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  1. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    honestly i can't pick a lineup this season. Regularly leaving 50 points on my bench every week
  2. Ajayi goes to IR

    I'm the only Brit we need anyway. never mind. no loss. season is dead. depression is back.
  3. From my phone doe. Does that work the same?
  4. What is the easiest way to post pictures to this crappy website?
  5. he text me at like 5am on tuesday morning lol. Made about as much sense as you'd expect.
  6. experience one of those hell holes for the first time last week. Just a bunch of confused men looking at each other like, 'wtf where am i rn'
  7. I'm moving near Southpoint Mall in the new year. Bet I could touch you from there