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  1. Yeah, Hubbard's not worth the contract. Cut him and find someone serviceable at RG. We still have Wyatt Teller and Drew Forbes who can compete with any new additions. Draft a LT @ 10 and the o-line is looking much better.
  2. I mean, that goes without saying. You'd be a complete idiot to want to move on from him after just one year, given the QB-hell we've been in for the last 20 years. What do you believe? Don't be on the fence ready to pounce on whatever side looks right when the time comes.
  3. Interviewing Stefanski today, McDaniels tomorrow, and looking to finalize decision by Saturday. Two days away. Lol why are you guys so impatient?
  4. Well, the idea is that Josh will want more alignment with the front office, meaning he'd want his GM in place or someone he is close to and trusts. This is likely his last crack at a HC position and I'm sure he wants to put himself in the best position possible to succeed. That rules out the Panthers (Hurney), Giants (Gettleman), and Cowboys (Jones) who already have GMs in place. Only team that had a vacant GM opening was the Redskins who swiftly hired Rivera as their HC. I don't think those teams passing on McDaniels is any indication at all of the person McDaniels is, rather, they
  5. Fair, and good to know. FWIW, I've spent 20 years investing myself into trying to determine the best coaches/GMs/players that would help our team. I'm now exhausted, and would shrug even if we brought in Condoleezza Rice lol.
  6. I generally like your posts as I frequently browse, but you're being pretty dense right now.
  7. And for the record, I'm not blown away by ANY of the HC candidates this year. However, Josh McDaniels is a freaking offensive mastermind and game plans as good as any other person in the league. Unlike Freddie, he heavily invests time and energy into uncovering the opponents defensive weaknesses and designs his weekly scheme to exploiting them. This is even more noticeable during the playoffs. You don't know what type of offense New England would implement each week - sometimes it's a heavy dose of running, or intermediate/deep passing routes, or short/slashing routes. But it's all based
  8. You say this so absolutely and it's not necessarily true. If this was the case, then why was Josh McDaniels longing for an interview last year with us when there was 100% absolutely no way we would consider getting rid of Dorsey? Surely if this was true he wouldn't have been trying to come here, right? Albert Breer is the mouthpiece for JM and was basically indicating that JM loves Baker and was pining to interview for us last year. It's BS. While I'm sure JM would prefer GM control you can't sit there and say he WON'T take a job unless he has GM control.
  9. The Texans literally called a timeout, then parted like the red sea to allow Henry to get the rushing title.
  10. I honestly don't know how I ended up with: Tyreek Hill Michael Thomas Julian Edelman Keenan Allen Jarvis Landry as my receivers and Lindsay, Mack, and Drake as my RBs. I feel like once the top RBs left the board people were scrambling trying to pick up meh RBs while I was picking off elite receivers lol.
  11. Good way to stick it to their trash fanbase on here (they're a lot worse on Reddit but they all vanished from their sub after today's game). On to the next game.
  12. Just in here to say good game. Lamar is pretty good for a running back.
  13. Yeah, pretty mind-boggling. Pretty sure Peppers is stinking it up in NY right now too.
  14. Not to bust you but... do you still feel this way? Honestly, if not for OBJ's big plays I wonder if we could've lost that game. He's arguably the most talented receiver in the league - we'll NEED him against the top-tier defenses and players if we're looking to make the playoffs and go beyond. Sometimes play-calling alone just isn't enough and sheer talent bridges the gap in the middle of games.
  15. You ain't kidding. I didn't feel good about the way Freddie called plays and the way Baker played.
  16. Offense still trying to find its identity. I wouldn't be mad with a 32-6 victory (current pace). Maybe by mid year they will be firing on all cylinders. The potential/flash is definitely there.
  17. Guess there's no screen plays in the Browns playbook? It's so obvious when Gregg is blitzing.
  18. He did. That's how they kept the drive going.
  19. It looked to me like Myles tried not to put his weight on him... just an awkward tackle.
  20. Eh, it wasn't a jerk move. Chill out.
  21. I mean, the defender clearly held OBJ on that. Maybe it's catchable if he wasn't held. Edit: But yes, not a great throw
  22. We don't run Chubb enough. And I swear we don't use anything other than shotgun.
  23. He has the shoulders of an 8 year old boy. It has been over a year now and he looks no different than when he was drafted. I know we've gotta give him a little more time but if I were betting I'd say he's gonna bust.
  24. I'm a tad concerned, but not worried, if that makes sense. I think we'll miss out on some big plays and our offense might be erratic at times due to the O-Line, but I think the overall numbers will still reflect a strong offense. I think it's an average line. People are quick to point to what Freddie did last year, yet also completely ignore the travesty that was Haley's play-calling. Was the offensive line that gave up 20 sacks in 5.5 Baker-led games under Haley REEEEALLY that bad/horrific? Or was it as elite as the Freddie-era that only gave up 5 sacks in 8 games? I think it's somewhere
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