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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Best: Drew Brees, Richard Sherman, Larry Fitzgerald, maybe Andrew Luck? Worst: Aqib Talib, Gronk, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes (the voice). But who would I want to hear calling a game most of all? Beast mode.
  2. Could Patricia/Wilks be one and done coaches?

    I’m not taking Blount’s opinion as gospel. I’m using it to reinforce what I already believe - that a practice in the snow will help make the team comfortable being uncomfortable. Slay’s opinion also reinforces that - he’s uncomfortable and voiced it. Short of whipping players at the back, I doubt either of us think Whitworth would come out and complain about a practice. This is JMO but I’m not sure Patricia is trying to be that guy unnaturally. He always had that same approach that BB had. Obviously he can’t get away with what Belichick can, but this is part of the reason why I don’t believe he’s going out of his way to be a tough guy. Never said it’d be the difference. Never said that a coach neeed that mindset, either. Coaches need to have good relationships with their players and he doesn’t do that by constantly bossing them around and forcing them to do every little thing to the letter for the sake of it. But as the coach, he is expected to have the team practice and do things that maybe they don’t always want to do. So again, I’m not saying Patricia has the locker room by the balls or something. Players wouldn’t come and talk about this if he did. But can we stop pretending like this never happens? Disagree, I see a power play as what you said earlier - showing them who’s boss, doing things for the sake of doing them. Getting prepared for bad weather and building mental toughness is a part of the game and there are other coaches who feel the same way. It has merit beyond just waving his dique around because he’s the head coach. In a vacuum, how do you expect an undisciplined/questionably tough team to react to a coach that is going to come in and be more militaristic, in year one? Taking into account that a good portion of these players have never played under that style HC. I’m with you about the chemistry thing, I’m not sold on Patricia being able to hold the locker room down the road. But it just goes to show that other coaches are doing this - it’s not just Patricia and it’s not just doing it for the sake of riding the players.
  3. Could Patricia/Wilks be one and done coaches?

    Meh, I guess calling him a whiner is an “attack”? Shrug. But yeah, that’s the point of a debate isn’t it? At least part of it. I’ve seen you go down with the ship, though. Both are NFL players - only one has been a part of multiple championship cultures. Again, it’s a toughness/preparedness thing. NE is routinely prepared/unaffected by snow, and Patricia obviously learned that when he was here. Is practice always supposed to be easy and pleasant? And Belichick does. I don’t follow other teams’ practices enough to speak on the majority of top coaches. You’re attributing this as some sort of power play or statement instead of exactly what it seems to be - toughening up an undisciplined team and preparing them for future games in cold weather. Not every move he does has to be to win the locker room over - there’s a reason he’s the coach and they’re the players. Quinn outlined what he wanted, Patricia agreed, and this is the result. The fact that players (I remember there being talk in camp about practice being too hard but I’m not 100% sure) are whining about it just reinforces that they needed more discipline. If the GM during your interview talks about toughening up the team, I’d assume the coach would take steps to do just that, even if it makes some of them unhappy. EDIT: Funny that this near-same scenario just happened this past week elsewhere and not only is no one bringing it up, but there haven’t been any vocal player complaints. Championship coordinator-turned first year HC has his sub.-500 team practicing in the freezing weather despite an indoor game this weekend, citing desire for toughness and confidence in bad weather as the main reason. It’s Reich, who I guess is also just going out of his way to make a point and prove how tough he is?
  4. Could Patricia/Wilks be one and done coaches?

    “I mean, towards the end of the season, we're going to be in Green Bay and then we're going to be in Buffalo...You know, so, you don't want to try and get prepared for those the week of. It's a preparation thing, so you want to be ready for those whenever the time comes. You don't want to have to wait and practice outside for two days or three days and then have to go there and it's way colder than what you expect it to be...So, like I said, we strap it up and we go out there and grind and whatever it is, it is, and we just got to go handle it." That’s Blount (of all people), one of the few player on that roster that’s been a part of championship teams. I don’t expect you to change your opinion - you seldom do - but complaining about practice? The guys seem soft. Bob Quinn said as much in the offseason. I’m not saying that Patricia can’t better his chemistry with the players or do more to garner their respect (both of which are mandatory aspects of coaching) but from an outside POV there are enough rumblings to raise suspicion about this team’s toughness. They’re 3-6 and will be traveling to cold weather venues in the future, they shouldn’t be whining about this.
  5. Could Patricia/Wilks be one and done coaches?

