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  1. I don’t really see the merit of discussing an NFL player’s college career when that was over half a decade ago. But that’s just me, shrug.
  2. I remember there were times last season where he looked like a disaster in the RZ. Is that still the case this year?
  3. I said before last season that Tampa should’ve traded a third for him. Think that’d have gotten it done. Clearly didn’t need him, but…can’t imagine that offense with him. Same with the Chiefs, ironically, but you know Reid would stop giving Hunt touches in the playoffs. Hunt’s still a very quality running back with, I’d guess, 3+ seasons of this kind of play. Maybe more if he’s splitting time like this and can stay healthy. He’s got value IMO.
  4. Let’s not overthink it. Favorite Team: Patriots Week 6 Pick: Kansas City Chiefs
  5. That’s a nice deal for Buffalo.
  6. At the time of the trades, I think it’s Harvin. He’s a receiver that wasn’t great at running routes, wasn’t great at catching the ball, and most importantly, wasn’t great at staying on the field. Some will say Harvin was a big part of that playoff run and that alone makes him worth it, but you don’t trade that much for a guy that was a rich man’s Cordarrelle Patterson. With hindsight, I think it’s going to be Adams. His coverage seems to have gotten even worse, I think by now he’s a true box safety. Just not worth that steep price tag.
  7. Really fun player, hell of a career. Prime Shady was the closest thing we’ve seen to Barry since Barry. Seems like a dirtbag of a guy, so nothing really on that end. Not a HOFer for me.
  8. I don’t care but I hope this reduces the number of annoying people who talk about the SB halftime show throughout the whole game and most of the next day.
  9. Worth a kicker, at least until (if?) SMB comes back. As bad as they’ve looked this year, I like the young group when healthy. Not sure if it’s rust from the weak off-season, hangover, motivation, or what…but the secondary was playing extremely well at the end of last season.
  10. It’s abundantly clear he only turns into a quality player in NE. Come on back, Jamie.
  11. That’s not really true, though. Add the two rosters and the Browns have the best receiver, the best tight end, the better offensive line, the better running back (including a third down specialist). I guess the bottom of Chark/Jones/Shenault is probably better than the bottom of Landry/Calloway/Higgins, so there’s that.
  12. Week 3 Pick: Buffalo Bills I’m not proud of it but this is already the furthest I’ve gotten…
  13. He looked wash through most of last year. This is 2015 Peyton, but Ben isn’t running the offense the way Peyton was.
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