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  1. Anyone else plan on going bankrupt today?
  2. likely. sproles/clement/adams honestly isn't THAT bad, if you add a rookie into the mix. we could very easily end up with a Dalvin Cook type in the mid rounds. and let's be real we're going to pass 70% of the time anyway. #carsonaudiblestowhateverthehellhelikes
  3. Report: Eagles to bring back Vinny Curry

    surely it will be very cheap. he made his money last year
  4. this is what it's going to come down to. being able to fill our roster with role playing, dirt cheap 3rd to 7th round picks.
  5. Titans cut Blaine Gabbert

    No. you can ask them to be the superbowl MVP
  6. RB? What would you do?

    The human first down.
  7. Canada is cold. Dont date a vegetarian. I'm pumped for MM. Betting account is up 60 bucks this week. It's amazing what actually sleeping at night can do for you. NC finally turning sunny this week. I hate all other teachers. That's all for this week.
  8. Eagles sign former Steelers LB LJ Fort

    literally just a special teams signing
  9. Eagles sign former Steelers LB LJ Fort

  10. Jaguars release Blake Bortles

    seriously chill QB room
  11. Desean Jackson traded to the Eagles

    That's the issue. He would not approve of my lifestyle or my choice in men
  12. Desean Jackson traded to the Eagles

    Wentz is my qb, but not my dude. I could NOT hang with him. Man he is just corny as hell and his values could not be more separated from mine.
  13. Jordan Hicks to ARZ; what to do at MLB?

    Nick Perry released. does he suck?