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  1. Should the NFL have a hard salary cap?

    Nah. Parity is good for the league. Why make it easier for the Chiefs to pay out the wazoo for Mahomes, Kelce, Hill, Jones, and Clark? A poorer team like the Dolphins, with a ton of cap and not a ton of talent, has little to gain. The good teams benefit much more than the lesser teams - which is the opposite of parity.
  2. Crucial but underrated players

    This topic screams Patrick Chung.
  3. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    He’s the backup tight end at best, I don’t think that incentivizes him to stay in Cleveland or the Browns to keep him. Producing as a backup won’t give him the payday I’m sure he wants. And having Njoku as the TE2 or TE3 isn’t really worth much either, I think a 4th or 5th would be fair.
  4. Who has the best roster?

    Think it’s San Fran. Jimmy leaves a little to be desired from the QB position, especially in comparison to Brees or Mahomes (who I think represent the other top options ITT), but they just have good players all over the roster. The offensive line bullies people, the receivers are all great fits for the scheme Shanahan runs, they have their elite option in Kittle, and the run game is very tough to stop. Defensively, you have to be happy with Bosa/Ford/Armstead/Kinlaw. You’ve got to be happy with Warner/Alexander/Greenlaw. And then in the back you still have a great corner and some other complimentary pieces. NO is littered with talent too, so I think it’s a toss up between the two. Leaning slightly to SF, but not by much.
  5. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Never. But look at the context of it all. Kerrigan will be 32 by the season’s start. Counts $11.5M against the cap. The team drafted Sweat in the first round last year and Chase Young second overall this year - both projected to start over a decent depth guy in Ryan Anderson. You also have 3 defensive linemen that you’re pretty comfortable with rushing the passer, and at least one of them can rush from the outside if he wanted to. So now you have an aging player, coming off a down year, switching to a new scheme, possibly not even a starter, and you might be able to move him for a much younger player at a position of weakness for your team. Even if Kerrigan is off the table as trade bait, he’s likely not going to be retained in 2021 - especially if he’s as good a player as some of you guys might think. Wouldn’t make sense to have Young, Sweat, a paid Ioannidis, upcoming deals in Payne and Allen, and then pay Kerrigan starter money. So if you’re win-in-2020 mode, Kerrigan is likely the better deal, and even then I don’t feel that’s a given, considering how much of an upgrade Njoku could be to...Jeremy Sprinkle. But anything beyond? Kerrigan likely isn’t a part of those plans, so might as well get someone who is (that can also contribute in the immediate future). Njoku has a lot to prove as a player, but the upside still exists there while I think Kerrigan is trending down.
  6. Like trafficking, starvation, and human rights issues? Obviously. Like, a dunce raising his hand to say 2+2=4 in a college math class-level obvious. But again, if they’re so insignificant to people’s lives, it seems pretty childish to stand on the soap box for it to change. It makes zero sense to tell one group that this needs to change for their betterment and then tell another group that hey, sports are insignificant to you breathing, so deal with it. And I’m not even advocating to keep the name, it’s entirely outdated and insensitive. Not even poking fun here, I’m not sure what you’re getting at with that...sentence. Dude told you how he connected to the team. You felt the need to correct him and say that he should do more self reflecting so that he just might be able to come to the mighty revelation that you’ve managed to come to - the real truth. If that’s not grandstanding, then nothing is. Maybe it’s illogical to feel connected to the name more than the organization, but I’m not going to tell someone that how you feel connected to something is wrong, and if you think hard enough, you might be able to come to the conclusion that I was right all along.
  7. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Kerrigan’s also on the final year of a deal where they just drafted his replacements in back-to-back first rounds. Think it has less to do with Kerrigan’s ability and more to do with the Skins’ surplus.
  8. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    I know the market is different given the timing, but the Ravens got a 2nd and change for Hayden Hurst. Have to think, even with the draft/FA being done with, that Njoku could nab a 4th or so.
  9. Big part of people’s lives = / = literal survival. For instance, you might say your job is a big part of your life. Or maybe a hobby/activity. Or maybe a lifestyle, like fitness or art. But would you physically die of heart failure or depression if one of those things was unavailable to you? Likely not. Any other declarations you’d like to make on behalf of all people, while we’re on this page?
  10. As elected Speaker of the People, I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. Seems like they’re a pretty big part of a lot of people’s lives to me, but I guess if I disagree with you, I’ll be wrong like the other guy. Shrug.
  11. Yeah exactly, people like myself don’t deserve votes for that very reason. Pretty much a skeptic until it happens, then once one’s picked...not bad.
  12. Can’t say any suggestions really stick out as particularly great, but I’m not really creative in that sense. Paying homage to the Hog makes sense, but do the Hogskins/Pigskins - or equivalent - really sound like something to get behind? Meh. Side note: should change the color scheme while they’re at it. Take advantage of the timing.
  13. Sort of hard to say sports are insignificant while also grandstanding on how it needs to change. They’re insignificant or they’re not.
  14. Dual threat/mobile, I’d use pretty interchangeably. Running QB is how I would describe a QB like Vick or Lamar, while a Watson or Wilson would be a mobile/dual threat QB. But it’s also linguistic judo, no right answers here.
  15. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    Inflation, though. Clark and Lawrence didn’t deserve to be in Donald/Mack territory dollar-wise, but they are. Naturally, others will follow as years go by. Chris Jones has a case to be in the Buckner, Clark, Lawrence category anyway.