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  1. This. Take it from a fan of a team that did relocate.
  2. You guys seriously have no sense of appreciation and enjoyment of greatness. I ABSOLUTELY miss that rivalry. It was pretty awesome even if mostly one-sided - the hype leading up to 2 of the greatest QBs ever playing against each other was memorable. 20 years from now I'll remember how it was - won't be able to get that time back. Younger generations won't know. I just don't understand why people get tired of something like that. But then I'm a big Brady fan. I was a big Peyton fan when he played. I'm a big Brees/Rodgers/whoever else is/was a damn good player fan. I love elite play an
  3. Wow... apparently I'm in the extreme minority, but I'd love an 18 game season. I love football and so I want to see more games.
  4. I think we need CB depth but honestly it doesn't concern me all that much. I think Terrance Mitchell is a pretty solid #2 CB who filled it nicely for Ward when Ward was out. TJ Carrie wasn't good but he managed as well. Randall can also fill in from time to time (though it's not the best way to utilize him) especially since we got Murray + Burnett. Don't get me wrong, it's a need. I just don't know if I'd spend a high draft pick on it unless it was a can't-miss guy. We can fill out our DBs with late/undrafted picks and cheap, prove-it deals to guys in FA with potential. The upgraded D-Lin
  5. I could be wrong but I just don't think Jackson is going to be a decent NFL QB. His accuracy is horrid. People (Baltimore fans) excuse it by saying it's due to his mechanics and he'll improve, but I don't think something like that happens easily. He has to have ~natural~ accuracy being hindered by poor mechanics and I just don't see that ~natural~ accuracy. He's decisive which is good, but he's also a one-read QB. Doesn't progress through his reads. Extremely inconsistent altogether when it comes to passing and that's with the fact that his legs are a huge threat. If he ever tri
  6. It's possible. That's the beauty of this team - I think we have a shot at winning vs. any team in the league. IMO, I don't think we beat the Pats AND Rams and I just think we have a better chance against the Pats. Yes, even though they won the Super Bowl, they're on a slow decline and are usually at their best in the playoffs. We'll be coming off a bye week as well. Also, Aaron Donald scares me and he's the type of player that can make Baker have an awful game. JC and even Bitonio will likely get mauled by that dude.
  7. Week 1 -- Titans = Win - I predict a blowout - not because the Titans are bad, but because I think our D-Line will be fresh (like last year vs. Pittsburgh) and the Titans O-Line isn't great. The anticipation will be huge @ home for us and our energy will be insane. Just don't think the Titans win this game. Maybe a slow start (13-10 at halftime), but our guys get it together and win 33-13. Week 2 -- at Jets = Win - Same thing - Jets O-Line is bad but I do think their defense and home crowd will make this tough. But the Browns are the better team and will win 24-21 Week 3 -- Rams =
  8. Browns @ Jets MNF Week TWO. So we don't know yet who we're facing Week 1. It's not Baltimore or Pittsburgh (Ravens/Dolphins and Steelers/Patriots).
  9. Let's see... Brian Robiskie - thought he was gonna be really good. The sad part about it is it took me awhile to realize he just wasn't good. You know you're way off when you start blaming other aspects because you believe so much in an individual. Peyton Hillis - Thought he was gonna do it for multiple years Gary Baxter - I was hyped. But the injury curse struck (my goodness we've endured so much awful luck) There's many, many others... including being all in on the Brady Quinn train. I was at work during the 2007 draft and when we took Quinn I couldn't contain myself. I w
  10. I have a strong source. Verbatim, my source says, "Hilliard is definitely in the plans moving forward."
  11. I imagine the multiple complaints about a lack of touches can rub people the wrong way. It may have been tolerated while we were 1-31 but when we're winning (last year) and he's still complaining, it isn't a great look. It's warranted for sure - I hope he's able to be happy and get the touches he deserves on another team, but he has become someone I'm not crazy about keeping as we move forward.
