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  1. Hey guys I know I been away for a while and it was with good reason. I basically thought about an idea of creating a massive hub for raider fans. Every content creator on the channel (15) are die hard fans you have about 8 Raiderettes and the rest are guys. If you want to watch highlight videos, gaming, vlogs, Raider debates, come check us out. When it comes to gaming we have some of the top pro player shooters online from (apex,fortnite,call of duty, and many more. On friday nights we also throw a premiere where all the subs and content creators jump in one room and watch horror shorts together its just fun and laughs and you would have to experience it for yourself to see what all the hype is about. I wont ever ask for paypal donations or patreon support on my channel I have restricted all the other Raider content creators that work for my channel not to ask for any donations so you guys can really just come hang out without pressure of spending anything. We honestly believe we have something to offer everyone Funny Moments & Twork Session|| Raiderette Michiihttps://youtu.be/lehoCOaCH-Aif you want to join the friday nights simply click on the link hit the reminder button and dont forget to smash the like button it goes a long way.https://youtu.be/oHHhtwFObhs
  2. Dline Highlights Part 1

  3. Dline Highlights Part 1

    Hey thanks for the idea I will do just that I won't bother putting in the old highlights only new ones I create from here on out....Great idea!
  4. FA 2020

    Mayock is licking his chops!!!!
  5. Hunter Renfrow 2019 Highlights

    If you got about 12 minutes to burn check it out https://youtu.be/ZG3cwja-dl4
  6. Season Highlights 2019

    I dont mind Joseph playing that wolverine position with our lack of linebackers . I just don't want them to get rid of good football players the great teams have quality back ups. We have ton's of cap space so money isn't a concern we could afford this luxury. We need to spend one of our first rounders on a Linebacker for crying out loud. Reggie didn't believe in drafting linebackers high I think Mayock will
  7. Season Highlights 2019

    I could of added a few more players but people on youtube have short attention spans normal highlight vids are 2-4 mins. My video was starting to get too long so I decided to cut it short I think Karl will be back he wants to retire a Raider and he won't break the bank. As much as I like the idea of Eric Harris playing I like Abrams/Joseph combo better. We will have excellent depth no matter what. Gruden said Joyner is moving back to the safety position. Joyner Abrams Joseph Harris Great safety depth we could get rid of Curtis Riley and Leavitt
  8. Season Highlights 2019

    I will work on the Rodney Hudson highlights because there are sooo many highlights of josh jacobs already on youtube.
  9. Season Highlights 2019

    Highlights of a few players that balled out this season. I had to throw the steal of the draft Maxx Crosby in there. I will shift my focus on Hunter Renfrow now if anyone has any idea's on which players I should make a vid on let me know
  10. Kolton Miller Highlights 2019

    I didn't see a Kolton Miller thread if there is one mods please move this into it. Everyone still upset over this pick ??
  11. Marshawn Lynch is back!!!!

    Exactly I love lynch man it's not his fault he got injured. With that being said can you guys believe we still have a chance to make the playoffs? If Gruden & Carr can close out the last game I think we sneak in
  12. Eagles release RB Jay Ajayi

    should we bring him in for depth?
  13. Marshawn Lynch is back!!!!

  14. Marshawn Lynch is back!!!!

    I know he is not a Raider no more but who else is excited to see this guy back in the nfl??? Lynch was my favorite back before Josh Jacobs took that crown..Just think about the 1-2 punch Jacobs/Lynch could of been behind that offensive line but I understood Gruden decision not to bring Lynch back. I hope he scores 2 Td's against the 49'ers