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  1. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    Luck did the team dirty by waiting this long, I’m not sure that’s even debatable. Yeah, he has the right to do as he pleases with his career and his body, but there’s no defending the timing of this. I can sympathize with him perhaps being ready to grind in February, March, April, and then getting overwhelmed come August - but that’s still on him and he still deserves some flak for that. I support Luck for making his decision and thinking of his future. He’s tired of being in pain all day and rehabbing for months on end, who wouldn’t. But I don’t support the timing, and I think it’s a reasonable reaction for some fans to boo the guy in that moment. Fans tend to take things overboard with death threats, trashing property, and calling out people like wives or kids. Booing isn’t really that far up the scale, even if it probably feels really awful for Luck.
  2. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    Jacoby Brissett time. Luck’s really leaving the Colts to dry here. He shouldn’t play if he’s not all-in, but pretty crazy this is happening. It’s almost September!
  3. If I were a Texans fan, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it, but if it’s for anything more than a 4th rounder or so then they’re putting themselves in a position to lock Gordon up long term for the money that he wants. I don’t think he’s worth that, so I’d be hesitant. I’d kick the tires on Jay Ajayi. Maybe look into acquiring Paul Perkins or Alex Collins, someone like that.
  4. Ouch. Texans are going to need another running back, again.
  5. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Gotcha. I had a longer post typed up but the TL:DR is that I don’t feel like Vick and RGIII are the only historical comparisons for scrambling QBs and that other narratives or other opinions of Jackson are not my own. Jackson has shown to be durable in college, but I do not feel college is a large enough sample size or a good representative of the type of collisions that happen in the NFL. I also feel the laundry list of scrambling quarterbacks far exceed just Vick, RGIII, and Kaepernick. So with that opinion established, I believe there is strong enough historical precedence to have concern over what type of effects continuous/helmet rattling hits can have on a QB. So if Jackson continues to run/be used as a runner as much as he is, I would be concerned. If he develops his mind as a passer, improves his physical tools, and the coaching uses him more as a QB, then those concerns can be mitigated. But at the moment, I find those concerns to be legitimate. FWIW, I think the same of Josh Allen, Carson Wentz (which is a gimme, given his injury history), Dak Prescott, potentially Kyler Murray, and even Patrick Mahomes (to a lesser extent).
  6. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    There are different reasons behind them (the former guys just couldn’t play), but the point is that players can turn out to be busts even if they have a good rookie season. If you’re stuck on Young/Griffin, then look at Michael Clayton. If Daniel Jones lights it up this season, I’ll say I was wrong about him. But nobody should be forming any conclusions based off the preseason. How do you figure the argument changed? So in direct response to A) people said he flat out sucked, and B) he was/is a sure fire bust: a few preseason games don’t prove or disprove either of those things. He still may suck. He still may be a bust. Maybe the complete opposite, though. Whatever your predictions were, preseason isn’t going to prove or disprove anything - so eating crow is premature.

