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  1. 2x superbowl champ don't grow on trees but lets be honest folks Eli was passed his prime years ago. It's time to cut bait and move on
  2. Fantasy Thread

    4th best among all the rest of the tight ends in fantasy points last year
  3. Fantasy Thread

    Hooper is the tight end you need to roll with
  4. Any fantasy football players here?

    you can close the thread I got all the players. Yes I understand 16 is alot but it takes more skill to win in a 16 team league you can't just run over to the waiver wire if you drafted poorly
  5. Add/Drop thread

    If you guys want to know the names of 2 tight ends that will go undrafted in every league but both will finish top 5 in fantasy just reply with "Say the names".
  6. I wouldn't call it deep you have Edel thats dealing with a hand injury, gordon thats a ticking time bomb, Thomas who is past his prime, and Jakobi..... Yes he does have a lot of talent but he is still a rookie you can't expect to ask too much out of him.
  7. Any fantasy football players here?

    1 spot left looking for any good fantasy football players???
  8. Who will win league MVP?!?!

    Tie between Kirk cousin and Mitch Trubisky. It will be one of them for sure
  9. Roster cut downs

    If he would of came prior to 2016 Carr would of been his guy. Carr had wheels prior to the leg injury now even though he can move the pocket he won't because he is kind of scared to get injured again. I hope this year he just go back to having fun again and making it look easy. Back in 2016 he looked like Tom Brady in the 4th qtr Not kidding
  10. Vikings acquire WR Josh Doctson

    Kirk Cousin is going to put up numbers this year. Top 5 numbers for sure
  11. Fantasy Thread

    Take Tj hockenson he shouldnt be on waivers grab him while you can
  12. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    Forge been trying to flag you down to join my league if you open to it let me know
  13. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    Out of that bunch I would of went Alex Mattison and Jalen Richard both have high upside and are 2 of the best handcuffs. Mattison because we all know who he runs behind. Cook is a very explosive back but he is as injury prone as they come I give him until week 6. (You heard it here first). Richard because he had the second most receptions among all Raider pass catchers last year and he was the number 3 back up runningback. The reason he wasn't involved in the ground game ? 2 names Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin now both are gone. He is the number 2 now sitting behind a rookie back that has never been used as a workhorse type back. Gruden already made the mistake of running his only first round running back he ever had into the ground (Cadillac williams). He already said he won't ever make that mistake again which mean the split is 60/40 Jacobs/Richard.
  14. Roster cut downs

    No open spot we resigned Wilber too