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  1. Always seemed like a bit of a loose cannon, but it really seems like he’s got some issues. I get it’s an involuntary hold right now, but I hope he gets help before he hurts someone or himself.
  2. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Sam Darnold because I think he outright wins the job. Though Baker very well may too. I think Rosen gets playing time but only after Bradford goes down/sucks it up. Same with Allen. I don’t think Lamar gets in until close to the end of the season.
  3. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    The “spirit of sports and competition” probably would promote actual competition, though. This isn’t that. And it’s not “might fail”. It’s will fail. I love football and I loved to play. Want to know why I don’t quit my job and dedicate my life to getting into football shape so I could try out for a team? Because I know that no matter how hard I try, I won’t succeed. For some, the prize/destination/goal matters more than the journey.
  4. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    The poll question is literally “which [would] you rather lose in?” Meaning, no matter which way you answer, you’re still losing. That’s not competitive nor is it a competition. All the talk about getting there so you have a shot at winning or whatever is 100% moot because - in this scenario - you’re still guaranteed to lose. So no, you don’t “have your eyes on the prize” or look for an upset ala the 07’ Giants, because within this question, it’s not possible to win.
  5. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    Except in this case, it’s not “the fear you might not achieve everything”. The discussion is lose in the playoffs vs lose in the SB. It’ the guarantee that you’ll lose, so it’s not really a competition in this situation. For plenty of people, they’d rather fail than not try at all. And that’s fine and well, it’s how I’d approach most tasks too. But not everyone feels that way and in this scenario it has nothing to do with being competitive because a guaranteed loss isn’t a competition.
  6. New policy for the National Anthem

    Lots of gems ITT...
  7. Dolphins reveal new uniforms

    I like these better:
  8. Didn’t see one, so I figured I’d make one. Edelman’s being brought along slowly, but in the few clips I’ve seen he looks good. He’s running around and making cuts pretty freely. Derek Rivers is 100% and has no precautions with his knee. Some notables weren’t present/did not participate (Gronk, Hightower, Mitchell, Thuney, Jonathan Jones, Flowers). Some notables we’re limited participants (Edelman, Trent Brown, Cannon, Wynn, Malcolm Brown, Guy).
  9. Chargers Hunter Henry tore ACL

    Injury bug really follows this team. Sucks for him and the Chargers. Imagine they'll bring back Gates now.
  10. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    Pats fan here, and I’ll say it depends for me. Losing to the Eagles this season wasn’t nearly as crushing as losing to the Giants in 07/08. I guess you could say it wouldn’t be any better if the 16-0 team lost in the first round either, but it goes down as perhaps the biggest disappointment ever going 18-1. A wild card loss nets you a pick as high as 23 vs 31, so logically if you knew you were going to lose with 100% certainty, you’d take the higher pick if you were looking ahead. I think generally speaking, I like seeing my team in the super bowl. That’s what I’d prefer. But if you said it’s a guarantee they’re going to lose, I’d be pretty tempted to prefer that loss come in the playoffs for the draft pick.
  11. 2018 Free Agency Rumors and Discussion

    I agree, I’m hoping for the best with the youngsters and Van Noy as a third guy isn’t too shabby. I’m just of the belief that we’re a Hightower injury away from fielding another sorry group in 2018.
  12. 2018 Free Agency Rumors and Discussion

    Definitely going to get paid. I don’t think he’s not a difference maker, though. Maybe not last season for that Eagles squad because they’re stacked everywhere except for corner - where they aren’t too shabby. But as far as what NE needs in a LB? He fits the bill. Not sure what he brings as far as intelligence FWIW. I just remember him being a great athlete that can cover - basically what we hope Sam could be.
  13. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I’m not plugged into the situation, but I don’t see why that must be the case. If Philly was recently fielding trade offers, then at that point they could say the compensation isn’t worthwhile. They could’ve been holding out for something better, but not gotten it.
  14. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Possible they respected him enough to say "we'll let you pick where you want to go" instead of sending him somewhere for a 7th. Unsure of the cap implications in a trade vs a release, though.
  15. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Oakland, NE, LAR, NO, Pittsburgh - all seem like they'd make sense.