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  1. How can you speak in such certainties? What else have you seen from the future? Remember when Westbrook was just a third down back?
  2. Desperately took some action on the App state game last night in anticipation of this slate. Mistakes were made.
  3. TBH I'm going to be pissed if we don't trade Miles before the deadline.
  4. Saw us being mocked the Iowa C on a couple of sites. Would love that, dude is a MAN
  5. I'd bet my non-existent mortgage that Meyer will be the USC head coach come the start of next season.
  6. I will one hundo have it on an alternative screen
  7. Yep. I don't think there's anyone I wouldn't trade aside from Smith/Mailata at this point
  8. Agreed. Trade him now for a conditional seventh for all I care
  9. A few replays from early in the Dallas game showed them both being double, which is insane. Barnett and Sweat should get 30 sacks each
  10. I just hope we tank correctly still. Hurts can start this year, and even next year if the right QB isn't available to us. We can definitely win with Hurts, but he also shouldn't stand in the way of us looking to upgrade the position. I can't believe however that our defence is this bad when we have the best DT combo in the entire league. It seems like we haven't had a good LB corps since I started watching games in like 2001?!? Bring back Trotter.
  11. I'd be delighted. I have no expectations for this year, so lets just go all out
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