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  1. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    Definitely buy this argument of Newton over Vick.
  2. TO has like 3 better seasons with the 49ers and 1 season with the Cowboys where he was more dominant than his time with the Eagles.
  3. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    That doesn't dispute how they're comparable passers in the slightest. For all the trust that people have in Cam's ability over Vick he hasn't been much more than marginally better.
  4. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    I would hope not considering he roughly averages 490 passes a season. Vick's career high was 423. Even with Cam's monsterous 2015, he is still only marginally higher in career TD% with the exact same INT%. Outside of sacks, their rate numbers are pretty similar across the board.
  5. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    Question, why do people think Cam is a better passer than Vick?
  6. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Last year's Jets were pretty bad my guy
  7. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    arm strength is as much as velocity as it is distance. Broncos Peyton was still throwing it far, but they all looked like ducks.
  8. NFL Fines Jerry Richardson $2.75M

    How do you build a statue before you even accomplish anything?
  9. Seahawks v Broncos, Raiders v Bucs, and Ravens v Giants are the only ones in my lifetime that I think pretty much always go the way they do.
  10. Brees. Both Favre and Marino are career underachievers while Young's peak was too short.
  11. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    Vick. Despite playing in a passer friendly era his entire career and with much better defenses + equal receiving options; Cam's only been marginally more efficient outside of 2015. Vick was the better runner as well. Daunte "small hands" Culpepper > both
  12. Jameis Winston was a monster in college with the ideal physical build of an NFL QB. I don't understand this question at all.
  13. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    Given how it's actually ran it is a gift from the gods that the NFL became the biggest sport in the US because everyone in charge is just genuinely terrible
  14. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    There has to be a random roulette wheel for suspenses. only thing that makes sense.
  15. Le'Veon Bell or Rob Gronkowski?

    Gronk is constantly injured and is annoying. I'll take the less injured and equally annoying Bell.