    Favorite team: New England Patriots Week 1 Pick: Ravens I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is watch your edits. Personally looked forward to the yearly freak out someone would have after getting eliminated this way...shrug.
  8. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Running QBs are always at a higher risk of getting injured than pocket passers. Does Kirk Cousins have great pocket presence? Matthew Stafford? Matt Ryan? Joe Flacco? Jared Goff? Blake Bortles? In fact, the counter argument can be made. The QBs that consistently (comparatively for a QB) either get injured (and play through it) or miss games, are usually the mobile guys. Wentz, Romo, Big Ben, Cam, Rodgers, Mariota, Luck, Tannehill, etc. Massive hits are perfectly legal if they’re above the QB’s knees and below the helmet. RG3 getting laid out by Ngata, IIRC, happened in bounds after RGIII became a runner. Nothing illegal about that play. And hits don’t have to be illegal or bone-breaking in order to take their toll. We’ve seen Cam tank hits early in his career, but now there’s always something with him. Same happened to Vick. It’s partly age, but the hits do their damage and make these guys seem older than they are. No, but those players never developed their game so that they could rely on their arms instead of their legs (sans 2010 Vick, who still ran a lot). Same with Kaepernick. Their running style wasn’t going to be something that’d last them their whole careers and it’ll be the same for Lamar unless his game develops. More wear and tear isn’t something that helps in this conversation, like you’re saying it does. Bro-science... A QB taking off and a running back running between the tackles are exceptionally different. And using a 1-to-1 with Barkley isn’t going to prove durability. I’d look at historical precedence of mobile QBs before just picking Barkley’s name out of a hat. It’s not just Vick and RGIII. It’s mobile QBs in general. Look at Wentz. Look at Rodgers. Look at Mariota. Look at Tannehill. Look at younger-Big Ben. The more you run and move around, the more susceptible you are to A) continuous punishment, and B) high speed collisions. Not really arguable. I didn’t say anything about Russell Wilson. I surmised that having a running, mobile QB is going to open up the risk of injury more so than it would having a pure pocket passer. Historical precedence backs that up. Nobody said he’s going to flame out of the league with injuries because of RGIII or Vick - they’re just examples of QBs that took punishment because their passing minds never developed.
  9. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    The injury thing is probably a legit concern, at least. Running quarterbacks have a bad history of sustainability in the NFL. Jackson doesn’t have the Cam Newton “put my head down and run” mentality, but he isn’t as bulky as Cam either. No guarantees one way or another, but that has to at least be a concern that is less of a risk than with a QB like Baker or Darnold (but it does undeservedly get forgotten about with Josh Allen). Everything else, I’m with you.
  10. Cowboys extend LB Jaylon Smith

    I agree with your sentiment: the Cowboys brand isn’t going to do anything substantial for these guys unless they win some chips/become HOF caliber. But I don’t think they’re necessarily destined to become “like every other Cowboy” that hasn’t had a football gig in their post-NFL career. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but I think that will have more to do with their value as either an entertainer (like Irvin or Sanders) or as an analyst (like Hasselbeck).
  11. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    Sure they were. One is a backup that can’t stay healthy and the other is out of the league. Jones has looked better than most probably expected in preseason, yes. Jones has not proven he’s a quality NFL player yet, he’s. Where’s the confusion? I thought I laid things out simply. Let’s go simpler: Preseason = not enough to determine whether a guy is worth a FRP or whether or not a guy will suck as a player.
  12. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    Sure? Preseason performance mean’s next to nothing, IMO. It’s real use is fleshing out the bottom of the depth chart and deciding on some week 1 playing time at positions of uncertainty, but I’m not going to formulate opinions based on the preseason. Especially for a QB. Jarrett Stidham looks like a FRP if we’re going off preseason, ffs.
  13. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    With FRPs, it’s hardly ever due to lack of talent. Players with little or no talent aren’t usually drafted in the first round (there are exceptions, of course). Sometimes they get injured, sometimes they make bad choices, sometimes they get lazy, sometimes they never develop their games. There are a bunch of reasons, but it happens even after promising or even great rookie seasons. Which reinforces the whole “it’s way too early to pivot on Daniel Jones” point.
  14. Cowboys extend LB Jaylon Smith

    There are loads of guys with decent gigs that didn’t have decorated NFL careers. MJD, Burleson, Hasselbeck (Tim), Hoge, etc. Rings and name value help and can guarantee you a spot even if you’re terrible (Sapp, Irvin) but I think it has a lot more to do with what they bring to the table either as an entertainer or an analyst.
  15. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    I’m not pretending otherwise. I’m saying that a couple preseason games don’t make a player not-a-bust. Even a stellar rookie season doesn’t clear a player of the bust label (see: RG3, Vince Young, Michael Clayton, etc.). Preseason is preseason. Starters hardly play, and when they do, they hardly go full speed. The games don’t mean anything. Coaches don’t game plan. Defenses stay vanilla. You have a handful of non-NFL talent playing significant snaps. You don’t prove your skill or worth as a player, let alone a first rounder, during the preseason. You earn it playing games that matter against NFL starters. As I said, Jones has looked better so far than most probably expected. But he hasn’t proven anything yet. None of the rookies have.