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  1. On 6/9/2021 at 12:47 PM, Ozzy said:


    Kevin Stefanski is not a top 10 coach in the NFL.  He won coach of the year because of the improvement of the Browns from 6-10 to 11-5.  Sure he is better than Hue Jackson and Kitchens but so what, this is the conversation for top 10 coaches in the NFL not who is better than Hue Jackson and Kitchens.  In 2019 the Browns did not have Conklin at RT or Willis at LT.  Think that had nothing to do with the fact the team itself improved greatly? Give Stefanski Greg Robinson and Chris Hubbard the starting LT and RT for the 2020 team and they would not have won 11 games.  


    Hunt had 179 yards in 2019 and then 841 yards in 2020, think that did not matter?  Also Harrison Bryant made a lot of plays at TE and gave them three legit TE weapons, People-Jones was outstanding 3rd option for the Browns and that was with OBJ out most of the season.  Granted Stefanski's simplified offense, focused on play action more and running the ball helped greatly, but again if he did not have the players it would not have mattered.  

    Also so the Browns are not one of the most talented if not the most talented roster in the NFL?  What other team had 3 All Pro players on the offensive line?  Take two of those lineman out and it is a totally different team.  


    He did a good job last year sure but he is not a top 10 coach in the NFL until he shows he can do it consistently and over a long period of time.  It was freaking one year!   Crown the guy already as a top 10 coach in the league after one year?  No thanks.  


    Who is saying he is? You're throwing haymakers about Stefanski as if this thread is littered with people who got him as a top 5 coach when most don't have him on their top 10 lists at all. I think he got a couple honorable mentions and that's it.

    Also, last year the Browns had one of the most talented rosters on offense. The defense was a disaster and is entirely the reason they were only 11-5.

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  2. 21 hours ago, DaWg_LB. said:

    And In my opinion, he was a solid Special Teams guy in year 1, in year 2 he was our best LB at setting the edge in the run game...and he made some big plays, I believe lone sack came on a 4th down this year, and I think the Pick 6 put us up on Philly.

    Not to mention the pick in the playoff game against the Squeelers.

    I don't think we'll be cutting him.

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  3. Does the AFCW have a playoff team outside of the Chiefs?

    Raiders under Gruden have been disappointing. Chargers are "hopeful" and have potential but will that equal 10 or 11+ wins? We don't know. Broncos are pretty bad and don't have a QB.

    I'd pick the Steelers finishing with a better record than any AFCW team (besides the Chiefs). Browns and Ravens are likely double-digit win teams. Hell, even the Bengals could take a step forward.

    AFCN > AFCW.

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  4. On 6/1/2021 at 11:25 AM, dtait93 said:


    Help me understand how you guys rank Chubb ahead of Henry? 

    Pretty sure most advanced stats (not total/counting stats) favor Chubb. And many of those stats tend to account for differences in teammates.

    Personally, as a Browns fan, I feel like I can't rank Chubb higher because of the total production. Henry is ultra talented and has that body of work he has delivered. I DO think Chubb is a better overall talent and RB (though really close), but the numbers aren't there due to lack of volume. So I'll defer to Henry on any rankings list.

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  5. On 5/22/2021 at 2:14 PM, BayRaider said:

    Stop relying on stats as everything. Kyler still has a lot to figure out with reading defenses, the guy looked totally lost the second half of the season. And I’m a big Murray fan. Baker is head and shoulders above him as a passer and decision maker, regardless what “stats” say, and I’m one of the bigger Baker critics. Murray has the run game element, but Baker also understands defenses way better and constantly moves the ball more effectively than Murray. That may change this year, but for now, when Murray plays a defense that has tailored their gameplan around him, he’s been stopped in his tracks. 

    You constantly preach whatever gets the job done. And Baker moves the ball way more consistently than Kyler does. I have seen Kyler totally figured out by defenses and stopped drive after drive looking totally lost and confused. 

    And if I understand correctly, the thread topic is about who is the best QB now. Using career stats to determine that is asinine. The very same dude had Allen ranked as #3 on his list was obviously not going by his career stats.

    Very strange.

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  6. 11 hours ago, onejayhawk said:

    According to PFF, Mahomes was the third highest QB in incidence of contributing to a sack. Perhaps the rehab from toe surgery will teach some caution. 

    I agree that with both Fisher and Schwartz healthy it was a good line, probably better than the one that won SB XIV. If I understand correctly, the plan this offseason was to get two top players and fill around them. As it happens, they came up with three plus elite two rookies. 



    Could you share the rest of that list? I have a feeling Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and Joe Burrow are high up on that list.

