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  1. I just brought up the Bears and Bills... But if you ignore half the post, I can see how it’s easy to miss. Bruh, I don’t care about the Eagles, Wentz, the division, or whatever you seem to think...where are you getting this from? I guess you pulled it out of the same, dark place you pulled out that I’m an Eagles fan, lol. I said Schwartz isn’t amongst the best DCs in the league and his entire track record as a defensive play caller is indicative of that. That’s nearly 20 seasons, I couldn’t care less about what he did in 2017 or how much/little blame you think he deserves in 2020.
  2. You did shift. You brought up turnovers and TOP, two things that a team like the 2015 Broncos struggled with offensively. Then you said they’re incomparable because they had ball control on offense (yet had the same TOP/drive as the Eagles...) and that they’re incomparable. That’s changing the parameters. Yeah, you had said that before. Are you of the mindset that I think the Eagles offense isn’t bad or isn’t hurting the defense (and vice versa)? How does that change Jim Schwartz’ career? ??? Bruh, go look up how the Bills’ offense is up in rankings for this season but down for defensive rankings. Just because an offense gets better or worse doesn’t necessarily mean the defense is going to follow. And what does this have to do with Jim Schwartz? Lol.
  3. You said if you took a top defense and gave them to a team that lost TOP and turned the ball over, they wouldn’t be a top unit. The Broncos offense gave the ball away a ton (actually came in dead last between Peyton/Osweiler in interceptions) and had the exact same TOP/drive as the Eagles do right now. It’s a fine example because it fits the exact parameters you gave. Unless you were to move the goalposts... If this were Schwartz’ rookie season as a DC, you’d have a very compelling point. I guess saying Jim Schwartz is a solid, but unspectacular and flawed DC means I’m pushing an agenda, lol. And there’s the shift - called it. Were last year’s Bears pathetic on offense? 29th in points, 29th in yards, 22nd in giving the ball away, less yards/play than this Eagles team, lower scoring percentage, less points per drive? Because their defense seemed to play pretty well too. Offense, defense, and special teams work off one another. Having one or two of the other units do their job well, makes it easier on the other. But having a solid offense is not a prerequisite for having a great defense. Okay then... Don't really care about Wentz, the Eagles, or their QB situation, lol.
  4. The 15 Broncos offense averaged 2:27/drive with and 1.58 points. The 20 Eagles offense averaged 2:27/drive and 1.72 points. If the Broncos “chewed clock” then so do the current Eagles. What does that have to do with Schwartz’ track record as a defensive coordinator/head coach or his inflexibility as a play caller? Not an Eagles fan. So zero.
  5. Onwenu has been an absolute god send. Moves well for a 350lber. Really fills out that offensive line that’s lacked a consistent RT since Marcus Cannon couldn’t stay on the field. Josh Uche has finally gotten healthy and appears to be playing pretty well. His athleticism helped vs Lamar and Kyler, and likely will be needed vs guys like Herbert and Tua. It will be interesting to see how he plays vs more traditional QBs where he might be able to rush a little bit more. Dugger’s been solid. As much as Uche is a LBer-edge hybrid, that’s pretty much what Dugger is so far. Another guy whose speed is helpful vs the faster QBs. The rest haven’t done much worth noting, and unfortunately that includes Keene and Asiasi who were dumped into the albatross otherwise known as the Patriots tight end depth chart.
  6. Well first off, there are plenty of examples that contradict that. Of course offense and defense (& special teams) work off of one another, but what you said isn’t an absolute rule at all. Look at the 2015 Denver defense and go check how many times their QBs gave the ball away. I’m sure there are other examples, but that one came to mind. Second, even if it was widely accepted that good defenses cannot coexist with bad offenses, what’s the excuse for most of his career? Guy’s had primary responsibility of a defense for nearly 20 seasons and his defenses have had more bad seasons than good ones. 20 some odd years is a hard sample size to blame on the offense. If you’re using the offense as a scapegoat for a defensive coordinator over a span of two decades across multiple teams, that’s nothing short of a cop out. Schwartz is a one-trick pony of a DC, always has been. He deserves his credit for what’s he’s done and he’s got a good scheme that works pretty well when you plug in it’s very specific pieces (which isn’t a bad thing - look how well LeBeau did off of virtually the same loose concept). But if any of those pieces go, aren’t fits, or fall off? Schwartz doesn’t adjust. Failure to adjust is a coach-killing attribute for the most part, and I think his far-more-misses-than-hits track record supports that.
  7. That’s three times since 2001. Nearly 20 seasons of either being a DC or HC, and he’s accomplished 5 seasons of being top 10 in total yards allowed and 4 seasons of being in the top 10 in points allowed. Half of those occurred before 2009. He’s got more seasons ranking in the bottom 10 than he does in the top 10. Schwartz is solid. He does some things good, some things bad. Doesn’t sniff being a top coordinator. EDIT: Also, if we’re talking about his SB championship...do I need to remind you how absolutely shredded his defense got in that game? Like, one of the worst of all time, statistically? Brandon Graham bulldozing Shaq Mason saved this man and all of Philadelphia.
  8. One of those things is not like the other
  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this hasn’t been approved/voted on yet.
  10. The point wasn’t to compare their total touches, the point is showing the massive discrepancy you’ll see when looking at yards per carry and yards per catch. Receivers and receiving backs virtually always have higher YPAs than running backs. Putting the two together and saying “shrug, yards are yards” is ignorant or deceptive.
  11. He’s a superior YAC guy...not sure I’d take him over Thielen in anything else, except for age.
  12. Brady is incredibly chemistry driven. There are some guys that came on and he really clicked with early (Moss, Gordon, LaFell, Hogan) and there were many others that he built chemistry with over time. But Brady’s played with receivers that were talented enough and never got into rhythm with, and eventually he’d just stop looking their way. The NE offense isn’t/wasn’t an easy one for newcomers to pick up so that definitely played a factor (definitely seemed to be the biggest problem with Chad Johnson) but Brady’s a QB that I’d say most players really need to develop chemistry with in order to be firing on all cylinders. You can probably say that about every quarterback, but it really stands out with Brady IMO. That, and his mobility out of the pocket (his movement inside the pocket, while keeping his eyes downfield, has actually been great for most of his career).
  13. Competitive advantage. They probably want to play the Ravens with an offense consisting of only street FAs, lol.
  14. Did they not lose 3/5 of their sack artists this offseason? Clearly had guys step up, they’ve been playing well.
  15. Not going on the basis that most yards = best player, but that’s still a skewed way of looking at it. Receiving YPC is inherently going to be higher than rushing YPC for the large majority of players, even if you just keyed in on running backs. It’s why James White, Chris Thompson, and Theo Riddick have higher career YPTs than Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, and Adrian Peterson. Just throwing the two together and judging the YPT equally when one is clearly a volume receiving back and the other(s) is/are clearly bell cows is completely disingenuous. I’ve stopped caring about the Kamara pheromones some of these guys have sniffing, but that’s an - I believe - intentional attempt at skewing things. I’d be saying the same if it were CMC.
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