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  1. These receivers aren't making a good enough effort for Lamar.
  2. 30 points in 1 half on a Ravens defense feels like some Madden stuff
  3. maybe by Week 10 when it's dead again they'll realize this
  4. Now. He can make spectacular throws no question, but every 1st round QB should be able to do that. You're a franchise QB when you can consistently make smart decisions and aren't constantly putting your team in bad positions because of errant throws that kill drives. Also his big plays are way too infrequent to lean on them as a positive
  5. naw they had another down and could have took another shot
  6. Just because you have 3 timeouts doesn't mean you should only pass the ball 5 yards at a time man.
  7. No idea why people feel like they're owed a touchdown. Score when you can
  8. Wait Kyler Murray threw 3 interceptions and his team is still up?
  9. Every 1st round draft pick should have tools. that's no reason to stay with a bad pick who has shown very little.
  10. Based on what? Why do people have this supreme belief in Sam Darnold?
  11. How much better is Philip Rivers' resume than Carson Palmer's outside of length? It's very narrow and no one would ever suggest Carson Palmer is a hall of famer. Carson Palmer is the mendoza line for Hall of Fame QBs to me for this era.
  12. What? God no. Can't believe people are seriously discussing him as a possible hall of famer. A guy like Torry Holt was a vastly superior slot/undersized WR.
  13. why are you running the ball there instead of taking a shot at the endzone? You're 15 yards out
  14. there's so much scoring for a game that feels like I'm watching 2 mediocre qbs
  15. playcall was fine. NE just didn't beat their men.
  16. That should have been game
  17. That Jamal Adams guy seems like something of a playmaker.
  18. It's amazing how like half of Bill's brilliance is just doing basic things that every other coach in the league should be doing situationally.
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