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  1. It's like every square is a rectangle. You can call all dual threats mobile, but not all mobile QBs are dual threats.
  2. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    I don't get people worrying about him learning Brady's system. If Belichek teams have shown anything is that they'll rearrange their systems to fit the best players on their team.
  3. Pass Coverage or Pass Rush?

    pass coverage allows for more flexibility.
  4. ESPN story on the XFL's demise

    Do you have the data available?
  5. getting double teamed applies to every talented player ever and yet and still there are players better at getting to the QB than Clowney. Khalil Mack is literally a perfect example of a slight variance. Sacks are more important than "disruptions" and pressures because they're an actual definitive negative play 100% of the time. They're not the beginning and end of what makes a great pass rusher. I'll take a guy that averages 15 sacks over some with "objective player-tracking metrics that says they're actually really good at getting close to the QB"
  6. The excuses you're using can be applied to every talented player on the line ever. This is another one of those things where people look at some slight variance on tape and then try to apply it wholesale as something that accidentally happens more for some players than other. Obviously circumstances and situations can differ and produce different results. We'll probably never see a player like Reggie White again who has 12 of his 15 seasons with at least 11 sacks, but there's a reason Clowney never has high sack totals though despite being in a variety of different schemes and situations in the NFL
  7. you don't pay 20million for a run stuffer. He should expect Damon Harrison money.
  8. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/J/JoneJu02/splits/#advanced_splits::none
  9. Do you think Julio Jones is the only great WR in the history of the NFL that gets double covered? He isn't. It isn't like he consistently on the most successful offensives in the history of the NFL where you could make the argument that the playstyle is more beneficial to his team winning. It's literally everyone. He's not middle of the road.
  10. Even regardless of that, not every back up in the NFL even has a similar playstyle as the QB starting. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a journeyman back-up his entire career and he is a throwback gunslinger QB. How many QBs has he been behind that play similar to him? I would say the vast majority don't. Yet despite his inefficiency and constantly having terrible games he'll probably stay in the NFL until he's 40.
  11. This is horse manure. There are plenty of guys who have stuck around as back ups despite not being good in the film room. Vick has publicly admitted several times throughout his career that he never took film study seriously. He still was able to stick around for several seasons as a back up. He was the backup in Philly, NY, and Pittsburgh.
  12. I think extremely high of him of Julio. That's why his lack of TDs is bizarre to me. I mean I guess. He has the least TDs ever for WRs of his class. You can make the same sort of arguments about any number of them. Some have had better QBs. Some have had worse. Some have had years in great offenses with a plethora of weapons. Some have been the only option. He still has the least.
  13. Antonio Brown was the obvious one before he went AWOL. DeAndre Hopkins is another. A healthy Odell. Tyreek Hill. That's disrespectful. I'm comparing him to over great WRs. I'd much rather Devante Adams in 2018 who had 1386 yards and 13 touchdowns over Julio who had 1677 and 8TDs. I'll take 300 less yards for 5 more touchdowns.
  14. I'll take a slightly less physically gifted WR that's going to get me 5-6 more touchdowns. The extra yard is cool but an extra touchdown definitely helps you win more games. It's like would you rather a your pass rusher have more hurries or sacks? You can do some roundabout logic about how hypothetically in a right situation a hurry could lead to a more disadvantage outcome (like an interception). A sack is always definitively a negative play though by definition.
  15. 5'9" slot receiver Wes Welker and Eric Moulds are the only WRs with less. They have 50 and 49 respectively. There are a total of 42 WRs in NFL history that meet this threshold and former fellow Falcons WR Roddy White had 6 more touchdowns on 11 more receptions while playing in mostly the same conditions minus Matt Ryan for 3 seasons. Not a Julio Jones hate thread it's just an amazing and bizarre stat to me. Julio Jones is one of the most athletically gifted WRs ever. He's only been injured once. He plays at least 11 games every season in a dome/outside in warm weather. He has a great QB. He's had several other receiving options to take some pressure off. He still can't score touchdowns. Conversely he dwarfs his peers with a 9.68 receiving yards per target. Marques Colston is 2nd with 8.88. Nearly a whole yard less. I'm struggling to think of another as gifted as Julio that similarly struggles in an important era of their game. If 700 is an arbitrary threshold, I put up the link for 675. Only Gary Clark and Terance Mathis barely missed and they both scored more TDs than him still http://pfref.com/tiny/h1jnU