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  1. That’s not “tangible” evidence. You’d be hard pressed to find any “tangible” evidence of speed.
  2. You cannot compare A) the Eagles to the Warriors, B) the Eagles’ offseason to KD/Boogie, or C) basketball talent acquisition vs NFL talent acquisition. A) The Eagles aren’t the Warriors. Nobody in the NFL really ever has been close except the 2007 Patriots and even that team lost (I’ll get to that “C”), so they’re not similar enough. The talent gap between the Warriors is glaring - the same can’t be said by an NFL team. I could make the argument (rather easily) that the Falcons, Saints, or Vikings were a better team than Philly on paper at the time of the postseason. Who could claim to even be in the same stratosphere at GS? No one, not even in 2015. B) The Eagles may have gotten better (largely due to health, not talent acquisition for the most part) but they didn’t add the 2nd or 3rd best player in the league or one of the best men at his position to their roster. Swapping Vinny Curry for Michael Bennett and Torrey Smith for Mike Wallace isn’t going to do that. C) Finally, most importantly, you’re comparing apples and oranges. In the NBA, the more talented team with more all stars wins a majority of the time. To take that down you need luck, a GOAT, and lots of help. That isn’t the case in the NFL - in the NFL, lesser talented teams beat more talented teams all the time. Circle back to the 07 Patriots losing to NYG. Football is much more scheme/coach reliant and less so talent oriented. Anyway, you aren’t wrong to assume the Eagles are getting better on paper. You’re wrong to assume that a good team that got better will for sure have the same or more success. Good teams and good players regress out of nowhere and most teams can claim they improved over the offseason. The Vikings essentially just swapped career backup-Keenum for Kirk Cousins and an NFI-Floyd for Sheldon Richardson. The Saints lost no one and added some other players to the team. Ditto with the Falcons. The Rams made a huge jump in talent. Are all of these teams going to do better than they did last season? Obviously not. The Eagles have a good a chance as repeating as division champs as anyone because of their depth. They can afford some injuries, which most teams can’t. But it’s not a slam dunk. And definitely isn’t anything close to the Warriors situation.
  3. 2010/2011 Green Bay Packers V 2017/2018 Philly

    Why? The differences in the two teams don’t stop at personnel. Anyway - Legarrette Blount, Chris Long, Jabaal Sheard, Logan Ryan, Martellus Bennett (essentially), Julian Edelman, Marcus Cannon (essentially), Dont’a Hightower (essentially), Rob Ninkovich, Shea McLellin, and Justin Coleman are noteworthy departures.
  4. 2010/2011 Green Bay Packers V 2017/2018 Philly

    Pass protection was a major, major difference. Brady got hit 32 times in 2016. He got hit 31 times before Week 6 in 2017. He got sacked 15 times in 2016. 2017? 35 times. The loss of Julian Edelman beforehand. Hogan was healthy. Mitchell missed less time. Brady was actually better in 2016 too, just had played in less games. The 17’ defense gave up more yards, Y/P, had less turnovers, more points per drive, etc. The team was quite different even though some of the personnel was the same.
  5. 2010/2011 Green Bay Packers V 2017/2018 Philly

    Wait, these two teams were the top 2 in a best team since 2010 poll? Seriously?
  6. SB redos for NE

    A true 7 game series? Hard to bet against Belichick in a lot of these matchups. I’d say the only lock-loss is vs the Rams and the lock-win is vs the Giants Pt I.
  7. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    You know Randy Moss just got inducted, right? You know Randy was booted from 3/4 of the teams he’s played on?
  8. Baltimore? They’ve barely been missing the playoffs lately, but it really seems like most people think the absolute worst of their roster. Oakland could do it if Carr returns to 2016. Not that they’re the absolute worst either, but everyone talks about the Chargers and Chiefs. Cincy’s an easy one. The Bears are picked too often to be a sleeper to actually be a sleeper IMO. Redskins could do it, but again, not the absolute worst. I think the only pick you can really make that fit the “everyone thinks they’re dogs crap but they might make th playoffs” narrative are the [insert AFCE team other than NE here] or the Browns, but even the latter are getting some hype too. I’m not so sure the horrendous teams are so clear cut this season.
  9. Best Group In Football

    I mean, starting because of injuries to two other tackles, but...I guess technically?
  10. Football's Future Top 100 -- #8

    Rob Gronkowski-Jalen Ramsey-Harrison Smith
  11. Training Camp Battle - Running Back

    I suspect, if/when healthy, Rex Burkhead gets the nod here. He is a bit of a do-it-all which pushes him passed James White, and also ahead of the new guys. Does it stay that way? Depends on how dependable Michel becomes. Again, Rex here. He was surprisingly good in the role last season and I suspect him to retain it. Even if Gillislee or Hill make the roster. No, he’s a pure passing back IMO. He can run a little bit, as seen in the SB vs Atlanta, but he offers the least as a runner sans Bolden. The role could be stolen if Burkhead remains healthy, but I think it’s unlikely. I expect a similar season to 2017 from White. Locks: Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead, James White - but honestly, I can even see a scenario where White doesn’t make it.
  12. COUNTDOWN: Greatest WR of All Time

    It was 16 weeks (4 months) and Rice not only rushed back by sawing his own cast off (against doctor’s orders, obviously) but he cracked the patella in the same knee upon his return, forcing him to miss the post season. Jerry even said he wished he’d never done it. Not really sure I’d use that as a benchmark.
  13. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    15 yards isn’t really a deep pass though? And that doesn’t factor in Gurley at all.
  14. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    I’m saying the Rams’ run game and downfield passing attack will open up the field for Cooks specifically more so than NE or NO did - as a result, Cooks may see similar production we’ve seen him attain despite there being more mouths to feed in comparison to his last two teams.
  15. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    You’re not implying teams defend a Todd Gurley backfield the way they’d defend a Dion Lewis backfield, are you? If not, the totals aren’t really relevant to the point. NE’s run game produces largely because Brady and the passing attack opens it up. Defenses won’t commit to stop it because Brady would feast. That isn’t the case in LA.