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  1. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Go for it. No reason not to. Force the Broncos to pass all game
  2. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Who needs offense when you have penalties?
  3. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    That patience >>>>>>>>>
  4. Baker Mayfield vs Lamar Jackson

    Even if Lamar Jackson doesn't dramatically improve his ceiling can still be like 2015 Cam Newton. That's good enough to consistently get you into the playoffs.
  5. What if Calvin Johnson went first overall?

    He wouldn't have played his whole career in Oakland that's for sure. Who was the last Raider that was there for about a decade? Their kicker?
  6. QB Brock Osweiler retires

    Tens of millions of dollars because he was born tall.
  7. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Can't wait for all the former coach talking heads to shill for the refs tomorrow man
  8. MNF: Lions at Packers

    That definitely gave the game away to the Packers
  9. MNF: Lions at Packers

    They were not spotted 7 points. They were still 40 yards out from the endzone.
  10. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Jimmy Graham decided not to be trash for 1 play today.
  11. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Sure. It's a terrible call, but there is plenty of time for the Lions to correct it. They are still leading right now.
  12. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Naw. The Lions inability to turn these drives into touchdowns is with they might lose.
  13. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Why is the ref talking about subjective calls? You either put your hands on the facemask or you don't
  14. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Packers with another gift
  15. MNF: Lions at Packers

    That doesn't look like a catch at all.