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  1. JC can’t be in there with how badly he got torched at times last season. Other guys simply didn’t have games like that.
  2. I really liked Braxton Berrios as a later rounder for the Pats. He got bounced as a part of a, what was thought of at the time, a deep receiving group. Showed a little ability last year on a sorry Jets team, but I think if he stayed in NE he could’ve carved a role.
  3. I mean, opinions can certainly be bad. And they can certainly be wrong. If my opinion is that Andrew Billings is a superior defensive tackle to Aaron Donald, it’s both bad and wrong. An opinion is not absent of criticism based on that either.
  4. Hell, Calvin was probably in his own group above AB and Julio, let alone including DT in there (Green probably another one). I don’t think I’d take DT in any category of being a receiver over those three other than maybe top gear speed. That’s a steaming hot take right there.
  5. Pretty debatable. I don’t think DT was ever the player Megatron was, Antonio Brown became, or Julio became. Stats and stats and stats, but I don’t think anyone ever really group those 4 together.
  6. Yes, unequivocally. Aaron Rodgers, he is not, but good? MVP caliber, in 19’? Absolutely. Rodgers was mitigated because the Packer defense couldn’t stop a runny nose. Henry would eat them alive and keep AR off the field. And, you know, Tannehill>Jimmy.
  7. A bad hybrid, you mean the NFL MVP? Stop it. Rodgers was mitigated because the Packers defense couldn’t stop the run. It’d be a similar story vs Tennessee.
  8. He also threw the ball like 60 times, a couple picks, and like a 63 passer rating. Not exactly apples to apples.
  9. Mostert went for 220 on that defense, imagine Henry…
  10. It’s fine to believe that, but what you believe would happen if this, this, this, and that were the case 3 years ago, is a nonsensical argument to make. Based on? Tannehill’s had a higher on target % and IAY/attempt in 2019, Cousins had a higher one in 2020. Same works for completion percentage. What are the number of stats you’re referring to? Total BS, and you know it. Corey Davis’ draft status has nothing to do with what he did for the Titans, ditto with Diggs and Thielen. Framing it this way is…desperate. Because he’s played in less games and thrown fewer pass
  11. Your argument for Kirk>Jackson is that Jackson should have won a SB and hasn’t? Seems rather silly. Kirk replaced Case Keenum on a team that went to the NFCCG, then limped to 8-7-1. Silly argument. Same stats is a generous way of putting it. Tannehill’s got a better INT%, better AY/A, goes on with most of the efficiency or “advanced” stats. Tannehill and Kirk are only comparableish when comparing their bulk (Tannehill’s played in less games the last two years) and completion percentage, while doing so with better receivers. And that’s setting aside Stafford, Ryan, and Murray. Kirk
  12. I’d love to hear a Kirk>Allen, Kirk>Lamar, Kirk>Tannehill, or Kirk>Watson take.
  13. Between Brees, Wilson, Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, Lamar, Watson, and Tannehill, Cousins hasn’t even been in discussion for 7, IMO. Can look at the same group going forward, sub out Brees for Allen. Leaves some young up & comers like Burrow/Herbert/Murray, vets like Stafford/Dak/Ryan. Definitely can’t justify saying Kirk’s easily a top 10ish guy. Closer to 16 than 7.
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