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  1. I'm not making excuses or saying the Steelers weren't the better team that week or anything. I was responding to you saying the Browns were healthy. They weren't.
  2. Well, Browns weren't healthy week 6 either. Baker had cracked ribs and had his worst performance of the year, Wyatt Teller (highest rated player on our o-line) didn't play, and Nick Chubb didn't play. And obviously the defense was missing some pieces in the secondary.
  3. Thanks for the reply. You're right that the Bears' game is super expensive. I have no choice but to wait and hope to get lucky for a good deal as I wouldn't be able to afford those kind of prices.
  4. Anyone have tickets to the Browns/Bears game on Sept 26th? My brother is a huge Bears fan (yuck) and I'd like to take him for his birthday. Or other games if not that one. Thanks!
  5. Who is saying he is? You're throwing haymakers about Stefanski as if this thread is littered with people who got him as a top 5 coach when most don't have him on their top 10 lists at all. I think he got a couple honorable mentions and that's it. Also, last year the Browns had one of the most talented rosters on offense. The defense was a disaster and is entirely the reason they were only 11-5.
  6. Not to mention the pick in the playoff game against the Squeelers. I don't think we'll be cutting him.
  7. Does the AFCW have a playoff team outside of the Chiefs? Raiders under Gruden have been disappointing. Chargers are "hopeful" and have potential but will that equal 10 or 11+ wins? We don't know. Broncos are pretty bad and don't have a QB. I'd pick the Steelers finishing with a better record than any AFCW team (besides the Chiefs). Browns and Ravens are likely double-digit win teams. Hell, even the Bengals could take a step forward. AFCN > AFCW.
  8. Pretty sure most advanced stats (not total/counting stats) favor Chubb. And many of those stats tend to account for differences in teammates. Personally, as a Browns fan, I feel like I can't rank Chubb higher because of the total production. Henry is ultra talented and has that body of work he has delivered. I DO think Chubb is a better overall talent and RB (though really close), but the numbers aren't there due to lack of volume. So I'll defer to Henry on any rankings list.
  9. And if I understand correctly, the thread topic is about who is the best QB now. Using career stats to determine that is asinine. The very same dude had Allen ranked as #3 on his list was obviously not going by his career stats. Very strange.
  10. Could you share the rest of that list? I have a feeling Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and Joe Burrow are high up on that list.
  11. I think we need to go 4-2 in the division minimally. I don't know how many Burrow-games our fans have watched outside of the Browns, but he didn't appear to as good vs. other teams as the hype, IMO. His numbers outside of killing our horrendous secondary 2x were rather pedestrian. We absolutely need to sweep them, and I think we will. Then splitting with Pittsburgh and Baltimore would get us there (or sweeping Pittsburgh and getting swept by the Ravens).
  12. You can call the passing game average. I'm cool with that, though I think it's a little above average especially towards the end of the year. But I question your definition of a game manager. I'd argue Baker is the exact opposite. Game managers tend to throw short passes for 5 yards when it's 3rd and long, or throw the ball away, or take a lot of checkdowns during drives and avoid throwing the ball into tight windows. Their entire purpose is to avoid losing the game by limiting turnovers and battling for field position. Baker is the exact opposite. He throws lasers into his receivers
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