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  1. Chargers trade LT Okung to Panthers for G Trai Turner

    Moton is by far Carolina’s best OL. Turner has been a disappointment since 2017. Seriously? You really listed Samuel, Benjamin, and Funchess? Funchess and Benjamin are busts and Samuel hasn’t done much in the NFL. Tolbert wasn’t brought in by Gettleman. You’re crazy if you think we would have made the playoffs without Hurney’s core. Cam, Olsen, Stewart, Tolbert, Kalil, Kuechly, Davis, Norman were pro bowlers in 2015. All Hurney’s players. Gettleman did do a great job of finding role players.
  2. Chargers trade LT Okung to Panthers for G Trai Turner

    Gettleman would have cut Olsen and Thomas Davis a couple years ago. Trai Turner has been below average since signing his deal. James Bradberry is not worth 15 million a year. Gettleman feasted with Hurney’s team.
  3. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    So did Newton.
  4. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    Was Andrew Luck an accurate quarterback?
  5. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    Someone is really saying Mariota is better than Cam? Jfc Cam is top 10.
  6. NFC South Wide Receivers Under the age of 25

    Chris Godwin, DJ Moore.
  7. Is Andrew Luck a Hall of Famer

  8. MNF: Lions at Packers

  9. Dave Gettleman and the Giants rebuild

    Panthers actually have a complete team post-Gettleman. Good WRs, good secondary, good pass rush, found a franchise LT. The only question mark is quarterback. If Gettleman were still in Carolina, Benjamin would still be starting games.
  10. Cam Newton

    You're one of those people who look at box scores instead of watching games. No one will have a high percentage with Ted Ginn and Philly Brown as your starting wide receivers.