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  1. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    Love me some Mahomes. Had high hopes for him early on. But people weren’t really “doubting” Mahomes. Some were overtly positive, many were skeptical, some were overtly negative. Being skeptical of a first year starter is par for the course, that doesn’t mean everyone was ready to bury the kid (like they doubt Josh Allen, for instance). Tired of that narrative being pushed by people nowadays. This really does come off as a stroking thread though...
  2. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    HOFers when TO doesn’t attend the ceremony: “He’s not only hurting himself, but he’s taking attention away from his fellow inductees and he’s disrespecting current members.” HOFers when they want money: Boycott
  3. Best NFC North Receiver?

    I think you can put Diggs, Thielen, Adams, and a back-to-full-strength Robinson all in the same group. Jones and Tate shortly after.
  4. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    You and I have been agreeing lately far too often for my liking...
  5. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    1978 the law was passed, wasn’t practiced traditionally until early 80s. So closer to 40 years than 20. Rhetorical question, anyway. The league isn’t going to install a pension plan for all of it’s past employees.
  6. Clark’s not wrong, but that doesn’t make it smart to say. Nobody wants to hear about moral victories after taking a loss, especially if you’re going to highlight how certain other aspects of your team didn’t come to play.
  7. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    I agree with you, but for argument’s sake, the NFL does profit off of the HOF. You don’t exactly hear broadcasts reluctant to bring up “HOFer” as a title like All-Pro or something. They show the ceremony on their channel, they have celebrations at halftime or pre-game for the newly inducted players. The NFL definitely does get something out of the HOF doing what it does - not to say the relationship isn’t mutually beneficial (weighted more in the HOF’s favor) and who’s to say how much revenue the HOF brings in for the NFL, but it’s not like the getting voted some to website’s top 10 of all time list.
  8. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    Did 401k’s get invented yesterday? If players want pensions, they should pay into it throughout their career like everyone else. Im not against retirees getting some form of health insurance (not just the HOFers though, that’s ridiculous) but a salary? Please.
  9. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Definitely not a good look, but not sure I’m willing to throw anyone under the bus until details come out. Brown has always been a very individualistic player (as many modern day NFL athletes are), so I’m not against calling him a diva WR, but I’d like to know more about the situation before blasting him.
  10. Who do you consider the blue bloods of the NFL?

    Green Bay and Pittsburgh. NE more recently.
  11. Josh Gordon to the Pats

    Eh. Cooks had a little baggage when he first got here (even then, much less than Gordon) but acted as a professional from all we’ve seen of him in NE. He was less productive with less targets and we didn’t hear a peep, so I wouldn’t assume Cooks carried his bad attitude based strictly on what happened in NO. Especially when he carried himself well as a Patriot.
  12. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    Alright, I wasn’t sure how literally you were taking the statement. When there’s a blown assignment or a guy covering for his team mate (Earl shading to Browner/Maxwell’s side for example), it’s usually impossible to know if he’s doing it by his own volition or if he’s making a mistake/coached to do that. So word for word, yeah, we don’t know if the reason the freelancing/covering is because of a lack of trust in a team mate, but the act itself does happen often.
  13. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    This isn’t necessarily uncommon. Tedy Bruschi talking on defensive communication/chemistry said back in his days as a Pat, that he would sometimes make live call to his team mates about covering up his zone because he saw something the offense was doing. Jamie Collins got traded partially for free landing on defense too much. it happens.
  14. Josh Gordon to the Pats

    Cool, hard to be mad about it. Low risk, high reward. NBT would be losing it right now, having Gordon and Patterson on this team.
  15. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    Nah, guys retire mid-season relatively often. If he had any respect for the team, he’d ride out the game on the bench. It would’ve cost him nothing, he wouldn’t be putting himself in harm’s way, and it wouldn’t be nearly the story it is now. Hes retired, he probably doesn’t care what anyone thinks. But it was a weak move, even if it was his prerogative.