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  1. What does Rivers have to do to make the HoF?

    How has he had better peaks than most of those guys when the first 6 guys all were literal MVPs. Brees is the only one there with only 1 MVP. Rivers has never been in the MVP conversation (much less gotten a vote) in any of his seasons. All of those guys outside of Romo have had significantly more playoff success as well.
  2. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    No idea why people are acting like Andy is some replacement level player. There are a lot of franchises who haven't had a QB anywhere near as good as him over the past 10 years. Jets Bills Dolphins Jaguars Browns Buccaneers Redskins Cardinals Rams Vikings Bears That's like a 1/3 of the league that definitely hasn't had someone as consistently decent as Dalton over the same period of his career.
  3. What does Rivers have to do to make the HoF?

    I agree with this. Over the last 20 years or so there have been a dozen or so guys with better peaks, more playoff success, or both. no order Brady Peyton Brees Rodgers Favre Warner Eli Ben Russell Ryan Romo
  4. Which of these modern runningbacks are HoF worthy?

    Fumbling problems aside, Tiki is easily Hall of Fame caliber even with the fumbling problems. If he wasn't one the most unlikable former players he would have been in years ago. The rest are just Hall of Very Good to me. Marshawn Lynch has a bunch of highlight moments and is one of those "can't tell the story of the game" without him type of dudes so he'll likely get in fairly quickly even if skill/production wise he isn't that much better than the rest of the players listed.
  5. I swear man this type of rational kills me. Every QB needs help obviously, but if they need 10 All-Pros on their offense to be consistently good then they are not the guy. Like Texans offenses haven't been perfect but you've still consistently seen high potential and execution from Deshaun.
  6. Lions release Damon Harrison Sr.

    Out of the 32 D-linemen the Jets have signed in the past 8 years he was the best, but also the first one they immediately let go. He was the best at run defense in the league at his peak
  7. Aaron Rodgers vs Deshaun Watson vs Drew Brees

    Deshaun easily. Rodgers is washed and Brees arm fades at the end of every season now.
  8. Mahomes vs Wilson

    I mean Patrick Mahomes did get injured so he is definitely overrated
  9. He put it all together for just 1 season but he's had a couple dozen other games where he was spectacular.
  10. Peak Cam Newton is just more dynamic of a player. You put him in an offense with solid skill positions and playcalling and he can just dominate games.
  11. After Marshall. His peak was shorter and not as high.
  12. Honestly might put Brandon Marshall over Julio Jones. The TD difference is wild. Despite have 2354 more yards and a vastly superior yards per reception, he still has 8 less touchdowns when you chart out to Marshall's first 9 years. Marshall only had 20 receptions in his 1st year too.
  13. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    300 yards is worthless with no scoring. Especially when the opposing QB throws from 100 yards and 1 INT. Especially considering that 1 of the touchdowns the Jets scored was because of an INT
  14. Biggest non-QB bust?

    People are talking about 0 sacks with Vernon Gholston. The man have 42 TACKLES in 45 games. How do you AVERAGE less than 1 tackle a game as a starting linebacker? Per volume, Trent Richardson is arguably the worst RB in the history of the NFL though.
  15. Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Then Myles Garrett should be arrested for attempted murder if we're going to go off of what "could have happened" instead of the actual outcome.