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  1. It's because Stafford played his career in Detroit. If he had the same exact career in any mid market city with good weather like Atlanta, Houston, or Tennessee he wouldn't get all these excuses.
  2. 11 seasons as a gadget player? Unlikely. Leon Washington was an all-pro and he only played 9 seasons
  3. Wentz is the only real example to me. Brady, Russell, and Deshaun all had/have varying degrees of legitimate complaints in their situations. Wentz however played statistically the worst football of any starting QB last season and was then benched.
  4. As someone who is a fan of a team that's been pretty irrelevant the last decade, I'd much rather be a Packers/Indy fan. Your team being uncompetitive just makes you just not want to watch them ever.
  5. they're literally the perfect example of why leagues don't even need billionaire owners
  6. People were CONSTANTLY saying he was throwing balls into the dirt.
  7. This is a great point. Eric Berry and Earl Thomas would be the only ones close, but they didn't play nearly long enough and arguably don't have the highs of the 4 safeties you named. That's not even mentioning guys like Bob Sanders, Rodney Harrison, Sean Taylor, or Adrian Wilson. That was really the golden age of safety play
  8. Honestly would rather more guys like him in than dudes like Philip Rivers.
  9. People think McNabb was an accurate passer?!
  10. I mean if Derrick Henry produces at the same level as the last 2 seasons for just 2 or 3 more seasons he'll likely be a hall of famer. Earl Campbell had 5 seasons really and he's a hall of famer
  11. What? Watson has played 4 seasons. His rookie year he was 3-3 as a starter before he was injured (the team finished 4-12. The next 2 seasons the Texans had a winning record and then this year they were awful. That virtually identical to Luck's first 4 seasons as far as winning goes.
  12. I think they had similar peaks as passers, but Deshaun has been much more consistent in his level of play season over season while being a more dynamic runner. And he's actually available to play
  13. I feel like you're underrrating the 2002 Buccaneers offense. They had a better passing and run game than the 01 Pats and 08 Steelers.
  14. They would have won a couple playoff games I imagine. No idea why people are projecting further out than that. Deshaun Watson has already shown more in 4 seasons than Luck did in his career.
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