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  1. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    I mean, you win some-you lose some. He does it in the draft forum too: hit on Kamara, whiffed on Dobbs. Only give people but so much gripe for wrong predictions, I get a bunch wrong all the time. But the appeal to authority (had to take a second to realize I’m calling Chris Simms an “authority”) here is pretty hilarious. Next he’ll quote successful NFL analyst and respected media member....Rob Parker.
  2. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    My wife’s second cousin in-law dated a former ex-girlfriend of a past staff member in NE - said Brady takes less so the team can afford more players. I just don’t know what to believe now...
  3. Is the NFL rigged?

    Cleveland Browns say otherwise.
  4. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    Even the shifted goal posts don’t make sense. Physical talent at the QB position has never consistently been an indicator for success at the QB position. Cam Newton is more athletic and has a bigger arm than Drew Brees. Mike Vick was more athletic and had a bigger arm than Peyton Manning. Jamarcus Russell was more athletic and had a bigger arm than Tom Brady. Randall Cunningham was more athletic and had a bigger arm than Joe Montana. It’s a cop out. He won’t say Watson>Brady, but he’ll say Watson’s hypothetical accomplishments with Bill>Brady’s GOAT accomplishments with Bill. He’ll say Watson’s talent>Brady’s talent. Just won’t give us the clincher.
  5. Notable Stats and Observations

    What specifically do you feel QBR does in order to objectively measure QBs in a consistent format across the board?
  6. Urban Meyer on the evolution of tackling.

    Tackling is more of an effort problem than a technique problem IMO.
  7. Sort of hard to separate QB from team. Sanchez was nothing special at QB but those Rex teams were a hassle for a little.
  8. Trade Deadline Rumors

    I’d do a 1st for Goedert...

    @Woz Week 6: Dem Boyz! Picking Dallas here.
  10. Dave Gettleman and the Giants rebuild

    Yeah, maybe because you started a thread after a couple of decent games propping up your guy, saying the haters are nowhere in sight. Then when people people like @Forge said you (believe it was you, IIRC) were being premature, you essentially said we have to live in the moment. So now that he’s had a couple bad games, we have to remember the context that was thrown out the window when NYG played some bad defenses. Putting a stake in the kid is jumping the gun, but you brought it all upon yourself. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.
  11. Dave Gettleman and the Giants rebuild

    Doesn’t really address his point, though. You’re quick to say context and point to top rated defenses when Jones struggled, but decide to overlook the very bad defenses he looked decent against.
  12. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    Look who brought Rivers up first! Glass houses and all that. Just trading barbs in fun.
  13. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    Oh it’s 5! My fault, I know how important it is to be on point when dealing with such a small sample size...
  14. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    Lucky, sub-6’0 Edelman: 3 championships Tall, “great” Rivers: 3 playoff wins
  15. TNF - Giants @ Patriots GDT

    Darius Butler, Logan Mankins, Nate Solder, Trent Brown, Jabaal Sheard, Malcolm Butler...