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  1. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    Curtis played in a run first offense nearly his entire career. Even the year Vinny threw the ball nearly 600 times Curtis still ran it 316 times which was still 4 more runs than Gore's career high. Curtis spent his entire career as the sole runningback and usually #1 offensive weapon on all his teams outside of the last year where he got injured. He never had change of pace backs like Kendall Hunter (and Colin Kaepernick). I'm not saying that makes one better or worse. Just adding context.
  2. Even when there wasn't pressure if someone wasn't immediately open he'd get jittery.
  3. The difference in pocket composure is startling
  4. He's a mediocre hardworker.
  5. Sam was legitimately awfully the entirety of this entire game.
  6. Game is on the line and Sam doesn't even give his receivers a chance on the throw.
  7. Mayfield is so legit. Would be blowing the Jets out if he started the entire game.
  8. They've been playing everyone over Powell his entire career here for some bizarre reason.
  9. I swear every Jets drive has started within the 10.
  10. Sam has been so awful this game that between that and the Browns starting field position it's a wonder how they're ahead
  11. Or "bowling" it into the endzone.
  12. Baker Mayfield is going to start no later than next week at this rate.
  13. Imagine if the Jets oline blocked. IMAGINE
  14. Should have just ran it 3 times and could have at least been in field goal range