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  1. Keep Mixon Brees McCoy once again I reiterate. crap.
  2. ah yes. complete crap. just as i remembered.
  3. Oh wait you mean for the kid? brb
  4. How do you see your roster again? I know I ask this every year.
  5. @EaglesPeteC how the hell do you parent more than one child? Little wankers
  6. The Champions Camp - Week 3 Haulin'

    This is such a good point that I had never fully considered until right this second.
  7. This is so true lol. I almost feel like my fandom is complete. Such a weight to be lifted.
  8. Oh wait, my squad is a complete dumpster fire.
  9. Saw this bad boy renewed today. Let's get it
  10. Saints lose bet.

    I absolutely adore Ninja's no nonsense news delivery service.
  11. http://www.espn.com/espn/wire/_/section/nfl/id/2216709 I remember this day lol
  12. hahahahahaha remember when Winston Justice was our starting right tackle? Back before dem superb owl days. dark times man.