  7. 1 hour ago, MWil23 said:

    The road games are really what concern me. Green Bay, New England, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City. The reality is, we need to win 2 of these, preferably 3, and we really can't afford slip ups against teams like Houston, Cincinnati x2, or Detroit. The "medium" games against Vegas, Chicago, Arizona, Denver, and New England are REALLY games we have to win at least 4 of 5.

    If we are able to go 3-3 or 4-2 in the division, then win 2-3 of those really tough games, and then 6 out of 7 of those non divisional "medium games", that puts us somewhere between 11-6 and 12-5, which puts us in divisional contention.

    I think we need to go 4-2 in the division minimally. I don't know how many Burrow-games our fans have watched outside of the Browns, but he didn't appear to as good vs. other teams as the hype, IMO. His numbers outside of killing our horrendous secondary 2x were rather pedestrian. We absolutely need to sweep them, and I think we will. Then splitting with Pittsburgh and Baltimore would get us there (or sweeping Pittsburgh and getting swept by the Ravens).

  8. On 4/12/2021 at 1:34 PM, Jeezla said:

    Over the whole season, they were average. Baker had 2 games over 300 passing yards. He's a game manager. If Baker Mayfield was your fantasy qb, you missed the playoffs, period.


    You can call the passing game average. I'm cool with that, though I think it's a little above average especially towards the end of the year.

    But I question your definition of a game manager. I'd argue Baker is the exact opposite. Game managers tend to throw short passes for 5 yards when it's 3rd and long, or throw the ball away, or take a lot of checkdowns during drives and avoid throwing the ball into tight windows. Their entire purpose is to avoid losing the game by limiting turnovers and battling for field position.

    Baker is the exact opposite. He throws lasers into his receivers hands in tight coverage. He throws downfield on third and longs and is generally aggressive with his passing both in and out of the pocket. Just because the running game is elite (which limited his passing attempts) doesn't mean he's a game manager or has that style of passing at all. You can easily view completed air yards per completion and see that he ranks higher than the average QB (9th I believe, but that's off the top of my head).

    Not to mention Baker had 40 less total passing attempts than Aaron Rodgers, which is 2.5 less pass attempts per game in a run-first offense. So even if you call him a game manager based on passing attempts (he was 17th in the league), the fact that he was so close to A-Rod might say otherwise.

    Honestly, the "game manager" take about Baker just seems to come from people who don't actually watch him play. He's muuuuch more Brett Favre-like in terms of slinging the ball than being a guy trying to avoid turnovers.

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  9. On 2/13/2021 at 1:45 AM, Nightime said:

    The Ravens are a running team and Tampa had the best run defense in the league. The Ravens could try throwing the ball, but the Ravens pass offense was ranked 32nd and Tampa just beat the top rated passing offense in the SB...

    I don’t think Tampa would have much issue with Baltimore. They are faster and more physical than Buffalo’s defense at all levels

    The Ravens aren't an ordinary running team.

    My money's on Tampa too vs any AFC team but I do think the Ravens would have a chance. Lamar can make even the best defenses look worse. A team being better doesn't mean they always win.

  10. I think the Ravens play them well (though I think the Ravens would play just about anyone well). Lamar is just a different type of player to defend against and could cause problems for that Bucs defense. And the Ravens have the defense (secondary at least) that could hold its own.

    After that I'd say the Browns and Titans - but both their defenses would likely get annihilated by the Bucs offense.

    I pick Bucs over any AFC team but I do think the Ravens have a decent shot at taking them down.

  11. I hope he feels heat and ends up getting fired.

    I remember when Ravens fans were talking about firing Harbaugh after 2017. I was praying they would... but nope. Drafted Lamar and the rest is history.

    AFC North teams: fire your good coaches, please. Nothing would make Browns fans happier. The journey to finding a new competent head coach could be long and daunting.

  12. 1 hour ago, Tk3 said:

    I assume you are talking from a Browns perspective?

    That post you quoted was from a week ago. I had you as the underdog against Ten, so having won that game puts you into a near lock

    As for Baltimore, I would say they are probably 2 TD favorites against the Bengals, Jags, and Cowboys, and at least a 7 point favorite against the Giants at home. The odds of them winning all 4 of those games is probably higher than the odds of them losing even 1.

    And Baltimore @ Cleveland is probably a push. I know Cleveland fans will find that disrespectful, but its how I feel.

