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  1. I like Dontrell Hilliard a lot a lot. He has more burst than Duke.

    Not saying he's better or anything but I think he can mitigate the loss of Duke.

    Contrary to popular opinion - Duke is not explosive at all. He's not even that fast. His talent lies in his hands (obviously) and how shifty/elusive he is. He makes guys miss in open space, but rarely will he put on the jets and take one to the house.

    Hilliard is more that kind of guy and has shown the ability to be elusive and catch the ball as well. I think we might have a bit of a gem in Hilliard... and the best part about it? He won't be complaining about a lack of touches or demanding targets.

    We'll trade Duke - maybe bring in a guy like Spencer Ware to back up Chubb and utilize Hilliard as our 3rd RB/pass catcher until Hunt returns.

    RBs grow on trees - we'll be fine.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Mind Character said:


    imo, You don't do it for the benefit of the player per se but you do it (be guarded publicly that is) for the benefit of the other players in the locker room who might wonder "Damn... Duke sacrifices for the team, keeps his head down and works, leads despite being disappointed about his usage, is a good guy, and Dorsey is going to talk about him and put him out there like that when Kareem's a beast but be hittin females... sh*t it's a business but I'm not going to lie that's F-ed up"....

    If you think players don't pay attention when the duke stuff is a national headline on social media, ESPN and everywhere else... you'd be mistaken.

    Then, fan's are stressin Duke out on Twitter.. MKC and reporters calling duke up for comment... fans monitoring his reactions to stuff ... Duke was out to eat with Chad Thomas, Chris Hubbard, and Kirko and commented "tiresssd of this craziness" ... you don't think Kirko and Hubbard noticed and felt for him.

    I'm just saying the players know it's a business, but it was not the ideal way to handle the situation publicly.

    It doesn't take genius to sign kareem hunt by the way. Just low tolerance for off the field stuff. I give credit where it is due. Vernon, OBJ... Amazing... Duke stuff not well handled publicly.

    I hear what you're saying, but I think there's a good side to it. Dorsey didn't shut down rumors - sucks for some players like Duke for sure but it's a business. If Dorsey came out and shut down those rumors then traded Duke, how does that make the players feel? When the public is constantly asking questions about rumors, then there's nothing he can do to keep it from being public unless he lie about it.

    You can't be short-sighted. The plan is to build something strong and a GM has to have the confidence and respect by the players. His integrity is important.

    By doing it the way he's doing it, if Dorsey comes out and says, "We're not trading player X." then the Browns players and fan-base will believe it fully. Unlike Gettleman who swore up and down they didn't sign Odell to trade him and doesn't appear to know what he's doing or have a clear plan (if you feel you gotta convince everyone you have a plan... then you don't have a plan).

    Maybe Duke is stressed or upset and maybe Kirksey is frustrated or whatever but if Duke's gonna be traded then it's only a temporary situation you have to deal with. Gotta maintain integrity and build for the long-term.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Mind Character said:

    If ppl think, no achilles or no knee movement skills Eric Berry or foot in sand no discipline Morgan Burnett or even worse Mike Mitchell are better than Kindred then you lot are delusional and only name scouting.

    I saw no harm in keeping him as a two deep average starter in the event that our rookie struggles year 1.

    We'll see how it goes. After seeing some more concepts on the defensive schemes run by Wilks, I don't think the standard box-safety is good for his style. Someone like Morgan Burnett or Tre Boston fit those concepts a lot better than Derrick Kindred.

    Then burn a high pick (2nd or 3rd) in the draft on a coverage safety who excels in zone concepts and there's our depth right there. Let them battle it out in camp.

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  4. I've never gotten the flu (and so I've never gotten the flu shot) and I'm 31.

    However, this year will be the first year I get the flu shot. It's not just for my sake, but for others as well. You can easily 'catch/carry' it and not really be impacted by it, but spread it to other people who are more vulnerable.

  5. 2 hours ago, ReggieCamp said:

    Looks like he deleted the tweet.

    I still think this was a savvy signing by Buddy Boy.  It's gonna be pretty d@mn hard to make this team as a WR, though.

    The real question is... who is Buddy Boy? Is it Dorsey, or is it Baker?


    Just something to think about.

  6. I don't really have many stories but I have found a common thing in some of my recent trips:

    1. I have friends in Pennsylvania so my wife decided to plan a gathering for my birthday in Philadelphia April of 2017. Guess what... that was where the NFL Draft happened! It was a fun experience even if most fans in attendance were Philly fans. Lots of support from fans of other teams who liked our Garrett/Peppers selections.

