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  1. Production, perhaps not. But you don’t think going from Hunt to Williams greatly effects how the defense plays KC? Mahomes largely slowed down in efficiency once Hunt was out. Maybe his pace just wasn’t sustainable, but it’s noticeable both statistically and visually IMO.
  2. Congrats, good sir.
  3. LeGarrette Blount. Not as much on here, but he was hyped as a “big, bruising back that nobody wanted to tackle” which couldn’t be further from the truth. It would drive me nuts seeing him get the ball on 3rd and short to be stopped in the backfield. Dude was the softest 250lb back I’ve ever seen. Disclaimer: He carried his weight on the goal line in 2016, in fairness. But his NE stent was largely plagued with disappointing short yardage situations. Blount fit the “boom or bust” narrative to a T.
  4. Panthers ink WR Chris Hogan to 1-year deal

    Hasn’t been the same since his injury in 2017. Couldn’t do much despite this team’s desperate need for a competent outside receiver.
  5. Pick one; Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson

    Julio is an elite receiver, but Megatron was a freak amongst freaks. I’ll take him, even with the assumption that Julio will play longer.
  6. Giants to re-sign WR Sterling Shepard (4 year, $41M)

    I thought Eli, the coaching, and the offensive line has been holding OBJ back. Have to imagine that is still possible with Shepard too. Seems like an overpay, but we shall see.
  7. Patriots sign TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins (One year deal)

    Yeah, running - big factor for being a running back. See: If you understood that it was a joke and accept KVN as an example; why go ahead and bust the myth, per se? The comment was about hyped, young players disappointing and then flourishing with the Pats - no one said they go from nothing to star players.
  8. Patriots sign TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins (One year deal)

    Which is why I said “depending how strictly” you want to follow those exact words. He wasn’t a “hyped, young player” but he was a non-factor that turned into one of the most productive players in the NFL for a period of time. 2010 was his best year. Gilmore was highly criticized (deservedly) after the deal NE signed him to - mostly by Bills fans. This season he was a first time all-pro and one of the best CBs in the league. Gilmore of 2017, you’d have a point. It was a joke. You said it was a good joke. I said that the sentiment gets overstated too. Sounds like you’re saying it just to say it, now.
  9. Patriots sign TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins (One year deal)

    It gets overstated, but Kyle Van Noy is probably the most recent one. Some others can be included too, depending on how strict you are with “hyped young player”, “original team”, and “flourishes” (Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, Trent Brown, Stephon Gilmore, etc). I think NE does more of signing veterans to squeeze out another productive season or two than it does acquiring young reclamation projects.
  10. Calvin was widely considered the best until he retired. Brown and Julio weren’t debated as #1-#2 until then.
  11. Megatron is a first-ballot-HOF-talent, but doesn’t have a first-ballot-HOF-resume IMO. He has as high a peak and as dominant a prime as maybe any receiver to have ever played, but to be first ballot, you need to have it all. Obviously he was as talented as anyone. But the numbers/longevity isn’t there to be thrown in with the very best from a resume standpoint.
  12. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    AB is an even bigger toolbag than I thought.
  13. Who wins the NFCN 2019

    I mean, I wouldn’t get hung up on the “very strong” terminology...the difference between a strong start and a very strong start is probably a one game turnover, lol.
  14. 2020 QBs, how do they stack up?

    As prospects? I get the whole “you never know exactly how things will pan out” attitude towards the draft overall, but it’s a prospects thread. Look at them as prospects, not as pros. I wouldn’t go into a thread about past college players and say “player x, because he was the better professional”.
  15. Fair point, but does anyone think Minnesota was better off parting ways with Moss? Or the Eagles/Cowboys better off without Owens? We’ll see about Pittsburgh, but I don’t think they’re a better team without Brown/Bell than they are with them. Plus, that point made in the OP was really addressing the fact that NYG haven’t succeeded even with OBJ’s skills - so why not trade him. I disagree.