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  1. 2019 Schedule

    Jets don't leave the East Coast all season except to go to Cincinnati. So there should be zero travel trouble.
  2. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    FINALLY. Best uniforms in football.
  3. Vikings extend WR Adam Thielen (4 years, $64M)

    They're the same caliber player just vastly different playstyles.
  4. Pick one; Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson

    You don't think Odell, Hopkins, Antonio, or AJ Green get that type of coverage? Gronk didn't? Tyreek Hill might be the only elite receiver that doesn't and that's because he score 30+ yard receiving TDs half the time when he reaches the endzone.
  5. Talent issues sure. The reason you keep veteran players is because they're supposed to be able to overcome talent problems of the team around them. Like you wouldn't want to pay/keep a veteran DE that can't get to the QB unless the rest of the defensive line and linebackers are able to get through as well.
  6. The Eli Manning problem is the thing that happens in every sport when you're dealing with a legacy player for your franchise that just doesn't want to retire. You need to get rid of him so you can free to make better decisions as an organization, but because he's a legacy player you keep them far longer than you should because of everything they've done. If Ryan Fitzpatrick was putting up these same performances not a singular human soul would be defending him nor this trade. Ideally your legacy player goes out like Jeter where they announce their final season immediately after they know they can't hang at a great level anymore so you're not put in an awkward position.
  7. Pick one; Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson

    Calvin. Julio has had it easier considering he plays with a significantly better QB and has played with a great #2 and sometimes #3 option his entire career.
  8. SEVEN? SEVEN? He definitely was not between 08-10 Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson were above him pretty definitely. Julio Jones and Antonio Brown were above him in his last two for 14-15 as well.
  9. For reference, these are some names in 2021 that Megatron will have to contend against Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, and Jared Allen. All those 3 deserve a spot before him especially Manning and Woodson.
  10. Should the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson?

    trade him to the Giants.
  11. The latter. Cris Carter had the consensus for best hands of a WR ever and also had longevity but still had to wait forever to get in.
  12. Maybe recency bias gets him in, but Sterling Sharpe hasn't even got a chance and he only played in 2 less seasons with very similar dominance.
  13. Trade value of a franchise qb on a rookie deal?

    Only feasible scenario that happens is a team is on the cusp of a championship AND a Peyton Manning situation where an old veteran but still elite QB is available during free agency. Given that type of scenario 4 1st rounders would be reasonable. Edit: Would a team like the Texans trade DeShaun Watson if there was a 100% chance they could get Drew Brees next season.
  14. I thought we all loved Rodgers BECAUSE he was smug?
  15. Your team relocates, are you still a fan?

    If they completely rebranded the team so that it's functionally a "new" team then no. Otherwise yes.