    2. In October 2017 my family went to Las Vegas (same awful weekend with the shooter). We were fully decked out in Browns gear one night and my goodness there were sooooo many other fans who were cheering for us and giving us shoutouts.

    Seems like many fans pity Browns fans and support/root for us because of that. We have a LOT of support and I do feel like we're more 'America's team' than the Cowboys.

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  7. 18 hours ago, Chrissooner49er said:

    What a difference Baker makes, right?! Love the kid--and yes, I can call him a kid because my oldest son isn't much younger than Baker. 

    I didn't believe the rumors that Baker was going to be drafted 1st overall by the Browns...and frankly, I hoped he wouldn't. So many QBs and coaches have seen their careers fall apart in Cleveland. I am a Sooner fan and alum and did not want to see Baker crushed like that...I should have had more faith in Baker. Good grief! 

    Yes, that about sums it up.

    So, as a result, I will be cheering for Baker and the Browns from now on...unless your playing my 49ers.

    I know, I wasn't a Browns fan so I probably don't qualify for posting here, but there you go anyway. 

    I'm okay with this.

    I was born and raised in many parts of Cleveland (both east and west side) - it's my home and will likely be my home until I die. I was born in '87, Browns fan in the '90s but didn't truly start following it until our expansion year in '99. So much misery and pain, but I endured and will forever endure. The sweet, sweet icing on the cake is that Baker was my #1 QB leading up to the 2018 draft and I was ECSTATIC that we took him.

    Do what you want, but don't turn on the/my team and try to trash us when we're down. I've seen it all before - fans of a player want to trash the team in order to boost the player. LeBron fans would trash the Cavs non-stop just to hoist LeBron on a pedestal and became Heat/Lakers fans when he left.

    Other than that - welcome. :)

  8. 1 hour ago, Thomas5737 said:

    From what I have read I don't like the Wilks hire. Hope it was a good hire or at least the pass rush and offense make up for his flaws but I'm pessimistic on him. Don't like that he ran a nickel goalline defense last year. Don't like that he had the worst run defense last year (bottom 3 in ypa) and even though the pass defense didn't give up many yards they were bottom 10 in passer rating against. They were just always behind and couldn't stop the run. Arizona did get a lot of sacks last year, only Minnesota had more sacks per snap so maybe that will get us off of the field enough to be an effective defense.

    Understandable concern. I think we'll be better off this year because we'll be scoring more points and opponents will be passing more.

    Here's my thing: How smart will Wilks's defense be? I get angry when we're running idiotic defense given the play-by-play situation on the field.

    -Gregg Williams putting Peppers on an island in 2017

    -Gregg Williams struggling to figure out how to slow down Quincy Enunwa during the Jets game (it went wellll into the 2nd half)

    -Gregg Williams playing prevent defense on 3rd and 14, which results in a 10 yard pass and receiver getting the first down because the defenders are on Mars.

    -Gregg/Blake Williams continuously playing deep zone coverage vs. Lamar Jackson who just runs for 8 yards every time.

    -Gregg Williams rarely disguising blitzes

    If you can guess, I was happy we moved on from 3G. I appreciate his passion and leadership when becoming interim HC but I felt he was extremely rigid schematically. We gave him credit for halftime adjustments after teams put up 234098234 points but how much of that is also teams dialing it down a bit?

    Who can remember the Shotgun-formation Draw play that the Ravens spammed over and over and over and over and over and over and over with Ray Rice years ago and we literally had no answer for an entire game? That's the kind of stuff that pisses me off.

    I care less about base schemes and tendencies, and more about a coach's ability to be flexible, adjust quickly, and outsmart the opponent. I've read both good and bad things about the defenses of Steve Wilks. However, given his tendency to disguise blitzes (unlike 3G) and the strength of our D-Line, I think this can be a top 12 defense in the league next year if we stay healthy.

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  9. Baker 4700 yards passing, 46 TDs, 15 INTs (I honestly don't see him having single digit INT seasons much in his career because of his gunslinger mentality and now we have Monken - but I'd be happy to be wrong lol)

    OBJ 1300 yards receiving, 11 TDs

    Landry 950 yards receiving, 7 TDs

    Njoku 750 yards receiving, 8 TDs

    Chubb 1200 yards rushing, 12 TDs

    Hunt 300 yards rushing, 2 TDs

    Garrett 15 sacks

    Vernon 9 sacks

    Ward 4 INTS, 1 TD

  10. 34 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

    Still at the top of my list...


