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  1. I’d have recommended all teams to trade their 7ths for 2027 1sts! I didn’t say no one cares about them, I said that I don’t care for them much. Pick 3 this year for example, had substantially different value than Pick 3 in say, 2019 (Quinnen Williams). If you’re going to use it in a vacuum, I guess there’s merit to an extent. But looking at what the Bears did to get Fields and what the Eagles did to get Smith, isn’t a vacuum situation. There’s proof of this?
  2. Might be missing something since I’m looking through my phone. Are future firsts listed in that table? Never really cared or believed in value charts like this - any given pick isn’t worth the same thing every year, it depends on the draft class - but I’m curious how that conclusion can be made. I’d much rather have 20 overall, 164, a future 4th, and a future 1st, than I would 12th overall and 84 overall.
  3. Lamar, Vick, Sanders, Tomlinson, and Tyreek. We’re living and dying by wild cat.
  4. They’ll end up in purgatory if Jones doesn’t get better & they commit to him long term. Other than that, you have to like some of what they’ve been doing since Judge has been brought in. Still some improvements to be made defensively and along the OL, but they’ve made some quality moves. Short term, it really rides on Jones.
  5. 33 games, officially. Even then, he was only ever as high as 2nd in snap count for CBs (2018, when JC was a rookie). 2019 he was 4th and last year, with Gilmore in and out of the lineup, he was third. Wouldn’t really call him a starter for most of his Pats’ tenure.
  6. Hopes are high that NE cracks this list again with some new defensive additions and some luck on the injury report.
  7. Pretty pricey, dang. Makes me appreciate Andrews’ deal at 4/$19M. But got the impression Ragnow was a very good player, so you have to like what Detroit’s building so far.
  8. I mean, people really surprised that those antics were comment-worthy? All that nonsense, especially during losses, were undoubtedly going to rub some players the wrong way.
  9. Yeah, if he really wanted to, he could Jalen Ramsey or Trent Williams it too. Play/retire certainly aren’t his only options.
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