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  1. Agree, but that's no guarantee. We have no idea how Ben will be as QBs can easily fall off a cliff at his age, especially coming back from injury. Big Ben is easily a better QB than Duck and Rudolph but those two were put into an offense tweaked to not rely on them and to limit their mistakes. It's not like they were thrown out there and were completely decimated. Together, they went 276/443 (62%) 18 TDs and 17 INTs. As Browns fans, we've seen far worse QB play. Ben is not going to be coming back to a team with as many weapons. He's not going to be slinging the ball all over and shredding defenses constantly. He's quite turnover prone himself and with an aging o-line, could have some disastrous performances that the defense can't simply overcome (as they have with Duck and Rudolph). LSS: I could see the Steelers winning 10 games, but I could also see them only winning 6.
  2. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    I almost want Jamal Adams to be traded JUST to see the 180 degree turn by Jets fans in this thread. Especially if he said something negative about the team following the trade.
  3. Baseball die-hards tend to be really jealous of football fans for some reason.
  4. He's going to get 15 million. Myles is going to get 20+ next year. Baker and Denzel the following year. We don't even know how the salary cap will be, given the covid-19 pandemic. It would feel pretty Dorsey'ish to give up a 1st and 3rd + 15 million like that. For his limited time I thought Morgan Burnett was solid - let's roll with Joseph/Sendejo and see what we have there alongside Delpit.
  5. Polls

    I wouldn't be upset if our worst O-line starter was just average. Teller is the safest bet. Forbes is a wildcard. With this virtual offseason we're having, Forbes will have to clearly and definitively show SOMETHING in order to win that RG spot.
  6. Glad there has been no news but this feels a bit premature. Won't feel good until week 1.
  7. Probably talking about when he tried to trip that Ravens player during a kickoff return.
  8. Free Agency Discussion

    Myles had 7 sacks in 11 total games. But I agree - hopefully Wills can be a solid player year one and blossom into an impact player going forward.
  9. 2020 Opponents Set

    Week 15 is gonna be fun.
  10. 2020 Opponents Set

    Fully agreed. Take away his comfort areas (middle of the field) and mix up coverages + blitzes. Set the edge on every down. Someone made an interesting point - teams that play him a lot seem to do quite well defending him. Chargers in 2018 playoffs, Browns in 2019, Titans in 2019 playoffs. He had one of his worst games of the year against the Steelers in week 5. While we can't predict what strides he continues to make, I do think if his ball placement doesn't improve the same the NFL will do a lot better defending him in 2020 than 2019.
  11. AFC North Game Plans: BENGALS

    Yeah, Chubb isn't a route runner. He could still be a proficient receiving back if he catches the ball with a little space. His vision, acceleration, and ability to break tackles are all superb. He's not gonna do much before the catch but after the catch - look out.
  12. AFC North Game Plans: BENGALS

    I read it as "the ypc is a big deal". Which it is. 1.1 is nothing to sneeze at - which is why he made the Eric Dickerson/Trent Williams comparison. I think Chubb is clearly better. Mixon is awesome but I don't think he's close enough to be viewed as a 'wash' with Chubb. You can talk about offensive talent all you want (even though in 2018 it would closer than you think) but when I watch Chubb as a runner he is simply better, and that's dating back to his time at Georgia (pre-injury) vs. Mixon at Oklahoma. He blows Mixon away with advanced stats too - it's just disingenuous to suggest they're a wash (not saying you're doing this, but given the comparison with the Bengals).
  13. AFC North Game Plans: BENGALS

    Agree. I don't care what the name is - he's still a rookie QB. The fact that people are automatically crowning this dude is funny to me.
  14. 2020 Opponents Set

    And I'm telling you - teams have tried that. There's no simple approach to it. You have to be aggressive AND conservative depending on the situation, and focus on limiting the portions of the field where Lamar is most dangerous. The more you open yourself up to big plays, the easier you make it for them to hurt you. It's not as easy as "Make Lamar make that throw". Harbaugh will stubbornly run Ingram 5 times in a row down the pipe while you're sitting there blitzing the edges and giving up 5-8 yards per run. They have a dynamic offense. I'm arguing against the notion that you will "send 6 every time against empty against that joke QB". You're seriously underestimating Lamar. I really suggest you watch some Ravens games during the quarantine.
  15. 2020 Opponents Set

    This isn't Madden. Someone like Greg Roman would figure that out in no time. The Ravens throw a lot of screens and wheel-routes out of the backfield which would punish that kind of aggressive defense. Man coverage against Lamar isn't always the best thing either. There's a reason why zone coverage is a decent option against scrambling QBs - many defenders have their eyes on the QB. They're a lot quicker to react if he tries to take off or make a play with his arm. Go watch the Rams/Ravens game last year. Wade Phillips stubbornly ran a ton of man coverage and Lamar torched them with big plays on the ground. All of the defenders would have their backs turned running with their receivers and Lamar would be 10+ yards downfield before they even realize he was running. Similarly, the Patriots got smoked by Lamar due to so much man coverage on defense. Now go watch the Titans/Ravens in the playoffs and you'll see they played a LOT of zone especially in the middle of the field. It allowed them to keep eyes on Lamar while shading the tight ends. IMO, the best strategy is to offer a wide-9 look on the defensive line to secure the edge, and tight man coverage on the outside with zone in the middle. The only issue with this is that it can be weak against the run or vulnerable to hard play-actions. It has to be mixed in with fire zone blitzes that load up on one side or the other, as you suggested in the 2nd quote. TLDR: It's not easy at all to defend Lamar. I think we're starting to learn what works best against him and he'll need to improve to beat it. He'll certainly regress this year (statistically), but man you gotta have the right calls going, right players, and some luck in order to contain him. 2nd and 3rd and longs are what does the trick, and having an offense that can put points on the board.