VP Joe Douglas as GM

    No. Just those of us that have friends that work in the NFL can. That's how 90% of NFL hiring works. They know a guy.
  3. Jets sign RB Bilal Powell

    My favorite Jet over the last 10 years (ignoring Revis).
  4. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    Rodgers, Elway, and Marino are the only ones on the list that have overwhelming positive reputations. The rest of the list is highly scrutinized so they couldn't be overrated. Like who outside of Dallas speaks highly of Troy Aikman still? Pittsburgh for Bradshaw? NY for Namath? Most people advocate for Namath to be taken out of the hall. How can you be overrated when people want to strip you of accolades
  5. NFL Could Push For 18-Game Season In Labor Talks

    It is absolutely astounding how poorly run the NFL is. Americans really love football
  6. Todd Gurley's future

    Future? They're going to run that man in the ground for the next 2 season then cut him.
  7. Do you miss the Colts-Patriots rivalry of the 2000s?

    No. It was one sided outside of the 1 year that the Colts finally broke through.
  8. The start date is 1999 though. Only that season and 2005 where really terrible with them going 3-13. The rest of the bad seasons they went 7-9.
  9. Ravens in the top 5 with their best long term QB having been Joe Flacco will never not be amazing to me. They had freaking Kyle Boller, Jeff Blake, Tony Banks, and Trent Dilfer. Saints and Cowboys being neck-and-neck is amazing considering how people often talk about how unsuccessful and dysfunctional the Cowboys have been over the last 20 years.
  10. it's impossibly hard. like not to be simple, but it really is. Only 2 other teams in NFL history have went to 3 in a row: Dolphins and Patriots.
  11. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    None of them were that good either.
  12. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    I wouldn't call him elite in terms of gameday coaching. He was far too even-keeled to the detriment and lacked in game adjustments on his teams. He was very good at all the other aspects of coaching though. Those Colts defenses were underrated. 4 of them under Dungy where in the top 8 in PPG and was essential to them winning that 1 because of his defense. If Bob Sanders was able to remain healthy the defenses would have likely been more consistent.
  13. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    They're no more or less super bowl contenders than the Texans honestly.
  14. Who ends up ranked higher All Time: KD or Steph?

    One season I'd like to see what Curry looks like when he's let loose. He's sacrificed a lot of individual greatness for team greatness. Imagine a season where he was given a green light even half as much as James Harden
  15. Right. People talk about Lamar Jackson like he was historically terrible as a passer. He wasn't ever Nathan Peterman out there. Or EJ Manuel. I understand it was a different era, but Steve McNair was a pretty good to sometimes great running QB for a long time without ever putting up Peyton Manning numbers. If he's even 2010 Vick he'll be solid across his career.