    Patricia shouldn’t be fired. His exchanges with the media are cringey but, strictly based on some of the comments coming out of the locker room, some of those players seem incredibly entitled. Borderline whiners. It definitely seems like he’s trying to pull a Belichick (although I’d argue that that is actually his legit personality, he just can’t get away with it the way BB does) with a stern attitude, compared to most coaches today who almost have to be player’s coaches in today’s atmosphere. He should be given another year IMO. I would say the same of Wilks, but Broncofan laid out how the circumstances might incentivize Kiem to get a new coaching staff altogether. They need a new offensive voice in there and if the only promising ones come in the form of HCs, it could put Arizona in a tough position.
  6. Rookies of the year

    Kelvin Benjamin has been doing that since he was at FSU.
  7. Dakota more clutch than Wentz?

    Maybe, but then you could use the same case for players who falter under pressure. I don’t think it’s outlandish to think that when some players (or some people in general, really) know that there’s a lot more on the line, they are more focused/on point. Maybe it’s an effort thing more so than a clutch thing, but I think there are definitely people that change their level of play at the end of a close game - for better or worse.
  8. Do the Eagles win the Super Bowl last year with Wentz?

    When was the last time an MVP-caliber QB goes down and the career backup ended up winning the SB? It doesn’t happen very often and for good reason. Maybe the Eagles team was just really good and really well coached? I highly doubt the one playoff loss Foles had 4 years prior really was the difference maker in that playoff run.
  9. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Nah. It’s been that they didn’t offer him protection beyond the early stages of the contract. That doesn’t equal low-balling. What are you talking about? Just about player signing a historic contract is just fluff. Most elite players sign historic contracts. Gurley, Rodgers, OBJ, Donald, Mack - they all signed historic contracts. They’re par for the course if you’re an elite player. Said this earlier, but other players signing team friendly deals doesn’t mean all guys have to. And IIRC, Brown’s deal was done before it needed to be (usually results in more team friendly deals than if they wait). Plus, Brown’s a WR. You wouldn’t consider WRs and RBs similar in terms of how they age, would you? I’d think not. See above. Yet I still haven’t seen a reason for trashing Bell beyond his behavior post-hold out... Cool, so no answer to my question. And yes, it’s for money and security. The latter of which he wasn’t getting in this deal. You’re much too intelligent to believe that. Have you had bad negotiations with the company in the past? Is the company giving you less security than you need at a position of high turnover? AB argument doesn’t fly like you pretend it does.
  10. Dakota more clutch than Wentz?

    If that were the case, wouldn’t their GWD stats/performance eventually average out to whatever their typical non-4th quarter stats/performance are? I don’t have numbers in front of me, but I’d wager there are some players that have better stats and scoring % on GWDs than they do on any other given drive.
  11. Do the Eagles win the Super Bowl last year with Wentz?

    Obviously impossible to know for sure, but I’d hesitate to say that improving the QB position would make a team lose a game that they’d normally win. Now you can play with that a little to make it less true (for instance, if we switched Cam Newton with Big Ben because such and such team specifically struggles with mobile QBs), but I can’t realistically imagine Foles->Wentz being a downgrade. It could - Foles played extremely well and maybe the Pats D does a better job vs a less experienced QB in Wentz, but if I had to pick I’d assume Philly still pulls it out.
  12. I know, I’m saying it’s odd the site has him listed as vs Fuller for 100% of snaps.
  13. It’s weird that the link has Jackson on Fuller 100% of the time?