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  1. Danger said he thinks LaFleur wasn’t a good hire and that he wasn’t ready to be a HC. Is it out of bounds to make a good/bad prediction or opinion on this forum? It’s not like he made a guarantee that LaFleur would flame out.
  2. The thing is, you can use that logic with any hire. The Packers could hire me as HC, and you could say “there hasn’t even been a preseason game played yet, you must know the future to know how this will turn out”. Faith or no faith, LaFleur’s resume isn’t that formidable. His only stint as a playcaller was very, very underwhelming. If you think he’ll turn it around, that’s fine, but it’s an incredibly fair point of view to think his hire was premature.
  3. No, it isn’t what I’m saying. I’m raising questions to see if the logic is applied across the board. Certain posters seem to be bothered by the idea that a boss might try to block a direct competitor from stealing an employee that is currently under contract. I’m wondering if that logic applies across the board. I’m well aware that there are different tampering rules as it pertains to coaches and players, but that’s not the point. I don’t care on the issue - just wondering if the guy was objective or not. That isn’t the point. The point was to highlight an employer, intentionally keeping a guy in a position he may be unhappy in, in an effort to keep him out of the hands of a competitor. For office guys, that’s an issue (apparently). For players, we have no issue with it.
  4. Whatever you have to tell yourself, homeslice. Not answering the questions, pretty much answers the questions. Keep riding that wave.
  5. So you won’t respond to the questions then? Guess the moral high ground is applied...well, whenever you feel like it.
  6. The circumstances are different, but the principles are virtually the same. The rules say tampering isn’t allowed. In many cases, there are players who deserve to be starting but are stuck on depth charts. So is it not okay for GMs-players to tamper a year in advance, but okay for GMs-FO guys? Do you believe backup players hate their GMs for not letting them pursue starting positions elsewhere? So I’m wondering if your thoughts are consistent, or just cherrypicked. Because both players and FO members are considered contractual assets that a team has more incentive to keep than to let go (assuming they’re good at their jobs).
  7. Curious - do you think the grace period prior to NFL free agency, when only FAs and their respective teams can negotiate (or be tagged), is also toxic for their business relationship? Are you of the mindset that 2020 free agents ought to be able to negotiate with other teams, this year? Do you think all players who want to (and maybe ought to be) starters, but aren’t for their respective teams, hate their GMs that don’t release or trade them? Serious questions, because it’s a pretty similar principle. Honestly, I don’t think what actually happened with this whole Caserio-Texans thing was that big of a deal. Probably not even a real case of tampering, IYAM. But it doesn’t really make sense to apply yours-and-mine labor issues to that of an NFL employee. If the rules disallow tampering (alongside contract stipulations, in this case), it seems like a stretch to villainize a team for enforcing it, even if it’s disagreed with. A technicality? Sure. Probably a cheap move for the Pats to pull, in some respects. But hardly evil.
  8. Best 2019 Offense and Defense

    Thanks for the insight, I don’t/can’t always keep up with teams’ players - especially when they’re injured and young. Still, even with the potential at LB and (less so, IYAM) the interior, I’m hesitant to put them near the Bears presently and on paper. Even though I liked Tillery, he has a ways to go before he’s Hicks. Similarly, I’d be hard pressed to currently put Perryman/the potential of younger guys over a progressing Roquan Smith, proven Danny Trevathan, and solid depth guy in Kwiatkoski. Again, talent doesn’t translate to product. The 2019 rankings, statistics, and product will not necessarily be representative of the talent the teams have at this point in the offseason. But the Bears have playmakers at all three levels and are covered just about everywhere with solid pieces at worst.
  9. Best 2019 Offense and Defense

    Last year’s ranking doesn’t weigh heavily in an “on paper” debate. Mahomes is a monster and matches up or beats the Brees/Goff/Wentz trio, and Kelce’s the best TE of the whole group. But there’s a major talent discrepancy in the backfield, one that outweighs the TE discrepancy (especially with Hill’s status up in the air). Damien Williams simply isn’t close to Kamara or Gurley. Perhaps you’d argue the KC group is a bit closer to a Howard/Clement/Sanders group, but the Eagles have a superior offensive line and are deeper at every other position. When looking at the team on paper - the Chiefs have a deficiency in the backfield. It hurts them in these discussions. Does that mean they won’t perform as well or put up similar/better statistics? Obviously not. But on paper, they’re missing big pieces that other teams have.
  10. Best 2019 Offense and Defense

    Purely on paper? The Browns are probably a tackle away from being in that discussion. The Chiefs are up there too, but a step behind the Saints/Eagles/Rams IMO. Gurley, Kamara, and the Eagles’ stable is the primary factor there. On defense, it’s hard not to pick the Bears. Having Mack/Hicks up front is huge, alongside a big handful of very solid/ascending pieces. In the back end, you have one of the best safeties in Jackson, and a reliable guy in Fuller. Hard to find a team that A) has the playmakers at every level, and B) has solid pieces at virtually every position across the board, at least. On talent alone, I almost want to pick the Chargers. They’re flashy and deep, but they’re missing an impact linebacker and they’re largely relying on a rookie in order to have an interior presence. The extremely talented secondary and great guys on the edge aren’t enough to make up for the difference in the interior/at LBer in comparison to the Bears, for me.
  11. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    I think your thread is booty and don’t care to reiterate what most have been saying in a vain attempt to debate - but this post is cherry picking at it’s finest. Using stats like these as the base of opinions is really dumb, but since we’re already at it, here are some more stats from last season: When Zeke gets 4.0 YPC: 8-3 When Zeke gets less than 4.0 YPC: 2-3 When Zeke gets 20+ carries: 6-1 When he gets less: 4-5 Zeke 100+ yards: 6-1 When he gets less: 4-5 I’m sure you’ll come back with the “much higher correlation with passing than with Zeke” - and it’s already been talked about ad nauseam how that hardly makes the run game “irrelevant” - but it’s funny how only the stats that conveniently fit your narrative are the ones that brought up. When was the last time the Cowboys made the playoffs without a potent rushing attack? Ouch, man.
  12. No off the field problems Odell or Tyreek Hill?

    Hill does do that, probably more so than any receiver since prime-Calvin Johnson. OBJ isn’t a slouch in the deep ball department, though - I think he puts a healthy amount of fear in the back end, though not as much as Hill does. It’ll be exciting to see what he can do with a big armed QB.
  13. No off the field problems Odell or Tyreek Hill?

    OBJ is the more versatile of the two, IMO. Hill’s clear advantage in speed is less than Odell’s advantages in other aspects. Including their personalities, durability, and off the field issues - changes the discussion. But based off talent alone, I’d take OBJ in a vacuum.
  14. Vikings extend TE Kyle Rudolph (Four years, $36M)

    Never get why people say this. If all the GTD money is in year 1 of a 5 year deal, it’s a great deal. If all the GTD money is in year 5 of a 5 year deal, it’s a deal that’ll be hard to get out of. The cap hit will reflect the contract, not just the GTD dollars. If the GTD dollars are low but the salary is high - his cap hit will be high (pending structure). Total dollar amount matters about as much as GTD dollars and contract structures, they’re all important. If you expect Rudolph or any player on a deal to see the end of it, then GTD dollars are certainly not the only thing that matters. Total amount will reflect the cap hits. GTD dollars in conjunction with the structure of the deal will determine how easy it is to get out of the contract.