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  1. in 14 years that might be the best thing you've ever said
  2. eh good point. always been selfish that bloke
  3. Ya know one day on here one of us is gonna die of old age and it's gonna be hella weird. 50 years on a forum
  4. Terrifying thought but I suppose it's better than any more Blah's. Congrats man.
  5. NFL News & General Info Thread

  6. yeah i was just reading this. big stuff. I've got withdrawal symptoms from a lack of sports betting, it's huge in the UK.
  7. haha i know. I read that comment and was like WTF MAN I AM OF AVERAGE HEIGHT
  8. Eagles sign RB Matt Jones

    ***** ish. 3000.
  9. i mean he's a third round pick. Look at the general success rate there. it's still a good positional pick so now we wait and see
  10. I never had big dreams for myself and that's the important thing here.
  11. Speak for yourself. Picture of normality over here.