    The chances of them finishing at 11-5 are probably better than any wildcard team besides the Browns. The Browns beating the Titans was a gamechanger and puts them in a near-lock position


    I still think Miami and Oakland are the two who are left out

    Nah, it's not disrespectful. Baltimore hit a really rough patch but we all know what they're capable of. I'm just happy that the Browns are improving and not looking like the pushover/fraud that everyone has been spewing for some time now.

    I predicted Cleveland at 9-7 before the season started and I'm one of the optimistic Browns fans, so this season has been awesome for me. 11-5 is well within reach (but not a sure bet obviously) and the possibility of 12-4 blows my mind.

  13. 23 minutes ago, AkronsWitness said:

    I think its entirely possible and perfectly fine to admit that Bakers just performs better without OBJ. When OBJ isnt out there Baker plays more freely. It doesnt mean that OBJ is bad or that Baker is bad I just dont think the fit worked.

    When OBJ is not on the field I think Baker doesnt have the pressure to force the ball to OBJ

    It's hard to say for sure if Baker is just better without OBJ since there are variables involved (quality of opp, etc...). But I hear your point.

    I also think it's worth noting on that mic'd up of Baker where he throws a TD to someone  during the WFT game and he ran over to OBJ and Landry and told them to be patient.

    We can't say whether or not they're actually putting pressure on Baker, but that clearly shows that it's in Baker's head to get those guys the ball. At least with Landry he has chemistry, but he has zero chemistry with OBJ and that could be the issue.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Thomas5737 said:

    Yeah I don't know if this is true. Sure he gets open occasionally without getting a target but he doesn't seem to do it often or even regularly.

    I watched the All-22 film breakdown of every Baker throw (from the Cowboys to Steelers) and I was shocked to see how much OBJ actually gets open. I honestly didn't expect to see it so much but I'm sure if WE see it then the coaches + Baker see it too when they review the film.

  15. 39 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

    Yeah he’s had like 2 big games in a year and a half.

    I won’t say it’s all on OBJ or whatever, but facts are facts.


    It seems like people assume we are blaming OBJ for the lack of production and that's far from the case. Sometimes it just doesn't mesh. And the worst part is that OBJ is so good and gets open so much (Baker knows this) that I know Baker was dying to get him the ball. Which probably led to many issues.

    Higgins and Baker mesh. We all know Higgins is no OBJ but we as fans have probably underestimated how important the QB-WR chemistry can be. Those back shoulder throws were like music between the two and that's what we need to help establish that rhythm for Baker.

  16. 7 hours ago, warfelg said:

    I expect a blowout one way or another TBH.

    Come on warfelg, you know better lol. I expect a feisty, close game.

    Browns offense: One thing that scares me is that how much Pittsburgh likes to blitz. These aren't your grandpa's blitzes either - they're well designed and executed. Up until this point the Browns have mainly faced 4-man rushes with a little blitzing sprinkled in. Will Baker commit turnovers? Will the Steelers give up bigger plays? How will they balance defending the run vs. the pass in the well prepared Stefanski wide zone offense? So many question marks up until this point. I have a bad feeling about our PA rollouts - I can see someone like Watt disrupting all of it.

    Browns defense: So far the Browns have generated a ton of pressure with just 4-man rushes and zone coverage, trying to imitate the legion of boom Seahawks defense. Our talent is nowhere near that, which leads to huge mistakes in the secondary that a QB like Ben can feast on. Attack our safeties down the field and you'll wind up with 30 points - simple as that. The only reason the Browns defense has been forcing turnovers is because of the play of the defensive line. Myles is having a fantastic year. Will he be able to pressure Ben into turnovers, or will Ben tear apart the sloppy zone coverage of the Browns defense?


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  17. 1 hour ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

    Wow, this thread aged well over the last month 😂 

    People are prisoners of the moment. On full-blown emotional tilts week by week - honestly not sure how they survive every day.

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  18. Gardner Minshew doesn't have a great offensive line or weapons either. D.J. Chark is all he got, and even when D.J has missed time Minshew didn't look as bad as Darnold has.

    Jets defense > Jags defense too. I feel like people are just clinging onto Darnold and will use every excuse possible just because they had him valued highly as a franchise QB and don't want to be wrong about him.

  19. I get that Darnold is in a bad situation but he's nowhere near the first QB to have it rough. I've watched 20 years of Browns QBs in horrendous situations with nothing at the skill positions, O-line, coaches, organization, etc... and none of them seemed to generate the kind of sympathy that I've seen given to Darnold. Is it because he's in NY?

    I don't exactly feel 'sorry' for him in that sense. It happens and it's gonna continue to happen in the league. Given his situation I don't think he's performed badly at all so I also don't understand the people that want to trash him.


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