    Yeah, Martin Shkreli is up there for punchable faces.

    Here's a true story: Martin used to play a text-based RPG called Dragonrealms. I played the game too and witnessed one of the greatest meltdowns ever. Long story short, he was a complete ******* and got smacked around (character name was Vanmar). So he then spent about $4,500 to buy one of the strongest characters in the game (character name was Jhime), STILL ended up getting smacked around (he was terrible), then got perma-banned for giving an unconsented blowjob to another player who then reported him.

    100% true story I swear - I interacted with him during this time and he was insufferable. Google Vanmar/Martin Shkreli/Dragonrealms or whatever and you'll see some stuff lol.

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  11. 1 hour ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

    People talk about the personalities, but I’m just not seeing the issue tbh.

    I mean, do people honestly think guys like Tom Brady doesn’t have a personality or ego?  He tells McDaniels to go pound sand on the regular, screams, throws stuff on the sidelines, etc.  So what?  

    The Warriors are full of big personalities.  Do things bubble over a bit at times? Yeah.  Do they win rings?  Yeah.

    OBJ won’t steamroll Baker like he did Eli. Baker won’t miss the throws like Eli did.  Will they exchange some four letter words at times?  Yep.  Will it be an issue that festers and creates problems?  Not imo.

    Don't pay it any attention.

    People are looking for weakness, and if the only thing they can muster is "derrr there's so many personalities it'll probably crash!!!" then I'm happy. Opposing fans/media have a subconcious fear when they look at our roster and so they desperately cling to anything that they can try to use to convince themselves that this Browns team won't do well. It's the only thing they got. "Rookie HC! Too many personalities! Baker will do worse with more tape on him!" You can tell these guys haven't watched our games or they'd know that's very unlikely.

    These aren't guys that came from Super Bowl privileged teams. Landry came from a losing situation and had never played with a QB as good as Baker. OBJ came from a losing situation and had never played with a QB as good as Baker. These guys fit together and will push each other and may have an outburst or two but it will be an incredible product on the field.

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  12. 12 hours ago, mistakey said:

    u guys remember when matt roth was our superstar linebacker
    or when we thought mohamed massaquoi was gonna be a star after his one breakout game


    dark days dark days

    Matt Roth was my DUDE.

    I'll never forget how impactful he was getting that win against the Steelers.

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  13. I'm a Browns fan and I have no problem saying Mahomes > Baker. Easily.

    But as Nightime said, we might have some really fun and electrifying games to look forward to in the future with both of these QBs!

  14. 8 minutes ago, DontTazeMeBro said:

    Oh well if PFF says so[insert old eye rolling emoji]

    From weeks 9-17, they allowed only NINE QB hits. Not sacks, HITS.

    That's while facing some pretty elite pass rushers as well.

    We've lost one player on that offensive line, while a good player, we've been grooming our 2018 2nd round pick for a full year to take over. To say "we don't have an offensive line" is ludicrous.

  15. 7 minutes ago, DontTazeMeBro said:

    They don’t have the offensive line. We’ve seen teams loaded at the skill positions and it means nothing without the line. I still think he’ll probably a Pro Bowler because he is an awesome player and they are loaded

    This is a very declarative statement from you. Why are you so sure we don't have the offensive line? Have you followed all of our players?

    This is assuming we don't add to it because the offseason is far from over.

  16. I'd go nuts if we just made the playoffs. I'm hoping for 11 wins (I'd pick 10 but the last time we got 10 wins we missed the playoffs still lol).

    My expectations are certainly tempered. I think we're good if we make the playoffs - anything extra is just crazy. Certainly shouldn't be reaching the AFC Championship or Super Bowl. With the OBJ trade, I think I can say that we're now playoff contenders.

    At the same time, I'm not gonna rain on another Browns fan's parade. If they want to scream Super Bowl - so be it. We've endured more misery than ANY OTHER NFL FAN-BASE in the last 20 years. Be logical all you want - but don't be appalled and taken aback and disturbed and shocked and outraged that Browns fans are making some absurd statements only 2 days from the OBJ trade and what looks to be an improving Browns team. We have the largest organized fan club for football in the world. We are the Sleeping Giant so get prepared for our passion, especially since we've taken it up the pooper from other NFL fans, the media, other NFL teams, coaches, and players, free agents who wouldn't dare glance our way, and even college players - for 20 years.

    Get used to it.

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