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  1. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    I don’t care for EPA or QBR as much as some do (especially here) but there is certainly some standard ESPN uses to calculate QBR. They weight stuff in regards to competition and all of that, but the numbers are largely based on EPA. Their “formula”, which directly leads to the QBR number, is actually unspectacular and only slightly differs from QB EPA.
  2. Time travel: Stopping your team

    If they passed on Brandon Meriweather and took the next DB, it could’ve been Eric Weddle...
  3. Chiefs Restructure Sammy Watkins

    You are incorrect. None of his 2020 salary was guaranteed. I already split it up for you above - signing bonus + 2018 salary + partial 2019 salary. If he got cut instead of restructured, he’d get nothing. Again, dead cap =/= guaranteed dollars for that season. Watkins would’ve made around $14M on the old deal. Now his floor is less, but has a higher ceiling with incentives. Looking at the WR market, I don’t think he’d be bringing in much over $10M, if any at all.
  4. Cowboys re-sign WR Amari Cooper (5 years, $100M, $60M gt'd)

    Why not? Carries big cap hits but Dallas could bail after 2021. Leaves plenty of room for a restructure too. Unless it’s just the dollar amount, which is high unless Cooper is going to play on-point for most of the deal (which he admittedly hasn’t shown to be able to do on a consistent basis).
  5. Isaiah Wynn. Missed 2018 with an Achilles injury, came back for a hot second, went down with turf toe, then looked very average in that return. Guy needs to stay healthy, at least. If he can’t, along with Marcus Cannon’s current trajectory, NE is going to be in trouble at both tackle spots (along with QB...).
  6. Chiefs Restructure Sammy Watkins

    Dead cap =/=guaranteed money for that season. It simply means that he’d count $7M against the cap if he was outright cut (as opposed to the $21M he’d count against on the roster). The year-to-year income is separate from the dead cap/cap hit. You have to actually look at how it’s structured. Watkins’ old deal had $30M in total guarantees. $21M signing bonus, the salary in 2018, and roughly $8M of 2019. It had no protections or guarantees for 2020.
  7. Seahawks sign DE Benson Mayowa

    Again, most of the great franchises don’t spend big in FA. Seattle’s drafting has been pretty down, especially compared to that window they had where they were turning late rounders into star players, but they were never going to go get a star player. Their issue has largely been missing on picks, much more so than it has been free agency spending. I think if you look at most of the great teams, it’ll be a lot more home grown talent or mid-tier FAs than it is top-of-the-market players signed from other teams.
  8. Chase Young vs Isaiah Simmons

    This, this. Players who are versatile but actually special usually stick at one position. I think Simmons boils down to an athletic LBer that you’re hoping is more Deion Jones than recent Myles Jack (albeit bigger).
  9. Seahawks sign DE Benson Mayowa

    Most of the consistently good-to-great franchises are usually pretty frugal in FA.
  10. Cowboys sign Aldon Smith

    Thought it was April Fools joke. Can’t hurt.
  11. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Give up the second + a decent contract for Hunt. Even without the great offensive line, there’d be too many weapons to stop.
  12. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    You’d put Morgan and Rice/Moss in the same convo? Law/Haynes with Sanders/Woodson?
  13. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    *player wants to leave* *team doesn’t let him walk for free* ”your organization is scum”
  14. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    I think it sort of raises the question on whether we’re looking at a player’s career or them at their best/in their prime. But even so, I definitely do not see Morgan in the elite group of all time receiver, nor would I put Tippett near LT or Haynes/Law near Sanders/Blount/Woodson/Lott, etc.