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  1. Eagles Vick would have been a good starter for like 10 years. Atlanta Vick? Highlight plays still mixed with trash
  2. The difference between now and even 10 years ago is how easy it is to pass in the NFL. Justin Herbert in his rookie season with a bad head coach and 1 really talented WR had a better season statistically than many long tenured QBs.
  3. Patrick Mahomes sat behind....Alex Smith
  4. They can if they want to. I don't care either way. The difference in the drafted QBs development isn't going to hinge on whoever is behind him backing him up. His own talent, worth ethic, and how well he fits into the scheme is going to determine his successs
  5. You have no way of knowing one way or another. Unless you were a collegiate QB who has experience in that sort of scenario there's nothing to really talk about. It could benefit him it could mean absolutely nothing.
  6. So just wait until you have Hall of Fame elite players at every single position before you attempt to get a QB? How did that work out for Mark Sanchez who came into a team with an elite defense and the best o-line in football with a stellar running game?
  7. Sam is a terrible QB just like he was in college.
  8. It's almost like you can draft offensive linemen and a runningback! Jesus christ
  9. You don't draft a guy #2 overall to sit him in 2021. The only notable QBs you have sat recently where Aaron Rodgers (who was behind a top 10 all time QB) and Alex Smith (a pro bowl QB). The likelihood of Darnold immediately becoming a good starter is unlikely. QBs who have played as poorly as Sam has played have very rarely even even become average. Also you're assuming that the Panthers would even consider making it conditional. They were the only team fighting to get him
  10. I'm happy to be emancipated from his cult following in the Jets fandom
  11. Right there with the Derek Carr's of today's NFL. Massive overachiever as a 6th round pick though
  12. Definitely see receptions as a possibility. You don't need to be a great WR to rack up 100+ receptions. All you need to be in today's NFL is an above average slot receiver in an offense built around it slants/quick passes
  13. This man is like Darren Sharper apparently
  14. Brees has longevity on his side, but I would still say QBs like Kurt Warner and Steve Young had higher peaks.
  15. He was one of or the best player at his position for several years. He has solid longevity. An obvious hall of famer to me
  16. Bears organization is allergic to a modern offense.
  17. FINALLY. No disrespect to the legend, but the Saints are now free from Brees physically fading in the last 1/3 of the season every year now
  18. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brad Johnson, and Vinny Testaverde have to occupy 3 of the spots. They all played with a large enough variety of teams to qualify as journeymen without debate and actually have legitimate peaks in their career outside of simply being an average starting QB. I don't know if we're including Rich Gannon, but definitely Rich over some dudes like Kerry Collins who was never good anywhere.
  19. Eh you can compare resumes and what they did vs the competition of their day but that's about it. This about how different the NFL is just in terms of officiating in as little as 20 years (the beginning of Tom Brady's career) versus now. Feels like an entirely different league. Guys like Derek Carr or Kirk Cousins put up waaaay better numbers than a Steve McNair did but anyone who has seen McNair play knows he was the superior player.
  20. Jamaal is probably the ideal modern day RB honestly. A guy who can get you 1400+ yards from scrimmage without having to build your entire offense around him in order for him to be successful
  21. The fact that he was able to carve out a 16 year career as a 7th round pick is astounding man. The ultimate peaks and valleys QB
  22. Who is arguing that Barry is the only great RB to have had mediocre QB play? The vast majority of Hall of Fame QBs had mediocre QB play. Terrell Davis did have several Hall of Fame teammates on the offensive end alone as well as all-pro and pro bowl linemen who were great before and after him though
  23. It's because Stafford played his career in Detroit. If he had the same exact career in any mid market city with good weather like Atlanta, Houston, or Tennessee he wouldn't get all these excuses.
  24. 11 seasons as a gadget player? Unlikely. Leon Washington was an all-pro and he only played 9 seasons
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