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  1. Don't scare me like that, homie. I saw the thread title and was afraid we suffered a massive injury in practice or something. But to get on topic - apparently Prospect X has been playing VERY well over the past few weeks. He's actually the Browns 2nd highest graded offensive linemen in the preasons (behind Bitonio) according to PFF. Now we know the other starters have been playing against starters... but that's still very promising for our rookie. Where Corbett lacks in strength, Forbes more than makes up for. I give Campen some credit for his progression. Edit: I'm not opposed to a
  2. I hope we keep the Hammer. Colquitt has 1 more year remaining after this year at 2.8 million, then he's free to ask for more money or leave. I'd rather keep the Hammer for a financial standpoint, and I honestly think he could be the better punter long-term.
  3. For the billionth time, it wasn't a contract situation. Duke had just signed a 3 yr extension the year before.
  4. I have them at 10-6. Not far off. I guess I don't get the question marks. Kitchens is new, but could he be worse than Hue? Is OBJ truly a locker room cancer? The O-line lost one guy at RG - is it possible the replacement could be average? What other question marks are there? I mean, if those are the ONLY question marks then I'm happy with that. If this were any other team in the league I feel like people would be predicting 12 or 13 wins. I just think people are afraid of buying into the hype and feel safer being on-the-fence contrarians. That way they can play both sides depending o
  5. If your only argument against the Browns is: "LoOk At ThEiR hIsToRy" or "ThEiR hC iS nEw" or "EgOs" then I'll happily take that. Every single team has question marks and if ours isn't really our players then good. I'm sure it's hard to believe the Browns could ever be good. But when it happens... don't act like you predicted it happening just because you were on the pessimistic fence the entire offseason.
  6. Maybe they trade Murray to the Dolphins and take Tua.
  7. Yep. Replaced Weddle with Thomas so they did upgrade there (assuming Thomas returns to form after the big injury). Their secondary might be the best in the league - Jefferson + Thomas and Humphrey (suuuuper good) + Smith as corners (and Brandon Carr is good too). But they lost a lot elsewhere. Suggs and Smith were their two sack leaders last year. Mosley was the brain of their defense. Michael Pierce showed up to minicamp 800 pounds overweight and got sent home. Even right now he's a little overweight. They're counting on Matt Judon heavily. This will be a Ravens defense that, while
  8. I get the feeling we will be shredding defenses. I think the Ravens D is gonna be good, but not incredible. I could see us dropping 30 on them and Lamar only managing 17-21 on us.
  9. I can tell you one thing: the more time you spend watching Eli play, the less likely you'll know what you have in Jones. You don't want to waste 2-3 years finding out that he's only an average QB at best.
  10. I'm not completely sure about that. Texans could win as low as 7 games IMO. They have a brutal schedule this year and haven't really addressed their O-Line woes. They went on an improbable run to close the season that could've easily been worse. Not trashing them because they're a fairly good team, but their win range is pretty big. Could be double digit wins or much worse. 7-9 teams finished with mid-round picks this past draft.
  11. I'm hearing that our kickers are a mess right now. Seibert has been mostly terrible and while Joseph has been better, he has missed some pretty badly. If there isn't improvement soon, I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on 44 year old Matt Bryant.
  12. Is it full? I'll sign up if not. What platform/site do you use?
  13. Jarvis is certainly overpaid but I'd rather have him at this price than not at all. He played an instrumental role in transforming our losing culture. The day he got here he was recruiting people and all about that Brown and Orange. It really was contagious. Obviously a lot of other factors were involved (Baker, firing Hue/Haley, etc...) but it still stands that Jarvis has helped lift this team out of the dirt. I love his energy on the field too. He keeps us fired up. He's also a top 10 WR blocker as well, which matters more than people acknowledge.
  14. I love that the AFC North is the most polarizing in terms of who will win it. Have seen multiple votes for the Steelers, Ravens, and Browns. MUST WATCH football, ladies and gents.
  15. The Falcons are only a few years removed from being up 28-3 going into the 4th quarter at the Super Bowl. They have a franchise QB who is superior to Dalton. The mindset is that if they can reach the playoffs, anything can happen. So you don't trade Julio, who is not only a year younger than Green, but has only missed 3 regular season games in the past 5 years. Green has missed 16 games. Julio is also a better WR. Then you look at the Bengals team situation - injury after injury after injury. They don't have a realistic shot at winning the Super Bowl, and they may or may not move on from
  16. I'm going to the Aug 2nd training camp. Here's to hoping for an injury-free camp!
  17. I'd flip Duke for a 4th. Here are 10 reasons why: 1. He wants out - doesn't matter too much if he causes chemistry issues or not. The man doesn't want to be here and expressed it to the public. Simple as that. 2. He can ~potentially~ become a distraction. I don't expect him to be, but it could happen, especially if we lose some early games. 3. The market for RBs is terrible right now. Unfortunately, Jordan Howard set it after being traded to the Eagles and now anything better than a 6th will require a RB as talented as Howard. A 4th would be great value for Duke. 4. Piggyba
  18. Why do that when they can get Duke Johnson who is under contract for 3 years and isn't seeking big bucks for just a 4th rounder?
  19. Baker: +1 (84) Chubb: +2 (87) Odell: +0 (96) Landry: +1 (85) Higgins: +2 (75) Callaway: +1 (76) Njoku: +1 (83) Garrett: +1 (92) Ward: +1 (89) Randall: -2 (84) Schobert: +2 (81)
  20. As of right now I don't think we really have any "needs" at all. What we have are a bunch of question marks (OL, LB, S, K). Will G-Rob and Corbett pan out? Will Capt Kirk bounce back? What do we have with The Mack and 2Tak? How is Redwine gonna turn out and is Whitehead just an offseason wonder? What about our special teams and kicker situation? These type of question marks will never, EVER go away even if we win multiple super bowls. No team ever has a complete roster top to bottom without question marks or concerns.
  21. Ahh - see, I frequent reddit and they spare no mercy with their heckling. It's like a war zone there.
  22. Btw, I get why you guys are generally amicable and peaceful with other fanbases. We haven't done anything yet. We only went 7-8-1, haven't made the playoffs, have a history of ineptitude, blah blah blah. But if/when we take over this league I want all of you to be as obnoxious as possible. We deserve it. Don't let the other fans off the hook for 20 years of trashing us.
  23. I want to win the division badly. I'd rather win the division at 9-7 than be a wild card at 10-6 (unless we beat the division winner in the playoffs in this scenario). I just want to look down at the rest of the division since it's usually their fans that are always clowning our team.
  24. Chubb is easily one of my favorite Browns. In one of the BTB episodes I liked when someone mentioned fumbles and he said something like, "We don't speak of that word around here." The dude didn't fumble once which shows how good his concentration is. However, as much as I love him, I don't think 1600 yards rushing is attainable for him. With Freddie and Monken installing more air raid concepts (and the receiving weapons we have), I think we will be passing the ball quite often. Duke will take some carries and then Hunt will later on in the season. I think 1200-1300 yards is more realistic
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