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  1. Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    Feel sick. There’s video too. Rest in peace.
  2. Maybe Mahomes, but it’s way early on him. Kelce/Sherman are the other two to even be in the discussion but I think their chances are pretty slim. Sherman’s resume doesn’t rely heavily on this SB, I think he needs to be one of those types of guys that lingers at a high level if he wants a bust. Kelce could use a ring but I think more dominant seasons would do more for his chances than a Lombardi.
  3. For me the biggest factor is positional dominance. I hate when players get in that were never (or hardly ever) at the top of the league. That said, accolades, championships, and stats do matter. But a guy with all of those still shouldn’t get in if he was never the best or even close to it. It’s my biggest gripe with Frank Gore, for example.
  4. How do you value Tannehill?

    Completion percentage: 67.1 (2016) vs 70.3 (2019) TD%: 6.2 (2018) vs 7.7 (2019) YPA: 7.7 (2016) vs 9.6 (2019) AY/A: 7.3 (2016) vs 10.3 (2019) Passer rating: 93.5 (2016) vs 117.5 (2019) QBR: 59.3 (2014) vs 65.4 (2019) INT% is pretty comparable, though. So yeah, in most stat categories, these are by far the best Tannehill’s ever put out. That’s exactly what anomaly is - at least to this point. Because I don’t care about that point. Henry’s efficiency largely stayed the same - he just received a lot more carries this season. Took most of Lewis’ carries after Vrabel realized he wasn’t going to be useful for the team. Tannehill largely has never put out this type of performance before.
  5. How do you value Tannehill?

    Because if you took his best stat in every category from all of his years in Miami, none of them touch his stats from 2019 as a Titan. Except for YPG. Massive jumps in virtually every category that have never been seen prior, is exactly what a fluke is. Whether or not Tannehill proves that this is him or is in fact just an anomaly, we will see.
  6. Is a London team viable at this stage?

    From a business standpoint, I would be hesitant to moving over there without a larger sample size of games in a given season. Turnout is probably good when it’s 2 games a year but when you’re inserting yourself into a market and now have 8+ games a year there - it can be different, especially if the team isn’t successful. Also, can’t imagine a playoff game for either the London team or the road team. The travel would be less than ideal.
  7. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    I can’t see a penalty for NO if things stay as-is and the emails are never brought to light. Giving the church advise on how to deal with a scandal is not a cover-up, unless there were specific details involved - which we and the shield won’t really know unless the messages are revealed. Giving them broad tips isn’t enough to drop the hammer IMO. Yeah, the league has a precedent for dishing punishments for mere allegations, but they take care of their owners for the most part. I’m sure they’ll be leaked somehow, though. I’ll refrain from judgement until then. Also - not wanting the emails made public doesn’t move the needle for guilt. At minimum, it’s a bad look for NO and they want to separate themselves from the incident. Public emails won’t help that goal.
  8. Not sure how things work in Florida. My dept doesn’t have authority to prevent people who live there from coming or going from their home. Never dealt with a situation about blocking...deliveries, but that’s pretty u do. Can’t cut power, water, heat, etc. They put the warrant out to see if he’d turn himself in. If they think he’s armed/dangerous, then sitting outside his home 24/7 isn’t a safe measure either. They have a warrant, they’ll get him if they want him. Detectives essentially knew Aaron Hernandez was both armed and dangerous and they still utilized an arrest warrant to enter his home and collar him. It’s a waste of resources to sit outside for days at a time (unless it’s surveillance) in order to effect an arrest.
  9. They didn’t have Uber East in 100 AD...
  10. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    I don’t think the Niners needed Jimmy to win their games. But they needed him to win some of their games. Yeah, they’re a team with a good defense and strong running game - virtually every QB’s dream. Those two aspects have won them plenty of football games. But Jimmy’s delivered when asked for the most part, so I think saying that he isn’t or wasn’t needed, is inaccurate. He’s not asked to carry things like a Wilson or lead the show like a Mahomes, but he’s still an important piece. I just can’t get behind this.
  11. I always thought Vick was a bad passer. Electrifying runner with a cannon arm - but bad accuracy and lacked most of the nuances you want out of a QB. 2010 Vick was an exception but also an anamoly. Shrug. Willie Snead, I guess?
  12. I’d hesitate to call him a legit candidate when Brady received all 50 votes. And even then, in a career year, his bulk stats were meh and his efficiency stats were good (not elite) but were never seen again for his entire career. That’s a fair point, but I think Vick also laid out the “what attitude NOT to have” as an NFL QB as well. Both decision making wise but even more so, with his work ethic. Both of those things fall squarely on him.
  13. Vick was bad even compared to his peers.
  14. NFL to try new onside kick rule for pro bowl

    This is a terrible idea if it extends beyond the Pro Bowl.