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  1. Chiefs/Bolts are a toss up.. Right now I give KC a very slight edge but it's very very slight. I do expect the Bolts to win the division next year at 12-4 while KC go in as a wildcard at 11-5. Now that we have the Arrowhead monkey off our back we are definitely a possibility to sweep the Chiefs next season.
  2. It sucked. I won't say it was the worst superbowl ever but bottom 3 in the 15 or so that I have watched.
  3. Definitely the most boring superbowl I have watched. We waited all year for this??
  4. Interestingly enough 10 year starters are; Brady, Ben, Rivers, Flacco, Brees, Eli, Rodgers, Ryan, Stafford. I think I would put the cutoff at 8 years. Newton and Dalton are going into their 9th years as starting QBs. I would consider them long term starters.
  5. I guess it depends on what Denver think of the Quarterbacks in this years draft. If they really like a guy, they are high enough in the draft to make sure they land him, but they will have to get ahead of NYG to make sure they get him. Rookies rarely start week 1 so Keenum is probably still week 1 starter in this scenario. If they don't particularly like anyone, they ride with Keenum for another year and go all-in next offseason for a QB.
  6. I think every starting QB remains the same, except for.. Jaguars - Foles Dolphins - Draftee Redskins - Fitzpatrick/Bridgewater/Tannehill/Flacco - whoever comes cheapest for a guaranteed 1 year starting job. I think Giants and Skins draft QBs but sit them for a year. Dolphins start their QB immediately.
  7. I think Bridgewater makes a lot of sense for the Skins. He might sign a cheap 1 year deal knowing that he's starting. Maybe even Fitzpatrick? No other team would take him as a starter so he might go to Washington for cheap? At least he's got a bit of upside and will keep the crowd entertained with 500 yards and 5 touchdowns followed by 6 picks in 3 quarters. As for Smith, I feel for the guy, I don't think I'd have the courage to return from that injury - he's 35 and should have a cool 50million+ in his bank account. No point putting yourself at further risk.
  8. I would be really surprised if this is Rivers final season. Hasn't he made comments about playing in the new LA stadium? He needs to stick around for at least 2 more years to play there, as well as get in the top 5 of major passing categories (yds and tds). Then you have the fact that he wants a ring badly. I think that guarantees us at least 2 more years of Rivers, probably 3. I think the only way he retires this year is if he gets a ring or if we totally implode to 5-11 and our superbowl window closes.
  9. AGE as of today. Brady - 41.5 Brees - 40.0 Eli - 38.1 Rivers - 37.1 Ben 36.9 I look forward to seeing how the final touchdown/yards list ends up. Basically whoever retires last between Brees and Brady will sit at #1. Rivers and Ben have a chance at cracking the top 5 in both categories, overtaking Marino in yards and touchdowns, but neither will catch the top 4 in either category.(Brady,Brees,Peyton,Favre).
  10. I think Eli and Brees will retire after 1 more season leaving Ben, Rivers and Brady. After that I guess it depends how their form is holding up. I think Ben has got another 2 years in him while Rivers has another 3. Who the hell knows with Brady but I can see him playing 3-4 more years.
  11. Not sure if this has been said, but I'll say it anyway Regular season OT rules are fine. Postseason should be a 10 minute period. Whoever leads after 10 mins wins the game. If it is still tied, another 10 minute period.
  12. We don't need to go chasing a QB yet I wouldn't think. We are in 'win-now' mode, so I expect us to draft DT or LB in the first round, followed by bringing in some guards that can give Rivers protection. I would love for us to make a move on Suh and use the draft to solidify our LBs and Oline. A replacement for Addae would be nice as well. And going in to next season.. We need to win the division and earn a week off. I expect a top 2 seed if we address those needs. Rivers will give us another 3 years.
  13. QB Tom Brady HB LaDainian Tomlinson WR Jerry Rice WR Calvin Johnson WR Larry Fitz TE Antonio Gates
  14. Heading into 2019 these would be my top 10. 1)Brady (v) 2)Brees (v) 3)Wilson (--) 4)Rivers (--) 5)Rodgers (--) 6)Ben (v) 7)Mahomes (^) 8)Luck (^) 9)Ryan (--) 10)Goff (^) HM: Newton,Wentz I think the top 5 in 2 years will be Wilson,Rivers,Mahomes,Luck and Rodgers.
  15. Wouldn't trade him for anyone. It's sad that he got stuck with this franchise - I think he has a ring if he had gone to almost any other team. Still think he can give us another 3 years. That has him retiring at the age Drew Brees is right now and by then he will be 5th all time in passing yards and touchdowns and have the 2nd longest consecutive start streak after Favre. HOFer without a question, but he needs a ring to silence any remaining haters.
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