  12. I'm quite confident in Dontrell Hilliard (but that's just me). We could also pick up Spencer Ware or one of the other FA RBs, or draft one late in the draft. It shouldn't take much to succeed in this offense. With the weapons we have, RBs aren't a major concern. You look at three other explosive offenses (Chiefs/Steelers/Patriots) and you'll see that they are able to insert and swap out RBs like pokemon cards. We all know about the Pats and their RBs, but the Chiefs have had a ton themselves and all have done well. Steelers went from Bell to Conner to Washington without skipping a be
  13. He's not fast either. There's this perception that Duke is just a speedy guy just because he's smaller and catches the ball well but it's simply not true. Duke has never, EVER been the downhill guy that fires off with speed. There were times when I would get frustrated because I see how much yardage he's leaving on the field because he's too busy dancing. I won't take away from his skillset - extremely elusive and I'm always confident he'll make that first guy miss. His hands are pretty amazing too and his route running is great for a RB. But he's not explosive because he's lacking s
  14. I like Dontrell Hilliard a lot a lot. He has more burst than Duke. Not saying he's better or anything but I think he can mitigate the loss of Duke. Contrary to popular opinion - Duke is not explosive at all. He's not even that fast. His talent lies in his hands (obviously) and how shifty/elusive he is. He makes guys miss in open space, but rarely will he put on the jets and take one to the house. Hilliard is more that kind of guy and has shown the ability to be elusive and catch the ball as well. I think we might have a bit of a gem in Hilliard... and the best part about it? He
  15. I hear what you're saying, but I think there's a good side to it. Dorsey didn't shut down rumors - sucks for some players like Duke for sure but it's a business. If Dorsey came out and shut down those rumors then traded Duke, how does that make the players feel? When the public is constantly asking questions about rumors, then there's nothing he can do to keep it from being public unless he lie about it. You can't be short-sighted. The plan is to build something strong and a GM has to have the confidence and respect by the players. His integrity is important. By doing it the way he's
  16. Whenever I want concrete insider information, I speed over to FF and look at Tayne's posts.
  17. We'll see how it goes. After seeing some more concepts on the defensive schemes run by Wilks, I don't think the standard box-safety is good for his style. Someone like Morgan Burnett or Tre Boston fit those concepts a lot better than Derrick Kindred. Then burn a high pick (2nd or 3rd) in the draft on a coverage safety who excels in zone concepts and there's our depth right there. Let them battle it out in camp.
  18. The entire Browns stadium barking? SIGN ME UP!
  19. I've never gotten the flu (and so I've never gotten the flu shot) and I'm 31. However, this year will be the first year I get the flu shot. It's not just for my sake, but for others as well. You can easily 'catch/carry' it and not really be impacted by it, but spread it to other people who are more vulnerable.
  20. The real question is... who is Buddy Boy? Is it Dorsey, or is it Baker? Or, are BOTH OF THEM BUDDY BOY AND WE CAN REFER TO EITHER OF THEM WITH ONE REFERENCE??? Just something to think about.
  21. 1999. I was a Browns fan as a kid prior to the move to Baltimore but I wasn't deeply into it at the time. Then, I remember watching the expansion Browns take Couch in the '99 draft and became deeply invested in the new Browns ever since.
  22. I don't really have many stories but I have found a common thing in some of my recent trips: 1. I have friends in Pennsylvania so my wife decided to plan a gathering for my birthday in Philadelphia April of 2017. Guess what... that was where the NFL Draft happened! It was a fun experience even if most fans in attendance were Philly fans. Lots of support from fans of other teams who liked our Garrett/Peppers selections. 2. In October 2017 my family went to Las Vegas (same awful weekend with the shooter). We were fully decked out in Browns gear one night and my goodness there were sooo
  23. I'm okay with this. I was born and raised in many parts of Cleveland (both east and west side) - it's my home and will likely be my home until I die. I was born in '87, Browns fan in the '90s but didn't truly start following it until our expansion year in '99. So much misery and pain, but I endured and will forever endure. The sweet, sweet icing on the cake is that Baker was my #1 QB leading up to the 2018 draft and I was ECSTATIC that we took him. Do what you want, but don't turn on the/my team and try to trash us when we're down. I've seen it all before - fans of a player want to t
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