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  1. I mean he had 3 seasons where the people had him top 5 in MVP voting and 6 Pro Bowl seasons. He had a little bit of legacy before the Super Bowls
  2. Let's say the team that gets the ball 1st goes on a 10min drive to take all the time in overtime and ends it with a field goal. Do people still believe the other side deserves 1 chance to have the ball to score?
  3. Jamaal Charles definitely. Sucks that he came right before the Chiefs became excellent so people aren't even going to fondly remember him because all the good times are happening right now.
  4. This isn't 2009. No one uses that excuse anymore outside of the most hardcore Peyton fans
  5. Peyton Manning is widely regarding as the greatest postseason choker in the history of the NFL.
  6. That is a statistically insignificant amount of game to make any sort of distinction. I can flip a coin and have it land heads 10 times. That doesn't mean a coin is always going to land heads 100% of the time.
  7. If your argument is that the team that wins the coin toss is going to score a touchdown regardless. Why do you think they'd be unable to score AGAIN after the other team got another possession? I don't understand if equity is the rational how can you justify one team getting 2 offensive possessions and the other team only getting 1. They either both get the same out of fairness or it is inherently unfair by this logic. Further, what happens in OT games that end in safeties or kickoff returns. That isn't equal possessions either.
  8. Naw not bad guys. Big thing Kansas City doesn't have that New England does/did have is 50,000 reporters on every single channel, website, podcast, etc. that grew up as fans of their team. I think Nick Wright is the only "notable" talking head that is a homer. When the Patriots are excellent it was overbearing because every program has like 8 people work there behind and in front of the scenes as a fan.
  9. Complaining about overtime is wild. If the Chiefs kicker doesn't miss and extra point and a field goal the Bills may have never gotten the lead or tied it up in the 1st place
  10. If you have a good kicker you can still kick it within 10 yards of the endzone and force them to run
  11. Bills should just attempt to jump a route at this point and pray they can get an INT
  12. Wallace had his hand tucked in his collar too and still couldn't tackle him
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