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  1. Plz delete

  2. Should The NFL Implement A Draft Lottery System?

    It could be. If a team intentionally plays bad players or something to that effect, that’s tanking IYAM. The Sixers didn’t have to have guys actively not play hard to tank. They just refused to improve the roster and keeping playing scrubs across the board.
  3. The myth of NFL parity

    No. This is a strawman:
  4. The myth of NFL parity

  5. The myth of NFL parity

  6. The myth of NFL parity

    You sound like a really open minded person lol
  7. Better 3 Man Cornerback Unit?

    EDIT: @MookieMonster you’re dead wrong if you think Chris Harris wasn’t a “great outside CB”. He was great and played everywhere.
  8. Steelers sign Morgan Burnett

    Davis sucks. Pittsburgh actually still does need a safety, just not as desperately. ILB bigger need but safety next IYAM.
  9. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    He’s not awful, but not special either. Injuries really ruined him the last couple years. If he stays healthy, he could be a pretty solid third receiving option for a team. Made way too much money considering his injuries/production and their depth. No brainer.
  10. Should The NFL Implement A Draft Lottery System?

    It’s good as is.
  11. No, you made the mistake of comparing a player with poor accuracy to one of the most accurate passers of all time. If you’re only making pro comparisons based on physical talent (dumb to do, especially with the QB position) then using HOFers to do so is just for a sensationalist response. Allen has as much a Dan Marino arm as he does a Pat Mahomes arm or a Mike Vick arm, but it just sounds crazier to say Marino. It’s even worse since you’re strictly comparing their arm strength but taking away something like accuracy. You’re not even comparing the players, just the one half of a physical attribute. Like if I said my pro comparison for a guy is Randy Moss when it could easily be Stephen Hill.
  12. He’s clearly just talking about his arm talent/ability to make special throws.
  13. Jeremy Hill signs 1-year Deal w/ Pats

    Can’t possibly hate a deal like that. Really hope he bounces back here, I was a big fan. Hill vs Gillislee will be something to watch.
  14. Patriots acquired KR/WR Cordarrelle Patterson

    Good special teamer - makes sense with the loss of Bademosi and possibly Slater. Pats haven’t had a dynamic kick returner since Brandon Tate, and even that was short lived.