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  1. How do we feel about Jim Schwartz?

    Lol, just remembered.
  2. Except for the guy is a complete and upper ******
  3. Like I'll bet by credit card debt on that ****.
  4. I'd place a significant wager that we do in fact just let him walk.
  5. it's the thing to do. give him the complete choice of where he wants to go, he's earned more than that.
  6. It's time to commit to Nick / What to do with Foles?

    I'm on board with the plan of just continually drafting a rookie QB every 4 years until his deal expires.
  7. Secondary Going forward

    best thing you've ever posted.
  8. Secondary Going forward

    Indy SEEM to be about building through the draft and coaching up their own young talent. I'd be surprised if they started dishing out FA contracts to players +30.
  9. It's time to commit to Nick / What to do with Foles?

    Where are these 3 or 4 first round picks coming from out of interest?
  10. That's fair. I guess we'll see what sort of interest he draws. We definitely need to get younger guys starting on this line though. Hopefully Sweat and Barnett step up considerably.
  11. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    Man that last drive was just going according to the plan. I was so effing pumped. Disbelief.
  12. Ajayi is whatever. I would only want a one year deal if anything.