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  1. If they made it easier, it really only barely showed up in the numbers - at least in those two score deficits. And with 8/12 games being one score, then that means either A) the defense didn’t tank in effort, or B) the defense did tank in effort, but the offense was able to keep the game close. And even if we were to roll with the idea that the defense tanked, that means they somehow underperformed, right? Sort of implies you expect more out of them, when they leave a lot to be desired. JJ’s the lone talent on the line (which is why he was able to be the most doubled edge rusher in
  2. Wouldn’t playing with a deflated team make it harder to perform? Watson also threw a TD for every ~16 pass attempts in a 0-7 margin game. That only jumps to 1/15 at 15+, with almost half the pass attempts. The first down percentage is slightly higher in the 15+ margin (43% vs 39.8%), while the passer rating is higher in the close margin games (115 vs 113.2). The passer rating is only a 0.8% different. The YPA is again, only slightly different (8.97 vs 8.89). So yeah, overall you could probably say his efficiency went up in two+ score games...very slightly.
  3. Tidbit from another thread. You’ve watched them in depth, but even statistically, the numbers don’t support that Watson was a garbage time stat padder.
  4. So just to be clear - in a brief overview of his statistics, you’d be more content if he had 19 picks instead of 7? Watson was second to only Aaron Rodgers (9.5 vs 9.6) in AY/A. Mahomes was third at 8.9, SB winner Tom Brady (with those loaded weapons) was 10th with 8.0, moon ball Russell Wilson was 11th with 7.9, and former league MVP was T-15th with 7.6. Watson led the league in YPA with 8.9. Cousins was second with 8.3, only Mahomes/Rodgers even got above 8. Watson’s depth of target is identical to last year’s, without Hopkins, but he threw 50 more balls. The air yards/comp
  5. Not necessarily all-time greats, but some I enjoyed off the top of my head (aside from some of the obvious picks): - Kerry Rhodes/Adrian Wilson - Darian Stewart/TJ Ward - Antrel Rolle/Will Hill - Darren Woodson/Roy Williams
  6. So...a great QB can absolutely not improve without making a jump to an elite QB? The whole “elite” definition has been argued here for probably over a decade now, so admittedly you can fairly say the meaning is up for debate, but wouldn’t simply maintaining his “great” play in the midst of all those shortcomings, be some sort of quality note? Or, to clarify, are you still disregarding anything but teh winz? Yeah no, sorry, capping QB play on an arbitrary number of wins will never not be silly. There’s so much more to football than that. And I get it... ...but opinions can in
  7. That’s a fair concern to have as a team/fan of that team. If that’s what was said, I wouldn’t have responded, lol. But he said Watson “would have to have won more than 4 games” in order to have elevated his play. That’s nonsense. It’s even on the same page as “Lamar’s regression is due to the OL”, LOL.
  8. Huh? Weird parallel to draw. I’m simply drawing your logic across the board, don’t get upset because you don’t like what you said. I mean, at least there’s a line drawn there: don’t care about supporting players/onus is on QB to win or lose = Mahomes’ fault for loss. Somehow pointing that out = the Browns DBs are equal to the Bucs D? Somehow? Makes sense if you don’t think about it. Guilty though, I do have a tendency to use examples that get off track. So I’ll get back to the main point, which is the ridiculousness of judging a QB negatively because of how bad the team was. You could st
  9. Maybe as guy you throw in at FB that occasionally nightlights as a gadget player, along the lines of Brad Smith. Probably would never have stuck on one team (again like Brad Smith). Depends on a lot on which coach he’d be working with. Honestly, could probably say the same about a lot of players though. If they can be a semi-decent blocker (at their size), retain some running ability, be able to catch easy balls, and make gimmicky passes, then you probably could squeeze in on a couple of teams. Basically a lesser athlete, lesser-receiver, version of Terrelle Pryor (but he similarly insis
  10. FTFY. You probably put most of the blame for that SB on Patrick Mahomes - after all, an elite QB would be able to put up at least one TD, right? Regardless of the team’s performance around him? No, that’d be silly, because 52 men on a roster, the coach, and the FO all play a part in a football season. I’m not calling Watson an elite QB. I’m not saying he improved, plateaued, or regressed in 2020. I’m saying using wins as the main evidence to any of that is BS. Pick on his performances (which you did in a small way in this latest post), not on the W/Ls.
  11. Totally feel that, don’t even disagree with it. If you’re a contributor on a SB run, especially a team’s first, you’re almost untouchable. Just pointing that out because it seems most people think Jeffery’s postseason run happened after his extension, which isn’t the case.
  12. Again, which completely disregards the one of the most disorganized franchises, the instability at HC, the bad offensive line, the regression in the run game, the regression in the receiving group, and the regression on defense. Judging a QB’s ability on a team’s record is dumb.
  13. I’m not commenting on his performance this season. I’m commenting on your take that Watson couldn’t have improved because of their win total, when the team clearly regressed in a significant way in almost all facets.
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